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Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with C have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

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Reference D/AG/B2/1/C
Date 1814 - 1936
Names Newgate Street Prison
Allen, Jane
Bailey, Ellen
Bailey, Isabella
Bilding, Michael
Bottomly, Charlotte
Buhard, Leonie
Building, Michael
Cabaret, Joseph
Cabaret, Louise
Cabec, Guilleaume
Cabive, Jean
Cabot, Philip
Cabot, Philippe
Cabot, Ann
Cabot, Betsey
Cabot, Charles
Cabot, Charles A
Cabot, George
Cabot, I
Cabot, James
Cabot, James E
Cabot, James Edward
Cabot, Jermy
Cabot, John
Cabot, Mary
Cabot, Mary Ann
Cabot, Mary Anne
Cabot, Philip Jules
Cabot, Pierre
Cabot, Robert W
Cabot, Robert William
Cabot, Sophie
Cabot, Susan
Cabot, Thomas
Cabot, Thomas Jules
Cabot, Walter
Caboufi, Etienne
Cadieu, Victoire
Cadin, Marcel Albert
Cadin, Pierre
Cadiou, Jean
Cadiou, Jean
Cadiou, Rose
Cadiou, Samuel
Cadiou, Samuel Grandin
Cadoret, Daniel
Cadoret, Joseph
Cadoret, Yves
Caduc, Victorine
Caër, Edouard
Cahil, Mary
Cahill, David
Cahill, Mary
Cahill, William
Cahot, John
Cahut, Louis Marie
Cailliou, Francis
Caillot, Francis
Cain, James
Cain, John
Caines, John
Cairns, James
Caithness, David
Cake, John
Calennec, Pierre
Calgon, Bridget
Caliko, Yves Marie
Callaghan, Charles H
Callaghan, Daniel
Callaghan, Peter
Callanan, John
Callender, Ernest
Callis, Mary
Calverez, Jean Marie
Calvez, Yves Marie
Camaille, Charles
Camard, Ernestine
Camart, Pierre
Cameron, James
Campbell, Charles P
Campbell, Charles Peter
Campbell, Frank
Campbell, George
Campbell, James
Campbell, John
Campbell, Joseph
Campbell, Peter
Campbell, Thomas
Campion, Albert
Campion, Albert Francis
Campion, Albert Frederick
Campion, Jeanne
Campion, William
Canannan, James
Canivet, Benjamin
Canivet, Mary
Canlut, Joseph
Cannack, James
Cannan, James
Cannaven, William
Canning, Thomas
Canning, David
Canning, Jane
Canning, Joseph
Cannon, James
Cannu, Pierre
Canoville, François
Cant, William
Cantell, George James
Cantell, John
Canter, William Smith
Cantin, Pierre
Cantlon, Michael
Canu, James
Canut, Pierre
Canvin, Peter
Caolioulec, Marie
Caple, Mrs
Caple, William
Caplin, Arthur
Caplin, Richard
Capuron, Charles
Carbone, Philippe Lorenzo
Carburay, Stephen
Carder, Walter
Cardinal, Françoise
Cardion, Jean
Cardon, Ludovic
Cardorette, Joseph
Care, Edward
Care, Thomas
Caren, John
Carey, Charles
Carey, Edward
Carey, J H F
Carey, Johanna
Carey, John
Carey, Michael
Carey, Thomas
Cario, Pierre
Cariou, Francois
Carilloche, Marie
Carlan, Jean
Carle, Francis
Carlile, Mr
Carline, Grace
Carling, Richard
Carlo, Harry
Carlton, Edward
Carlton, John Anthony
Carlyon, Grace
Carlyon, Thomas
Carnev, Louis
Carney, Patrick
Caro, Frederick
Caroff, Jean Pierre Marie
Carou, Jean
Carow, Jean
Carpenter, Charles Henry
Carpenter, Ellen
Carpenter, Irene
Carpenter, William
Carpentier, Eugénie
Carpentier, Eugénie
Carpentier, Jean
