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Index to Causes Criminelles Register. The attached PDF contains surnames beginning with C where volume and page number for the case can be obtained.To view the case enter collection reference D/Y/N4 and the volume number ( this index covers volumes 4 - 7). These volumes have been digitised and cases can be viewed online if you are a subscriber. Alternatively email the Archive for a copy.

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Reference D/Y/N5/2/C
Date 1 January 1872 - 31 December 1884
Names Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Allen, Jane, née Connell
Bailey, Ellen, née Conroy
Bellais, Catherine, née Aspasie
Butler, Louisa, née Collins
Cabeldu, John
Cabot, John
Cabot, Mary Ann
Cabot, Philippe
Cabot, Francis
Cabot, George
Cabot, Pierre
Cabot, Thomas Philippe
Cabot, Charles
Cabot, Charles Alfred
Cabot, Walter
Caboufi, Etienne
Cadieu, Victoire
Cadiou, Jean
Cadman, Enoch
Cadue, Victorine
Caër, Edouard
Cahill, David
Cahill, Thomas
Cailly, Victor
Cairney, John
Cake, John
Cale, Martha
Camail, Charles
Campbell, John
Campion, Albert
Cane, William
Cane, Milicent, née Collins
Cane, Michael
Canlin, Pierre
Canning, David
Canning, Joseph
Canning, William John
Caplin, Alfred
Caproni, Demetrio
Carcaud, Edward
Cardin, Stephanie
Carilloche, Marie
Chevalier, Marie
Carlisle, Henry
Carpenter, William
Carpentier, Jean
Carr, Edward
Carré, Mary Ann
Carrel, Edmund F
Carrel, Edmund Francis
Carrel, Philippe
Carrel, Mary Ann
Carrel, Walter
Carrick, William Henry
Carrigan, William
Carrigan, Michael
Carrington, Henry
Carrol, William
Carroteret, Louis
Carson, Robert
Carter, John Job
Carter, Abel
Carter, James
Carter, John
Carter, Urania
Carter, Walter
Carter, Enoch
Carter, William
Carter, Maria Jane
Carter, Mary Jane
Carteret, Isidore
Cartier, Perrine
Cartwright, George
Carvenic, Yves Marie
Case, John
Case, John Henry
Case, William
Castel, Roland
Castel, Pierre
Castel, Guillaume
Castel, Jeanne Marie
Castel, Alexandre
Castellana, Philippe
Castellana, Solomon
Castle, John
Castle, Henry
Catel, Désiré
Cauvain, Marie
Cauvin, Joseph
Cavallo, John
Cavanagh, Jane
Cave, Elias
Cavey, Matthieu
Cawley, James
Cawley, Charles Francis
Cawley, Charles
Chadwick, Charles
Champel, Louisa
Champelle, Louisa
Champion, John
Champion, Albert
Champney, William
Channer, Thomas
Channing, Albert
Chanoine, Eugene
Chapellier, François
Chapman, Alexander
Charles, Joseph
Charpentier, Yves
Chatel, Francois
Chatel, Louis
Chauffray, Adrien
Chauvier, Joseph
Cheek, John
Chenu, Jean Marie
Cherry, John T
Cheswell, William
Chevalier, Pierre
Chevalier, Marie
Chevalier, Arsène
Chevalier, Daniel
Chevdlier, Clementine
Chilard, Richard
Childs, George
Childs, William
Childs, Mary
Choisnet, Louis Alexandre
Christiansen, Carl Johann
Church, Joseph
Churchill, Samuel
Churchill, Edward
Churchill, Jacques
Churchill, Ada
Churchill, James
Cirou, Pierre
Claireaux, Auguste
Clancey, William
Clancey, Michael
Clancey, John
Clancey, James
Clark, Charles
Clark, Edwin
Clarke, James
Clarke, William Henry
Clarke, Richard
Clarke, Edwin
Clarke, Joseph
Clarke, Henry
Clarke, Edwin
Claus, Alfred
Clavell, John Benjamin
Clearot, Eugene
Clement, Gustave
Clement, François
Clifford, John
Clous, Pierre
Cobb, Henry
Cobb, John
