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Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with H have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

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Reference D/AG/B2/1/H
Date 1814 - 1936
Names Newgate Street Prison
Ahearn, Daniel
Alger, Ann
Baret, Josephine Eugenie
Barrem, Elizabeth
Bartlett, William
Bihet, H Marie
Birt, Daniel
Biscornette, Marie
Brideaux, Mary
Cockerton, Harriet
Conner, Mary Ann
Dale, Ellen
Davis, Charles
de Gruchy, Florence
Drew, Ann
Dublas, Alice Jane
Enright, Maria
Enwright, Maria
Ereaut, Mary
Escott, John
Ferey, Virginie
Foard, Jane
Ford, Jane
Godel, M Pinel
Grady, Hannah
Grey, Louisa
Groizard, Matilda
Gruchy, Florence
Hacking, John
Hacking, John Thomas
Hacking, William
Hacking, William Ernest
Hackquoil, Adelina
Hacon, George Thomas
Hacquoil, Adelina
Hacquoil, Adolphus C
Hacquoil, Alice Jane
Hacquoil, Billy
Hacquoil, Edward Philip
Hacquoil, Ernest George
Hacquoil, Francis
Hacquoil, François
Hacquoil, James
Hacquoil, Jane
Hacquoil, John
Hacquoil, Peter
Hacquoil, Philip
Hacquoil, Stanley
Hacquoil, Walter John
Hadley, Ellen
Hadley, Mary
Haelan, Mary
Hafey, Thomas
Hafey, Thomas William
Haffey, Albert
Haffey, Thomas William
Haffin, Walter
Haffner, Bridget
Haffner, Caroline
Haffner, Kate
Haffner, Michael
Haffner, Thomas
Hafner, Ellen
Hafner, John
Hafner, Ryan
Hafner, Thomas
Hafner, Thomas George
Haggats, Eliza
Haggey, Rachel
Hagleford, William
Hagman, Thomas
Hail, John
Hail, Susan
Hainault, Anna
Haines, Joseph
Haines, Thomas
Haines, William
Hainscomb, Charles
Hainy, Barnett
Hake, Eli
Hake, Harry
Hake, Henry
Hake, Henry George
Hake, William
Halday, Henry
Hale, Henry
Hale, Henry Edward
Hale, Mary A
Hale, Michael
Hale, William
Hales, William
Haley, James
Haley, John
Haley, Thomas
Halford, John
Halfyard, James
Halfyard, John
Halfyard, Mary Ann
Halfyard, Robert
Halfyard, Robert J
Haliz, James
Hall, B
Hall, Benjamin
Hall, Coward
Hall, Frank
Hall, George
Hall, Gustave Alexandre
Hall, Henry
Hall, James
Hall, Jane
Hall, Joseph
Hall, Robert
Hall, Sarah
Hall, Stanley Reginald
Hall, William
Hallard, Samuel
Haller, Henry
Hallet, James
Hallet, Thomas
Hallet, William
Hallett, Henry
Hallett, Samuel
Hallett, William
Hallez, Adele Albertina Josephine
Halliwell, William
Hallman, Elizabeth
Hallman, Henry
Hallman, Henry P
Hallman, Mary Ann
Hallman, William
Hallot, Jean Marie
Halmetter, Carl J
Halo, Jean
Halot, Pierre
Halsmes, Thomas
Hambling, George
Hambling, Thomas
Hambly, Mary
Hamel, Victoire
Hamel, Aimable Louis
Hamel, Albert
Hamel, Francis
Hamel, Jules
Hamel, Jules Jean
Hamel, Victoria
Hamel, Virginie
Hamelin, Emilie
Hamford, Alice
Hamford, William
Hamil, David
Hamilton, Alexander
Hamilton, Julia
Hamilton, Margaret
Hamilton, Matilda
Hamilton, Mrs
Hamilton, P M Mc Neill
Hamilton, Thomas
Hamlyn, John
Hammet, John
Hammon, Charles
Hammon, Jean
Hammon, John Edward
Hammond, Arthur
Hammond, Jean
Hammond, John
Hammond, William
Hamon, Alexandrine
Hamon, Agnes
Hamon, Catherine
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, Charles James
Hamon, Charles Joseph
Hamon, Charles William
Hamon, Clement
Hamon, Daniel
Hamon, Edward
