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Index to Causes Criminelles Register. Surnames beginning with C can be consulted on this PDF where volume and page number for the case be obtained.To view the case enter collection reference D/Y/N4 and the volume number ( this index covers volumes 1 - 3). These volumes have been digitised and cases can be viewed online if you are a subscriber. Alternatively email the Archive for a copy.

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Reference D/Y/N5/1/C
Date 20 January 1854 - 31 December 1871
Names Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Aldgate, Mary, née McCoy
Bailey, Isabella, née McCann
Bailey, Isabella, née Cohen
Belin, Maria, née Le Courtois
Bottomley, Charlotte, née Couch
Bowden, Ann, née Collins
Collins, Ann
Broomer, Jane, née Cumming
Cabot, Philippe
Cabot, Thomas
Cabot, George
Cabot, Betsey
Cabot, John Helier
Cabot, Josué
Cabot, Jean Daniel
Cabot, Joseph
Cabot, Susanne
Cabot, John
Cabot, Sophie
Cabot, Charles
Cabot, Jeremiah
Cabot, Jeremy
Cabot, Francis
Cahill, Thomas
Cain, John
Caines, John
Cairnes, John
Cake, Robert
Caller, Charles
Callis, Mary
Camail, Charles
Campbell, John
Campbell, Louise
Canannan, James
Canart, Michael
Candling, James
Candy, Thomas
Canivet, John
Canivet, Mary
Cannann, Patrick
Canning, Thomas
Cannivet, Benjamin
Cannon, Edward
Canoville, François
Canter, William Smith
Canut, Pierre
Caplain, Richard
Caplain, Arthur
Capuron, Charles
Carbry, Stephen
Carline, Grace
Carling, Richard
Carlton, John
Carnell, Edward
Carney, Patrick
Carpenter, Eugenie
Carpentier, Eugénie
Carr, Martha
Carr, Edward
Carrel, John
Carrel, Thomas
Carrel, Frederic
Carrel, Edmund Francis
Carrol, Edward
Carrol, John
Carrol, Thomas
Carroll, James
Carroll, Robert
Carroll, John
Carroll, Thomas
Carroll, Mary, née Collins
Carroll, Ellen
Carson, Robert
Carstaices, David
Carter, James
Carter, Francis
Carter, George
Carter, Samuel George
Carter, Samuel James
Carter, Elizabeth
Carter, John
Carter, Walter
Carter, Thomas
Carter, William
Carter, Emily
Carter, Isaiah
Carthy, Morris
Cartwright, James
Case, John
Casey, William
Cassey, John
Castle, Henry
Castle, Jane
Catel, Alphonse François
Catherwood, William
Cauchard, Pierre
Caulfield, Bryan
Cauvain, Jean
Cauvet, François
Cavallo, John
Cavalo, John
Cavanagh, Jane
Cavanagh, Ann
Cavanagh, John
Cavanah, Susan
Cavannagh, Daniel
Cavello, John
Cavey, Matthieu
Cavier, Hypolite
Cawley, Henry
Cawley, James
Cawley, William
Cawley, Charles Francis
Cawlfield, Brian
Cayzer, Henry
Chalker, Mr
Challoner, William
Chambers, Matilda
Champel, Louisa
Champelle, Louise
Champelle, Louisa
Chandler, George
Chaney, William
Channel, Mr
Channing, William
Chanoine, Emile
Chant, Mary
Chant, George
Chapelle, Francois
Chapman, George
Chapman, Edmond
Chapman, Edmund
Chapman, Henry
Chapman, Samuel
Chapman, Richard
Chapman, Edward
Charier, Jean Baptiste
Charlotte, Denis
Charuel, Louis
Chatel, Jean
Cheek, William
Cheek, James
Cheesewright, Mr
Chêne, Jean
Chevalier, Frederic
Chevalier, Frederick
Chicfk, Alfred
Chick, Charles
Choisnel, Louis
Cholet, Elénore
Choquet, Anna
Choquet, Betsy Ann
Christie, John
Church, Henry
Churcher, John
Churchill, Mary
Churchill, Elizabeth
Churchill, Samuel
Churchill, Thomas
Churchill, William
Chynoweck, Benjamin
Clace, James
Clair, François
Claireaux, Auguste
Clare, Thomas
Clark, James
Clark, Mary Ann
Clark, Peter
Clark, Mary
Clarke, William
Clarke, Peter
Clarke, Alexander