Carr , Edwin
Carr, Edward
Carr, Eliza
Carr, Elizabeth
Carr, Elizabeth M
Carr, George Thomas
Carr, John
Carr, Michael
Carr, Richard
Carr, Robert Arthur
Carré, Edward
Carré, Hilda Turner
Carré, John
Carré, John
Carre, Marie
Carre, Marie
Carré, Mary Ann
Carré, René
Carré, Thomas
Carre, William
Carreau, Narcisse L
Carrée, Marie
Carrée, Marie
Carrée, Marie
Carrel, Francis
Carrel, Jane
Carrel, John
Carrel, Thomas
Carrel, Walter John
Carrick, Walter Henry
Carrigan, William
Carrington, Henry
Carrington, Margaret
Carrington, Peggy
Carro, Joseph
Carro, Marie Louise
Carrol, James
Carrol, Catherine
Carrol, Edward
Carrol, Ellen
Carrol, Hubert
Carrol, John
Carrol, Mary
Carrol, Patrick
Carrol, Thomas
Carroll, Eliza
Carroll, James
Carroll, John
Carroll, Mr
Carroll, Robert
Carronduff, John
Carrow, André Pierre
Carrow, Jean
Carry, Johanna
Carry, Marie
Carrydine, Caroline
Carslake, James
Carson, Robert
Carson, Walter
Carstairs, David
Carteir, John
Carter, John
Carter, Walter
Carter, Abel
Carter, Albert
Carter, Ann
Carter, Charles
Carter, Elizabeth
Carter, Emeline
Carter, Emily
Carter, Enoch
Carter, Francis
Carter, Frank
Carter, Frank Willian
Carter, George
Carter, Hannah
Carter, Isiah
Carter, James
Carter, John Thomas
Carter, Joseph
Carter, Maria
Carter, Maria J
Carter, Maria Jane
Carter, Mary Ann
Carter, Mary J
Carter, Michael
Carter, Morris
Carter, Rebecca
Carter, Thomas
Carter, William
Carter, William Jago
Carteret, Isidore
Carthings, David
Cartie, Perrine
Cartier, Perrine
Cartwright, George
Cartwright, Eric Basil
Carun, Emily
Carvenec, Marie Y
Carvenic, Yves M
Case, John
Case, William
Casey, Honora
Casey, Margaret
Casey, William
Cashal, William John
Cashel, William
Cashel, William J
Cass, Thomas
Cass, William
Cassel, Blanche
Cassell, Blanche
Cassell, Catherine
Cassell, Elizabeth
Casserouge, Désiré
Cassey, John
Cassin, Beinaimé
Cassin, Bienaimé
Cassin, Bienaimé Armand
Casson, Jeanne M
Castel , Roland
Castel, Guillaume
Castel, Henri
Castel, Jeanne M
Castel, Pierre
Castel, Roland
Castle, Henry
Castle, Blanche
Castle, John
Castle, William
Castleman, Frederick
Castrec, Alexandre
Castric, Pierre
Castinea, Marguerite
Catel, Désiré
Catelmet, James
Catelmet, Jean
Catherwood, Jane
Catlin, Frederick William
Catmull, Robert
Cato, Marguerite
Catorache, Yves
Catoroche, Yves
Cattigan, Bryan
Cauchard, Pierre
Caufield, Busan
Caulay, Leon
Caureaux, Jacques
Caurzic, Jean M
Cauvet, Francis
Cauvet, François
Cauvice, Hypolite
Cauvin, Edgar
Caux, Francois Louis
Cavallo, John
Cavalo, John
Cavals, John
Cavanagh, Caroline
Cavanagh, Daniel
Cavanagh, Fred
Cavanagh, Hugh
Cavanagh, Jane
Cavanagh, Susan
Cavanagh, Thomas
Cavanah, Jane
Cavanah, John
Cavanaugh, Margaret
Cavanaugh, Thomas
Cavannagh, Jane
Cavatho, John
Cavatre, Margaret
Cavatre, Mary Ann
Cave, Michael
Cavello, J
Cavello, John
Cavello, Louis Auguste
Cavey, Auguste
Cavey, Francis
Cavey, François Matthieu
Cavey, Julia
Cavey, M Francis
Cavey, Matthew F