Hamon, Edward
Hamon, Emile
Hamon, Emile H
Hamon, François
Hamon, François
Hamon, George
Hamon, George Charles
Hamon, George Helier
Hamon, Harold John
Hamon, Henriette
Hamon, Jacques
Hamon, James
Hamon, Jane
Hamon, Jean Edward
Hamon, Jean Noel
Hamon, John
Hamon, John Edward
Hamon, John Francis
Hamon, Joseph
Hamon, Joseph James
Hamon, Louis
Hamon, M Pinel
Hamon, Marguerite
Hamon, Marguérite Pinel
Hamon, Marie
Hamon, Mary
Hamon, Percy
Hamon, Percy W
Hamon, Philip
Hamon, Philip Charles
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Pierre
Hamon, Pierre Francois
Hamon, Sophie
Hamon, Thomas
Hamon, Tom
Hamon, Valentin
Hamon, Walter
Hamon, William
Hamon, William Henry
Hamon, Yves
Hamp, Albert Edward
Hampton, George
Hampton, Henry
Hampton, Robert
Hamptone, Charles
Hanaford, Frederick
Hanaford, Henry
Hanaford, Joseph
Hanaford, Thomas
Hanaford, William
Hanaghan, Owen
Hanby, George Francis Belton
Hancock, Charles C
Hancock, George
Hancock, William
Hand, William
Hands, Elizabeth
Handwright, John
Handwright, William
Handy, Charlotte
Handy, Peter
Handy, Pierre
Haney, Margaret
Haney, Mary Ann
Hanfield, Daniel
Hanley, James
Hann, William
Hannafin, Margaret
Hannaford, Caroline
Hannaford, Frederick W
Hannaford, Frederick William
Hannaford, George
Hannaford, Henry
Hannaford, John
Hannaford, William
Hannaford, William John
Hannam, Frederick David
Hannan, Betsey
Hannan, Luke
Hanneford, Frederick William
Hannequin, Bazil
Hannessy, James
Hanney, Margaret
Hanniford, G McNamara
Hannigan, Thomas John
Hanning, Frederick
Hanning, Frederick Charles
Hanquin, Auguste
Hans, Edward
Hansbury, John
Hansbury, Maria
Hansford, Alfred Charles
Hansford, Charles
Hansford, Charles George
Hansford, Eliza
Hansford, Esther
Hansford, Henry
Hansford, James
Hansford, John
Hansford, William
Hansom, Thomas
Hanson, Henry
Hantonne, Charles
Happs, Peter
Haps, Pierre
Harben, Clarence
Harben, George
Harben, John W
Harben, Raymond Sylvester
Harben, Thomas
Harcher, Louis
Hardie, James John
Hardie, Philip
Harding, Francis
Harding, Frederick
Harding, Frederick Charles K
Harding, George
Harding, James
Harding, John
Harding, Joseph
Harding, Mabel
Harding, Thomas
Hardiny, John
Hardly, Zacharias
Hardman, James
Hardy, Ann
Hardy, Charles
Hardy, Charles Edward
Hardy, Charlotte
Hardy, Daniel
Hardy, Elizabeth
Hardy, Emma
Hardy, Francis
Hardy, George
Hardy, George Alexander
Hardy, James
Hardy, Jean
Hardy, John
Hardy, Matilda
Hardy, Peter
Hardy, Philip
Hardy, Samuel
Hardy, Thomas
Hardy, William
Hare, Joseph A
Hareng, Auguste
Hares, Nicholas
Hargey, Alex
Hargey, William John
Hargois, Philomène
Hargs, Julia
Harley, Edward John
Harlow, John
Harmer, Frederick
Harmer, James
Harold, John
Harouard, Louis
Harper, Thomas
Harper, William
Harradine, Frank
Harrall, Elizabeth
Harran, Morris
Harrell, Julien
Harring, Michael
Harrington, Peter
Harris, Graham
Harris, Caroline
Harris, Catherine
Harris, Charles
Harris, Evelyn
Harris, Frank Walter
Harris, Henry
Harris, John
Harris, John George
Harris, Mary Rose
Harris, Rachel
Harris, Robert
Harris, Thomas
Harris, William
Harrison, Frank W
Harrison, John
Harrison, Joseph George
Harrison, Thomas
Harriss, Rachel
Harrisson, James
Harrisson, Mary Jane
