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Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with P have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

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Reference D/AG/B2/1/P
Date 1814 - 1936
Names Newgate Street Prison
Beaucamp, Elizabeth
Best, Marie Ann
Bisson, Mary
Blake, Rachel
Bluett, Elizabeth
Boddie, Susan
Body, Susan
Carley, Rosa
Casey, Angle Marie
Cornish, Harriet
Couch, Eliza
Coules, Ann
Coulisse, Anne
Couls, Ann
Coutanche, Susan Mary
Dingle, Marie
Donovan, Ellen
Duffin, Edith
Dumaresq, Elizabeth
Ennis, Mary
Eudlin, Thomas
Evans, Elizabeth
Eve, Eliza
Gwyer, Elizabeth
Hellard, Elizabeth
Hogan, Elizabeth
Hubert, Mary Ann
Ladan, Josephine
Lawrence, Mary Ann
Lawton, Louisa Jane
Le Blancq, Alice
Le Gros, Lucienne
Le Gros, Lucienne M L
Le Pethcart, François
Loveson, Mary Ann
Lowscam, Mary Ann
Luscombe, Mary Ann
Macleod, J E
Martin, Olive Bertha
Morin, Eliza
Noble, Fanny
Orchard, Daniel
Paak, Richard
Packer, John
Paco, Hubert Robert
Pacôme, Alexandre Elie Joseph
Paddock, John
Paddock, Mrs
Padel, Jean Marie
Padley, Robert
Page, Edward
Paggs, Joseph
Pain, Francis Hattat
Painter, Emily C
Painter, Emily
Painter, Francis
Painter, Emile
Painter, Frederick John
Paisnel, Lewis
Paisnel, Edouard A
Pallard, Mary
Pallot, Philip
Pallot, Jane
Pallot, E J
Pallot, Francis
Pallot, Rachel
Pallot, Jean
Pallot, Daniel
Pallot, John
Pallot, Jean Daniel
Pallot, Josué
Pallot, Joseph Philip
Pallot, Albert
Pallot, Clarence
Pallot, Thomas
Pallot, Ann
Pallot, William
Pallot, Abraham
Pallot, Mary Ann
Pallot, Alfred
Pallot, Winter
Pallot, Abraham John
Pallot, Percy A
Pallot, Percy Arthur
Pallot, Charles Pinnel
Pallot, Charles P
Pallot, William Charles
Palmer, William
Palmer, George
Palmer, John
Palmer, Elizabeth
Palmer, Thomas
Palmer, Joseph
Palmer, Julia
Palmer, Samuel Jordan
Palmer, James
Palmer, Maria
Palmer, Henry
Palmer, Henry George Higgins
Palmer, Alec
Palmer, Charles
Palmer, William Thomas
Palot, Betsey
Paniglot, John
Pann, Catherine
Pannard, Mary
Paradoux, Jean Marie
Paramoel, Francois
Paramore, Samuel
Pardell, Samuel
Pardo, C
Parel, François
Parenthoin, Yves
Parfett, James
Pargeur, Pierre
Pargiter, Thomas
Pargiter, William
Paris, Thomas
Parker, Betsey
Parker, Richard
Parker, Sarah
Parker, Agnes
Parker, John
Parker, Francis
Parker, Frank
Parker, Josephine
Parker, Annie
Parker, William Charles
Parker, John Samuel
Parkes, James
Parkes, Alfred
Parkes, Alfred W
Parkhill, Walter
Parkinson, George
Parnell, Thomas
Parnell, Maurice
Parot, Gaton
Parous, Joseph B
Parquion, Eugène
Parrington, Elizabeth
Parris, Tom
Parrot, Samuel
Parrot, John
Parrot, Maria
Parrot, Charles
Parrot, William
Parrot, George
Parrot, Alfred
Parrot, George William
Parry, Robert
Parry, Eliza
Parson, William
Parsons, Mary Ann
Parsons, James
Parsons, Frederick
Parsons, George
Parsons, Walter P
Parsons, James Henry
Pascal, Pierre
Pasco, George
Pascoe, William
Pasely, Janes
Pashley, Charles
Pasquier, Louis
Pasquion, Yves
Pass, Marc Erica
Pastourel, Louis
Pasturel, Paul E
Pasturel, Louis
Pasturel, Thornton Albert
Pasturel, Florentin
Pasturel, Frederick
Pasturel, Percy Albert
Pasturel, Clement
Pasturell, Louis Aimable Desiré
Patan, Alphonse
Patch, Walter Henry
Patching, Thomas
Pate, Robert
Pater, Susan
