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Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with M have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

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Reference D/AG/B2/1/M
Date 1814 - 1936
Names Newgate Street Prison
Allen, John
Auguet, Marie
Battam, Elizabeth
Bedel, Marie
Bison, Ann
Bisson, Mrs
Bisson, Ann
Bold, Mary Ann
Bond, John
Boswell, Ann
Brennan, Mary
Brown, Flora
Campbell, Eliza
Carrol, Mary
Carter, Lucy
Carter, Kathleen Lilian
Cartre, Lucy
Channing, Elizebeth
Clarke, Molly
Clarke, Elizabeth
Cocklin, John
Collet, Sophie
Conolly, Urisson
Cummings, Mary Ann
Cummings, Ann
Davey, Fred
de Brossard, Alfred
de Gruchy, Sophie
de Ste Croix, Elizabeth
Desforges, Cesaire
Deslandes, Annie
Donald, Margaret
Douzouf, Joséphine
Edwards, William
Farouilly, Augustine
Francois, Marie
Futhey, Sarah
Gillman, Alice
Gilman, Alice
Gilman, Mrs
Gotterel, E
Green, Thomas
Grevault, Celestin
Gunet, Marie
Harriett, Ann
Henessey, Patrick
Hewlett, Sarah
Hine, George
Hourand, Marianne
Hughes, Jane
Hunt, Jane
Jeune, John
Johnson, Eliza
Jones, John
Joualt, Ann
Joualt, Annie
Jouault, Ann
Kaste, Mary
Kelly, Johannah
Kelly, Ellen
Kerdauville, Angèle
Kerdriel, Angèle
Lacey, M D A
Laugée, Ann
Le Masson, Henri
Leack, John F K
Lilicrap, Johanya
Lilicrap, Johannah
Lillicrap, Johanna
Lilycrapp, Johanna
Linsar, John
Lugg, Mary Ann
Mabey, Joséphine
Mabey, Walter
Mabey, Walter John
Mabienne, Marie
Mabrieu, Marie
Maby, John
Macarthy, Mary Ann
Mace, Henry
Mace, William
Macé, Eugene
Macé, Eugene Marie
Macfarlane, William
MacFarlane, Henry
Macfarlane, John Charles
Macfarlane, Thomas
Macgarber, James
Machon, Daniel
Machon, Sophia
Machon, Jean
Machon, Caroline
Machon, Philip
Machon, Charles
Machon, Henry
Machon, Henri
Machon, Josué
Machon, Henri L V
Machon, Philip John
Machon, P John
Machon, P J
Machon, Adolphus
Machon, Charles William
Machon , Henry
Macintyre, Steward
MacIntyre, John
Mack, Michael
Mack, Mary
Mack, Emma J
Mackay, Donald William
Mackenzie, William
Mackenzie, Owen
Mackevity, Mary
Mackew, James
Mackey, Eliza
Mackin, James
Macking, James
Mackintosh, George
Mackintosh, Margaret
Mackintosh, Grant
Macklin, Margaret
Mackman, John
Maclean, Robert
Macridge, Philip
Madden, Thomas
Madden, Ellen
Maddock, William
Madele, Louis
Madeleine, Louis
Madeleine, Celestin Frederick Jean
Madigot, Francois
Madigot, Francoise
Magee, Matthew
Magg, Emma J
Maggor, Adolphus
Maggot, Thomas
Magneau, Philip
Magnen, Philip
Magnew, Philip
Magris, Alice
Maguero, Jean P
Maguire, Bernard
Maguire, Patrick
Maguire, Michael
Mahé, François
Mahé, Anne Marie
Mahé, Jacques
Mahé, Yves Marie
Mahé, Jack Lewis
Mahé, François
Maher, John
Maher, James
Mahers, Mary
Mahet, Francois
Mahié, Frank
Mahier, Alexandre
Mahier, Yves
Mahier, Philippe
Mahoner, J M
Mahoney, George
Mahoney, William
Mahoney, Hannah
Mahoney, Kyan
Mahoney, Timothy
Mahoney, Daniel
Mahoney, Patrick
Mahoney, Eliza
Mahoney, Ellen
Mahoney, James
Mahoney, Michael
Mahoney, Matthew
Mahoney, John
Mahoney, John William
Mahoney, Margaret
Mahoney, J W
Mahoney, John Patrick
Mahony, William
Mahony, Dennis
Mahrin, John
Mahu, Mathrean Francois
Mahy, Auguste
Maigat, Bertram
Maighney, Eliza
Maillard, Marie
Maillard, François
Maillard, Emile
Main, Peter
Major, Matilda
Major, William
Major, Frederic
Makin, James
Makin, Joseph William
Making, Ann
Making, Joseph William
Malabout, Jean