Harrisson, William
Harrowsmith, Alice
Hart, Charles
Hart, Edward
Hart, Mary
Hart, Michael
Hart, Patrick
Hart, Philip
Hart, Thomas
Hart, William
Hartenett, Daniel
Hartley, George
Hartry, Anna
Hartry, James
Hartry, Mary
Hartry, Mary
Harvel, Jacques
Harvey, Arthur George
Harvey, Eli
Harvey, Ellen
Harvey, Esther
Harvey, James
Harvey, John
Harvey, John Frederick
Harvey, Julia
Harvey, Mary Ann
Harvey, Richard
Harvey, Robert
Harvey, William
Harving, George
Harvon, Marguerite
Harwood, William
Hase, Edward
Hase, Maria
Haskal, Charles
Hasker, Thomas
Haskett, James
Haskle, Eugenie Françoise
Haslam, Andrew
Hasner, Thomas
Hastings, William
Hatfield, Ellen
Hatherly, Dorothy
Hatts, James
Haultey, Frank
Hautchamp, Antoinette
Haward, Charles
Hawe, Ann
Hawke, Edward
Hawkins, Elizabeth
Hawkins, Jane
Hawkins, William
Hawthorne, James
Hay, Catherine
Hay, Louis
Haycox, Richard
Hayden, Benjamin James
Hayden, Robert
Hayden, William
Haye, Frank
Hayes, Ellen
Hayes, Henry
Hayes, James
Hayes, Jane
Hayes, John
Hayes, Kate
Hayles, Alfred
Hayley, Henry
Hayley, John
Haylock, George
Haynes, William
Haysom, Emma
Hayward, Ellen
Hayward, Harriet
Hayward, John
Haywood, John
Haywood, Thomas
Hazart, Camille Charles
Head, Elizabeth Bloye
Head, Henry
Head, James
Head, John
Heal, John
Healan, John
Healan, Mary
Healey, James
Healey, Jeremiah
Healey, Margaret
Healey, Mary
Healey, Mary Ann
Healey, Patrick
Healing, John
Healy, Ann
Healy, Caroline
Healy, Daniel
Healy, David
Healy, James
Healy, John
Healy, Margaret
Healy, Mary
Healy, Patrick
Healy, Robert
Healy, Thomas
Healy, William
Heany, Patrick
Heard, William
Hearle, Patrick
Hearn, Daniel
Hearne, James
Hearns, Catherine
Heasts, John Edward
Heath, Ebenezer
Heath, Washington
Heathershaw, Ann
Hebbard, Benjamin
Hebert, Aimable
Hébert, Albert
Hebert, Emile J
Hebert, H Marie
Hebert, Julie
Hebert, Mari?
Hébert, Raoul
Hebert, Victorine
Hebot, François
Hedgeland, James
Hedger, Annie
Hedger, Elizabeth
Hedger, James Thomas
Hedges, James
Hedges, William
Hedrio, Yves Francois Joseph
Hefferon, Roderick
Hegara, Jean Baptiste
Heibyerg, Louise
Helaime, Louis
Helan, Mary Ann
Heldridge, Joseph
Helen, Mary Ann
Helene, Leopold Pierre
Helin, George
Helio, Francois
Helio, Joseph
Héliot, Joseph
Hellen, Samuel
Hellenne, John Francis
Helleur, George S de la Haye
Hellicott, John
Hellio, François
Helliot, François
Helliot, Jean
Helliot, Jeanne
Hello, Alphonse
Hello, Anne Marie
Hellon, Marie Josèphe
Hélon, Marie Josèphe
Hèlou, Rosa
Hélou, Rosalie
Helve, Catherine
Hemborough, James
Hemerry, Pierre
Hemery, Blanche
Hemming, John
Hemmings, Edward
Henault, Albert
Hendersen, Fred
Hendy, Richard
Henefin, John
Henessey, H Douglas
Henessy, Thomas
Heney, John
Henley, Agnes
Henly, Agnes
Henly, James
Henly, Mary
Henly, Michael
Hennessey, John
Hennessey, Thomas
Hennessy, William
Henning, Frederick Charles
Henri, Albert Joseph
Henri, Alfred
Henri, Frank
Henri, Frederick A
Henri, Henriette
Henri, James
Henri, John
Henri, Joséphine
Henri, Louise Thérese
Henri, Thérése
Henright, Henriette
Henright, Maria
Henry, Charles
Henry, Clarence George
Henry, Florence
Henry, George
Henry, Harriet
Henry, James
Henry, Jane
Henry, Jean
Henry, Jeanne Yvonne