Paterson, Andrew
Patin, Louis
Patin, Alice
Patouillet, Henry
Patourel, Thomas
Patourel, Maurice
Patourel, Auguste
Patrac, Josephine
Patten, John
Patterson, William
Pattison, William
Patton, Alexander
Paul, Eliza
Paul, Daniel
Paul, James
Paul, Mary
Paul, John Henry
Paul, Harriet
Paul, Elizabeth
Paule, Eliza
Paull, George
Paupin, Emile Auguste
Pavey, William
Paxou, Edward
Paye, François
Paye, Francis
Paye, Frederick
Payn, Nathanael
Payn, John
Payn, Philip
Payn, Joseph
Payn, Thomas
Payn, Ann
Payn, Edward
Payn, Samuel
Payn, Thomas W
Payn, Alfred
Payn, Walter
Payn, Alfred George
Payne, Jane
Payne, Maria
Payne, Mary
Payne, Samuel
Payne, Henry
Payne, George
Payne, Sarah Ann
Payne, John
Payne, Thomas W
Payne, Robert C
Payne, Mary Ann
Payne, Alfred
Payne, Cecile
Payne , Walter
Peacock, George
Peak, Richard
Peake, Charles
Pearce, John
Pearce, William
Pearce, Thomas
Pearce, Mary
Pearce, Charles
Pearce, John Philip
Pearce, George Henry
Pearce, George
Pearpoint, Thomas
Pearson, Jane
Pearson, Joseph
Peart, Thomas
Peau, Thomas
Pecher, Emanuel
Peckham, Alexander
Pecon, François
Peddot, Jean Marie
Pedro, John
Peel, John
Pegion, John
Peglan, Charlotte
Peirless, James
Peirre, Francoise
Pelang, Jean
Pelcart, Alphonse
Pellan, Pierre
Pellerin, A L C
Pellet, Eugénie
Pellow, George
Pellow, John
Pellow, Joseph
Pelvey, Jacques
Penec, Philomène
Penec, Francis
Penereach, Francois
Penery, Thomas
Penery, Mary A
Pengeley, Mary
Pengelley, Mary
Pengelly, Edward
Pengelly, Mary
Pennery, Jane
Penney, William
Penney, George
Pennick, James
Pennie, Francois
Penny, John
Penny, Henry
Penny, William
Penny, Annie
Penny, Rose
Penny, Kate C
Penny, Edward
Penny, John R F W
Penny, George
Penson, Alice
Penwell, John
Peperell, John
Pepin, Mary
Pepin, Louisa
Pepin, Edward
Pepperale, George
Pepperale, Mrs
Pepperel, Frederick William
Pepperell, John
Pepperil, Louisa Jane
Pepprel, Frederick William
Pepprell, John
Peprell, John
Peraud, Rose
Perchard, Fanny
Perchard, Clement
Perchard, Philip
Perchard, Thomas
Perchard, Nicholas
Perchard, Mary
Perchard, Elie
Perchard, John
Perchard, Jean
Perchard, Ann
Perchard, Constant
Perchois, Francois
Percival, William
Percy, Edward
Percy, Robert
Peree, Charles
Pereezer, Solomon
Peregrine, John
Perehois, François
Peret, Pierre F H
Peret, L P Marie
Peret, Pierre
Perham, Elizabeth
Perham, Elizabeth
Perichon, Josephine
Perier, F Armand
Perin, George
Perio, Julianne M
Perion, Jeanne
Periot, Jean
Periot, Caroline Esther
Périot, Joseph
Periott, Louis
Periout, Joseph
Perkins, John
Perkins, William
Perkins, Sarah
Perkins, Mary Ann
Perkins, Walter
Perkins, Frederick James
Perks, E Gladstone
Pernchon, Yves
Peron, Jean
Peron, Josephine
Perotte, Françoise
Perousel, Jacques Denis
Perquet, François
Perquis, Pierre Jean Marie François
Perquy, Ernest
Perredoux, Pierre
Perrée, Charles
Perreé, Charles Mollet
Perrée, Jean
Perree, Philippe
Perrée, Philip
Perrée, Charles
Perrée, George
Perrée, Jane Louisa
Perrée, Charles M
Perreé, Charles Mollet
Perrier, Francis
Perrier, Alfred
Perrier, Cecil Wilford
Perrier, Hedley Philip
Perrier, Cyril Wilfred
Perrin, Henry
Perrin, Yves
Perrin, Emile
Perrin, Arthur
Perring, William
Perring, John
Perrio, Louis Joseph
Perrion, Pierre
Perrion, Jane
Perrodon, Angle Marie
Perron, Ange Marie
Perron, Thomas
Perron, Michel