Male, John
Male, Priscilla
Malegeant, Yves
Malegol, Louis Nepoleon
Malerme, Rosalie
Malewski, Rosalie
Malgris, Caroline
Malgris, William
Malikin, Robert
Malkay, Hugh
Mallégeant, Yves
Mallegol, Rene
Mallet, Henry
Mallet, John
Mallet, Thomas
Mallet, Mary
Mallet, William
Mallet, Mary Ann
Mallet, Ruth
Mallet, Philip
Mallet, Mary Jane
Mallet, Adolphus
Mallet, Phillippe
Mallet, Jean
Mallet, John R
Mallet, Yves Marie J
Mallet, John Robert
Mallet, Frank
Mallet, Francis
Mallet, Reginald Bertram
Mallet, Joseph Yves Marie
Mallet, Percy William
Mallett, John R
Mallett, John Robert
Mallett, John Roberts
Mallett, George Horace
Mallikin, William
Mallinge, François
Malloney, Thomas
Malloney, John
Mallot, Perine
Mallowby, Thomas
Malloy, Alfred
Maloney, Martin
Maloney, John
Malony, David
Malony, John William
Maloré, Adolphe
Malorey, Francis
Malorey, John
Malot, François
Malpy, Margaret
Malsar, Thomas
Malzard, Philip Jean
Malzard, Isaac
Malzard, Thomas
Malzard, Molly
Malzard, Philip
Malzard, Marie
Malzard, Mary
Malzard, Jean
Malzard, Ophelia
Malzard, Jane
Malzard, Esther
Malzard, Joseph
Malzard, George
Malzard, Charles
Malzard, George William
Malzard, Alfred
Malzard, John
Malzard, Francis
Malzard, Alfred Francis
Malzard, Walter
Malzard, Francis Alfred
Malzard, Edward Charles
Malzard, John F K
Malzard, Charles Alfred
Malzard, James George
Malzard, Francis John
Malzard, John Francis
Malzard, Edward
Malzard, Edward John
Malzard, Edward J
Malzard, Edmund John
Malzard, Edmund Charles
Malzard, Edmund J
Malzard, George Raymond
Malzard, Walter James
Manderfield, Thomas
Mandley, Arthur
Manfaut, Charles
Mangan, Julia
Mangin, Mary
Mangot, Felix
Maning, Francis
Manlaw, Elizabeth
Manlaw, Sandy
Manlaw, Eliza
Manlaws, John
Manley, Patrick
Manley, William James
Manlin, Louis
Mann, Lawrence
Mann, Arthur Walter
Mann, Arthur
Mann, James Scraiton
Mannel, Gustave Leon
Manners, John
Manning, William
Manning, John
Manning, Ellen
Manning, Dennis
Manning, James
Manning, F G
Manning, Mary Ann
Manning, Johanna
Manning, Johannah
Manning, Charles
Manning, Johanya
Manning, John Stanton
Manning, Patrick
Manning, Albert
Manning, Henry
Manning, Ernest
Manning, Emma
Manning, Robert
Manning , John Stanton
Mannion, John
Mannion, Mary
Mannion, Mary Ann
Manouri, François
Manron, Emile
Mansell, Mary
Mansell, Mary Ann
Mansfield, James
Mansfield, Richard
Mantel, Constant P
Manvel, Pierre
Manzel, Susan
Mara, Johana
Mara, Johannah
Mara, Jeremiah
Marais, Ernest
Marais, George Alfred
Maran, Hyppolite
Marcé, Olivier
Marcel, Jean Louis
Marchant, William
Marchant, William
Marcillac, George Armand
Marcouf, Athanase
Marden, William
Marec, Emile
Marecq, Emile
Marell, William
Marett, John
Marett, Philip
Marett, Pierre
Marett, Nancy
Marett, P
Marett, William
Marett, John George
Marett, Betsey
Marett, David
Marett, Charles Joseph
Marett, Jane
Marett, Jean
Marett, Francis
Marett, Francois
Marett, Jane Elizabeth
Marett, Charles
Marett, Philippe
Marett, Joseph
Marett, John Robert
Marett, Mr
Marett, Hubert Charles
Marett, Charles Herbert
Marett, Francois
Marett, James
Marett, Frank
Marett, Thomas
Marett, Herbert Thomas
Marett, Sydney
Marett, Francis Henry
Marett, Vera Ruth
Marette, Theodore
Margris, William
Margris, Theodore
Marguerets, Louise
Marguerie, Théodore
Marguerie, Louisa
Marguerie, Jean
Marguerie, Philippe
Marian, François
Marie, Yves
Marie, Gommé Francois
Marie, John
Marie, Sarah
