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Digital copy of Exhibit BKF7: Letter from R H Le Breton, Chief Officer, States of Jersey Police to M C St J Birt, Attorney General concerning an allegation of sexual abuse made by a female individual against her foster father. [Some details redacted]. Used in relation to Barry Kenneth Faudemer's First Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 23 October 2015 [ZC/D/AW4/B2/6/WS000652].

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Reference ZC/D/AW4/A5/6/WD008345/7
Date 24 May 1999
Scope and Content Provides background information about the matter, referring to the father of the alleged victim [and her sister] having committed suicide in March 1991. Refers to a note found next to him alleging that [his children's foster father] had abused his daughter before she reached the age of 14. Refers to [sister] making requests of the then Chief Officer Mr Parkison and Mr Ferbrache (Deputy Viscount) for the original suicide note, noting that the matter was referred to the Police doctor and an assessment made regarding her mental state. Describes events since, referring to receipt of anecdotal and uncorroborated information concerning [the foster father], a number of offensive phone calls received by [the foster father] from [the sister], and the alleged victim being treated for depression and attempted suicide. Describes a series of further contact made by [the sister], including abusive remarks towards Police and allegations that she had become pregnant by [the foster father] on multiple occasions and that those pregnancies were terminated. Refers to a letter sent by [the sister] in September 1998 to Senator Shenton containing allegations, noting that the Family Protection Unit was directed to make enquiries into the allegations, setting out details of the allegations. Describes attempts to contact [the sister], reference to further abusive messages by her and her refusal to read her father's suicide note. Notes lack of corroborative evidence in relaiton to the allegations and refers to statements taken by the Police from the alleged victim, and [the foster father's] denial of all allegations of physical and sexual abuse when interviewed in February 1999. Notes that the alleged victim withdrew her complaint in March 1999. Refers to an abusive call received from [the sister] in April 1999 stating that she had involved Advocate Sinel and Senator Shenton in her case, referring to numerous abusive phone calls received from her during the course of the enquiry and her prosecution for making calls of a similar nature to others. Expresses opinion that matter could not be put before a court, citing the historical and uncorroborated nature of the allegations and the character of the complainants in respect of the likelihood of prosecution.
Names Birt, Michael Cameron St John
Ellis, Jackie, Woman Detective Constable
Faudemer, Barry Kenneth
Ferbrache, Mr
Holmes, Dr
Le Breton, Robert
Parkinson, Mr
Perkins, Dr
Shenton, Dick, Senator
Sinel, Philip
Criminal Investigation Department
Customs and Excise Department
Family Protection Team
States of Jersey Police
Keywords abuse | allegations | attempted suicide | child protection | Children | child abuse | Correspondence | depression | Detective Inspectors | doctors | evidence | exhibits | foster parents | fostering | IJCI | Imprisonment | inquiries | investigations | lawyers | Letters | medical examinations | physical abuse | Police | Pregnancy | prosecutions | sexual abuse | Suicide | witnesses
Places 108, Clos des Sables, Rouge Bouillon
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Language English
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