Clarke, Sarah
Clarke, James
Clarke, Mary Ann
Clarke, Anthony
Clarke, George
Clarke, Levi
Clarke, Mary
Clarke, Onslow
Clarke, Bennett C S
Clary, Josephin
Clase, James
Clave, James
Clavell, John B
Clavell, Edward James
Clavell, John Benjamin
Clavell, Edward
Clay, Henry
Cleal, Joseph
Cleall, Henry
Cleary, David
Cleave, William
Clement, Jane
Clement, Jane
Clements, Charlotte
Clevell, Edward
Clifton, James
Cloutier, Dominique
Clunker, Michael
Coat, Mary Ann
Coates, Jane
Coates, Daniel
Coates, Philip
Coath, Mary Ann
Cobley, Daniel
Cochrane, Hubert
Cockedge, Joseph
Cocking, Thomas
Cocklin, John
Cockling, John
Cockling, Elizabeth
Cockram, Catherine
Cocksedge, Joseph
Cohen, Isabella
Cole, Henry
Cole, William
Cole, John
Coleback, Jean
Coleback, Mary Ann
Colebrook, Mary
Coleman, William
Coleman, Morris
Coleman, John
Coles, George
Coles, John Edwin
Coleville, William
Colfarm, J C
Colfauru, Jean
Colin, Benjamin
Colivarthy, Ephraim
Colivet, Louis
Collas, John François
Collas, John
Collas, Mary Ann
Collas, Mrs
Collas, Pauline
Collas, George
Collenette, Joseph
Collenette, Mary Ann
Collette, Charles
Colley, David
Collin, Benjamin
Collin, John
Collings, James
Collins, John
Collins, James
Collins, J F
Collins, Joseph
Collins, Ann
Collins, Frederick
Collins, William
Collins, Andrew
Collins, Thomas Charles
Collins, Thomas
Collins, Giles
Collins, Mary Jane
Collins, Daniel
Colly, David
Collyer, Friend E
Colohon, Malichi
Commelin, Pierre F M
Condon, Daniel
Condon, William
Condon, Michael
Condon, Thomas
Conley, Peter
Connabear, George
Connel, Mary
Connell, Catherine
Connell, James
Connelley, Aurelia Jane
Connelly, Peter
Conner, Caroline
Conner, Sophia
Connoley, Ann
Connolly, John
Connolly, Peter
Connor, Bernard
Connor, James
Connor, Barnard
Connor, Patrick
Connor, Mary
Connor, John
Connor, Thomas
Connor, Handy
Connor, Barney
Conolly, John
Conroy, Gilbert
Conway, Michael
Cook, John
Cooke, George
Coom, John
Coombs, John
Coombs, George
Coombs, Christopher
Cooper, Jane
Cooper, William Charles
Cooper, George
Cooper, Robert
Cooper, William
Copp, Jacob
Corbel, Edouard
Corbert, Norah
Corbet, Henry
Corbet, Edouard
Corbet, Edward
Corcoran, Timothy
Cornac, Marie Anne
Corney, Michael
Cornick, Daniel
Cornick, Mary Ann
Cornick, Thomas
Cornick, Henry
Cornick, William Henry
Cornick, William
Cornish, James
Cornish, Joseph
Cory, James
Cory, Henry
Cory, Harriet
Coswell, Joseph
Cotton, Matilda
Cotton, James
Cotton, Charles
Couillard, James
Couillard, Eliza Jane
Coulambier, Félix
Coulston, George
Coupé, Justine
Courtois, Louis François
Cousin, Charlotte
Cousins, Mark
Coutanche, Jean
Coutanche, François
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Josué
Coutanche, Henry
Coutanche, Thomas
Coutanche, Philippe
Coutanche, Esther
Coutanche, Henri
Coutanche, Joshua
Couzic, Jean Marie
Cowhen, Isabella
Cox, Henry
Cox, Joseph
Cox, Samuel
Cox, James
Cox, George
Cox, Richard W
Coyd, Charles
Coyd, Richard
Coyde, Thomas
Crabb, Charles
Crabb, Henry
Cradick, Jane
Craig, Mary
Craig, Molly
Crane, James
Crang, Henry
Crap, Walter
Crap, Edward
Crapp, Arthur
Crapp, Edward
Creave, Louisa
Cregan, Thomas
Cregan, John
Cregan, Michael
Cremar, Henry
Crespinel, Charles
Crevel, Joseph
Crimmens, Michael
Crimmins, Michael
Criquet, Frédéric
Croath, Mary Ann
Crocker, Solomon
Croft, George
Croizard, Philip
Croizard, Jacques
Croizard, John
Croker, Michael
Croker, Mary
Cronin, John
Cronin, David
Crop, Walter
Cropp, Dorah
Cropp, Walter