Marie, Jean François
Marie, Maxime
Marie, Jean
Marie, Jules
Marie, Philip
Marie, François
Marie, Constant Alphonse
Marie, Angèle
Marie, Jeanne
Marie, Felix
Marie, Augustine
Marie, Auguste Eugenne
Marie, Emanuel
Marie, Hipolyte A
Marie, Louis
Marie, Eugène
Marie, Joseph
Marie, Emile
Marie, Alexandre
Marie, Pierre
Marie, Eugène J Louis
Marie, E T Louis
Marie, Percy
Marie, Louis
Mariette, Louise Marie
Mariette, Marie
Mariette, Ann
Mariette, Joseph
Marin, Louis
Marin, Charles Isidore
Marion, Johanna
Marion, William
Marion, Jean
Marirat, Jean
Marker, John James
Markhill, John
Marks, William
Marlow, William
Marmignon, Jean Louis
Marmignon, Joseph Louis
Marmillon, Pierre
Marn, William
Marquand, William
Marquerie, Rosalie
Marquerie, Théodore
Marquis, Alice
Marquis, Alice Emily
Marra, James
Marrec, Raoul Jean Thomas
Marrec, Raoul Jean
Marrett, Frank
Marrett, William
Marriette, Ann
Marsden, George
Marsden, William
Marsh, Philip
Marsh, Henry
Marsh, Joseph
Marsh, Frederick Charles
Marsh, Charles
Marsh, Fredrick Charles
Marsh, Frederick
Marshall, James
Marshall, George
Marshall, Alfred
Marshall, Charles
Marshall, Alice
Marsoin, Jean
Marson, William Francis
Marsouin, Jean
Marsouin, Pierre
Martel, Joseph
Martel, Sophia
Martel, Victor Bois
Martel, Sophie
Martell, Florence
Martin, James
Martin, Henry W
Martin, Mary
Martin, John
Martin, William
Martin, Sophie
Martin, Eliza
Martin, Jane
Martin, Catherine
Martin, Steven
Martin, Sophia
Martin, Henry
Martin, Victor
Martin, Rosalie
Martin, Pierre
Martin, Thomas
Martin, Rebecca
Martin, Margaret
Martin, Victoria
Martin, Octavie
Martin, Philip Francois
Martin, Armand L
Martin, Marie Renée
Martin, Edward
Martin, Marie Pierre
Martin, Charles
Martin, Marie
Martin, Ernest
Martin, Annie
Martin, Celestin P Auguste
Martin, Jean
Martin, Joseph
Martin, William Thomas
Martineau, Jean Ferdinand
Martyn, Cyril Charles
Marun, Henri Arséne
Mas, Léon A
Maserè, Azèlea
Mash, Philip
Mash, James
Mash, John
Maskel, John
Maskell, Albert
Maslin, James
Maslin, Ely
Maslin, Ely
Maslin, William
Mason, George
Mason, Andrew
Mason, Henry
Mason, John A C
Massana, Roger John
Massé, Alexandre
Massenham, Richard
Massey, Francis
Massey, John
Massey, William
Massey, Margaret
Massey, James
Massey, James Patrick
Massey, James P
Masson, Rolland
Masson, Jean Marie
Masson, H Arsène
Masson, Henri A
Masson, Henri Arsene
Massy, Thomas
Massy, John
Masterman, Ernest William
Masterman, Ernest
Masterman, Harry
Masterman, Dorothy Maud
Masterman, D Maud
Masterman, F Maud
Masterman, Maud
Masterman, Edward W
Masterman, Alfred John
Masters, Mary
Masters, John
Masters, George
Masters, Ellen
Masters, Henry
Mastmuisten, Nels
Matherson, A B
Matherton, Henry
Mathew, James
Mathias, Cesaire
Mathias, Frank
Mathurin, François
Matignon, Jeanne
Matson, Peter
Matson, John George
Matson, Alfred
Matson, Henry George
Matson, Reginald Charles P J
Matson, Reginald C P J
Matthews, Philip
Matthews, Joseph
Matthews, James
Matthews, William
Matthews, Elizabeth
Matthews, Charles
Matthews, Louisa
Matthews, Henry
Matthews, Thomas
Matthews, Samuel
Matthews, Jane
Matthews, Albert
Matthias, Frank
Matthieu, Eugène T M
Matto, Joseph
Maubrey, Marie
Maudo, Eugène
Mauduit, Auguste G
Mauduit, Joseph Marie
Maufort, Charles
Mauger, Edward
Mauger, Philip
Mauger, Elizabeth
Mauger, Thomas
Mauger, Mary
Mauger, Matilda
Mauger, Adolphus
Mauger, Charles
Mauger, Henry
Mauger, Pierre