Perron, Jeanne
Perron, Josephine
Perron, Francois Marie
Perrot, John
Perrot, James
Perrot, Marie
Perrot, Jeanne Marie
Perry, Dennis
Perry, John
Perry, Emma
Perry, Henry
Perry, Eliza
Perry, Charles
Perry, Elizabeth
Perry, Jeanne M
Perry, Philip
Perry, Eliza
Perry, Hilda Louisa
Perry, Robert Charles Norman
Perry, Ernest Edward
Perry-Green, John
Perry-Green, Mary
Person, Antoine J M
Pertel, Alfred George Albert
Peste, Jean
Pestel, François
Peterelle, Marie
Peters, William
Peters, John
Peterson, John
Peterson, Owen
Peterson, John A
Petevin dit Le Roux, Charles
Pethcart, François
Peticain, François
Petiquain, Maude
Petiquin, Elias
Petit, Harrison
Petitcat, Francis
Petithon, Perine
Petithon, Perrine
Petra, John Alfred
Petra, Olga Jeanne Marie
Petticat, François
Petticat, Maud
Pettiquain, Maud
Pettiquin, Jules
Pettiquin, Jules Marie
Peugent, Yves
Peyronnet, John
Peyronnet, Jean
Pezet, François
Phelen, John
Philburn, Francis
Philip, George
Philip, John
Philip, François
Philipot, Desiré
Philippe, François
Philipps, Matthew John
Philipps, Reginald
Philips, Jean
Philips, George
Philips, Elizabeth
Philips, J W
Philips, John
Philips, Mary
Philips, Mary A
Philips, Richard
Philips, Matthew J
Philips, Charles
Philips , Mary A
Phillippe, François
Phillips, Thomas
Phillips, William
Phillips, Eliza
Phillips, James
Phillips, George
Phillips, Elizabeth
Phillips, Francis
Phillips, Mary Ann
Phillips, James
Phillips, Joseph
Phillips, Edward
Phillips, Frederick
Phillips, Reginald
Phillips, Ivor
Phillips, Philip Lewis
Piaceski, Alexandre
Pichedo, Marie Jeanne
Pichon, Francois
Pichon, Louis
Pichon, Eugène
Pichon, Lucienne
Pichon, Jean Jules
Pichon, Lucienne M L
Pickernell, George Edward
Picket, Walter
Picket, Thomas Clement
Picot, John
Picot, Margaret
Picot, Mary
Picot, Elias
Picot, Philip
Picot, Elie
Picot, Josue
Picot, Joseph J
Picot, John J
Picot, Alfred
Picot, Jean
Picot, William
Picot, Francis Ernest
Picot, Francis
Picot, Fanny
Picot, Louisa Jane
Picot, Philippe
Picot, Auguste
Picot, Elizabeth
Picot, Daniel
Picot, Archibald Harold
Picot, Frederick Edward
Picot, Florence
Picot, Florence Marie
Picot , John
Picot , Francis
Picquet, Thomas Charles
Picton, Thomas William
Piel, Pierre
Pierce, Mary
Pierce, John
Pierce, Louisa
Piercy, James
Pierre, Jean
Pierre, Marie Joseph
Pierre, Francois
Pierre, François Marie
Pierson, Joseph
Pigeon, Elijah
Pigeon, William
Pigeon, Pierre
Pigeon, Daniel
Pigeon, Daniel E
Pigeon, Edward
Pigeon, John
Pigeon, François
Pigeon, Jean
Pigeon, John Charles
Pignot, Auguste
Pihan, Thomas
Pihan, Harriet
Pihan, Tom
Pihan, Victor J
Pihan, Ernest John
Pike, John
Pike, Thomas
Pike, William
Pike, Sarah
Pike, Frederick
Pike, George
Pike, James
Pike, Frederick Samuel
Pike, Helen
Pike, Philip
Pike, Philip Frederick
Pike, Francis
Pike, Philip F
Pike, Charles
Pike , William
Pike , Frederick
Pim, William
Pinard, Julien
Pinard, Marie Francoise
Pincement, Victorine
Pincemin, Marie Louise
Pinchal, Louis Yves Marie
Pincheon, Thomas
Pincheon, John
Pinckett, John
Pinçon, Marie
Pine, Thomas
Pine, Alfred
Pinel, Helier
Pinel, Clement
Pinel, Philippe
Pinel, Herbert Ernest
Pinel, John
Pinel, John Hélier
Pinel , Clement
Pinel , John
Pingeley, Edward
Pingelley, Mary
Pinglaux, John
Pinkham, George
Pinkham, Asenath
Pinney, Edward Gosling