Cavey, Maxine
Cavey, Percy
Cavis, Marie Louise
Cavorzan, Perin
Cavry, Francois Matthieu
Cawley, Alfred Harold
Cawley, Charles
Cawley, Henry
Cawley, Herbert Francis
Cawley, James
Cayzer, John Henry
Cazeau, Jean
Cerguy, François
Cerltou, Edward
Chaffe, Edward
Chaignon, Louise
Chaineau, Jacques
Chalet, Rose
Chalil, François
Challomer, Charles William
Challomer, Ester
Challoner, William
Challoney, Emanuel
Chamberlain, William R
Chamberlane, William Archie
Chambers, Alfred
Chambers, Matilda
Chambrin, Yves
Champagne, Jeanne
Champel, Louise
Champel, Pierre
Champelle, Louisa
Champelle, Louise
Champeny, William
Champion, Joseph
Chancelet, Joseph
Chandière, Eugene
Chandler, George
Chandler, Jane
Chaney, Henry
Chaney, William
Channer, Thomas
Channing, Albert E
Channing, Albert Edward
Channing, Edward
Channing, Albert
Channing, Alfred Percy
Channing, Edmond
Channing, Edmund
Channing, Edmund Arthur
Channing, Emanuel
Channing, Ethel Jane
Channing, Frederick James
Channing, Georgina
Channing, Herbert
Channing, John
Channing, R H Le Breton
Channing, Rueben H Le Breton
Channing, Rueben Holly Le Breton
Channing, Ruebon Holly
Channing, William
Channing, William James
Chanoine, Emile
Chanoine, Eugine
Chanon, Eugène
Chant, George
Chant, Joseph
Chapell, James Mansell
Chapelle, Francois
Chapelle, Louise
Chapion, Henry
Chapman, Alexander
Chapman, Edmund
Chapman, Edward
Chapman, George
Chapman, James
Chapman, R
Chapman, Richard
Chapman, Samuel
Chapman, William
Chapon, Rose
Chapotée, Charles
Chapotte, E
Chappellier, Francis
Charbonet, Aimeé
Charier, Jean Baptiste
Charles, Amy
Charles, Mary
Charlwood, Horace Ernest
Charpentier, Yves
Charruel, Louis
Charruel, Louis
Chase, John
Chatel, Louis
Chatelier, A D
Chater, James
Chatille, Francois
Chaton, Marie Joseph
Chaub, Pierre
Chauvel, Jeanne
Chauvet, Elize
Chauvier, Joseph
Chauvier, Marie
Chauvril, Jane
Chedmail, Pierre
Chedzoy, Henry
Cheek, Edward William
Cheeks, William
Chéhé, Victoire
Chelders, Morris Gordon
Chemin, Louis Octave
Chenu, Jean Marie
Chesnau, M H
Chesne, Armand
Chesnel, Jacques
Chesnu, Jean Marie
Cheswell, William
Chevalier, Ann
Chevalier, Arsène
Chevalier, Clémentine
Chevalier, Emelie
Chevalier, Frederick
Chevalier, Marie
Chevalier, Pierre
Chevaner, Francois
Chévère, Jilles
Chevrel, Alfred
Chevrel, Francis
Chevrel, François
Chick, Arthur Edward
Chick, Emeline
Chick, James
Chiddle, Richard
Child, George
Child, Marie
Child, William
Childs, William
Chillard, John C
Chilvers, Charles
Chinard, Pierre
Chippy, Ann
Chippy, child
Chisel, Walter
Chisel, William
Chisel, William Samuel
Chislard, Albertine
Chislard, León
Chisle, Walter
Chizel, Walter
Choët, Josephine A
Choisnel, Louis
Choisnet, Louis A
Cholet, Louise
Cholet, Rose
Chorley, Thomas
Choupaux, John
Choupeaux, Mathurin
Choupeux, Mathurin
Choupolt, Guilleaume
Choux, Leonie
Chown, Joseph
Choyle, James
Chray, Louis
Chrétien, Joseph
Christianson, C J
Christie, Jean
Christie, John
Christophe, John