Henry, John
Henry, John Henry
Henry, John Philip
Henry, William
Henty, Richard
Henwood, Joseph
Henwood, William
Henwright, Catherine
Henwright, William
Héon, Henri
Heran, Modeste
Herault, Clement
Herault, Elizabeth
Herbe, Rose
Herbert, Eliza
Herbert, Frederick
Herissier, John
Hérivel, Caroline
Herivel, Mary Ellen
Herivel, Nicholas
Hernault, Joseph
Herneaut, Joseph
Herniou, Philoméne
Hernioux, Philomene
Hernoff, P Marie
Hernoise, Philomène
Heron, Elizabeth
Heron, Auguste
Heron, Jacques
Heron, William
Herout, Virginie
Herrel, Emanuel
Herrell, Henry
Herrien, Alexis
Herriral, Charlotte
Herris, Himan
Herron, Archibald
Herron, Robert
Herve, Jean
Hervé, Joseph M F
Herve, Pierre
Herve, Albert
Hervé, Emile Marie
Hervé, François
Hervé, J M F
Hervé, J M Francis
Hervé, James M F
Hervé, Jean Louis
Hervé, Jean Marie
Herve, Jeanne Marie
Herve, Joseph
Hervé, Joseph Marie Francis
Hervé, Mathurin
Hervé, Pierre Francois Marie
Herviec, John Francis
Hervieux, Joseph
Herviou, Marie P
Hervitt, Hariett
Héry, Reine
Hescott, Frederick
Hescott, John
Hesket, John
Heskett, John
Hesp, Robert
Hester, Barney
Hester, Bernard
Hester, Hannah
Hester, Martin
Hester, Michael
Hetherington, Emily L
Hetherington, Laurence
Hetier, Achille
Heurtaux, Adolphe
Heuzé, Auguste
Heuzé, Frederick
Hewetson, Sarah
Hewett, Elizabeth
Hewitson, Sarah
Hewlett, Elizabeth Sarah
Hewlett, Sarah
Hewlett, Thomas Alfred
Hewson, Levi
Hext, William
Heyers, Henry
Heyward, Henry
Heywood, Francis
Heywood, Henry George
Heywood, John
Heywood, John Thomas
Heywood, Thomas
Hibbs, Charles Henry
Hibbs, Clarence Bower
Hibbs, Clement
Hibbs, James
Hibbs, Joe Charles Bower
Hibbs, John William
Hibbs, Reginald Charles Bower
Hibbs, Thomas
Hibbs, William
Hickey, Maria
Hickling, William
Hickman, Lawrence Aubray
Hicks, Ann
Hicks, Ann Maria
Hicks, Caroline
Hicks, Catherine
Hicks, Elizabeth
Hicks, Emma
Hicks, Emma F
Hicks, Fanny
Hicks, George
Hicks, George James
Hicks, James
Hicks, John
Hicks, Robert
Hicky, Sophia
Hidds, Jack
Hidrio, Yves Francois
Hidrio, Yves Marie
Hierel, Pierre
Higgins, Alice
Higgins, Arthur
Higgins, Charles James Robert
Higgins, James
Higgins, John
Higgins, John L
Higgins, William
Higginson, Edward
Hiléron, Eugène
Hill, Albert
Hill, Albert Henry
Hill, Albert Victor
Hill, Edward
Hill, George
Hill, James
Hill, John
Hill, Louisa Harriet
Hill, Maria
Hill, Mary Ann
Hill, Peter
Hill, Roland
Hill, Samuel
Hill, Thomas
Hill, Thomas Peter
Hill, William
Hillion, Pierre
Hilton, John
Hilvet, Charles
Hinault, Adolphe
Hinault, Adolphus
Hinault, Albert
Hinault, Aristide
Hinault, Francois
Hinault, John
Hinault, Joseph
Hinault, Mathurin
Hinault, O C Marie
Hinchey, Edward
Hinchliffe, Matthew
Hind, Thomas
Hinde, Joseph
Hinde, Matthew
Hine, Edward
Hine, Henry
Hine, Henry Charles
Hine, Thomas
Hirel, Jean
Hirel, Pierre
Hiscop, William
Hitchcock, John
Hoan, John
Hoar, Thomas
Hoare, Francis
Hoare, John
Hoare, John Charles
Hobbs, Arthur
Hobbs, John
Hobbs, Thomas
Hobbs, William
Hoblyn, John
Hobson, Samuel
Hocard, Joseph
Hock, Adolphe
Hocken, William
Hockey, John
Hocking, William
Hocquard, Ann
Hocquard, Charles
Hocquard, John
Hocquard, Mary Ann
Hocquard, Nicholas
Hocquard, Philip