Cobb, William
Cobb, James
Cochrane, Sarah
Cochrane, Thomas
Cockrane, James J
Codlon, John
Coghlan, Louisa Frances
Coghlan, Catherine
Colbridge, William
Cole, Elias
Cole, Richard
Cole, Sarah
Coleback, Mary Ann
Colebrook, Arthur
Coleman, John
Coles, Eli
Coles, Lizzie
Coligny, Albert
Coligny, Albert Rouault
Colin, Benjamin
Collas, John Peter
Collas, Charles
Collas, Jean François
Collas, George John
Collette, Françoise
Collings, Samuel
Collings, Samuel
Collings, William
Collings, Thomas
Collings, James
Collins, Frederick
Collins, Williams
Collins, Charles
Collins, Alfred
Collins, Mary Ann
Collins, Thomas
Colombel, François
Condon, Michael
Condon, Patrick
Connell, Charles
Connell, James
Connelly, Michael
Conner, Barnard
Conners, Mary
Connolly, Michael
Connolly, Michael
Connor, Barney
Connor, Bernard
Connor, Barnard
Connel , William
Conway, Michael
Conway, Ellen
Cook, Elias
Cook, Edward
Cook, John
Cook, William
Cooley, Edward
Coombs, Adolphus
Coonan, Patsey
Cooney, Thomas
Cooper, Thomas
Coote, Frank
Copp, William
Coppin, William
Corbel, Charles
Corbel, Philippe
Corbet, Edouard
Corbet, Edward John
Corbet, Edward
Corbet, Charles
Corbin, John
Corbin, Alfred
Cordier, Victor
Corduan, Pierre Nicolas
Corette, Marie
Corfield, Peter
Corlet, Jean
Cormick, William Henry
Cornec, Mathurin
Cornet, Mathurin
Cornick, James
Cornick, William
Cornick, Charles
Cornick, George Charles
Cornick, Louisa
Cornish, James
Cornish, Charles H
Cornish, Joseph
Cornish, Chares Henry
Cornish, Charles
Cornu, Jean Baptiste
Cornu, Louis
Cornwall, Henry
Corti, Louise
Corvière, Marie
Cory, Samuel
Cosguer, François
Cosquer, François
Cotter, Kate
Cotton, Francis
Cotton, James
Cotton, John
Couillard, Alexandre
Couillard, Jean
Couillard, George
Coulman, Julius
Coulombel, François
Coumeau, Augustine
Coupy, Jules
Courcou, Guillaume
Courcou, Jean
Cournot, Marie
Cousie, Louis
Cousinard, Louis
Cousins, John
Cousins, Mary
Coutanche, George
Coutanche, George Albert
Coutanche, Philippe
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, François
Coutanche, Henri
Coutanche, Helena
Coutanche, John
Cox, Frederick
Cox, John
Cox, Susan
Cox, Richard
Cox, James
Cox, George
Cox, William
Crabb, William Bennett
Crabb, William
Crabb, William B
Crabbe, William
Crabbe, James
Crang, Henry
Crapp, Edward
Crapp, Arthur
Crapp, Charles
Crapp, Walter
Crapp, William Francis
Crapp, William
Creach, Paul
Crepin, Philippe
Crespin, Pierre
Crespinel, Charles
Crevel, Joseph
Crill, Philippe
Cripps, Amelia
Croad, George
Crocker, Solomon
Crofts, Henry
Croguenec, Marie
Crompton, Thomas
Cronin, Ellen
Cropp, Walter
Cropp, Walter Edward
Crosker, François
Cross, Emma
Cross, Henry
Cross, Oliver
Cross, Richard
Crowley, Patrick
Cuff, Michael
Cuirot, Charles
Cullen, James
Cummings, Alfred
Cunningham, Owen
Cunningham, Andrew
Curley, Frederick
Curtel, Léon
Curwood, Alfred
Curwood, Henry
Cutlan, John
de Carteret, Elie
de Carteret, Philippe Samuel
de Carteret, George
de Carteret, Florence
de Carteret, John
de Caux, Auguste
de Caux, Jean
de Caux, John
de Caux, Pierre
de Cluveaux, Victor Auguste
de Costard, Raymond
de Cussy, Rodolphe
de la Cour, John
de la Cour, Elizabeth
de La Mare, Ann Le Cornu
De St Croix, Charles
de St Croix, Thomas
de St Croix, Francis
Diamond, Frederick
Dowden, Catherine, née Clancey