Christopher, Albert
Christot, Louis
Chubb, Percy
Chuble, Charles
Chuquet, Betsey
Church, George
Church, Henry
Church, Jersey
Church, Joseph
Churcher, Albert Frank
Churchill, Ada
Churchill, Caroline
Churchill, Charles
Churchill, Edward
Churchill, Elizabeth
Churchill, H James
Churchill, James
Churchill, James Samuel
Churchill, John
Churchill, Samuel
Churchill, William
Churchill, William George
Chynoweth, Benjamin
Cigot, Alice
Clair, François
Clair, Jean
Claireaux, Auguste
Clancey, John
Clancey, William
Clancy, Michael
Clancy, William
Claney, Henry
Claney, William
Clark, Child
Clark, Edward
Clark, Edwin
Clark, George James
Clark, Gordon
Clark, James
Clark, John
Clark, Mary Ann
Clark, Mrs
Clark, Peter
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Thomas
Clarke, Andrew
Clarke, Ann
Clarke, B
Clarke, Bennett C S
Clarke, Charles
Clarke, Edward
Clarke, Edwin
Clarke, Elizabeth
Clarke, Ernest
Clarke, Ester
Clarke, George
Clarke, Henry
Clarke, James
Clarke, James Henry
Clarke, Mary
Clarke, Mary Ann
Clarke, Patrick
Clarke, Peter
Clarke, Richard
Clarke, Sarah
Clarke, Thomas
Clarke, Thomas Henry
Clarke, William
Clary, Adophine
Clary, Josephine
Clase, James
Claude, Thomas
Claude, Victor
Claus, Alfred
Clausey, Victor Edward
Clavell, Edward James
Clavell, Johana
Clavell, John
Clay, Henry
Clayton, Mark
Cleale, George
Cleall, Henry
Clearot, Eugene
Cleary, David
Cleave, Bazil Derrent
Clement, Jane
Clement, Gustave
Clément, Thomas
Clements, Charlotte
Clements, Joseph F
Clements, Mary Ann
Clements, William
Clementson, Hans
Cleouz, Barnard
Cleret, Pierre
Cleret, Pierre N
Clerice, Anne Marie
Clerier, Jean Marie
Clerier, Rosalie Marie
Clerot, Auguste V
Clérot, Eugène A
Clerq, Jane
Clery, Adolphine
Cleveland, William
Cleveland, William
Cleveland, Willian
Clifford, Ann
Clifford, George
Clifford, John
Clifford, Walter
Clift, Henry
Clifton, James
Clifton, Louis George
Cloarac, Jacques
Cloarec, Yves
Clohosey, William
Clolus, Marie
Clonsdale, Thomas L
Closet, Edouard
Closkey, William
Clothie, Charles
Clouadre, George
Clous, Pierre
Cloutier, Dominique
Cloyn, John
Clunn, Albert William
Clunn, Gladys Mary Adeline
Clunn, Gladys May Adelina
Coadic, Réné
Coady, Thomas
Coates, Philip
Coates, Daniel
Coates, Jane
Coath, Mary Ann
Cobb, Edwin
Cobb, James
Cobbledick, John
Cobden, George
Cobden, Jeo James
Cobden, Vivian
Cobham, Reuben R A
Cobley, Daniel
Coborn, George James
Cobrun, Paul
Cochet, Adolphe
Cochrane, Henry
Cochrane, Thomas
Cockburn, James S
Cockin, Thomas
Cocking, Thomas
Cocklin, Ambros
Cocklin, Elizabeth
Cocklin, John
Cockram, Margaret
Cockran, Catherine
Cockrane, Frederick
Cockrane, James
Cocks, Jane
Cocksedge, Joseph
Cocquelin, Ambroise
Coen, Elizabeth
Coen, Isabella
Coffin, John
Coffin, Walter John
Coficero, V
Coglan, Catherine
Coglin, John
Cohen, Davis
Cohen, Isabella
Coheny, Margaret
Cokayne, Joseph
Coker, George
Colas, George
Colback, John
Colbeck, Walter
Cole, Charles
Cole, Jane
Cole, John
Cole, Richard