Hocquard, Philippe
Hocquard, Susan
Hodder, James
Hodder, Richard
Hodder, William
Hodge, Richard Alfred
Hodge, Samuel
Hodge, William
Hodge, William Charles
Hodgers, Thomas
Hodges, Thomas
Hodges, William
Hodgson, P Robert
Hoelbeck, Jane
Hogan, Ann N
Hogan, Charles
Hogan, Daniel
Hogan, John/
Hogan, Mary
Hogan, Patrick
Hogan, Patsey
Hogan, Timothy
Hogan, William
Hogin, Edward
Hogin, Timothy
Hogin, William
Hogshaw, Robert
Hoick, James
Hoke, Eli
Hold, William
Holding, William
Hole, Jane
Holford, Child
Holford, Margaret
Holland, Daniel
Holland, John
Hollar, William
Hollbrook, George C
Hollet, Adèle
Holley, A J Adèle
Holley, William
Holloway, George
Holloway, Richard
Holly, Marie
Holman, William
Holmes, Alan
Holmes, Enwright
Holmes, Frederick
Holmes, George
Holmes, Henry
Holmes, Henry George
Holmes, John
Holmes, Joseph
Holmes, Lieutenant
Holmes, Maria
Holmes, Mary Ann
Holmes, Washington
Holton, William
Homes, Maria
Honaghan, Owen
Hones, Maria
Honey, Donald Lewis
Honeycomb, Jane
Honeycombe, Jane
Honeycombe, Mary J
Honeycombe, Richard
Honeycombe, Samuel
Honeywell, Henry
Honfroy, P F
Hood, Herbert
Hook, Eliza
Hooke, Thomas
Hoole, James
Hoolihan, Thomas
Hooper, James
Hooper, Maria
Hooper, Mary
Hooper, Richard
Hooper, William
Hopie, John
Hopin, Thomas
Hopkins, John
Hopkins, Mary Ann
Hopkins, Patrick
Hopkins, Reginald
Hopkins, Xmas
Hopkinson, Catherine
Hopper, Frank Grant
Horam, William
Horan, Ann
Horan, William
Horder, Adophus C
Horder, William
Horean, John
Horegan, Jeremiah
Horel, Eugène
Horel, Eugène
Horen, James
Horgan, Jerry
Horion, Henry
Horky, Mary W
Hormam, Philip George
Horman, Charles
Horman, James Henry
Horman, Philip
Hormon, Philip
Horn, Mary A
Hornbrook, Thomas B
Horner, Arthur George
Horner, Charles
Horner, Ellen
Horner, John
Horner, Thomas
Hornet, William
Horragan, Jenny
Horragan, Jeremiah
Horragon, Jenny
Horrean, John
Horregan, George
Horregan, John
Horregan, Patsey
Horrigan, Jerry
Horrigan, Ketty
Horrogan, Ann
Horsburgh, Robert
Horsham, Alfred John
Horton, Mark
Horvell, Josephine Eugenie
Horvell, R Henry
Hosker, John
Hosking, John William
Hoskings, Thomas
Hoskins, Thomas
Hoskins, William
Hostingue, Amélie
Hostingue, Jane
Hostingue, L Jane
Hostingue, Paul
Hotton, Caroline
Hotton, Clement
Hotton, Daniel
Hotton, Henry Francis John
Hotton, Jean
Hotton, Joseph
Hotton, Louisa
Hotton, M A
Hotton, Marie
Hotton, Mary
Hotton, Matilda
Hotton, Matilsa
Hotton, P
Hotton, Philip
Hotton, Pierre
Houdscène, Virginie
Houelbecq, Jane
Houellebecq, Frank
Houilbecq, Clara
Houilbecq, Constant
Houillebecq, Constant
Houillebecq, James
Houillebecq, Jean Frederick
Houillebecq, Sidney
Houillebecq, Walter
Houivet, Eugène
Houlbecq, François
Houlion, Gaston Alfred
Hounsell, Edmond
Hounsell, George
House, Ann
House, Mary A
Houssin, Peter
Houstin, Paul
Howard, Charles
Howard, James
Howard, Nancy
Howard, Richard W
Howard, Samuel
Howard, William
Howe, Arthur
Howe, George
Howe, John
Howe, Samuel
Howlett, Allison
Howley, Andrew
Hoyles, John
Hozard, Charles Lawrence
Hubbard, Benjamin
Hubbard, Elizabeth
Hubbard, Frances
Hubert, Alfred
Hubert, Charles
Hubert, Francis
Hubert, Francois
Hubert, Francois
Hubert, Frank
Hubert, George
Hubert, Jean