Mauger, Susan
Mauger, Marie
Mauger, Elie
Mauger, Ann
Mauger, Margaret
Mauger, Jane
Mauger, Francis
Mauger, Jane Elizabeth
Mauger, John
Mauger, Ellen
Mauger, Henriette
Mauger, Henriette L
Mauger, Thomas
Mauger, Paul
Mauger, Clifford
Mauger, Philippe
Mauger, Edgar
Mauger, G H
Mauger, Edwin John
Mauger, Harold Charles
Maurant, Lizzie
Maurensane, J
Maurice, François
Maurice, Maria Virginie Anna
Mauriel, Maria
Mautel, Constant
Mauvielle, Charles François
Mauvieux, Julien
Max, Thomas
Maxwell, John
Maxwell, Samuel
Maxwell, James
Maxwell, George
Maxwell, Elizabeth
Maxwell, Eliza
Maxwell, Robert
Maxwell, Richard
Maxwell, Alfred
May, William
May, George
May, John
May, Peter
May, John William
May, James Henry
Mayden, Elizabeth
Mayette, Sophie Marie
Mayette, Sophie
Mayne, Robert
Mayrs, Catherine
Mayse , Albert Victor
McAllen, John
McAllen, Mary
McAllen, Charles
McAllen, Alfred
McAlligut, Morris
McAllis, A
McAllister, John
McAlpine, Thomas
McAnally, John
McAteer, Patrick
McAteer, Lewis
McAteer, John
McAuliff, John
McAuliffe, John
McAuliffe, Eliza
McAuliffe, Mary
McAvity, Catherine
McAvoy, Daniel
McAvoy, Neil
McAvoy, Patrick
McAvoy, Dennis
Mcavoy, Ann
McBean, Mrs
McBride, Isabella
McCabe, Edward
McCabe, Ross
McCabe, Thomas
McCabe, Barney
McCabe, Fanny
McCall, Thomas
McCallum, William
McCambridge, John
McCambridge, Mary
McCann, Peter
McCann, James
McCardell, Dennis
McCarrol, John
McCarron, Robert
McCart, Henry
McCart, Mary Ann
McCart, Mary A
McCarth, Henry
McCarthy, John
McCarthy, Helen
McCarthy, Mrs
McCarthy, Thomas
McCarthy, Cornelius
McCarthy, Michael
McCarthy, Charles
McCarthy, Elizabeth
McCarthy, Daniel
McCarthy, Mary
McCarthy, Morris
McCarthy, Ellen
McCarthy, Nora
McCarthy, Jerry
McCarthy, Mary Ann
McCarthy, Kate
McCarthy, George
McCarthy, Patrick
McCarthy, Christopher Patrick
McCarton, John Patrick
McCarty, Pat
McCarty, Elizabeth
McCarty, Patrick
McCarty, Mary Ann
McCauliffe, Ketty
McCave, Owen
McClare, James
McCleary, George
McClelland, George
McClennan, William
McCleod, James
McClocklin, Francis
McCloghlin, Mary
McCloghlin, Francis
McCloud, Henry G
McColl, Patrick
McConner, Michael
McConner, Mary
McConner, Catherine
McConner, Eleonor
McConner, Margaret
McConnor, Mary
McCormac, Edward
McCormick, John
McCormick, Ellen
McCoubray, Francis
McCoubry, Samuel
McCoy, Mary
McCrum, Harrold
McCullen, Edward
McDearman, Francis
McDelmott, Christopher
McDennott, Edmund
McDermot, Owen
McDermot, Catherine
McDermot, Mary
McDermot, Mary A
McDermot, Mary Ann
McDermot, Joseph
McDermott, M A
McDermott, Joseph
McDermott, Edward
McDermott, Ellen
McDermott, Ernest
McDonald, Dennis
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, George
McDonald, George Donald
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Patrick
McDonald, John
McDonald, Michael
McDonald, James
McDonald, Reynold
McDonald, Randall
McDonald, William
McDonald, Edward
McDonald, Duncan
McDonald, Margaret Agnes
McDonald, Alice
McDonald, Elizabeth
McDonald, Mr
McDonald, Joseph
McDonald, Sarah
McDonald, H J
McDougal, William
McEntegard, Patrick
McFarlan, Margarit
McFarland, Mary
McFarlane, John
McFarlane, Jane
McFarlane, George
McFarlane, Mary
McFarlane, Mary Ann
McFarlane, Charles Francis
McFarlane, Joseph
McFarlane, Charles
McFarlane, Mabel
McFarlane, William Joseph
McFarlin, John
McFee, Archibald
McGarva, Matthew
McGee, John
McGee, James
McGee, Mary
McGeorge, William
McGill, William
