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Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with B have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

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Reference D/AG/B2/1/B
Date 1814 - 1936
Names Newgate Street Prison
Albert, Mary
Anquetil, François
Anquetil, François
Babant, Leontine
Babet, Peter
Babot, Edwin
Babot, Nicholas
Babrick, John
Back, John
Backewell, Thomas
Backwell, Thomas
Bacon, Joseph
Badfort, Marie Ange
Badham, John
Badier, Abraham
Badier, Andrew William
Badier, Charles
Badier, Esther
Badier, George
Baggs, Ann
Bagley, Thomas
Bagster, George
Bagwell, John
Bagwell, Thomas
Baher, François
Bahere, François
Bailey, Arthur
Bailey, Charles
Bailey, Francis
Bailey, Henri
Bailey, Henry
Bailey, John
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, William
Bailhache, Alfred F
Bailhache, Anna
Bailhache, George
Bailhache, Mary Ann
Baily, William
Bainger, Henry
Baker, Charles
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, George
Baker, Hannah
Baker, Henry
Baker, James
Baker, John
Baker, John Thomas Henry
Baker, Joseph
Baker, Mary Ann
Baker, Mary Jane
Baker, Mrs
Baker, R
Baker, Richard
Baker, Richard John
Baker, Robert
Baker, Telfer
Baker, Thomas
Baker, William
Baker, William F
Bal, Jeanne Marie
Balcam, Jane
Balcon, Pierre
Baldwin, Catherine
Baldwin, Kate
Baldwin, Ketty
Baldwin, Mary E
Bale, Catherine
Balintine, James
Ball, Enoch
Ball, Henry U
Ball, Henry William
Ball, John
Ball, Sukey
Ball, Thomas
Ball, William
Ballaine, Henri
Ballantine, James
Balleine, Ann Esther
Balleine, Henri
Balleine, Henry
Balleine, James Henry
Balliene , Ann Esther
Ballier, Michel
Ballinger, William
Balsam, John
Balsom, George
Balston, Florence
Balthus, Mary J
Baltus, Alfred Charles Hamlin
Baltus, Mary Ann
Baltus, Mary J
Bamantine, Thomas
Bambury, Richard
Banan, Maria
Bancourt, Marie
Bando, Joseph
Banedry*, Joseph Gabriel
Banes, Thomas
Banks, John
Banks, Robert
Banks, William George
Bannan, Edward
Bannavul, Jeanne Marie
Banner, Alfred
Banner, Thomas
Bannier, Francois
Bannier, John
Bannier, Victoire
Bannier, Yves
Bannister , W F
Bannister, Edwin
Bannister, Joseph
Bantasse, Anne M
Baptiste, Auguste
Baptiste, Daniel
Baraër, Marie Louise
Barbedette, Marie
Barbelet, Pierre
Barber, Mr
Barbet, Pierre
Barbier, Jane
Barbier, Rosalie
Barbot, Henry
Barclay, Andrew
Bard, Clifford
Bardoul, Jean Marie
Baret, Emile Auguste
Barette, Hélier
Barette, Jean
Barette, Joseph Edward
Barette, Mary
Barette, Thomas
Barge, William
Barile, Yves
Barker, Charles
Barker, Henry
Barker, Joseph
Barker, Nicholas
Barker, Sumner
Barker, William
Barkhill, Francis
Barkley, John
Barlow, George
Barlow, William
Barnard, Thomas
Barnes, Albert
Barnes, Alfred
Barnes, Ann
Barnes, Caroline
Barnes, Edward
Barnes, Elizabeth
Barnes, Emily
Barnes, Harriet
Barnes, James
Barnes, Joseph
Barnes, Thomas
Barnet, Benjamin
Barnet, Ellen
Barnet, Thomas
Barnet, William
Barnett, Benjamin
Barnett, George
Barnett, Thomas
Barnett, William
Barney, Elizabeth
Barney, Jane
Barnford, William
Baron, Francois
Baron, Francois
Baron, Josephine
Baron, Louise
Baron, Victor
Barr, George
Barratt, John
Barré, Auguste
Barrenden, Gentillea
