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Digital copy of F J (Bob) Hill’s first statement to the Inquiry providing an account of his experiences growing up in Jersey alongside residents of Haut de la Garenne, employment in the Metropolitan Police Service, retirement to Jersey, and political career as a Deputy in the States of Jersey. [Some details redacted].

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Reference ZC/D/AW4/B2/7/WS000515
Date 3 December 2015
Scope and Content Provides details of background and childhood on Jersey; Service with the Metropolitan Police; Retiring to Jersey and application to the Youth Service; The Honorary and States [of Jersey]; Jurat, Commissioners and the Bailiff; Becoming a Deputy; Committee membership; Lack of co-ordination and the introduction of the 'Corporate Parent'; A culture of fear; The Sharp Report; 2005: Change to Ministerial Government; Scrutiny Panels; Operation Rectangle; Ministerial interference in the Police Investigation; Prosecutions arising from Operation Rectangle; Events following the suspension of Graham Power: the Napier Report; Before the Privileges and Procedures Committee; Graham Power retires; and An ongoing example of the lack of accountability: the case of an individual. Refers to St Martin's School, Haut de la Garenne, Kennington Police Station, Brixton Police Station, Lambeth Juvenile Bureau, Metropolitan Police [Service], Crown Prosecution Service, Jersey Weekly Post, Jersey Youth Service, Honorary Police, Attorney General, States of Jersey, Royal Court, Bailiff, Solicitor General, Deputy Bailiff, Priviledges and Procedures Committee, Ministry of Justice, Police Committee [possibly Police Liason Committee], Education Committee, Tourism Committee, Agricultural Committee, Telephones Committee [Telecommunications Board Committee], Sport Leisure and Recreation Committee, Heathfield [Children's Home], La Préférence [Children's Home], Jersey Human Rights Group, Health Committee, Social Services, Blanche Pierre Care Home [Blanche Pierre Family Group Home], Les Chênes [Residential School], Home Affairs Committee, [States of Jersey] Police Service, [States of Jersey] Fire [and Rescue] Service, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Victoria College, Victoria College Board of Governors, Magistrate's Court, the Howard League for Penal Reform, Dean of Jersey, Jersey Evening Post, Association of Chief Police Officers, BBC [British Broadcasting Corporation], Juvenile Court, Hansard, Wiltshire Police, Council of Ministers, Treasury and Resources, Bishop of Winchester, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel, Health Social Security and Housing Scrutiny Panel, and the Department of Health and Social Services. Names Lord Scaman, Stuart Syvret, Dick Shenton, Anton Skinner, [Jane and Alan] Maguire, [Dr] Kathy [Kathie] Bull, Steven Sharp, Andrew Jervis-Dykes, Senator [Philip] Bailhache, Sir Cecil Clothier, Professor Andrew Le Sueur, Professor Rutherford, [Mr] Cooper, Lenny Harper, Graham Power, [Chief Minister] Frank Walker, [Prime Minister] David Cameron, Wendy Kinnard, Jeremy Paxman, Chief Executive of the States [of Jersey] Bill Ogley, Deputy Chief Officer David Warcup, Senator Ben Shenton, Senator Jim Perchard, Centenier Daniel Scaife, [Brian] Napier [QC], Andrew Lewis, Deputy Le Claire, [Chief Minister] Terry Le Sueur, Connetable of St Helier [Simon Crowcroft], Senator [Ian] Le Marquand, John Richardson, Trevor Pitman, Senator [Francis] Le Gresley, Deputy [Montfort] Tadier, Dr Jennie Crickmay, Dinah Morley, and Peter Smith. For Exhibits referenced, see C/D/AW4/A5/7/WD005189/1 to C/D/AW4/A5/7/WD005189/19 and C/D/AW4/A5/7/WD005190/1 to C/D/AW4/A5/7/WD005190/11 (Exhibits BH1 to BH30 inclusive).
Names Attorney General
Association of Chief Police Officers
Agriculture Committee
Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
British Broadcasting Corporation
Bishop of Winchester
Crown Prosecution Service
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
Council of Ministers
Deputy Bailiff
Dean of Jersey
Education Committee
Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel
Health and Social Services Department
Haut de la Garenne
Heathfield Children's Home
Honorary Police
Health Committee
Health Social Security and Housing Scrutiny Panel
Home Affairs Committee
Howard League for Penal Reform
Jersey Weekly Post
Jersey Youth Service
Juvenile Court
Jersey Evening Post
Jersey Human Rights Group
Lambeth Juvenile Bureau
Les Chênes Residential School
La Préférence Children's Home
Metropolitan Police Service
Magistrates Court
Ministry of Justice
Operation Rectangle
Privileges and Procedures Committee
Police Liason Committee
Royal Court
Social Services
States of Jersey Fire and Rescue Service
Sport, Leisure and Recreation Committee
St Martin's School
Solicitor General
States of Jersey Police
States of Jersey
Treasury and Resources
Tourism Committee
Telecommunications Board Committee
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Juvenile Employment
Victoria College
Victoria College Board of Governors
Wiltshire Police
Bull, Kathie, Dr
Bailhache, Philip
Clothier, Cecil
Cameron, David
Crowcroft, Simon
Crickmay, Jennie, Dr
Cooper, Mr
Hill, Bob
Hill, F J, Deputy
Harper, Lenny
Jervis-Dykes, Andrew
Kinnard, Wendy
Le Sueur, Andrew, Professor
Le Sueur, Terry
Le Claire, Paul, Deputy
Le Gresley, Francis, Senator
Le Marquand, Ian
Lewis, Andrew
Maguire, Alan
Maguire, Jane
Morley, Dinah
Napier, Brian, QC
Ogley, Bill
Power, Graham
Pitman, Trevor
Paxman, Jeremy
Perchard, Jim, Senator
Richardson, John
Rutherford, Professor
Smith, Peter
Shenton, Dick
Scaman, Lord
Shenton, Ben
Syvret, Stuart
Skinner, Anton
Scaife, Danny, Centenier
Tadier, Montfort
Warcup, David
Walker, Frank
Keywords abuse | child abuse | child protection | children's homes | Constables | centeniers | chief officers | Committees | Chief Minister | chief executives | deputy chief officers | deputies | deans | doctors | evidence | exhibits | Family Group Homes | houseparents | IJCI | investigations | lords | mental health | professors | Police | police officers | prime ministers | Politicians | senators | statements | victims | witness statements | witnesses | young people
Places Brixton Police Station, Brixton, France, Kennington Police Station, Lambeth, St Helier, St Martin, Trinity, Winchester
Dimensions 1 pdf file
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation - please consult digital copy


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Digital copy of F J (Bob) Hill’s first statement to the Inquiry providing an account of his experiences growing up in Jersey alongside residents of Haut de la Garenne, employment in the Metropolitan Police Service, retirement to Jersey, and political career as a Deputy in the States of Jersey. [Some details redacted].


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