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Index to Causes Criminelles Register. The attached PDF contains surnames beginning with A where volume and page number for the case can be obtained.To view cases consult collection D/Y/N4 online if volume is attached or view at the Archive. Alternatively email for a copy

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Reference D/Y/N5/3/A
Date 1 January 1885 - 31 December 1905
Names Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Allen, John
Shaw, Jack
Thomas, Matilda, née Andow
Amiot, Pierre
Abraham, François
Alexandre, Michel
Arms, Henry
Angé, Etienne
Amice, Jean Pierre
Quesnel, Agathe Alexandrine, née Anlais
Ayers, John
Alexander, Peter
Ahier, John
Allsop, Edward
Sangan, Jeanne Marie, née Allo
Alexandre, Philippe
Allenaut, Joséphine
Amy, Eliza
Aubin, Philippe John
Amy, François
Ayers, Mary M
Ager, Ellen
Allsopp, William
Allain, Paul
Ainsworth, John
Aubin, William George
Audin, Désiré
Ayers, Mary Ann
Allsopp, Edward
Durell, Jane Maria, née Avril
Eyres, John
Tye, Elizabeth, née Alexandre
Ashelford, William F
Ashelford, Edwin J
Aubin, John
Aubin, Thomas Jean
Ahier, Winter
Aubert, Charles
Gibaut, Madame
Atherlon, William
Ricou, Eliza, née Amy
Attwood, Emily
Adam, Louis
Thomas, Matilda, née Andrews
Wall, Elizabeth, née Anderson
Auffray, Jeanne
Ayles, John
Airth, Francis
Alioth, Georges
Aubin, Thomas Jean, Doctor
Anstis, James
Airth, Andrew
Aller, John
Amicel, Prosper
Auget, François
Allix, Alfred
Arkley, Stewart
Aubert, Philippe
André, Pierre
Cariou, Jean
Amy Junior, John
Bodman, Vicomte
Ashworth, Charles
Albert, John
Allez, John
Allo, Marie
Allain, Leon
Anthony, Thomas
Bell, Thomas
Ashford, Charles
Thompson, Charles
Arrowsmith, James
Amy, George T
Aslett, George
Straw, Jack
Allen, George Francis
Ashley, John
Hodge, Elizabeth, née Amiot
Arm, John
Arnold, Edgar
Anley, Philoméne
Allo, Pierre
Anne, Jules
Asplet, James
Airth, Robert
Adams, John
Renaud, Marie, née Audin
Anquetil, Susanne
Allen, James
Moignet, Marie, née Augret
Allo, Alphonse
Aufray, Marie
Wilkinson, Mary Ann, née Andrews
Alex, Désiré
Amy, John
Druce, Amy, née Aubert
Albert, Lancelot George
Anley, John
Fitzgerald, Mary Ann, née Allen
Arm, Henry
Aubert, Charles Francis
Allonit, Marie
Aumont, Pierre Auguste
Arrowsmith, Joseph
Ahier, William
Alsford, William
Ahier, Abraham
Audrain, Philippe
Andrews, William
Audrain, Jean
Armstrong, George
Ahearne, D
Ashley, Junior, John
Audienne, Paul Jean
Andrews, George Arthur
Alexandre, Alfred
Ahier, Philippe William
Austin, John
Andrew, George Alfred
Austin, Arthur
Aubin, Clement James
Ahier, Alfred
Hemeury, Philoméne, née Ardonache
Angell, Grace
Amy, Philippe John
Augé, Arthur
Ahier, Henry John
Amy, Charles
Amy, Percy John
Alexandre, Auguste
Amette, Louis
Andrews, Alcide Vernon
Albert, Claud Henry
Aubert, Jean Baptiste
Ahier, Thomas
Auffray, Jean François
Aubrey, Jules
Amy, Thomas Philippe
Anderson, Charles
Auffray, François
Albert, George H
Arnold, Henry
Allen, James George
Anthoine, Pierre
Archenoul, Jean Marie
Langlois, Mary, née Arthur
Aubin, Clement James
Druce, Aimée, née Aubert
Allo, Jean
Alford, William
Ahier, Frederick
Amy, Thomas
Amiot, Peter
Andrews, Alfred
Le Masurier, Alice, née Amy
Amy, Thomas P
Andre, Emile
Audrain, Pierre Joseph
Archer, Gilles
Ahier, Joseph
Angell, Frederick
Amy, Thomas Philip
Aubin, Jacques
Alexander, William
Arzur, François
Amy, William
Anley, Philippe William
Angerly, Jules
Audrain, Louis
Aubert, Joséphine
Anderson, George
Allain, Maurice
Ahier, John William Payn
Le Riche, Ann, née Ahier
André, Jean Marie
Amourie, Joseph
Aubin, Joséphine
Askle, Charles, `
Andrews, Charles Clement
Allen, Herbert
Allain, Quérec
Quérec, Allain
Creff, Jean Marie
Allo, Clara
Arbuthnott, Alexander
Lanaud, Jeanne, née Abeven
Anley, Reginald Osmont
Allo, Mathurin
Allo, Eugène
Antoine, François Marie
Hale, Alice, née Arrowsmith
Ayres, John
Anley, Philip George
Alexandre, Elize
Ahier, Philippe
Ambert, Yves
Aplin, Frederick George
Arnold, Harry
André, Joseph
Antoine, François
Amouris, Joseph
Arzul, François
Amourec, Jules Emile
Asser, Agtseribbe
Antoine, François
Lantoine, Antoine François
Albright, Leonard J
Angot, Alice
Nedelec dit Albertini, Julien Emile
Aubert, Adolphus James
Aubin, Charles Philip Raoul
Amy, Donald
Keywords Judicial Greffe | Law | magistrates | courts | causes criminelles
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Language English
Level of description Item


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