Barrenden, Richard
Barrett, Catherine
Barrett, Ellen
Barrett, James
Barrett, Joseph
Barrett, Mary Ann
Barrett, Peter
Barrette, John
Barrier, Edward Garrett
Barrington, Charles B
Barristan, Alfred
Barron, Thomas
Barron, Valentin
Barrow, John
Barry, Alexander
Barry, Eliza
Barry, George
Barry, James
Barry, John
Barry, Mary Ann
Barry, Michael
Barry, Patrick
Barry, Richard
Barry, Robert
Barry, Sarah
Barry, Thomas
Bars, Marie
Barson, William
Barteau, Nyhiante
Barthiss, John
Bartlett, Edwin Mayne
Bartlett, Elizabeth
Bartlett, Fred
Bartlett, Henry
Bartlett, James
Bartlett, Jane
Bartlett, John
Bartlett, Mark
Bartlett, Mary
Bartlett, Mary Ann
Bartlett, Robert
Bartlett, Sarah
Bartlett, William
Bartley, Lewis
Bartley, William
Bartlow, John
Barton, Frederick W
Barton, Joseph
Barvet, Marie
Base, Henry
Basil , Pierre dit Yves
Basile, Pierre
Baslé, Marie
Basquit, Eugène
Bassé, Elie
Basse, Louis
Basset, Emelia
Basset, François
Basset, George
Basset, Michael
Basset, Philip
Basset, Richard
Bassett, Charity
Bassett, George
Bassett, Peter
Basta, Marie Joseph
Bastard, Ann
Bastard, Guilleaume
Bastard, Marie Joseph
Bataille, Bazile
Bataille, George Thomas
Bataille, James
Bataille, Philippe Adolphe
Batam, John
Batam, William
Bates, Alfred
Bates, Charles
Bates, Elizabeth
Bates, George
Bates, John
Bates, Robert
Bates, Samuel
Batey, John
Bath, Ann
Bath, James
Baton, Duncan
Baton, Sally
Batrick, Thomas
Battam, Albert
Battam, Alfred
Battam, Betsey
Battam, Francis James
Battam, Jane
Battam, Philip
Battam, Rachel
Battam, Sarah
Battam, Susan
Battam, Thomas
Battam, William
Batten, William
Batters, W A
Batters, William
Battrick, George
Battrick, John
Battson, Charles
Baubier, Joseph
Baubry, Eugene
Bauchet, François
Bauchet, François Victor
Baud, Eugenie
Baudains, Ann
Baudains, Edward
Baudains, Elizabeth
Baudains, Francis
Baudains, George Francis
Baudains, Jean
Baudains, John
Baudains, Jules
Baudains, Philip
Baudains, Susan
Baudains, Thomas
Baudet , Ester
Baudet, Albert
Baudet, Albert Francis
Baudet, Blanche
Baudet, Francis
Baudoin, Constant
Baudouin, Jean
Baudri, Marie M
Baudron, Yves
Baudry, Alexandre
Baudry, André H
Baudry, Emile
Baugeard, François
Baugh, Lancelot
Baul, Yves
Baullet, Celestin
Bauvais, Charles
Bauvais, Victorine
Bauvais, Victorine Josephine
Bavard, Peter
Baxter , Charles
Baxter, Abraham
Baxter, Elizabeth
Baxter, John
Baxter, Joseph
Baxter, Robert
Baxter, William
Bayle, Edward
Baylis, Cornelius
Baymourt, Joseph
Bazile, Alice
Bazile, Bienaimé Y
Bazile, Bienaimé Yves
Bazile, Peter
Bazile, Pierre
Bazile, Pierre Y
Bazile, Pierre Yves
Bazile, Yves
Bazilie, Yves
Bazille, Alice
Bazille, Alilce
Bazille, Bienaimé Y
Bazille, Bienaimé Yves
Bazille, Peter
Bazille, Pierre
Bazille, Pierre Ives
Bazille, Pierre Y
Bazille, Pierre Yves
Beach, James
Beagham, George
Beagham, John
Beakbane, William F
Beal, Thomas
Beale, Elizabeth F
Beale, Fanny
Beale, Frances Elizabeth
Bean, James
Beans, James
Beard, John
Beare, Joseph
Beasley, Elisha
Beaton, Francis
Beaton, Henry
Beattie, George
Beatty, George
Beaty, Agnes
Beaty, Charles
Beaty, George
Beaucamp, Alfred
Beaucamp, Edmund
Beaucamp, George
Beaucamp, Thomas
Beauchamp, Edmond
Beauchamp, George
Beauchard, Francis
