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Digital copy of Education, Sport and Culture Child Protection Documentation. [Some details redacted].

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Reference ZC/D/AW2/A2/8/6/WD005568
Date 2001 - 14 August 2007
Scope and Content • Education, Sport and Culture Department Policy produced by Brenda Cochrane titled Child Protection Policy and Guidance. Dated 1 December 2006. Includes an introduction referring to the Department's duty of care to children and young people in its care and the Children's Service's statutory responsibility to investigate all referrals relating to the possible abuse of children. Sets out scope of the policy and includes details of responsibilities and distribution. Sets out the policy and standards, including details about child protection thresholds, detailing guidelines, thresholds in respect of examples of emotional harm, neglect, physical abuse and sexual abuse, and remarks about the importance of consultation. Includes comments about staff awareness, sets out guidelines with regards to dealing with disclosure and confidentiality and provides details of safe recruiting procedures. Outlines guidelines for staff regarding sexual misconduct, physical restraint, physical contact and intervention, photography, videos and other creative arts, and internet use; describes safeguarding guidelines in respect of pupils or students in workplace placements; details of procedures for dealing with allegations against staff; support for the child and family; records; and recording and sharing information about people unsuitable to work with children. Includes the following appendices: 1: Children's Service referral form. 2: Chart outlining procedures for managing allegations and concerns against Education staff. 3: Jersey Child Protection Committee - Guidance for employers. Outlines guidance for safeguarding young people in the workplace. 4: Education, Sport and Culture Department Policy produced by Brenda Cochrane (Child Protection Co-ordinator) titled Procedure for disseminating sensitive information (Child Protection). Dated 3 November 2006. • Guidelines produced by the Health Protection Unit, Public Health Department concerning the management of infection control in the school and other community settings used by children. Sets out details of good hygiene practice and guidance in respect of animals, vulnerable children, pregnant staff and staff immunisations. • Guidance on infection control in the school and other child care settings. Sets out guidance in respect of the following infections: diarrhoea and vomiting illness, respiratory infections, rashes and skin infections, and other infections. • Education, Sport and Culture Department Policy produced by Brenda Cochrane (Senior Educational Welfare Officer) titled Draft Guidance on the Education of School Aged Parents. Dated 12 December 2006. Includes an overview referring to the duty of the Department to provide suitable education for all pupils for whom they are responsible, including pupils of compulsory school age who become parents. Sets out the scope of the policy, details of responsibilities and distribution detailing the responsibility of the Department and the responsibilities of schools, and details of the policy and standards in respect of: childcare; home-school transport for pregnant teenagers; if the school becomes aware that a pupil is pregnant including notifying interested or relevant parties, child protection concerns, ensuring a continued learning experience, maternity leave and entitlement and unauthorised absence; and school age fathers. Also includes further information and related documents. • Child Protection Guidelines produced by the Jersey Child Protection Committee. Dated December 2001. Includes a preface by Jurat M J Le Ruez followed by sections on: child protection principles; responsibilities of the Jersey Child Protection Committee; definitions of abuse; guidelines for staff and/or voluntary workers receiving a disclosure of child abuse; emergency and non-emergency action dealing with an injured child and referral procedure; and confidentiality and the disclosure of child abuse. Includes guidelines regarding the responsibilities of a number of agencies including: Honorary Police and the medical profession; Children's Service; States of Jersey Police; Family Nursing and Home Care; the Probation Service; and the Education Department. Also including guidelines for doctors dealing with child abuse, and sections on child protection case conferences and the Child Protection Register. Also lists legislation relating to the welfare of children and includes a list useful contact numbers.
Names Cochrane, Brenda
Donald, Jane
Le Ruez, Mazel, Jurat
Association of Chief Police Officers
Brook Centre
Centeniers' Association
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Child Protection Team
Children's Service
Criminal Records Bureau
Department for Education and Skills
Department of Health and Social Security
Education Department
Education Sport and Culture
Education Welfare Service
Family Nursing and Home Care
Family Protection Team
Health and Social Services
Health Protection Unit
Home Office
Jersey Child Care Trust
Jersey Child Protection Committee
Jersey General Hospital
Jersey Mencap
Jersey Women's Refuge
Jersey Youth Service
Le Bas Centre
Le Squez Youth Club
Maison Le Pape
National Employers' Organisation for School Teachers
Public Health Services
Robin Ward, Jersey General Hospital
School Psychological Service
Social Services
States of Jersey Police
The Bridge Child and Family Centre
Women's Refuge
Keywords abuse | allegations | case conferences | child abuse | child protection | childcare | Children | emotional abuse | evidence | guidelines | IJCI | infections | interviews | investigations | Law | legislation | manuals | medical officers | neglect | Notes | physical abuse | Police | policies | procedures | referrals | registers | reports | restraint | safeguarding | Schools | sexual abuse | videos | welfare | witnesses
Places Le Bas Centre, Maison Le Pape, Rouge Bouillon
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Digital copy of Education, Sport and Culture Child Protection Documentation. [Some details redacted].


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