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Digital copy of Exhibit MH3: Documents relating the membership of the Children's Sub-Committee.

Used as evidence in relation to Michael Higgins's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 8 December 2015 [ZC/D/AW4/B2/23/WS000688].

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Reference ZC/D/AW4/A5/25/WD008692/3
Date 26 June 2012
Scope and Content • Written question to the Minister for Health and Social Services by Deputy M R Higgins of St Helier. Answer to be table on 26 June 2012. Question asks whether the Minister for Health and Social Services will publish a list of all living and deceased members of the board of governors, management or trustees for Haut de la Garenne since 1960. Answer refers to the closure of Haut de la Garenne in 1987, was never administered by the Health and Social Services Department but rather the Education Committee and notes that any remaining records of any such board would exist at the Jersey Archive. States that clarification would be required as to whether such information could be published. • Copy of an extract of an email exchange between Deputy M R Higgins and Mrs Shelagh Casteldine [Castledine], States Greffe. Includes a series of questions by Deputy Higgins and answers by Mrs Castledine relating to the terms of reference, mandate, legal duties, obligations, powers, management, administration, membership and records of the Sub-Committee. Includes question regarding whether the Sub-Committee was ever made aware of concerns or allegations regarding child abuse or child protection failures. • List of membership of the Children's Sub-Committee from January 1961 to 1986 and beyond. Includes a list of the names of each member, details of their membership status whether a States Member of a co-opted member, and dates of their membership of the Children's Sub-Committee.
Names Baal, Anne
Baal, Keith, Deputy
Barette, Keith
Beal, Malcolm, Reverend, Rector of St Clement
Becquet, E J
Birt, St J, Mrs
Castledine, Shelagh
Chamier, A T
Colback, A
Gallichan, J Le S, Deputy
Goodwin, C A, Deputy
Green, Phyllis Gartrell, née Le Couteur, Deputy
Hambly, R
Higgins, Mike, Deputy
Isherwood, Francis Paul, Father
Jeune, M
Jeune, R F V
Lakeman, A P
Le Boutillier, E
Le Cornu, R H, Constable of St Mary
Le Feuvre, Iris, Constable
Le Ruez, M
Luce, Frank, Deputy
Malzard, R G
Marett, M
Milner, Sylvia, Dr
Mourant, Philip, Deputy
Norton, J B
Pallot, M
Picot, L
Pilkington, R
Quenault, Enid
Querée, A C, Deputy
Querée, N
Skinner, C F
Vautier, Edward Wymark, Constable of St Ouen
Yates, N
Children's Sub-Committee
Education Committee
Education Department
Haut de la Garenne
Health and Social Services
Jersey Archive
Law Officers' Department
States Greffe
States of Jersey
Keywords boards | child abuse | child protection | Children | children's homes | Committees | Correspondence | deputies | E-mail | evidence | exhibits | IJCI | members | ministers | statements | States Assembly | States Members | transcripts
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