McGivern, Owen
McGlen, Michael
McGlen, Margaret
McGlen, Francis
McGough, J
McGowan, Patrick
McGrady, Matthew
McGrath, John
McGrath, Thomas
McGrath, Ellen
McGrath, Lucy
McGrath, George
McGrath, Mary Ann
McGregor, Leeny
McGuard, John
McGuigan, Hugh
McGuiness, Mary
McGuinness, Mary
McGuire, Thomas
McHale, Eliza
McHale, Ellen
McHerroin, James
McHugh, Patrick
McIllister, Catherine
McInshine, Alec
McIntine, Martha
McIntosh, Mary
McKail, Eliza
McKave, Hugh
McKay, James
McKay, Thomas
McKay, George
Mckay, John
McKean, John
McKee, Robert
McKee, F H
McKee, Mary
McKee, William
McKell, Daniel
McKenna, Catherine
McKenna, Mary
McKenna, Joseph
McKenna, John
McKenna, Thornton
McKenna, Peter
McKenna, James William
McKennie, John
McKennis, John
McKenny, Catherine
McKenzie, John
McKenzie, Collin
McKenzie, William
McKenzie, David
McKenzie, Daniel
McKenzie, Thomas R
McKenzie, Thomas
McKenzie, Charles
McKenzie, Annie
McKenzie, Clifford
McKeon, James
McKew, James
McKibbon, John William
McLachlan, Mr
McLaren, Eliza
McLaren, Elizabeth
McLaughlin, Michael
McLaughlin, Henry
McLaughlin, E
McLaughlin, Rosana
McLaughlin, John
McLaughlin, Eliza
McLaughlin, Mary
McLean, Hugh
McLean, John
McLean, James
McLean, Mr
McLear, Caroline
McLeish, Charles
McLellan, A J
McLeod, John
McLeod, William
McLeod, Frederick William
McLeod, Edward George
McLeon, George
McLinton, W C
McLocklin, Rosa
McLoed, Charles
McLoughlan, Mary
McLoughlin, Mary
McLoughlin, John
McMahon, Dennis
McMahon, Mary
McMahon, John
McMahon, Henry
McMahon, Catherine
McMahon, James
McManus, Bridget
McManus, Charles
McMeakins, Robert
McMillan, James
McMollin, Sarah
McNally, Patrick
McNally, Francis
McNally, James
McNally, John
McNamara, Daniel
McNamara, James
McNamara, Thomas
McNamara, William
McNamara, Johanna
McNamara, John
McNamara, Stephen
McNamara, Eileen
McNamara, Bridget
McNeil, Michael
McNeil, Matthew
McNeil, Hugh
McNeill, William
McNeill, Huge
McNeill, Hugh
McNelly, Mr
McNulty, William
McNulty, James
McNulty, Bridget
McNutty, William
McNutty, James
McPherson, James
McQueen, John
McQueen, William
McQuin, John
McSweney, Mary
Mead, Frederick
Mead, John
Mead, Arthur Alfred
Meade, Fannie Minnie
Mears, Edward
Mears, James
Mears, John
Medalle, François
Meers, James
Meetch, George
Mégat, Jean
Mehaut, Pierre
Mehent, Joseph
Mehut, Pierre
Mejean, Jean Marie
Méjean, Jean Desiré
Meledere, Louis
Melekin, Philip
Mellinque, Auguste
Mellish, James
Mellor, Abraham
Melon, Yves
Melon, Jeanne
Melumphy, Michael
Membry, John
Ménage, Emélie
Ménage, Amélie
Menard, Françoise
Ménard, Victor
Menard, Augustine
Menard, Ernestine
Menaut, Alponse
Mengin, Catherine
Mengin, C Mac
Mengineer, Mary Jane
Menie, Victoire
Menier, Leon Theodore
Menzies, William
Menzies, Wallace
Mercer, Henry George Balcam
Mercer, Henry G B
Mercer, Robert
Mercerie, Eugène
Merché, Pierre
Mercier, Marie
Mercier, Philippe
Mercier, Yves
Mercier, Philip
Mercier, Francis
Mercier, Alfred F
Mercier, Alfred
Mercier, Frederick
Mercier, Alfred Theodore
Mercier, M D A
Mercier, Alfred Frederick
Mercier, Walter Henry
Merée, Pierre
Merienne, Jeanne
Merle, François
Merrell, Henry
Merryfield, Thomas
Merton, John
Meslier, Victorine
Mesnard, Amelia
Mesny, James
Messac, Emmanuel
Messac, E J B
Messervy, Philip
Messervy, Henry
Messervy, George
Messervy, Thomas
Messervy, Thomas C
Messervy, Thomas Carlton
Metcalf, Robert
Metcalfe, Robert
Metcalfe, Maurice Holmes Leigh