Beaugeard, Ferdinand
Beaugeard, Ferdinand F
Beaugearde, Francois
Beaugie, Thomas
Beaugié, Thomas John
Beaupère, Jean
Beauvais, Victorine
Beauvais, Victorine Joséphine
Beauvaise, Victorine Josephine
Beauvier, Marie
Beauvier, Philippe
Beauvir, Francis
Beauvoir, Allain
Bechec, Ernest
Bechelet, Jean
Bechelet, John
Bechelet, Philip
Bechelet, William
Beck, Henry
Beck, John
Becquemain, Marie
Becquet, Constant
Becquet, Elizabeth
Becquet, Matilde
Becquet, Percy
Becquet, Philip Raoul
Becquoil, Louis
Bédel, Auguste Jean
Bedel, Jean Marie
Bedford, Laura
Bedford, Thomas
Bedil, Aman
Beeby, John
Beechwood, John
Beer, Albert
Beer, Barrow
Beer, Isaac
Beer, James
Beer, Joseph
Beer, Lee
Beer, Robert
Beesley, James
Beeson, George
Beggin, Joseph
Begley, James
Beglin, Adéle
Behaut, Aimable
Belais, Victor
Belée, Victor
Béles, Pierre
Belew, Caleb
Belford, George
Belford, Louisa
Belger, John
Belin, Francis
Beliz, Francis
Bell, James
Bellais, Victor
Bellar, Pierre
Bellard, Pierre
Bellée, Paul
Bellée, Paul Auguste
Bellée, Pierre
Bellew, Ernestine
Bellie, Marie
Bellin, Ann
Bellion, Marie Louise
Bellot, Francis
Bellot, Giovanni
Bellot, John
Belveil, John Francis
Belzic, Jules
Bemaby, Sarah
Benec*, Anne Marie
Benest, Armand
Benest, Charles
Benest, Eleonor
Benest, Francis
Benest, Frederick Francis
Benest, George
Benest, Jean
Benest, John
Benest, Lenore
Benest, Peter
Benest, Thomas
Benham, Francis
Benham, William
Benison, S Eugénie
Benita, John
Benjamin, Emanuel
Benjamin, Mr
Bennet, John
Bennet, Robert
Bennet, Thomas
Bennett, Christopher
Bennett, Daniel
Bennett, Edward Thomas
Bennett, Elias J
Bennett, Elias James
Bennett, Francis
Bennett, James
Bennett, John
Bennett, Julia
Bennett, Mary A
Bennett, Thomas
Bennett, William
Benney, Richard
Bennier, Jean M
Bennison, Benjamin
Bensly, Charles
Benson, Thomas
Benson, William
Benzeval, Adolphe
Béranger, Victor
Berel, Virginie Marie
Berg, Strand
Bergen, Patrick
Berger, Justine Henriette
Bergey, Joseph
Bergin, Peter
Bergné, Joseph
Bergot, Yves Marie
Berkin, John
Bernard, Charles
Bernard, James
Bernard, Jean
Bernard, John
Bernard, John Leon
Bernard, Louis
Bernard, Marie
Bernard, Peter
Bernchel, Jean
Beroche, Yves
Berreal, Edward
Berry, Catherine
Berry, Charlotte
Berry, Fanny
Berry, George
Berry, George Henry
Berry, Hannah
Berry, John
Berry, Patrick
Berryman, William
Bershow, James Alexander
Berteau, Yves M
Bertel, Jean
Bertelot, George
Bertelot, William
Berthelot, Henri
Berthelot, Henry
Berthelot, Jean Pierre
Berthelot, Louis
Berthelot, Thomas
Berthelot, W H
Bertram, Elizabeth M
Bertram, Philip Clement
Bertram, Alexander
Bertram, Amice
Bertram, Augustine
Bertram, Charles
Bertram, Ernest
Bertram, Francis
Bertram, Francis E
Bertram, George
Bertram, Harry Clement
Bertram, Helier
Bertram, Henry
Bertram, Jean Baptiste
Bertram, John
Bertram, Mary
Bertram, Philip
Bertram, Philip C
Bertram, Philip Charles
Bertram, Philip Clement
Bertram, Philippe
Bertram, Philippe Clement
Bertram, Pierre
Bertrand, Ernest
Bertrand, Jean
Bertrand, Jean Baptiste
Bertrand, Philippe
Bertro, Marie Ange A Désiré
Bertro, Marie Ange Auguste Desiré
Bervel, Emile Jean
Bervet, E J M
Beschelet, Jean
Beschlé, Philip
Besnard, Alice
Besnard, Florent