Cole, Robert
Cole, Sarah
Cole, Walter
Cole, Walter George
Cole, William
Coleback , Mary Ann
Coleback, John
Coleback, Mary Ann
Coleback, Nancy
Colebridge, William
Coleman, John
Coleman, Morris
Coleman, William
Coles, Ann
Coles, George
Coles, John Edwin
Coles, Lizzie
Coles, Thomas
Coles, Walter
Colette, Charles
Coleville, William
Colfavre, Jean Claude
Coligny, Albert R
Colin, Benjamin
Colin, Jeanne
Colivet, Louis
Coll, Mary
Collard, George
Collas, Charles
Collas, George John
Collas, Gordon George
Collas, James
Collas, John
Collas, John Pierre
Collas, Joseph
Collas, Mary Ann
Collenette, Michael
Coller, George Victor
Colleraux, Jeane Marie
Collet, Francis
Collet, François
Collet, Francoise
Collet, Francoise
Collet, Jean B
Collet, Jean Baptiste
Collet, Julien
Collet, Louis
Collet, Walter
Colley, David
Colley, Richard
Colley, William
Collier, Arthur
Collier, John
Collin, Jeane Marie
Collinette, Edward William
Collings, Charles Henry Stanley
Collings, Frank
Collings, James
Collings, Richard
Collings, Samuel
Collings, Sarah
Collings, William
Collins, Charles
Collins, Daniel
Collins, Frederick
Collins, George
Collins, Giles
Collins, James
Collins, John
Collins, John F
Collins, Joseph
Collins, Lily
Collins, Mary
Collins, Mary Ann
Collins, Mary Jane
Collins, Richard
Collins, Susan
Collins, Thomas
Collins, Thomas Charles
Collins, William
Collinson, James
Collis, Sydney
Collison, James
Colliss, Edward
Colliver, Peter
Collut, Joseph
Colman, John
Colman, Josiah
Colman, Richard
Colombel, Francis
Colombier, Felix
Colombier, Jean
Combat, Nicholas
Combes, Maurice
Comeaux, Jacques Mathurin
Comwall, Ada Gladys
Conan, Auguste Marie
Conan, Augustine Marie
Conan, Marie Francoise
Conan, Thomas
Conan, Yves
Conard, Francis
Conboy, John
Condan, Michael
Condill, John
Condon, Catherine
Condon, Daniel
Condon, Margaret
Condon, Michael
Condon, Patrick
Condy, Ellen
Coneta, George
Conetta, George
Coney, Bridget
Coney, Edward
Coney, Patrick
Congean, Françoise
Conjanette, Augustine
Conliff, William
Conly, Mary
Connan, Marie
Connel , William
Connel, Catherine
Connel, Frank
Connel, Jane
Connel, John
Connell, Charles
Connell, Ellen
Connell, James
Connell, James Arthur
Connell, Mary
Connell, Mary Ann
Connell, Michael
Connelly, Aurelia J
Connelly, John
Connelly, Michael
Connelly, Patrick
Conner, George
Conner, John
Conner, Thomas
Connnor, William Patrick
Connois, John R
Connolley, John
Connolly, William Francis
Connolly, John
Connolly, Peter
Connolly, Thomas
Connor, John R
Connor, Barnard
Connor, Barney
Connor, George
Connor, Handy
Connor, Isaac
Connor, James
Connor, John
Connor, John Roberts
Connor, Julia
Connor, Mary
Connor, Thomas
Connor, William
Connors, Charles
Connors, Christopher
Connors, John
Conon, Marie
Conroy, Ellen
Conroy, Gilbert
Conroy, John Alexander
Conroy, Peter
Constant, Jean
Constant, John
Constant, Marie
Conway, Ellen
Conway, Leopold
Conway, Michael
Cony, Thomas
Cook, Edward
Cook, George
Cook, Herbert