Hubert, John
Hubert, Marie
Hubert, Mary
Hubert, Mary Ann
Hubert, Pierre
Hubner, J H H
Huchet, Auguste Eugene
Huchet, Joseph
Huchet, Joseph Marie
Hucken, Daniel
Hucket, Fernand
Hudekingn, J C F
Hudge, Harriet
Hudson, Benjamin
Hudson, Captain
Hudson, George Greenhalgh
Hudson, John
Hue, Daniel
Hue, Melanie
Hue, Thomas
Huelin, Charles
Huelin, Charles Henry
Huelin, Clement
Huelin, Francis Charles
Huelin, George
Huelin, John
Huelin, Marie
Huelin, Philip
Huelin, Susan
Hueston, Jane
Hueston, John
Huet, Albert Francis
Huet, Auguste
Huet, Eugenie Francoise
Huet, F A J
Huet, Francis Albert
Huet, Harriet
Huet, Jean
Huet, Jean B
Huet, Jean Baptiste
Huet, John Frederick
Huet, John Frederick James
Huetson, Sarah
Hughes, Edward
Hughes, Emma
Hughes, George
Hughes, Henry
Hughes, James
Hughes, John
Hughes, William
Hughston, John
Huish, Harry
Hull, John
Hull, Mary A
Hullion, Pélagie
Humber, James
Humbolt, J H
Humbolt, John H
Humby, Henry
Humphrey, James
Humphreys, William
Humphries, Daniel
Humphries, Francis
Humphries, William
Humphry, Henry
Hunequin, Julie F
Hunt, Kate
Hunt, Arthur
Hunt, Edward
Hunt, Eliza
Hunt, Ernest
Hunt, George
Hunt, John
Hunt, Joseph
Hunt, Margaret
Hunt, Maria
Hunt, Mary Ann
Hunt, Michael
Hunt, Mrs
Hunt, Ralf
Hunt, Robert
Hunt, Robert Horace
Hunt, Sarah
Hunt, Thomas
Hunt, William
Hunter, Albert
Hunter, Charles
Hunter, Charles Thomas
Hunter, Jane
Hunter, John
Hunter, Samuel
Hunter, William
Hunter, William Ingram
Hunting, Jane R
Huon, François
Huonic, Jean
Huquel, Marie
Hurel, Armand
Hurel, François
Hurel, Louis
Hurel, Pierre
Hurley, James
Hurley, John
Hurly, Catherine
Hurst, Ellen
Husband, Samuel
Husk, Charles
Husson, Jean Jules
Husson, Patrick
Huston, Arthur
Huston, Uriah
Hustre, Josephine
Hustre, Josephine
Hutching, Edward
Hutching, Valentine Owen
Hutching, William
Hutchings, Frederick
Hutchings, Henry
Hutchings, Philip
Hutchings, Sarah
Hutchings, Thomas
Hutchings, William
Hutchinson, Aitken
Hutchinson, Henry
Hutchinson, Mary Ann
Hutchinson, Samuel
Hutchison, Charlotte
Hutton, John
Hutton, Louisa
Huxham, Samuel
Huysman, Cornelius
Hyde, Albert Bertram
Hyde, Caroline
Hyde, Thomas
Hyne, Cecilia
Hyne, Thomas
Hynes, John
Igo, Michael
Jehan, Virginie
Jezequel, Marie P
Jezequel, Philomène
Jones, Daniel
Jorlay, Jean Louis
Kelly, Margaret
Kennedy, Mary
Le Caen, Rose
Le Feuvre, M A
Lowfield, Catherine
Madelé, Marie
Metters, Dorothy
Miles, Louise
Neville, Caroline
Pallot, Mary Ann
Parsons, William
Patsy, Timothy
Pernesse, Marguerite
Reed, Jane
Regan, Michael
Robert, Louise Thérese
Rositer, Sarah
Ryan, Eliza
Segal, Jeanne Yvonne
Shoumas, Louis
Smith, G
Solomons, Rachel
Sponsford, Jane
Stewart, Margaret
Tanguy, Jeanne
Taylor, Alice
Taylor, Margaret
Thelot, Marie
Thompson, Evelyn
Thompson, Mary
Tierny, Catherine
Verron, Melanie
Vickerson, Mary
Williams, Alice
Keywords prisons | Prisoners | criminals | crimes | indexes
Places Newgate Street
Dimensions 1 pdf file
Language English
Level of description Item
Access restrictions Closed for preservation - please consult digital copy


D/AG/B2/1/HThis item»

Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with H have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.