Besquet, Alfred Philip
Besquet, Constant
Besquet, Percy
Besquet, Pierre
Besslievre, Frank
Best, Denis
Best, Henry
Best, Mary Ann
Betheu, John
Bettemain, Marie
Beuges, Anastisie
Beugeux, Joseph
Beulan, Jules
Bevan, Alfred
Bevan, James
Bevan, William
Beverton, Henry Matthew
Bevin, Edward
Bew, Robert
Bewes, Thomas
Bewhey, Elizabeth
Bews, Abraham
Bews, Thomas
Bianco, André
Biard, Pierre
Bibby, Walter
Bichard, Nicholas
Bichard, Philip William
Bichard, Sophia
Bichard, Sophie
Bichard, Thomas
Bichard, William
Bichet, Marie
Bichon, Pierre
Bickerley, Robert
Bidan, Henry
Bidan, Joseph Marie
Bidan, Pierre
Bidan, Yves
Biddlecombe, June
Bideau, Yves Marie
Bidel, Auguste Jean
Bidel, Jean
Bidet, Ferdinand
Bidois, Alfred
Bidot, Gabriel
Bien, Jean Marie
Bienaimé, Marie
Bienvenu, Adrien
Bienvenu, Pierre
Bierdine, Eugene
Biggin, James
Biggins, William
Biggs, John
Biglay, Agnes Jane
Biglay, James
Bigot, Albert
Bihel, Ester
Bihel, Marie
Bihel, Pierre
Bihet, Pierre Francois
Bihot, Francoise
Bilding, Cumino
Bilding, Elizabeth
Bilding, Michael
Bileun, Louis
Billet, Armand
Billicombe, Thomas
Billing, Edward
Billot, Edward
Billot, Elias
Billot, Elizabeth
Billot, George
Billot, John
Bilton, James
Bilton, John
Bily, Louis
Bily, Louis Marin
Binas, Kathleen
Binder, Samuel
Binest, Pierre
Binet, Elizabeth
Binet, George
Binet, John William
Binet, John Winter
Binet, Joseph
Binet, Philip
Binsard, Gabriel
Birch, Robert
Birch, Walter
Bird, Henry
Bird, John
Bird, Joseph
Bird, Mark
Bird, Thomas
Bird, William
Bireul, Eugène
Bireul, Pierre
Birt, Joseph
Biscont, Marie
Bishop, Arnold G
Bishop, Catherine
Bishop, Herbert
Bishop, James
Bishop, John
Bishop, Mary Jane
Bishop, Peter
Bishop, Philip
Bishop, Philip D
Bishop, Pierre
Bishop, Sarah
Bishop, Thomas
Bishop, Walter M
Bisseconte, Marie F
Bisson, Ann
Bisson, Betsey
Bisson, Betsy Le Gros
Bisson, Charles
Bisson, Charles Le Gros
Bisson, Clement
Bisson, Edward
Bisson, Edward Philip
Bisson, Edward William
Bisson, Elizabeth
Bisson, Francis
Bisson, Frank
Bisson, Frederick
Bisson, George
Bisson, George Elias
Bisson, Harriet
Bisson, Henry
Bisson, Henry J
Bisson, James
Bisson, James E
Bisson, Jane
Bisson, Jean
Bisson, John
Bisson, Marie
Bisson, Mary
Bisson, Mary Ann
Bisson, Nicholas
Bisson, Philippe
Bisson, Sophie
Bisson, Thomas
Bisson, William
Bla, Anna Yvonne
Black, Jane
Black, Joseph
Black, William
Blackburn, Charles
Blacke, Joseph
Blacker, Edward
Blacker, Richard
Blackler, Edward
Blackler, Richard
Blackley, Jane
Blackley, William
Blackman, Charles
Blackmore, Edwin
Blackmore, John William
Blackner, Richard
Blain, Marie
Blainsin, Marion
Blais, Pierre Marie
Blake, George F
Blake, John
Blake, Mary Ann
Blake, Thomas
Blampied, Alice J
Blampied, Amice
Blampied, Ann
Blampied, Charles
Blampied, Elizabeth
Blampied, George
Blampied, George Falle
Blampied, J W
Blampied, James
Blampied, John
Blampied, Joshua
Blampied, Josué
Blampied, Marguerite
Blampied, Mary Ann
Blampied, Mary Jane
Blampied, Peter
Blampied, Philip
Blampied, Philip Charles
Blampied, Philip J
Blampied, Philippe
Blampied, Rachel
Blampied, Thomas
Blampied, William
Blanc, Anthoine
Blanchard, Alfred Auguste
Blanchard, Edward
Blanchard, Francis
Blanchard, Frederick