Cook, James
Cook, John
Cook, Mrs
Cooke, John Henry
Cooke, William
Cooksey, William
Coombes, Caroline
Coombs, Adolphus
Coombs, Alice
Coombs, Alice Jane
Coombs, Charles
Coombs, John
Coombs, John Charles
Coombs, Joseph George
Coombs, Lydia
Coonah, Thomas
Cooney, Catherine
Cooney, Michael
Cooney, Patrick
Cooney, Thomas
Cooper, Charles
Cooper, Christie
Cooper, Christin
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, Frederick Charles
Cooper, George
Cooper, George Roy
Cooper, Henry
Cooper, James S
Cooper, Jane
Cooper, John William
Cooper, Robert
Cooper, Roy Alfred
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, William
Cooper, William Henry
Cooth, Mary Ann
Cope, George
Copp, Jacob
Copp, William
Coppin, Arthur
Coquelet, Ernest
Coquelin, Ambroise
Coram, Wilfred John
Coran, Phoenix
Coran, Wilfred J
Corbel, Charles
Corbel, Francis
Corbet, Charles
Corbet, Daniel
Corbet, Francis Gordon Joseph
Corbet, Henry
Corbet, Nora
Corbet, Peter
Corbett, Edmund John
Corbett, Henry
Corbin, Charles
Corbin, Frederick George
Corduan, Pierre N
Corey, Harriet
Corfield, Peter
Corken, William
Corkett, George
Corlay, Jeanne
Corlay, P M F
Corlet, Jean
Corley, Edward
Cormack, William
Corman, Marie
Cormick, A E
Cormick, A Edward
Cormick, Charles
Cormick, James
Cormick, Louisa
Cormick, William
Cormick, William Henry
Cormick, Willian Henry
Cormier, Francis
Cormière, Henri Leon
Cormière, Peter Francis
Cormiky, Matthew
Cornay, Patrick
Cornec, Emaline
Cornec, Marie
Corneillier, Baptiste
Cornell, John
Corneur, B Armandine Berthe
Cornick, Charles
Cornick, Henry
Cornick, William
Cornick, William Henry
Cornier, Filotie
Cornier, P Francis
Cornieret, Walter
Cornign, James
Cornish, Charles
Cornish, Charles Henry
Cornish, James
Cornish, John
Cornish, Joseph B
Cornu, Edward Henri
Cornwall, Henry
Coron, Léon
Corre, François
Corre, Francois Marie
Corrette, Marie
Corriere, Walter John
Corrigan, Ann
Corrisson, James
Corromer, Alexandre
Corson, François
Corson, James
Cortier, Louis
Cortir, Louise
Cortyn, Mary Ann
Cory, Henry
Cory, Perceval Robert
Cory, Robert P
Cory, Thomas
Cosby, William
Cosens, Thomas
Cosgrave, Ann
Cosgrove, Henry
Cosic, Jean Marie
Cosleck, Thomas
Cosquair, François
Cosquer, George Marie
Cosquer, H George
Cosquer, Henri Grégoire
Cosquer, Jean Edouard
Cosquet, Jean Edouard
Cosquet, Jean Edward
Costard, Edward
Costard, Jane
Costard, Jean Marie
Costard, Jeanne
Costard, Mr
Costello, Catherine
Costello, Henry
Costillo, Catherine
Cotalf, Louis Alexandre
Cotard, Jean Louis
Cotard, Jean Marie
Cotard, John
Cotillard, Françoise
Cotillard, Marie
Cotilliard, Louis Marie
Coton, Matilda
Cottard, Charles William
Cottard, Henri Marie
Cotter, Kate
Cotton, Frederick
Cotton, James
Couch, Charlotte
Couch, Eliza
Couch, Henry
Coughland, William
Coughlin, James
Couillard, Eliza
Couillard, Emanuel
Couillard, Emmanuel
Couillard, Emmanuel P
Couillard, Mary
Coulan, John
Coullard, Elise Jane
Couls, Lizzie
Coulston, George
