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Digital copy of a Memorandum from Detective Sergeant Mike Shearer to Detective Chief Inspector [P D] McGrath concerning an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse made by two female individuals against their foster father. Copy sent to Detective Inspector [Barry] Faudemer. [Some details redacted]. For Barry Kenneth Faudemer's Witness Statements to the Inquiry, see ZC/D/AW4/B2/6.

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Reference ZC/D/AW4/A5/6/WD008112
Date 7 December 1998
Scope and Content Provides a summary of events to date, setting out background information about the allegations and investigation. Refers to the father of the alleged victims having killed himself, referring to references in a suicide note left by him to the alleged abuse of his children by [their foster father]. Notes that the Police did not disclose the full contents of the letters to the alleged victims and notes that the allegations of possible abuse do not appear to have been followed up. Notes impact of the Police's failure to disclose the full details of the suicide note in respect of the girls' trust in the Police. Includes remarks about the girls' histories and serious psychological problems. Describes events since, referring to a female caller contacting Customs and Excise alleging that [the foster father] and another individual were paedophiles and a letter written by [one of the alleged victims] to the Chief Officer. Notes that investigations were consequently commenced by the Family Protection Team and attempts made to obtain the trust of the girls. Refers to a letter to Senator Shenton detailing the allegations and threat to contact the UK media and involved other local politicians. Notes demands made for sight of the suicide note and remarks about the girl's mental state. Refers to a statement recorded from [the other alleged victim], noting that she soon after stated that she did not want to proceed with the complaint and later rang the Police threatening suicide. Notes that she was arrested after threatening the responding officers by brandishing a knife. Refers to efforts by Woman Detective Constables Sainter and Ellis and other officers and difficulties posed by both of the alleged victims, referring to numerous abusive calls to the Police and other agencies. Refers to two occasions where they have asked to withdraw their complaints. Finishes with conclusion commenting on the mental states of the girls, remarks about efforts of officers and assessment of the suitability of both as prosecution witnesses. Notes intention to pursue other options before considering closing the case, referring to a number of other potential witnesses. Also includes handwritten notes which include: agreement that effort should be made to contact potential victims named during the enquiry; stating that effort be made to prove or disprove the case and support Detective Inspector Faudemer's proposed line of enquiry; and request for a letter to be draft to the Chief Officer and the allegations by investigated.
Names Ellis, Jackie, Woman Detective Constable
Faudemer, Barry Kenneth
Garrett, Trevor, Superintendent
McGrath, P D, Detective Chief Inspector
McKerrell, Kevin
Amy, Brenda, née Sainter, Detective Constable
Shearer, Michael, Detective Sergeant
Shenton, Dick, Senator
Criminal Investigation Department
Customs and Excise Department
Family Protection Team
Probation Service
States of Jersey Police
Viscount's Department
Keywords abuse | allegations | arrests | attempted suicide | child protection | Children | child abuse | Correspondence | depression | Detective Inspectors | doctors | evidence | foster parents | fostering | IJCI | inquiries | investigations | lawyers | Letters | physical abuse | Police | prosecutions | sexual abuse | Suicide | witnesses
Places Rouge Bouillon
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Language English
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