Blanchard, J W
Blanchard, Jean Marie
Blanchard, John
Blanchard, Marie
Blanchard, Mr
Blanchard, Robert
Blanchard, Victorine
Blanchard, William
Blanchause, François
Blanchet, Joseph
Blanchi, Valentin
Blandamour, Auguste
Blank, Edward
Blanny, Harriet
Blatch, Robert
Blatchford, Edward
Blee, Thomas
Bleeson, Peter
Blewitt, John
Bliault, Louis
Bliaux, Hyacinthe
Blight, Lizzie
Blight, Lizzie N
Blin, Betsey
Blin, Edmond
Blin, Marie
Blivet, Pierre
Bloch, Joseph
Bloche, Joseph
Blomfield, Arthur
Blondel, Aimable
Blondel, Auguste
Blondel, Auguste Ernest
Blondel, Betsey
Blondel, Constance
Blondel, Ernest
Blondel, Henry
Blondel, Jean
Blondel, Pierre
Blondel, Pierre Bon
Blondel, Rose
Bloreau, S F M
Bloreau, Sainte F M
Blouet, Marie
Blougeard, Ferdinand
Bluett, George
Blyth, Mary Ann
Bochat, Frederick
Bochat, Honoré
Bodicott, Elizabeth
Bodman, William
Bodnaham, William
Body, George
Body, Ralph
Boeuve, Pierre
Bogam, Francis
Boggs, James
Boidan, Joseph
Boisadan, Mathurin
Boisard, Marie
Boisard, Pierre
Boisivan, Pierre
Boisivert, Louis
Boisnel, Léon
Boissard, Guillaume
Boisseau, Alexis
Boissier, Jean
Boitard, Louis
Boivin, Albert
Boivin, Alexandre
Boivin, Alfred
Boivin, Charles
Boivin, Charles Albert
Bollin, Eliza
Bollin, Henry
Bolliver, John
Boloré, Olivier Marie
Bolstone, William
Bond , Julia
Bond, Benjamin
Bond, Charles
Bond, Julia
Bond, Mary Ann
Bond, Susan
Bond, Uriah
Bone, Joseph
Bonear, Benjamin
Bonear, James
Bonear, Thomas
Bonedo, Joseph Marie
Bones, Joseph
Bones, Joseph Henry
Bonett, Joseph
Bongourd, Henry
Boniforti, Natoholi
Bonjond, Mathurin
Bonneavanture, F
Bonnefond, Marie
Bonnemain, Alexandrine
Bonnemain, Francois
Bonnemain, Francoise
Bonnet, Charles
Bonnett, Edmund
Bonni, Pierre
Bonnissent, Augustine
Boorman, Thomas
Booth, Edward
Bord, Jean M
Bordel, Jean
Bordier, Octave
Borduon, Paul
Borny, Philomene
Borny, Toussaint
Boschat, Frederick
Boschat, Honoré
Bosdet, Thomas
Boshat, Honoré Marie
Bosqec, Jean Francois
Boswell, Arthur H L J
Boswell, Charles
Boswell, Elijah
Boswell, Joseph
Boswell, Joshua
Bott, Charles Henry
Bott, Eliza
Bott, Philip
Bottin, Francis E
Bottomley, Francis
Bottomley, James
Bottomley, William
Bottomly, Edward
Bottomly, James
Bottomly, Nancy
Bottrell, James
Bouard, Angeline
Bouchard, Josephine
Bouchard, Josephine
Bouchard, Payline
Boucherie, Alfred Nicholas
Boudet, Edward
Boudet, Edward John
Boudet, George
Boudet, George P
Boudin, Marie
Bouer, Charles
Bouffard, Cyrille
Bougeant, Françoise
Bougeant, Françoise
Bougeard, Francois
Bougeard, Mr
Bougon, Louis
Bouilland, Julie
Bouiller, Walter James
Bouilli, Philip
Bouillier, Jean
Bouillier, Walter James
Bouillon, Julie
Bouival, Adele
Boujeau, François
Boulaire, Philomene
Boulanger, Célestine
Boulanger, Francoise
Boulanger, Pierre Paul
Boulanger, Victor
Boulard, Jules
Boulasse, Anne Marie
Bouldé, Thomas
Boulère, Jean
Boulligni, Charles
Boullot, Toussaint
Boully, Mary A
Boulot, Auguste
Bouquet, Ferdinand Charles
Bourdas, Marie Françoise
Bourdée, Marie
Bourdet, Marie Josephine
Bourdon, Auguste
Bourdon, Charles
Bourdon, Nicholas
Bourdon, Pierre F
Bouré, François
Bourgeant, Francoise
Bourgeoie, Victor George Auguste
Bourgeois, Alfred Joseph
Bourido, Joseph
