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Digital copy of William James Bailhache's Witness Statement to the Inquiry providing details of his experiences as a Crown Advocate, Attorney General, Deputy Bailiff, and Bailiff. [Some details redacted].

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Reference ZC/D/AW4/B2/31/WS000701
Date 22 January 2016
Scope and Content Provides details of background and professional history, the role of Attorney General, the structure of the Law Officer' Department, law drifting process, the prosecution process, prosecution policy, the rule of corroboration, the corroboration requirement and Operation Rectangle cases, the case of Paul Every, the case of Sean Osmand and Roy Boschat and complaints against Mr Harper, the commencement of Operation Rectangle, the appointment of Crown Advocates, prosecution policies adopted during Operation Rectangle, the case of Gordon Wateridge, the media strategy during Operation Rectangle, the involvement of the Ministry of Justice, my dealings with Senator Kinnard, the constitutional arrangement of the States of Jersey, prosecution access to police material in 2008, [houseparents of a Family Group Home], the events leading up to the press conference on 12 November 2008, the Metropolitan Police Review, the press conference on 12 November 2008, Mr Power's suspension, resources, the involvement of Terry Le Main, 'political interference' in Operation Rectangle, the wider of the Law Officers' Department, [a Deputy Superintendent at Haut de la Garenne], Alan and Jane Maguire, [a former employee of Haut de la Garenne and Children's Services], Anthony and Morag Jordan, Honorary Police, and concluding remarks. For Exhibits referenced, see C/D/AW4/A5/34/WD009017/1 to C/D/AW4/A5/34/WD009017/71 (Exhibits WB1 to WB71 inclusive).
Names Association of Chief Police Officers
Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Crown Prosecution Service
Court of Appeal
Council of Ministers
Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal
European Economic Community
Haut de la Garenne
Home Affairs
Home Affairs Committee
Housing Department
Health Committee
Honorary Police
International Monetary Fund
Jersey Child Protection Committee
Jersey Sea Cadets
Joint Intelligence Bureau
Jersey Law
Law Officers' Department
Metropolitan Police Service
Macdonald, Lord
Magistrate's Court
Operation Rectangle
Privy Council
Public Protection Unit
Public Services Department
Royal Court
States of Jersey Police
States of Jersey
South Yorkshire Police
University of Oxford
Victoria College
Wiltshire Police
Aubin, Michael
Aubert, Inspector
Birt, Michael
Bhojwani, Raj
Bertram, Jonathan
Bailhache, William
Baker, Stephen
Boschat, Roy
Binnington, Alan
Bonjour, André Paolo
Carswell, Lord
Christmas, Ian
Coupland, Victoria Tansy
Donnelly, Claude James
du Val, Shaun
Edmonds, John
Every, Paul
Ellison, Mark
Egre, Colin
Ferguson, Sarah, Senator
Fossey, Alison
Gradwell, Michael, Detective Superintendent
Harper, Lenny
Hayman, Harry George
Holland, Roger
Hill, David Joseph, Detective Sergeant
Hewlett, Peter
Jordan, Morag
Jordan, Anthony
Jervis-Dykes, Andrew
Kinnard, Wendy
Lawrence, Stephen
Lundy, Mario
Le Cocq, Timothy
Le Main, Terry
Labey, Carolyn
Lewis, Andrew
Le Marquand, Ian
Latham, Richard
Megaw, Steve, Detective Inspector
Maguire, Alan
MacRae, Robert, Advocate
Maguire, Jane
Moore, Brian
Newall, Chris
Nicolle, Stéphanie
Napier, Brian, QC
Ogley, Bill
Osmand, Sean
O'Donnell, Sara
Pitchers, Sir Christopher
Power, Graham
Paxman, Jeremy
Swinnerton, Dr
Shaw, Bridget
Sharp, Howard
Shenton, Ben
Syvret, Stuart
Swinnerton, Dr
Thomas, Simon
Tapp, Matt
Varey, Chief Superintendent
Warcup, David
Warren, Curtis
Walker, Frank
Whelan, Cyril
Wateridge, Gordon
Keywords abuse | assaults | appeals | allegations | Attorneys General | Bailiffs | blogs | child abuse | Children | chief executives | chief officers | child protection | centeniers | Constables | children's homes | Correspondence | children's services | Chief Minister | courts | directors of education | drugs | deputy bailiffs | deputies | E-mail | evidence | exhibits | Education | emotional abuse | employment | forensics | fraud | Family Group Homes | greffiers | Human Rights | houseparents | indecent images of children | IJCI | juries | Law | legal advice | law officers | memoranda | ministers | Media | Press | Politicians | prosecutions | Police | reports | senators | sexual abuse | scrutiny panels | statements | terms of reference | trials | witness statements | witnesses
Places 7, Bedford Row, England, Grenada, Jersey, London, Morier House, Oxford, Police Station, South Africa, Scotland, Wales
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Language English
Level of description File
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Digital copy of William James Bailhache's Witness Statement to the Inquiry providing details of his experiences as a Crown Advocate, Attorney General, Deputy Bailiff, and Bailiff. [Some details redacted].


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