Metford, Emily
Metifer, Victorine
Metiver, John
Metivier, Clement
Mette, Edouard Jules
Mettenn, Jane
Metters, John Bickle
Mettifer, Victorine
Meunier, Leon Theodore
Meuri, Maria
Meuron, Marie
Mew, Maria
Meyer, Charles
Mezornel, Hervé Cabon
Mgnon, Francoise
Michel, Jean
Michel, Auguste
Michel, John
Michel, Sophie
Michel, Guillaume
Michel, Eugène
Michel, Francois
Michel, Alfred
Michel, Albert
Michel, John Thomas
Michel, Ives
Michel, Caroline
Michel, Marie
Michel, Pierre
Michel, Jean Marie
Michel, Louis
Michel, Emile
Michell, Charles
Michell, James
Michelmore, Joseph
Middleditch, Amy
Middleditch, Amy M
Middleton, Mary Ann
Middleton, Kathleen Lilian
Midleton, Mary Ann
Migeon, Jean
Mignot, John Francis
Mignot, Francois
Miguigan, J
Milan, Marie Joseph
Milan, Charles
Milbourne, John
Milbourne, William
Milden, Caroline
Mildon, John
Mildren, John
Mildren, George
Mildron, John
Mildron, Charles
Miles, John Rowe
Miles, Matthew
Miles, Mrs
Miles, James
Miles, Mary
Miles, Richard
Miles, Thomas
Miles, Edward
Miles, Catherine
Miles, Ann
Miles, Annie
Miles, Albert Frederick
Milford, William Edward
Milikin, Sophie
Milikin, Philip
Milikin, William John
Milikin, William J
Milikin, W J
Milikin, John
Mill, Joseph
Millard, Henry M
Millard, Frederick
Miller, Peter
Miller, William
Miller, Joseph
Miller, John
Miller, C A
Miller, Sophia
Miller, George
Miller, Mary
Miller, Alexander
Miller, Charles Henry
Miller, Frank Holmes
Miller, Elizebeth
Millet, Jeanne
Millikim, William J
Millikin, William John
Millikin, William
Millon, Jean
Millon, Rose
Millou, Yves Marie
Millow, Mary
Millow, Thomas
Mills, Samuel
Mills, William
Mills, John
Mills, Daniel
Mills, Richard
Mills, Frank
Mills, Maria
Mills, George
Mills, Edward
Mills, William Alexander
Mills, Charles Leonard
Mills, William Alandre
Mills, Reginald
Milnes, James
Milond, James
Milton, Mark
Minchineer, Jane Mary
Minchington, James
Minchinton, Francis Sampson
Minchinton, John
Minchinton, Francis
Minchinton, Alfred
Minchinton, Charles
Minchinton, George
Minchinton, Alfred James
Minchinton, Alfred Charles
Minel, Prosper
Minguy, Marie Josephine
Minguy, Marie
Minguy, Alexis
Minnette, Ernest
Minnoux, Emilie
Minorel, Paul
Minorel, Paul A J
Minorelle, Paul
Minoret, Paul
Minou, Emilie
Minson, David Edward
Mintrom, George
Mirabel, Jean François
Mirabel, J Francois
Mirabel, Jean
Miranbel, Jean Francois
Mire, Bartholomew
Mirouet, Marie
Miskelley, Thomas
Misson, Frank
Mitchel, William Charles
Mitchel, William C
Mitchel, Alfred
Mitchell, Francis
Mitchell, Mrs
Mitchell, Benjamin
Mitchell, Fanny
Mitchell, Ellen
Mitchell, Samuel
Mitchell, William
Mitchell, Jane
Mitchell, Martha
Mitchell, Charles
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, Flora
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, Edward
Mitchell, William C
Mitichington, Albert
Mizzingie, George
Moab, Pierre
Moal, Pierre
Moavieux, Pierre
Mobey, Louis
Moche, Lucy
Model, Constant
Moffatt, George
Mogg, Henry
Moggridge, Philip
Moignard, John
Moignard, John E
Moignard, Francis
Moignard, François
Moignard, Marie
Moignard, George William
Moignard, George W J
Moisan, Joseph
Moisan, William Francis
Moisan, Guilleaume François
Moisan, Guilleaume
Moisan, William Crosby
Moise, François
Moison, Julie
Moison, Pierre
Moison, Francis
Moison, Guilleaume Francois
Moissan, Marie
Moisson, François
Moisson, Julien
Moisson, Pierre
Moisson, Jean
Moitié, Adeline