Bourienne, Francis
Bourillon, Constant
Bourinot, George
Bourinot, Philip
Bourke, Eliza
Bourke, Lewis
Bourke, Michael
Bourke, Patrick
Bourke, Peter
Bourne, Timothy
Boutier, Charles Francis
Boutillier, Rose
Bouton, Martha
Bouttier, Francois
Bouvier, Alfred Louis Marie
Bouvies, John
Bovile, Jeanne M
Bow, Richard
Bowden, James
Bowden, John
Bowden, Mary
Bowden, William
Bowdidge, John
Bowen, Edward
Bower, John
Bower, William
Bowl, James
Bown, Frances Ann
Bowring, Thomas
Boyer, Paul
Boyles, John
Boyles, Sydney
Bradey, M A
Bradfield, Thomas
Bradfield, William
Bradley, Francis
Bradley, James
Bradley, John
Bradley, Mary Ann
Bradshaw, Arthur
Brady, Ann
Brady, Daniel
Brady, John
Brady, Julia
Brady, Kate
Brady, Mary
Brady, Mary Ann
Brailey, Mary Ann
Brailstone, Sarah Ada
Brainey, David
Braing, Ellen
Brake, William
Bramford, Matthew
Bramhall, Thomas
Branan, Elizabeth
Branch, John
Brand, George William R H
Brannon, John
Brantonne, Anne
Brascombe, Albert
Brasford, Joshua
Brasford, Marie
Brasford, Peter
Brassel, Matthew
Brassey, John
Brassey, Michael
Brassey, Thomas
Brau, Lewis
Bray, Alexander
Bray, George
Bray, Joseph
Bray, Mary Ann
Braydon, Eliza
Brayn, Ellen
Brayn, Martin
Brazier, Elizabeth
Brazier, Thomas
Breaup, Marie
Brée, Ann
Brée, Ann
Brée, Charles Paul Désiré
Brée, Elias
Brée, Elie
Brée, Francois
Brée, George
Bree, Jane
Brée, Jean
Brée, John
Brée, John
Brée, Mary Susan
Bree, Philip George
Bree, Philip George
Brée, Sarah
Brée, William
Breen, Alice
Breen, Edmund
Breen, John
Breen, Michael
Breen, P
Breen, Thomas
Breen, Walter
Breene, Michael
Breffet, William
Brehaut, Alfred
Brehaut, Frederick
Brehaut, Léontine
Brehaut, Leotine
Brehaut, Peter
Brehaut, Rachel
Breheu, Jean M
Brehut, Jean Marie
Brenam, James
Brenan, James
Brenan, John
Brennam, Joseph
Brennan, Margaret
Brennan, Mary Ann
Brennan, Thomas
Brennen, James
Brenson, Joseph
Brent, Elizabeth
Bresset, Alfred
Bretagne, Hortense
Bretel, Bazile
Bretel, François
Bretell, Marie
Brett, Daniel
Brett, Joseph
Brett, Mrs
Brett, Thomas
Brett, Walter
Brett, William
Breuilly, Leon
Brewer, Albert
Brewer, Bessie
Brewer, Bessy
Brewer, Elizabeth
Brewer, Frederick
Brewer, Harriet
Brewer, Joseph
Brewin, William
Brian, Evan
Brian, Simon
Briand, Alfred
Briand, Amedée
Briand, Jean Marie
Briand, Jeane
Briand, Léonie
Briand, Louis
Briand, Marie
Briant, Amedée
Briant, Auguste
Briant, François
Briant, Grace
Briant, Jean
Briant, Jeanne
Briant, Louis
Briant, Marie F
Briant, Yvonne
Briard, Auguste
Briard, Elizabeth
Briard, Jane
Briard, Pierre
Briard, Yves Marie
Briault, Jean M
Brickley, Charles
Bricot, Caroline
Bride, Thomas
Brideaux, Mary Ann
Brideaux, Rachel
Bridgemen, John
Bridges, Alfred
Bridges, James
Bridgman, Ellen
Bridle, Edward
Bridle, Henry
Bridle, John
Bridle, William
Brien, Louis
Brient, Francis
Brierly, James R H
Brigault, F A Gustave
Brigeaux, Charles
Briggs, James
Bright, Edward
Brighton, Robert
Brims, Jane
Brimsley, Emily
Brine, John
Brine, Patrick
Brinsom, William George
Brint, Stephen
Briss, George
Brisset , Charles
Brisset, Alexandre
Brisset, Alexis
Brisset, Alfred
Brisset, Bienaimé
Brisset, Charles
Brisset, Frederick
Brisset, Jean B
Brisset, Jean Baptiste
Brisset, Jean D
Brisset, Lucie
