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Digital copy of Advice from Stephen Baker regarding Witness 246's employment at Les Chênes [Residential School]. [Some details redacted]. For William Bailhache's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 22 January 2016, see ZC/D/AW4/B2/31/WS000701.

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Reference ZC/D/AW2/A7/5/WD005979
Date 24 April 2009
Scope and Content 3. Refers to six instances in which witnesses allege to have seen Witness 246 assault others. 4. Refers to outbursts of anger by Witness 246. 5. Notes that assaults described relate to instances of Witness 246 responding in anger to a child's behaviour. 6. Refers to the case against Witness 246 resting entirely on the credibility to the witnesses. 8. Notes witness 246's denial of allegations of physical abuse in an interview. 9. Refers to view of [States of Jersey] Police that no further action should be taken against Witness 246. 10. States intention to deal firstly with complaints of assault upon a complainant relating to Witness 246, followed by third party allegations. 11. Provides details of allegations of physical abuse of a [Les Chênes] resident by Witness 246 following the resident having sworn at a member of staff, mentioning Witness 246's hand around the resident's chin. 12. Notes description of Witness 246 by two other [Les Chênes] residents. 13. Notes recollection of Witness 246 dragging a [Les Chênes] resident out of the dining room. 14. Refers to similarities regarding Witness 246's assault a [Les Chênes] resident. 16. Notes allegation by a [Les Chênes] resident that Witness 246, the [Principal of Les Chênes], and [Mario] Lundy, would emotionally and physically abuse residents. 19. Notes Witness 246's recollection of the complainant, but not the incident described. 21. Notes difficulty for a Court to be sure of the complainant's account against Witness 246's account. 23. Recalls physical abuse by Witness 246, also mentioning shouting and physical abuse in a room containing desks and cupboards. 25. Refers to Witness 246's opinion of the allegations made in 23. 27. Refers to a telephone call regarding a [former Les Chênes] resident's attempts to [get Witness 246 into trouble]. 28. Refers to incident in which Witness 246 found a [Les Chênes] resident had admonished members of the night staff. Recalls Witness 246 entering the kitchen and prodding the resident in the chest. 29. Notes that Witness 246's alleged assault is complete as described in 28. Notes the resident's threatening of Witness 246 with a knife, and the resident's apology to Witness 246 the following day. 31. Refers to a witness having observed the events as described in 28, noting an additional punch aimed by Witness 246. 34. Recalls Witness 246 becoming angry when the [Les Chênes] resident continued to make noise. Refers to physical abuse by Witness 246, mentioning a punch by Witness 246, followed by a push. 37. Notes Witness 246's response to the allegations in 34. 40. Notes that an allegation of abuse is unable to be corroborated, leading to the word of a [Les Chênes] resident going against the word of Witness 246. 42. Refers to an allegation of physical abuse made against Witness 246, mentioning grabbing of hair, and a threat by the resident to inform her father of physical abuse by Witness 246. 45. Refers to Witness 246 pouring a bowl of chocolate mousse over a [Les Chênes] resident. 46. Notes the resident's discussion regarding revenge on Witness 246. 47. Refers to Witness 246's lack of recollection regarding the incident; notes that Witness 246 does not deny the allegation. 52. Refers to Witness 246 often assaulting [Les Chênes] residents. 53. Describes assualts by Witness 246, mentioning the toilets, punching, and holding up against a wall. 55. Notes a [former Les Chênes] resident's recollection of Witness 246 holding him against a wall. 57. Refers to a description of a [Les Chênes] resident being physically abused by Witness 246, noting that the [Les Chênes] resident in question does not recall the incident. 58. Recalls Witness 246 punching a [Les Chênes] resident. 59. Notes recollection of Witness 246, [the Principal of Les Chênes], and [Mario] Lundy physically abusing children at Les Chênes. 60. Refers to Witness 246 making a [Les Chênes] resident eat tomatoes, noting the resident's allergy to tomatoes. 61. Refers to Witness 246's patience during the period in question, and states belief that none of the allegations listed stand a realistic change of leading to a conviction.
Names BakerPlatt
Law Officers' Department
Les Chênes Residential School
Operation Rectangle
States of Jersey Police
Baker, Stephen
Lundy, Mario
Dimensions 1 pdf file
Language English
Level of description File
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Digital copy of Advice from Stephen Baker regarding Witness 246's employment at Les Chênes [Residential School]. [Some details redacted]. For William Bailhache's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 22 January 2016, see ZC/D/AW4/B2/31/WS000701.


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