Dubreuil, Céleste, née Culot
Elie, Mary Ann, née Couillard
Elie, Mary Ann, née Le Couillard
Gawley, James
Glyde, Eliza, née Creuse
Hamon, Mary Ann, née Cabot
Heron, Caroline, née Le Clercq
Isherwood, Mary Jane, née Creighton
Joll, Jane, née de St Croix
Kennedy, Mary, née Cahill
Kennedy, Mary, née Cahill
La Cotte, Bon Adolphe
Le Bitter, Anne Marie, née Cadeux
Le Bourgeois, Angelique
Le Bourgeois, Angélique, née Cadeux
Le Buesnel, Eliza, nee Cheek
Le Callenec, Pierre Marie
Le Callenic, Pierre Marie
Le Canu, Pierre Francois
Le Canu, Jacques
Le Cappelain, Samuel
Le Carpentier, Jean
Le Carpentier, Jean Charles
Le Chanoine, Eugène Charles E
Le Chaptois, Alfred Dominique
Le Charretier, Désiré
Le Chasseur, George
Le Chevalier, Joseph
Le Chevalier, Albert
Le Clair, Louis
Le Clercq, Louis
Le Clercq, John
Le Clercq, Pierre
Le Clercq, Jean
Le Clercq, Thomas
Le Clercq, Auguste
Le Clercq, Elie Philippe
Le Clerq, Josué
Le Cocq, Alfred
Le Cocq, John
Le Cocq, Philippe
Le Cocq, Mathurin
Le Cocq, Pierre
Le Cocq, Jean
Le Cocq, George
Le Cocq, Richard
Le Cocq, Aimable Joseph
Le Cocq, Guillaume
Le Cocq, François
Le Coët, Jeanne
Le Conte, Ernestine
Le Conte
Le Conte, Annie
Le Cornec, Eugenie
Le Cornec, François
Le Cornic, Eugenie
Le Cornu, Thomas
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Cornu, Elie
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Cornu, Philippe David
Le Cornu, John
Le Cornu, Edouard W
Le Cornu, Francois
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Cotennec, Pierre Marie
Le Couette, Jeanne
Le Couillard, Philippe
Le Couillard, John
Le Cras, Francis
Le Cuirot, Emile Théophile
Le Cuirot, Augustine
Le Cuirot, Charles
Le Herel, Auguste
Le Heron, Caroline, née Le Clercq
Le Marquand, Mary Ann, née Coutanche
Le Perrier, Clémence, née Coupé
Le Terrier, Clémence, née Le Couppé
Mara, Jane, née Chandler
Martin, James
Meunier, Marie, née Courcoux
Minorel, Françoise, née Courcoux
Monamy, Ann, née Cabot
O`Connor, Eliza, née Couillard
Pike, Mary Anne, née Clarke
Pomfrey, Mary Jane, née Carter
Pomfrey, Maria Jane, née Carter
Pomfrey, Mary Ann, née Carter
Pout, Ann, née Clifford
Quin, Mary Jane, née Cronin
Renouf, Marie Esther, née Cabot
Richards, Ann, née Carr
Robin, Marie, née Caruel
Robins, Jane, née Cavanagh
Ryan, Eliza, née Cook
Silsbury, Catherine, née Cooney
Silsbury, Catherine, née Coles
Sole, Emma, née de La Cour
Tout, Ann, née Clifford
Vidard, Fanny, née Canon
Whale, Maria, née Cole
Wheelan, Catherine, née Castello
Whelan, Catherine, née Costello
Wiggins, Mary, née Collings
Wilker, Mary Ann, née Collins
Williams, Elizabeth, née Colville
Keywords Judicial Greffe | Law | magistrates | courts | causes criminelles
Language English
Level of description Item
Access restrictions Closed for preservation - please consult digital copy


D/Y/N5/2/CThis item»

Index to Causes Criminelles Register. The attached PDF contains surnames beginning with C where volume and page number for the case can be obtained.To view the case enter collection reference D/Y/N4 and the volume number ( this index covers volumes 4 - 7). These volumes have been digitised and cases can be viewed online if you are a subscriber. Alternatively email the Archive for a copy.


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