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Digital copy of a Table of Appointments from May to September 1999 during Robert Le Brocq's term as Constable of St Helier.

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Reference ZC/D/AW4/A2/19/WD008293
Date 4 May 1999 - 30 September 1999
Scope and Content Lists appointments with individuals and organisations, including Vingtenier Roger Holland.
Names Association Jersey-Normandie
Atlantic Hotel
Babtie Group
Battle of Flowers
Community and Social Services
Channel Television
Chamber of Commerce
Citizens Advice Bureau
Fort Regent
Family Nursing and Home Care
Honorary Police
Haut Vallee School
Hotel de France
Harbours and Airport Committee
Jersey Old Motor Club
Jersey Museum
Junior Emergency Team
Jersey Motor Transport
Jersey College for Girls
Jersey Evening Post
Jersey Hospice Care
Mont à l'Abbé School
Manual Workers Joint Council
Olsen Backhurst and Dorey
Price Waterhouse Coopers
Port d'armes
Pomme D'Or Hotel
Public Services Department
Royal Court
Royal Commonwealth Society
Royal Yacht Club
St Helier Yacht Club
St Mark's Church
States of Jersey
St John Ambulance
Spar supermaket
States of Jersey Police
Victoria Club
Waterfront Enterprise Board
Anne, Princess
Andre, Val, Major
Avery, T
Alexander, James
Atkinson, Paul
Ashborne, Hugh
Anderson, Derek
Allen, P
Apostolides, Stacey
Atkinson, Mrs
Britchford, Mrs
Brint, Tim
Barnes-Jones, Mr
Belcher, R
Binet, Jonathan
Burr, P
Bellamy, Mr
Bates-Bree, Mr
Blake, Mr
Bisson, Mrs
Bridge, Jennifer
Calvert, Fay
Cameron, Alan, Centenier
Cook, Alan
Clegg, Mr
Crowcroft, Simon
Chatel, Vingtenier
Couriard, Mitch
Casey, Mrs
Carney, Mr
Channing, C
Coombs, Paul
Campbell, Malcolm
de Gruchy, J
de Gruchy, Sue
da Prato, Mr
Davey, John
De La Haye, John
Dingle, M
Duggan, Adam
Dixon, Stuart
Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain and N Ireland, 1952 -
Eden, Mick
Eustace, Mrs
Francis, Ken
Fletcher, Mr
Fox, G
Farnham, Lyndon, Senator
Farnham, Mr
Fell, Stuart
Gray, Chris
Gallichan, Mrs  
Gallichan, Daniel
Gallichan, E
Gormley, Derek
Holland, Roger
Holley, P
Hannaford, R
Hydes, Mrs
Hudson, Philip
Hunt, Steve
Henquires, Miss
Harris, Mr
Hudson, K
Herve, Mrs
Huchet, K
Hendry, Stephen
Hodgson, Mr
Howard, Mrs
Jule, Michel
Knapp, Simon
Kershaw, Constable's Officer
Le Corre, Duncan
Lees, Mrs
Le Tiec, Peter
Le Brocq, Robert
Lakeman, Chris, Senator
Lewis, Mr
Luis, Fatima
Lennin, Debbie
Le Marrec, George
Le Blond, Joan
Le Cornu, Mrs
Mahé, Eric
Makuch, Mr
Muir, A
MacDonald, G
MacFirbhisigh, Iain, Deacon
Maltwood, Derek, Deputy
Norman, Bob
Noble, P
Murphy, Counsellor
Muir, Alan
Murphy, Mr
Meads, Mrs
Mahy, David, Canon
Mahood, Mr
Manning, Mrs
Meiklejohn, Ian
Noble, Peter
Neeves, A
Netardy, Steven
Nicholas, Alex
Osborn, Steve
Olliver, B
O'Mara, Mrs
Orr, James
Oliver, Bob
Ozouf, Mrs
Ozouf, P R, Constable of St Saviour
Philpott, Nigel
Parry, Constable's Officer
Parker, Nicky, Constable's Officer
Partington, S
Pitman, G
Perkins, Mr
Philpott, I
Poingdestre, G
Paterson, N
Robson, Nigel
Pryor, Miss
Phillips, Alan
Pirzada, Mr
Renouf, Gladys
Rousseau, Wayne
Robe, Mrs
Reid, Sharon
Richardson, John
Richard, O
Smith, A
Smith-Allan, Mrs
Scaife, Danny, Centenier
Sprigs, R
Swinerton, Clive
Stait, Mr
Smith, Mark
Sitch, Mr
Stone, Mr
Surcouf, Robert
Smith, Ray
Sheldrake, Mr
Stievenard, J
Tabb, Mr
Taylor, Mr
Tucker, Paul
Traisnel, Vic
Webb, Barry
Wallis, Stephen
Williams, John
Wilson, Mr
Wilson, Mrs
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Digital copy of a Table of Appointments from May to September 1999 during Robert Le Brocq's term as Constable of St Helier.


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