Cross, Emma
Crouch, James
Crout, William
Crouzières, Jacques Eugène
Crowley, Thomas
Crowley, John
Crowly, Daniel
Crubb, William
Crussell, James
Crussell, James William
Cudlip, James Henry
Cullen, Philip
Cullen, Abel
Cuming, John Edward
Cumming, Philippe
Cumming, Mary
Cummins, Patrick
Cundy, Thomas
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, Andrew
Cunningham, Mary
Curdle, John
Curley, Frederick
Curran, John
Curran, Daniel
Curren, Robert
Curtis, John
Curtis, Alfred
Cuthbert, John
de Caën, Jean
de Caen, Marie
de Carteret, Philippe
de Carteret, William
de Carteret, Jean
de Carteret, Nancy
de Carteret, Susan
de Caux, Auguste
de la Cour, John
de la Cour, John Joseph
de la Cour, Philippe
de la Cour, Emelie
de la Cour, François
de La Cour, Edward
de La Cour, Abraham
de Ste Croix, Elie
de Ste Croix, Mary
de Ste Croix, Aaron
de Ste Croix, Charles
de Ste Croix, Philippe
de Ste Croix, Philippe Noel
Dimond, Frederick
du Chemin, Aimée
Fenck, Sarah, née Collings
Fowen, Catherine, née Carrol
Gellender, Mary Ann, née Coath
Green, Thomas
Guerin, Marie, née Coinas
Harvey, Eliza Jane, née Couillard
Jones, Elizabeth, nee Caines
Kennedy, Mary, née Cahill
La Couture, Charles
Lawler, Mary, née Connell
Le Canot, Pierre
Le Canut, Pierre
Le Caudé, Pierre
Le Cavalier, Jean
Le Chanoine, Emile
Le Charretier, Désiré
Le Cheminand, Caroline
Le Clercq, Jean
Le Clercq, Josué F
Le Clercq, Rachel
Le Clercq, Thomas
Le Clercq, Josué
Le Cocq, Jean
Le Cocq, Alfred
Le Cocq, Nicolas
Le Cocq, Philip
Le Cocq, Elizabeth
Le Cocq, Mary Jane
Le Cocq, Ann
Le Cocq, John
Le Cocq, George
Le Cocq, François
Le Cocq, Philippe
Le Cocq, Nicholas
Le Conte, Grégoire
Le Cornu, Francois
Le Cornu, Philippe
Le Cornu, Betsey
Le Cornu, Jean
Le Cornu, Philip
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Cornu, Edward
Le Couteur, George John
Le Couteur, Jean
Le Couteur, Marie
Le Couturier, Marie
Le Cras, George
Le Cras, Francis
Le Cras, John
Le Cronier, Alexandre
Le Cronier, George
Le Sueur, Mary Rachel, née Collet
Lennard, Jane, née Cocks
Lennard, Jane, née Cox
McCabe, Thomas
McCabe, Barney
McCarrol, John
McCart, Mary Ann
McCart, Margaret
McCart, Moris
McCart, Henry
McCarthy, Morris
McCarthy, Ellen
McCarty, Daniel
McCary, Morris
McClocklin, Mary
McCloud, Henry George
McCormac, Edward
McCormick, Edward
McIntosh, Mary Ann, née Chevalier
Chevalier, Mary Ann
McLochlin, Mary
Mollet, Louisa, née Champelle
Monamy, Anne, née Cabot
Monamy, Ann, née Cabot
Monet, Louisa, née Champel
Monnamy, Anne, née Cabot
Noel, Emma, née Couch
Rackett, Susan, née Collins
Renouf, Mary Ann, née Chevalier
Robins, Jane, née Cavanagh
Rockett, Susan, née Collins
Stone, Anne, née De Caen
Sullivan, Mary, née Callman
Tambini, Mary Ann, née du Chêne
Teaque, Mr
Keywords magistrates | causes criminelles
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Language English
Level of description Item
Access restrictions Closed for preservation - please consult digital image
Closed until 2100


D/Y/N5/1/CThis item»

Index to Causes Criminelles Register. Surnames beginning with C can be consulted on this PDF where volume and page number for the case be obtained.To view the case enter collection reference D/Y/N4 and the volume number ( this index covers volumes 1 - 3). These volumes have been digitised and cases can be viewed online if you are a subscriber. Alternatively email the Archive for a copy.


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