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Digital copy of a Case File Report submitted by Civilian Investigator Joseph Cunningham on the subject of Suspects Category Richard Daevenport [Davenport]. [Some details redacted].

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Reference ZC/D/AW2/A5/2/WD006871
Date 10 March 2009
Scope and Content Provides details of allegations concerning Richard Davenport. Lists allegations from children and their parents regarding Richard Davenport's conduct during his employment as a Child Care Officer. Refers to allegation from the first child regarding complaint made to Richard Davenport regarding treatment by other individuals. Refers to complaint from the second child and her mother regarding language used by Richard Davenport to describe the child. Refers also to a letter written by the mother not received by the child, mentioning that the letter was apparently handed to Richard Davenport. Refers to complaint from a second mother regarding sexual abuse by Richard Davenport. Refers to allegation regarding Richard Davenport, and inappropriate sexual behaviour with a child. Lists other possible victims of sexual abuse by Richard Davenport. Includes extract from the mother, mentioning a [Haut de la Garenne Superintendent], Richard Davenport, and a [Child Care Officer]. Refers to comments made by Social Worker Linda MacLennan, noting disclosure made to Linda MacLennan by the second mother. Recalls preparing a written report based on their conversation. Recommends further investigation in relation to an allegation made by the second mother regarding sexual abuse by Richard Davenport. Refers to complaint regarding language used by Richard Davenport to describe a third child's eyes. Contains complaint from a fourth child regarding allegations a fifth child reported abuse to Richard Davenport but Richard Davenport did not act to protect the fifth child. Notes recollections by the fifth child concerning physical abuse at Haut de la Garenne. Recalls reporting the abuse to Richard Davenport. Includes complaint from a sixth child regarding a disclosure to Richard Davenport relaitng to abuse at Haut de la Garenne and at home. Provides details of allegations made by a seventh child regarding two other children reporting abuse at [Blanche Pierre Family Group Home]. Recalls phoning Richard Davenport, following which [the houseparents of Blanche Pierre] retired. Includes recollections from an eigth child regarding verbal and physical interactions with Richard Davenport. Contains recollection from a former [Blanche Pierre] member of staff, describing the [houseparents], and their language. Notes presence of Richard Davenport during instance of emotional abuse. Refers to complaint regarding Richard Davenport made by a ninth child. Refers to complaint of abuse made by a tenth child to Richard Davenport regarding sexual abuse by [the child's foster brother]. Recalls that Richard Davenport told the child that the foster parents would not be able to foster more children. Notes contact with an eleventh child regarding abuse by [a Child Care Officer] and Richard Davenport. Provides details of conclusion, noting that only the second mother has made a direct allegation of sexual abuse against Richard Davenport. Notes serious allegation made by the tenth child regarding Richard Davenport's lack of action in relation to a disclosure of sexual abuse.
Names Alexander, Ray
Cunningham, Joseph, Civilian Investigator
Davenport, Richard
Herrod, Anne
Holmes, Philip, Detective Constable
Kidd, Morag
MacLennan, Linda
Thomson, Jim
Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Criminal Justice Unit
Children's Services
Haut de la Garenne
Home Office Large Major Enquiries System
Operation Rectangle
States of Jersey Police
Keywords allegations | abuse | alcohol | Civilian Investigators | child abuse | Children | Cigarettes | children's services | Child Care Officers | evidence | emotional abuse | fostering | foster parents | Family Group Homes | houseparents | IJCI | Letters | mothers | parents | Police | physical abuse | police reports | reports | social workers | Senior Child Care Officers | sexual abuse | Superintendents | staff | treatment | violence | victims
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Language English
Level of description File
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