Moitié, Edith Mary
Moitie, Pierre Emile
Moitie, Jean
Moitier, Pierre
Moizan, Jean
Molby, Margaret
Molden, John
Moldenhauer, C F W
Moldon, Thomas
Mole, Albert
Moles, William
Moller, Thomas
Moller, Andrew
Mollet, George
Mollet, Francis
Mollet, John
Mollet, François Jean
Mollet, Touzel
Mollet, Anne
Mollet, Peter
Mollins, Margaret
Mollons, Michael
Mollory, John Reynolds
Molloy, Catherine
Molloy, Thomas
Molloy, Peter
Molloy, David
Monaghan, William
Monaghan, Anthony
Monamy, Jean George
Monamy, Thomas
Monamy, George
Monamy, John
Monamy, Abraham J
Monck, John
Monck, George
Monck, John Francis
Moncuit, Alice
Monfaut, Charles
Monfort, Charles
Monfort, Louis
Monier, Marie
Monk, John
Monk, John Francis
Monk, Frank
Monk, J Francis
Monmafaut, Charles
Monnamy, Thomas P
Monnamy, Thomas
Monnier, Peter
Monnier, Jean
Monolu, George
Monomy, Philippe
Monoulu, George
Montade, Armand
Montague, Thomas
Montfort, Charles
Montgomery, Thomas
Montgomery, James
Montgommery, Allen
Montgommery, John
Montignot, R
Monvoisin, François Victor
Monyard, Mary
Moody, Harriet
Moody, George
Moody, Mary
Moody, Catherine
Moody, James
Moody, Edwin
Moon, Charles
Moone, James
Mooney, Hugh
Mooney, Peter
Mooney, Patrick
Mooney, Edward
Mooney, John
Moony, Thomas
Moorcroft, Percy
Moore, Mary
Moore, Philip
Moore, James
Moore, Jane
Moore, Charles
Moore, William
Moore, George
Moore, Rachel
Moore, William Francis
Moore, Michael
Moore, Alfred
Moore, Louisa
Moore, John
Moore, Isaac
Moorhead, Robert
Morais, Alfreda Annie
Moran, Thomas
Moran, James
Morant, James Houghton
Moray, George
Morcel, Jean François
Morcel, John
Morcel, Frederick G J
Mordelai, Henri
Mordelait, Henri
Mordelet, Henri
Morden, George
Mordrell, Paul
Moreal, Jean François
Moreau, Ernest
Moreau, Amelia
Moreau, Alfred
Moreau, Marie
Moreau, François
Morel, Thomas
Morel, John
Morel, Louis
Morel, Prosper
Morel, Alphonse
Morel, Jean
Morel, Joseph
Morell, Guilleaume
Moreshead, Jane
Moressey, Richard
Morgan, George
Morgan, William
Morgan, John
Morgan, Mary A
Morgan, Mary
Moriarty, Elizabeth
Moriarty, John
Moriarty, Michael
Morice, Eugénie
Morin, Toussaint
Morin, Pierre
Morin, Marie
Morin, Hippolyte
Morin, Annie M
Morin, Désiré
Morin, Hyppolite
Morin, Francoise
Morin, Jean
Morin, Francois George
Morin, Joseph
Morin, Frank
Morin, François
Morin, Paul
Morin, Jean Francois
Morin, François
Morin, Francis
Morin, Francis Caesar
Morin, François Louis Marie
Moris, Edward
Moris, George
Morison, Pierre
Morland, Ann
Morley, John
Morley, Arthur
Morley, Charlotte Ann
Moroney, Michael
Moroney, John
Morrin, John
Morris, John
Morris, Mary
Morris, William
Morris, Thomas
Morris, Martin
Morris, Jane
Morris, Elizabeth
Morris, François
Morris, Ann
Morris, Kate
Morris, Henry
Morris, Joseph
Morris, Patrick
Morris, William H
Morris, William Henry
Morris, Harold Sydney
Morris, Frank Mark
Morrison, John Mackenzie
Morrissey, Michael
Morrissey, John
Morrisson, Sarah
Morrisson, William
Morrisson, James
Morrisson, Samuel
Morrisson, Patrick
Morrisson, William J
Morrisson, Mary
Morrisson, John
Morshead, Patrick Frederick
Mortimer, John
Mortimer, Jemima
Mortimer, Jemima Carter
Mortimore, Eliza
Morton, Henry
Morvan, François Yves
Morvan, Theophile
Morvan, Victorine
Morvan, Jeanne
Morvan, Yves
Morvan, Marie Jeanne
Morvan, Jeanne Marie
Morvan, Pierre
Morvan, Ollivier
Morvan, Francois
Morvan, Jean Baptiste
Morvan, Joseph Marie
Morvan, Helen
Morvan, Louis Henri