Counly, Peter
Counsel, Elizabeth
Counsel, William
Counter, Agnes
Coupé, Clemence
Coupé, Clemence
Courbaron, Francis Jean
Courbaron, Francis John
Courbaron, François Jean
Courbaron, Frank
Courbarron, Frank
Courcaux, J M
Courcon, Guillaume
Courcou, Jean
Courcoux, Elsie May
Courcoux, Jacques
Courcoux, Jean
Courcoux, Jean Marie
Courcoux, Jean W
Coureaux, Jean
Coureaux, Jean Francois
Court, A W
Court, Arthur
Courtel, Anne Marie
Courtesse, Louisa
Courtier, Louisa
Courtier, Marie
Courtier, Marie Louise
Courtman, Sydney
Courval, André Emil A
Cousens, Frederick
Cousens, Isaac
Cousic, Marie Louise
Cousin, Marie
Cousin, Mary
Cousins, Mark
Cousins, Mary
Cousins, Mr
Cousins, Thomas
Coutanceaux, Peter
Coutanche, A S
Coutanche, A Sydney
Coutanche, Arthur
Coutanche, Arthur Sydney
Coutanche, Betsey
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Esther
Coutanche, Francis
Coutanche, George
Coutanche, Helena
Coutanche, Henrietta
Coutanche, Jean
Coutanche, John
Coutanche, John Clement
Coutanche, Mary Ann
Coutanche, Percy
Coutanche, Philippe
Coutanche, Reginald
Coutanche, Rosina
Coutange, George
Coutaux, A F Ernest
Couts, John
Coutumier, Jean
Couturier, Eugénie
Couturier, Marie
Couzic, Marie
Coward, James
Coward, William James
Cowen, John
Cowsey, John
Cox, Frederic
Cox, George
Cox, Henry
Cox, James
Cox, John
Cox, Joseph
Cox, Richard
Cox, Richard W
Cox, Robert
Cox, Samuel
Cox, Sarah
Cox, Susan
Cox, Thomas
Cox, William
Coyd, Charles
Coyd, Richard
Coyd, Thomas
Coyde, Thomas
Coyes, Yves Marie
Coyle, Allen
Coyle, Ann
Coyne, Alfred
Cozec, Yves
Cozel, Yves
Crab, William Benett
Crabb, Thomas
Crabb, William
Crabbe, William
Crabbe, William B
Cracker, George
Cradick, Isaac
Cradick, Jane
Crago, John
Crahan, Sarah
Craig, Mary
Craig, Molly
Craig, Emma
Craig, John
Craig, Mr
Craig, Thomas
Craigg, Marie
Craine, John
Craine, Mrs
Cranan, Joseph
Crane, Pierre
Crang, Henry
Crap, Arthur
Crap, Edward
Crapp, W F
Crapp, Walter
Crapp, William
Crapp, William F
Crappe, William F
Crappin, Marie
Crawford, Ernest
Crawley, Elizabeth
Crawley, John
Crawshaw, Sarah
Creagh, Mary
Creasy, John Frederick
Creegan, Thomas
Creenen, William
Crees, Ethel Laura
Cregan, Frank
Cregan, John
Cregan, Michael
Cregan, Thomas
Crénon, Joseph
Crese, George
Crespin, Azeline
Crespin, Pierre
Crespinel, Charles
Cresse, George
Creurer, Francois
Creuse, George
Crevel, Joseph
Crew, William
Crewse, Eliza
Crichel, John
Criestie, Francis
Criestie, George
Crilon, Marie
Crimmens, Michael
Crimmins, Michael
Criquet, Frederick
Crispin, Charles
Croad, George
Croath, Mary Ann
Crocker, Aldolphus William Henry
Crocker, Solomon
Croff, Jean Marie
Croft, Benjamin
Croft, George
Croft, Henry
Croker, Daniel
Croker, George
Croker, James
Croker, John
Croker, Mary
Croker, Michael
Crompton, Thomas
Crone, John
Croney, Charles
Croney, Edward
Croney, Thomas
Cronin, Edward
Cronin, Patrick
Crooks, Ann
Crooks, Antoine
Crooks, John
Crooks, M
Croome, Richard
Cropp, Dorah
Cropp, Walter
