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Digital copy of the Constitution of the States of Jersey, April 2014. For Paul Le Claire's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 10 September 2015, see ZC/D/AW3/B1/5/WS000637.

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Reference ZC/D/AW3/A1/2/WD007133
Date 1 April 2014
Scope and Content Includes a list of membership of the States of Jersey, details about States Members including Senators, Connétables and Deputies, a list of Ministers and Assistant Ministers on the Council of Ministers, lists of membership of Committees and Panels and other appointments made by the States.
Names Adams, J
Ahier, B
Allas, T
Allsopp, C
Amy, R
Armes, S
Averty, John
Backhurst, Marie Louise
Bailhache, Sir Philip
Bailhache, William
Baker, James, Deputy
Ball, R
Bannister, Doug
Barber, P J
Barker, K
Battrick, P J
Baudains, Gerard, Deputy
Baudains, M
Baudains, Marnie
Bedford, B
Beirne, C
Berry, I
Bestwick, H
Bignell, R
Binnington, Alan, Advocate
Birt, Sir Michael
Birtwistle, John
Blampied, C R
Blomfield, Z, Advocate
Boarder, S
Boleat, M
Bone, S
Bonney, Robert
Boscq-Scott, C
Breckon, Alan, Senator
Bryans, Rod, Deputy
Bullock, B
Byrne, M
Cameron, Sandy, Professor
Carr, I
Cartwright, T G
Catchpole, S, QC
Chaplin, A C
Chaplin, C
Clapham, Jill, Jurat
Colley, R E
Collier-Webb, N
Collins, J B
Cooper, H
Cooper, S
Coutanche, C
Cram, L
Crawford, R
Crill, G G
Crowcroft, Simon, Constable of St Helier
Crowley, T
Cullen, A
Curtis, B
Curtis, M
Davies, C, Advocate
Davies, J G
de la Haye, Michael
Dearie, F
des Forges, M A
Dixon, J
Dorey, C J, Advocate
Dubras, Maurice
Duhamel, Rob, Deputy
Eatwell, Lord John
Eden, J
Esnouf, G
Evans, C
Farley, P G
Farnham, Lyndon, Senator
Fearn, A
Ferguson, Sarah, Senator
Fitzgerald, E
Gallichan, I
Gallichan, John, Constable of Trinity
Gallichan, Juliette, Constable of St Mary
Garbutt, Julie
Gorst, Ian, Senator
Graham, M
Green, Andrew, Deputy
Griffin, H
Hacquoil, R C
Hall, A
Hanning, P
Hargreaves, P
Harper, E
Harris, Anne
Harris, J R
Henry, L
Henwood, J
Higgins, Mike, Deputy
Hill, S
Hilton, Jackie, Deputy
Howard, M
Howard, S, Advocate
Jennings, Graham
Jewell, N
Johnson, J J R
Johnson, M
Jones, C
Jones, Clive
Jones, M
Kean, G
Kelleher, J, Advocate
Key, Bob, Dean of Jersey
King, M
Kirwan, P
Laing, S
Labey, Carolyn, Deputy
Langlois, T
Lanyon, M R
Lawrence, K J, Advocate
Le Bailly, John, Deputy
Le Breton, A
Le Breton, J L, Jurat
Le Breton, S
Le Boutiller, M J
Le Claire, Paul, Deputy
Le Claire, P J A
Le Cocq, Timothy
Le Cornu, David, Advocate
Le Cornu, Nick, Deputy
Le Cornu, S J, Jurat
Le Fondré, John, Deputy
Le Gresley, Francis, Senator
Le Gresley, N P E
Le Hérissier, Roy, Deputy
Le Maistre, John, Constable of Grouville
Le Marquand, Ian, Senator
Le Monnier, S
Le Pavoux, A J
Le Seelleur, P
Le Sueur, A P
Le Sueur, Tony
Le Troquer, Michel, Constable of St Martin
Leach, C F
Leary, P
Leslie, Alyson
Letto, C H
Lewin, M A
Lewis, Kevin, Deputy
Lewis, R
Loane, B, Dr
Luce, Steve, Deputy
Lundy, Mario
Maclean, Alan, Senator
Maçon, Jeremy, Deputy
Marett, G
Marett, G G
Marsden, P, Dr
Martin, J, Advocate
Martin, Judy, Deputy
Masterson, P
McCartan, J
McColl, Sir John
McCourt, J
McGrath, Patrick David
Mezbourian, Deidre, Constable of St Lawrence
Mézec, Sam, Deputy
Millar, E, Advocate
Mills, J F
Moody, D
Moore, Kristina, Deputy
Moran, E, Dr
Morgan, Peter John, Jurat
Morris, J
Moulin, J
Mourant, S
Neal, S
Nicolle, Paul, Jurat
Nisbet, P M
Nixon, H
Noel, D A
Noel, Eddie, Deputy
Noel, J
Norman, Len, Constable of St Clement
Oldham, Frances, QC
Osborne, M
Ozouf, Philip, Senator
Paddock, Michael, Constable of St Ouen
Palios, N
Pallett, Stephen, Constable of St Brelade
Parker, R C
Patidar, S M
Perchard, M
Pinel, Susie, Deputy
Platt, S
Power, Sean, Deputy
Preston, M, Advocate
Prosser, D J, Advocate
Prosser, D
