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Digital copy of the Witness Statement of [Monique Webb] to the Inquiry providing an account of her experiences as a member of staff at Les Chênes Residential School. [Some details redacted].

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Reference ZC/D/AW2/B3/31/WS000577
Date 24 May 2015
Scope and Content Provides details of early life in Jersey during the German Occupation, and employment as a teacher at St Helier [Girls] School following [Monique Webb's] graduation from her own education. Refers to marriage, and employment at St Helier Day Nursery before returning to St Helier Girls School for four years. Refers to decision to respond to an advertisement in the Jersey Evening Post regarding employment at Les Chènes Residential School. Discusses the role of Les Chênes as a residential school and remand facility. Recalls process of applying for employment at Les Chênes, and provides details of responsibilites once employed. Provides details of the routine at Les Chênes, also mentioning education, activities, and holidays. Refers to the children enjoying watching the Australian soap Neighbours, and accompanying [Monique Webb] to church. Refers to staff at Les Chênes such as Mario Lundy. Refers to instances where staff used physical strength to diffuse situations. Refers to caning as a form of corporal punishment at Les Chênes. Notes allegations from former residents regarding physical abuse by members of staff including Mario Lundy. Refers to an instance where [Monique Webb] could smell alcohol on a member of staff's breath whilst he was driving, and notes [Monique Webb's] decision to report the member of staff to an indvidual. Recalls residents at Les Chênes, and comments on their behaviour and actions. Discusses the Merit Award Scheme at Les Chênes, mentioning instance where a child asked [the Principal] for caning instead of [the Principal] deducting points from the child. Discusses Dr Kathie Ball's report on Les Chênes, and reflects on criticisms made by Kathie Bull regarding the Merit Award Scheme. Refers to further analysis of the Merit Award Scheme by Mr Pilling in a report dated 1980. Refers to the use of the secure cells at Les Chênes, mentioning children on remand. Refers to the need to search children entering Les Chênes. Refers to relationship between Les Chênes staff and Child Care Officers. Recalls inspectors visiting Les Chênes. Discusses allegations of abuse made by former Les Chênes residents, also mentioning Operation Rectangle. Notes that [Monique Webb] did not receive any training whilst at Les Chênes regarding the safe restraint of a child. Refers to retirement in 1994, commenting on belief that Les Chênes did not run as effectively as an institution by 1994. [For Exhibits [MW]1 to [MW]6 as referred to in this Witness Statement, see C/D/AW2/A7/38/WD006121/1 to C/D/AW2/A7/38/WD006121/6].
Names Jersey Evening Post
Les Chênes Residential School
Neighbours (Television Programme)
National Union of Teachers
Operation Rectangle
States of Jersey Police
St Helier Girls School
St Helier Day Nursery
Bull, Kathie, Dr
Harris, Gwendoline
Lundy, Mario
Pilling, Mr
Webb, Monique
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Language English
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Digital copy of the Witness Statement of [Monique Webb] to the Inquiry providing an account of her experiences as a member of staff at Les Chênes Residential School. [Some details redacted].


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