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Digital copy of the Witness Statement of David Geoffrey Morgan to the Inquiry providing an account of his experiences with the States of Jersey Police, particularly in relation to his time as Detective Sergeant in charge of the Child Protection Team. [Some details redacted].

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Reference ZC/D/AW4/B2/10/WS000022
Date 21 July 2014
Scope and Content Provides information about his background including an overview of his career history with the States of Jersey Police from 1984. Refers to his time as a Police Constable from 1984, transfer to the Criminal Investigation Department as a Detective Constable in 1988, promotion to the rank of Sergeant in 1989 on completion of Detective Training and his time as Detective Sergeant in charge of the Child Protection Team from 1991. Sets out details of his role and responsibilities within the Child Protection Team. Refers to training, including details joint courses with Child Care Officers from the Social Services Department. Includes an explanation of the system of policing in Jersey, including comments about the Honorary Police system within the context of dealing with serious sexual offences committed against children. Describes his time on the Child Protection Team including recollections of other members of the Team including the Detective Inspectors. Describes interaction between the Child Protection Team and Children's Services. Includes comments about specific cases involving disclosures of child abuse referred to the Child Protection Team. Also refers to liaison between the Child Protection Team and Clifford Spratt, Consultant Paediatrician, including comments about cases referred to the Child Protection Team by Mr Spratt. Includes comments about three significant cases: the first relating to the conduct of Centenier John Campbell during the case; the second relating to a man subject to numerous allegations who had connections with the Deputy Bailiff Vernon Tomes; and the third concerning political interference during an investigation into complaints of physical abuse of children by members of staff at a nursery. Also refers to his involvement into an investigation into allegations of alleged inappropriate behaviour by Mr [Richard] Davenport towards children just before he was scheduled to return to uniformed duties in 1995. Includes comments about his secondment to the Administrative Support Unit, referring to Anton Cornelissen and a further investigation into allegations of sexual abuse committed by the Head of Mathematics at Victoria College. Refers to his promotion to Police Inspector in 1998, lack of involvement in investigations into child abuse thereafter, and his retirement from the States of Jersey Police in 2001. Describes contacting Lenny Harper in 2008 following the allegations of incidents of child abuse in care homes run by the States of Jersey, responding to comments made by Mr Harper about officers ignoring complaints prior to his arrival and including remarks about Mr Harper's press strategy. Includes concluding remarks about the involvement of the Honorary Police causing problems for investigators of child abuse cases.
Names Andrews, Jean
Aubert, Michael
Bailhache, Sir Philip
Baudains, Marnie
Bonney, Robert
Campbell, John, Centenier
Christmas, Jane
Cornelissen, Anton
Davenport, Richard
Davies, Peter, Centenier
De La Haye, John
Faudemer, Barry
Gene, Sandra, Woman Detective Constable
Harper, Lenny
Hydes, Jack
Inglis, Dorothy
Jones, Roly
La Lose, Michel, Centenier
Larkin, Selina
Le Breton, Robert
Le Maistre, Jean, Senator
Le Quesne, Sir Martin
Marks, Paul, Assistant Chief Officer
McGrath, David, Chief Inspector
Morgan, David Geoffrey
O'Brien, Bill
Parkinson, David
Pashley, Gary
Pearmain, Sue
Shearer, Michael, Detective Sergeant
Sinel, Philip
Skinner, Anton
Spratt, Clifford, Dr
Tomes, Vernon
Trott, David
Trott, Rosemary
Truscott, Nigel
Upton, Derek
Underwood, Terry
Wherry, Danny
Wyre, Ray
Administrative Support Unit
Ashford Police Training Centre
Attorney General
Birmingham Children's Hospital
Child Protection Team
Children's Office
Children's Services
Criminal Investigation Department
Education Committee
Gracewell Clinic
Haut de la Garenne
Health and Social Services Department
Home Office
Honorary Police
Jersey Electricity Company
Jersey Evening Post
Ladies College
Law Officers' Department
Les Quennevais School
Magistrate's Court
Maidstone Detective Training School
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Royal Air Force Police
Royal Court
St Saviour's Parish Hall
Strathclyde Police
Sussex Police
Tally Ho Detective Training School
Victoria College
Keywords allegations | centeniers | child abuse | Child Care Officers | child protection | Children | children's homes | complaints | convictions | evidence | honorary police | IJCI | indecent assault | inquiries | investigations | Liberation Day | meetings | Notes | nurseries | paedophilia | parish hall enquiries | physical abuse | Police | Politics | referrals | sexual abuse | statements | training | unlawful sexual intercourse | witness statements | witnesses
Places Ashford, Avon, Birmingham, Bristol, Carmarthenshire, Haut de la Garenne, Les Quennevais, Maidstone, Noirmont, Rouge Bouillon, Somerset, St John, St Saviour's Parish Hall, Sussex, Victoria College
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Language English
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Digital copy of the Witness Statement of David Geoffrey Morgan to the Inquiry providing an account of his experiences with the States of Jersey Police, particularly in relation to his time as Detective Sergeant in charge of the Child Protection Team. [Some details redacted].


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