Brisset, Marin
Brissett, Alfred
Brister, Mary
Britelle, Pierre
Brittel, Edward
Britton, Jane
Britton, Jennie
Britton, John
Brochard, Marie
Brochat, Honoré
Brochen, Pierre
Brochet, James
Brocq, Frederick
Broe, John
Brogan, George
Brogan, Harry
Brogan, Henry
Brogan, Peter
Brokenshire, Nicholas
Bromer, Caroline
Bromer, Catherine
Bromley, Alfred
Bromley, W H
Bromsell, Henry
Bront, William
Brontonne, Jean
Brook, Edwin
Brook, W J Easter
Brook, William J Easter
Brook, William James Easter
Brooks, Charles Edward
Brooks, Daniel
Brooks, George
Brooks, Harold
Brooks, Richard William Miles
Brooks, Walter
Brooks, William J Easter
Broom, Mary Ann
Brophy, John
Broscombe, Albert R A
Brossier, Jean Gustave
Brouard, Eliza
Brouard, Peter
Brouster, Jeanne Marie
Brown, Alexander
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Arthur H
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, Betsey
Brown, Bridget
Brown, Caroline
Brown, Charles
Brown, Charles W
Brown, Daniel
Brown, Edgar
Brown, Edmund George
Brown, Eliza
Brown, Elizabeth J
Brown, Emilia
Brown, Emma
Brown, Frederick
Brown, Frederick Charles
Brown, George
Brown, H C
Brown, Henry
Brown, James
Brown, Jane
Brown, John
Brown, John Thomas
Brown, Lott
Brown, Louisa
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary Ann
Brown, Mary Jane
Brown, Molly
Brown, Nelly
Brown, Nicholas
Brown, Patrick
Brown, Richard
Brown, Robert
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Thomas
Brown, William
Brown, William S
Browne, George
Browsey, John
Broxup, Robert
Broye, Agnes Jane
Bruce, Thomas
Brunard, Jules
Brunel, Marie
Brunet, James
Brunet, Victor
Brunker, Elizabeth
Brunker, Harriet
Brunker, Henry
Brunskill, Jonathan W
Brustel, Jeane
Bruton, James
Brutton, William Courtenay
Bryan, Evan
Bryan, Henry
Bryan, John
Bryan, Thomas
Bryant, Alexander
Bryant, Eliza
Bryant, H O
Bryant, Harry
Bryant, Jeanne
Bryant, John
Bryant, Louis
Bryant, Margaret
Bryant, Michael
Bryant, Robert
Bryant, Samuel
Bryant, William
Bryce, Henry
Buat, Edmond
Buchan, Alexander
Buchan, David
Buchar, Adrien
Buck, Elizabeth
Buckingham, Henry
Buckland, John
Buckland, Samuel
Buckle, Isaac
Buckley, Caroline
Buckley, Jeremiah
Buckley, John
Buckley, Joseph
Buckley, Justin
Buckley, Michael
Buckley, William
Buckston, George Hall
Budd, William
Budden, Mary
Budé, Ange
Budge, William
Bue, Nicholas
Buenneque, Marie
Buesnel, Clément
Buesnel, Clement N
Buesnel, Henry
Buesnel, Philip
Buesnel, Rachel
Buffet, Jean Marie
Buhant, Leontine
Buissonniere, Guean
Buker, Mary J
Bulet, Pierre
Bulger, John
Bull, John
Bull, William
Bulled, William
Bullen, Charles
Bullen, Edith E
Bullen, Joseph
Buller, Ann
Bulley, Christopher
Bully, A
Bunlyn, John
Bunter, Henry
Bunter, Jerry
Bunter, Richard
Buots, Philip
Buquet, Alphonse
Buquet, Eugène
Burbridge, Frederick C
Burch, Henry
Burch, James
Burch, John
Burch, William
Burden, Francis
Burdett, Charles F
Burge, Francis
Burge, James
Burgen, Joseph
Burgen, Peter E
Burgess, Alfred George
Burgess, Andrew
Burgess, John
Burgess, Robert
Burgess, Robert Edwin
Burgess, Thomas
Burgess, Thomas Andrew
Burk, Thomas
Burke, Alicia
Burke, Edward
Burke, Ellen
Burke, James
Burke, Johana
Burke, John
Burke, Ketty
Burke, Lewis