Morven, Pierre
Morvieux, Pierre Marie
Mosch, Lucy
Mosec, Emilie
Moses, Charles
Moses, Leopold
Moses, James A
Moson, Guillaume
Mosquet, Marie
Moss, Richard
Mott, A W
Mottée, Constant
Mouet, Philip
Moufort, Charles
Moujaret, Marianne
Mouldoun, Thomas
Moulec, Pierre
Moulin, Mary
Moulin, John
Moulin, Jules
Moulin, Jean
Moulin, Louis
Moulin, Désiré
Moult, Joseph
Mounolou, Alfred Charles
Mountain, James Jasper
Mountain, Michael
Mountain, William
Mountney, John R
Mourant, George
Mourant, Edward
Mourant, John
Mourant, Joshua
Mourant, Josué
Mourant, Esther
Mourant, Jane
Mourant, Mary Ann
Mourant, Mary
Mourant, Philip Mauger
Mourant, Joseph
Mourant, Elizabeth
Mourant, Louisa
Mourant, Eliza V
Mourant, Eliza
Mourant, Thomas John
Mourant, John Thomas
Mourant, Thomas
Mourant, Thomas
Mourant, John Olliver
Mourant, Francois
Mourant, Emily
Mourant, Sarah Mary
Mourant, J M
Mourant, Louisa
Mourk, Frederick
Mouroud, Amédée
Mousquet, Pierre
Moutel, Constant P
Mouton, Henriette
Movelin, Louis
Movin, Adolphe
Moy, Jean
Moy, Joseph
Moyes, John
Moyle, Urisson
Moyse, Ann
Moyse, James
Moyse, Charles Francis
Moyse, John James
Mtchell, Flora
Muchmore, Joseph
Mudford, Emily
Muenier, Leon Theodore
Mugford, Louisa
Mulany, James
Mulcheay, Mary
Mulcheay, Thomas
Mulden, C J
Mulden, James
Mulhead, John
Mullavey, John
Mullen, James
Mullen, Patrick
Mullet, James
Mullet, Ann
Mullet, John
Mullett, James
Mullett, William
Mullett, Jane
Mullett, John
Mulley, John
Mulligan, Richard
Mulligan, Patrick
Mulligan, James
Mullins, Margaret
Mullins, Patrick
Mullins, Margaret Agnes
Mullins, Margaret Agnes
Mullins, George
Mullins, Sydney William
Mulloney, James
Mulloy, Catherine
Mulready, William
Mulready, John
Mulready, Elizabeth
Mulready, Eliza
Mulready, Edward
Munier, Mr
Munier, Leon Theodre
Munque, Jean F
Munro, Alexander
Munroe, Mary Ann
Munson, James G
Mure, Alexander
Mure, John
Mure, James
Murey, Thomas
Murphy, John
Murphy, Martin
Murphy, Joseph
Murphy, Catherine
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, George
Murphy, Ann
Murphy, Michael
Murphy, Timothy
Murphy, Thomas
Murphy, Rebecca
Murphy, William
Murphy, Edward
Murphy, Charles
Murphy, Francis Joseph
Murphy, Fred
Murray, Thomas
Murray, Betsey
Murray, Murphy
Murray, James
Murray, Julie
Murray, George
Murray, Richard
Murray, Julia
Murray, Peter
Murray, Alfred John
Murray, Alf
Murray, Alix
Murray, John
Murrell, John
Murry, John
Musgrove, James
Musgrove, John
Musso, Philippe
Mutch, Sarah
Mutchmore, Joseph
Mutford, Emile
Mutford, Emily
Myers, Davis
Myers, Jacob
Myles, Joseph
Nicholls, Elizabeth
O'Brien, Louisa
Pelling, James
Philips, Sophie Marie
Pipou, Esther
Poingdestre, Rose
Quenault, Sophie
Quenault, Sophia
Quérée, Mary Jane
Quérée, Jane Mary
Rabet, Victorine
Rafferty, Susan
Randal, Jane
Rogan, John
Socke, Mary
Special, Ellen
Sullivan, Johanna
Sutherland, John
Tarouilly, Augustine
Tarovilly, Augustine
Taulin, Marie
Thorne, Catherine
Tucker, Ann
Valogois, Jean
Villain, Maria Virginie Anna
Wailer, J
Wallis, Mary
Willis, Leeny
Willocot, Margaret
Yvelin, Marie
Yvelin, Annie M
Keywords prisons | Prisoners | criminals | crimes | indexes
Places Newgate Street
Dimensions 1 pdf file
Language English
Level of description Item
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D/AG/B2/1/MThis item»

Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with M have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.