Cropp, Walter Edward
Croppe, Walter
Croquenic, Marie
Crosbery, James
Crosby, Francis A
Crosby, Martha
Crosquer, François
Cross, Cecilia
Cross, Emma
Cross, Harold
Cross, Henry
Cross, John
Cross, Oliver
Cross, William
Crossby, Mary Ann
Crouch, Alfred
Crouch, James
Crouch, William
Crout, William
Crouzüres, Eugène
Crowley, Samuel
Crowley, Thomas
Crowny, Edward
Cudlipp, James Henry
Cuirot, Aimable
Cuirot, Charles
Cuirot, Elie
Cuirot, Louis
Culbert, Michael
Cullan, William
Cullen, Abel
Cullen, James
Cullen, John
Cullen, Martin
Cullin, John
Cullins, Richard
Cumming, J Arthur
Cumming, Jane
Cumming, Michael
Cumming, Richard
Cumming, Walter
Cumming, William
Cummings, Alfred John
Cummings, George
Cummings, Mary
Cummings, Walter
Cummins, John Edward
Cummins, Michael
Cummins, William Charles
Cundy, James
Cundy, Thomas
Cunningham, Andrew
Cunningham, Henry
Cunningham, Mary
Cunningham, Mr
Cunningham, Owen
Curley, F
Curley, James
Curly, Frederick
Curran, Daniel
Curran, John
Curran, Michael
Curran, Robert
Curren, William
Currie, Andrew
Currie, John
Curroll, Robert
Curtis, Daniel
Curtis, James
Curtis, John
Curtis, William
Curwood, Alfred
Cutlan, John
Cutland, Albert William
Cutler, Thomas
Cutter, Stephen
Dauberville, Betsey
Day, Thomas
De La Haye, Louise
de la Porte, Jeane Marie
Denès, Marguerite
Diamond, Frederick
Drelaud, Rose
Duhamel, Marie
Dunond, F
Durand, William
Durant, W
Durant, William
Dyer, William
Egan, Rosina
Fench, Sarah
Floury, Yves Marie
Ford, Adolphine
Gallichan, Mary
Gawley, James
Gellender, Mary Ann
Gomes, Lydia
Hacquoil, Mary
Hazelhurst, Ada Gladys
Hicks, Jane
Higgins, Mary
Hudin, Mary Ann
John, Sarah
Keeping, Alice
Keeping, Alice Jane
Kennedy, Mary
Lambert, Ann
Lasbley, Marie Y
Le Brocque, Hilda Turner
Le Campion, Albert Bazille
Le Carpentier, Jean
Le Chanoine, Eugène
Le Feuvre, Caroline
Le Sueur, Geogina
Le Sueur, Georgina
Le Terrier, Clémence
Firrot, Marie
Macfarlane, Gladys May Adelina
Malpol, Marie
Malzard, Blanche
Manoel, Jeanne
Marah, Jane
Marett, Marie
Marshall, Lydia
Martin, Josephine A
Mascreun, Azeline
Masère, Marie
Meek, Sarah
Milou, M H
Moisan, Mary Ann
Monamy, Ann
Monomy, Ann
Morrison, Honora
Mourant, Francoise
Pike, Mary Ann
Plongeon, Marie
Prim, Mrs
Pumfrey, Mary Ann
Quilinan, Catherine
Ralph, Eliza
Raphaël, Denis
Robins, Jane
Rockett, Susan
Ronald, Françoise
Sinel, Charlotte
Small, Jane
Smith, George
Snelling, Ann
Spriggs, Mr
Steele, Ann
Stephens, Alfred
Stratford, Susan
Supple, Julia
Terrier, Clemence
Tissant, Jane
Tisson, Jane
Toul, Ann
Tout, Ann
Wheeler, Catherine
Whiteman, David
Wittaker, Ann
Keywords prisons | Prisoners | criminals | crimes | indexes
Places Newgate Street
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Language English
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Closed until 2100


D/AG/B2/1/CThis item»

Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with C have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.