Burke, Michael
Burke, Patrick
Burke, Richard
Burke, Thomas
Burke, William
Burke, William Robert
Burke, William T
Burke, William Thomas
Burkely, Thomas
Burleigh, James F
Burless, John
Burlet, Alexandre
Burley, William
Burling, M
Burlo, Alexandre
Burlo, Jean
Burn, Patrick
Burn, William
Burnett, Henry
Burnett, Mr
Burnham, Joseph
Burns, Ann
Burns, F
Burns, George
Burns, Martin
Burns, Mary
Burns, Patrick
Burns, Patsy
Burns, Thomas
Burns, William
Burrard, Henry
Burrard, Henry William
Burrard, William
Burrard, William Henry
Burrard, Willliam Henry
Burridge, George
Burridge, Henry
Burridge, James
Burridge, John
Burridge, Robert
Burriman, James
Burrows, John
Burt, Henry
Burt, Jane
Burt, William
Burton, Jane G
Burton, Charles
Burton, Joseph
Burton, Richard
Burton, W Joseph
Burton, William
Burzulier, Jean
Bush, Mary Ann
Busher, Betsey
Bussay, George
Butcher, Elizabeth
Butcher, Richard
Butel, John
Butel, Pierre
Butel, Rosalie A F
Butler, Ann
Butler, Bridget
Butler, Edward
Butler, Ellen
Butler, George
Butler, Hugh
Butler, Isabella
Butler, Johanna
Butler, John
Butler, Louise
Butler, Mary Ann
Butler, Thomas
Butler, William
Butley, John
Butt, James
Butt, Richard
Butter, Thomas
Butterick, Richard
Butters, Charles
Butters, E J
Butters, Eli
Butters, Elie
Butters, Richard
Buttery, Richard
Button, Mary Ann
Buttrell, John
Buttry, Margaret
Buttry, William
Butts, John
Byles, John
Byrne, Marthar
Byrne, Michael
Byrne, Thomas
Byrnes, Michael
Carnable, Robert
Carrel, Jane
Cheasman, Mary
Cook, William
Cordier, S Eugénie
Cotton, Mary
Couch, Alice J
Couillard, Jeane
de la Haye, Rachel
De Veille, Bessy
de Veuille, Elizabeth
de Veulle, Bessie
de Veulles, Bessie
Dennebourg, Marie
Dewn, William
Doogan, Michael
Douville, Marie
Dubosc, Jeanne M
Elms, Elizabeth
Escott, Mary Ann
Evans, Blanche
Evers, Blanche
Ferbourg, Marie
Fichou, Amédeé
Fosse, Marie
Fossey, Marie
Glora, S F M
Guppy, Jane
Haverill, Frances Ann
Hayes, Johanna
Hester, Mary Ann
Hocquard, Ann
Hocquard, Julie
Hughes, Henry Matthew
Jones, Jane
La Tour, Harriet
Langlois, Leontine
Langlois, Leotine
Le Ber, Henri
Le Bert, Henri
Le Cocq, Louise
Le Cras, Mary
Le Gros, Hortense
Le Gros, Leonie
Le Sueur, Jane
Le Veillet, Josephine
Lebris, Lucie
Lee, Catherine
Levedec, Victoire
Leveille, Josephine
Leveille, Josephine
Madifer, Alice
Male, Mary
Marie, Francoise
Martin, Marie Josephine
Matifer, Alice
Mauger, Ann Esther
McConnell, Mary
McDonald, Mary
Morgan, Elizabeth
O'Brien, Henry
Pallot, Anne
Perry, Mary
Perry, Mary Ann
Pestel, Yvonne
Prigent, Hortense
Reed, Ann
Renier, Jean
Rieu, Ester
Roberts, Mary
Royand, Jean M
Ryan, Ellen
Sabré, Gabriel
Saunders, Elizabeth
Secoss, Charles
Seigh, Ketty
Smith, Justine Henriette
Sobey, Thomas
Stack, Mary Ann
Thompson, Jane
Touzel, Mary Ann
Trath, John
Tredan, Marie
Wakeham, Ann
White, Thomas
Wilson, Bridget
Keywords prisons | Prisoners | criminals | crimes | indexes
Places Newgate Street
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Language English
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Closed until 2100


D/AG/B2/1/BThis item»

Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with B have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.