Pryke, Anne Enid, Deputy
Querns, T
Quérée, J
Reed, James, Deputy
Reed, L
Rees, C E
Refault, John, Constable of St Peter
Rennard, Sadie, Constable of St Saviour
Renouf, J, Dr
Renouf, R J, Advocate
Richardson, M, Dr
Richardson, M A Q
Richardson, P L
Ridgway, I
Ridley, B L
Roberts, T
Rogers, J
Rondel, M A
Rondel, Philip, Constable of St John
Rondel, Richard, Deputy
Rosser, A D J
Routier, Paul, Senator
Russell, C
Ruetimann, M H
Ryan, Patrick, Deputy
Sallis, Edward, Dr
Santos-Costa, Nicola
Santry, A
Seymour, D
Sharp, Howard
Slattery, T L
Soar, K M
Southern, Geoff, Deputy
Storm, C
Swindell, Angela
Syvret, P W
Tadier, Montfort, Deputy
Taylor-Cox, D
Thacker, C M B
Therin, M
Thompson, D A
Vallois, Tracey, Deputy
Vibert, B H
Vibert, C
Walker, Frank
Warner, S
Ward, B
Watts, S
Whelan, Cyril
White, J, Advocate
Whittaker, M, Advocate
Wikle, S
Wildman, M
Wilkins, Michael
Woodward, P
Wright, I
Young, John, Deputy
Assemblée Parlementaire de la Francophonie, Jersey Branch
Bailiff's Consultative Panel
British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly
Chairmen's Committee
Chief Minister's Department
Comité des Connetables
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
Control of Public Entertainment Panel
Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel
Council of Ministers
Data Protection Tribunal
Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel
Economic Development
Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel
Education Sport and Culture
Electoral Commission
Emergencies Council
Environment Scrutiny Panel
External Relations
Fiscal Policy Panel
Greville Bathe Fund
Health and Safety Appeal Tribunal
Health and Social Services
Health Social Security and Housing Scrutiny Panel
Home Affairs
Housing Department
Housing Shadow Board
Income Support Medical Appeal Tribunal
Independent Jersey Care Inquiry
Jersey Appointments Commission
Jersey Arts Trust
Jersey Bank Depositors Compensation Board
Jersey Child Care Trust
Jersey Community Relations Trust
Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority
Jersey Consumer Council
Jersey Council for Safety and Health at Work
Jersey Dental Scheme Board of Management
Jersey Employment Tribunal
Jersey Financial Services Commission
Jersey Heritage Trust
Jersey Law Commission
Jersey Overseas Aid Commission
Jersey Police Authority
Jersey Police Complaints Authority
Law Revision Board
Law Society of Jersey
Legislation Advisory Panel
Manual Workers Joint Council
Pharmaceutical Benefit Advisory Committee
Planning and Environment
Planning Applications Panel
Privileges and Procedures Committee
Public Accounts Committee
Public Employees Contributory Retirement Scheme
Public Lotteries Board
Rate Appeal Board
Regeneration Steering Group
Social Security Department
Social Security Tribunal
St Lawrence Parish Hall
States Employment Board
States Members' Remuneration Review Body
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Complaints Panel
States of Jersey Development Company
Statistics User Group
Tourism Shadow Board
Transport and Technical Services
Treasury and Resources
Westaway Trust
Keywords Bailiffs | Committees | Constables | constitutions | departments | deputies | evidence | greffiers | IJCI | panels | reports | senators | States Members | tribunals
Places Cyril Le Marquand House, 23, Hill Street, 24, Esplanade, Philip Le Feuvre House, Town Hall
Dimensions 1 pdf file
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions PDF file - please click on the link to download
Closed until 2100


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Digital copy of the Constitution of the States of Jersey, April 2014. For Paul Le Claire's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 10 September 2015, see ZC/D/AW3/B1/5/WS000637.


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