Pinnick, James
Pinot, Marie Francoise
Pinson, Tom
Pinteur, Auguste
Pinwell, Charles
Pinwell, Elias
Pinwell, John
Pipet, William
Pipet, Mrs
Pipon, James
Pipon, Mary
Pipon, John
Piprell, James
Piqueraud, David
Piquet, Thomas Charles
Piquet, Frederick Charles
Piquet, Thomas
Piquet, Marie Ann
Piquet, George Clement
Piquot, Jacques B
Pirouet, James
Pirouet, Josué
Pirouet, George
Pirouet, Elias
Pirouet, Jean
Pirouet, Philip
Pirouet, Francis
Pirouet, W
Pirouet, Alice
Pirouet, Mark
Pirouet, Herbert John
Pirouet, Matilda Ann
Pirouet, Francis William
Pitcher, William
Pitcher, Susan
Pitcher, Charles
Pitcher, Benjamin
Pitcher, Reginald William
Pitcher, Edith
Pitcher, Edith
Pitman, Isaac
Pitman, Louisa
Pitman, Albert
Pitman, Mary
Pitman, Mary Ann
Pitman, Arthur
Pitman, Albert Henry
Pitman, Samuel Albert
Pitman, Henry George
Pitois, Paul
Piton, Elizabeth
Piton, Nicolas
Piton, Abraham
Piton, John
Piton, Auguste
Pitt, Frank Reynolds
Pitt, Ryan
Pitters, John
Pittman, Isaac
Pittman, Louisa
Pittman, Albert
Pittman, William
Pittman, Mary Ann
Pittman, Mary J
Pittman, Arthur
Pitts, Samuel John Ellis
Place, Eliza
Place, Thomas P
Placque, Charles
Plaindamour, Auguste
Plaintel, Marie
Planner, Frederick John
Planner, James
Planner, Frederick J
Plesse, Elie
Pletinque, Emile
Pletinque, Ernest
Pléven, Joseph
Plevier, Jeanne
Plevin, Joseph
Plevin, Pierre
Plevin, Pierre Marie
Plongeon, Jean Baptiste
Plowman, Thomas
Plowman, Mary
Plowman, John
Pluck, Miles
Pluck, Ernest Albert
Plummer, Samuel
Poch, Anna
Poch, Ann
Podgen, Frederick
Podger, Charles
Podger, Albert
Poégévara, Vincent
Poidevin, John
Poidevin, Joseph
Poidevin, Thomas
Poidevin, Alfred
Poidevin, Alfred F
Poignand, Pierre
Poilpeau, Marie
Poilpot, Marie
Poilvé dit Gustave, Celestine
Poincel, Hyppolite
Poingdestre, Matthew George
Poingdestre, George
Poingdestre, Charles
Poingdestre, Jean
Poingdestre, James
Poingdestre, Louisa
Poingdestre, William Frederick
Poingdestre, P John
Poingdestre, Ernest
Poiré, François
Poirée, Pierre
Poirier, Prosper
Poirier, François
Poirier, Louis
Poirier, Proper
Poirier, Francis
Poirterin, Rachel
Poisson, Olivier
Poisson, Victor
Poisson, Louis Leon Alexandre
Poisson, John
Poisson, Jean
Poisson, Thomas
Poisson, Jeanne
Poisson, Louise
Poitevin, Jane
Poitevin, Amice
Poitier, Isabelle
Poitte, William R G
Pollard, Henry
Pollès, Guilleaume
Pollis, Guillaume
Polydore, Ann R
Polzia, Jean
Pomeroy, Robert
Pomfrey, Rhoda
Pondere, Victorine
Ponse, Marie
Pont, Nicolas
Poole, George
Poole, Henry
Poole, Mary
Poole, Violet Frances
Poole , Mary Ann
Pooles, Arthur Harold
Pooley, George
Pope, Joseph
Pope, William
Pope, Alderick
Pope, Thomas
Pope, Mary
Popelien, John
Popperel, Elizabeth
Porée, Adolphe
Porée, Gustave
Porter , Robert
Porter , James
Porter , Joseph
Porter , Elizabeth
Porter , Sarah M R
Porter , William
Porter , George
Porter , Thomas R
Possée, Marie
Potdevin, Marie
Potier, Marie Eugene
Potier, Yves Marie
Potier, Cyril Ernest Lancelot
Potier, Olive Bertha
Potter, Peter
Potter, John Thomas
Potter, Frederick
Potter, James Henry
Pottle, John
Pouclee, Jean
Pouclée, John
Pouclee, Ann
Pouclee, Caroline Esther
Pouclée, Harriet
Pouhaer, Francois
Pouhan, François
Pouher, François
Poulain, Théophile
Poulain, Leon
Poulain, François
Poulée, Caroline
Poulin, François
Poupin, Emile
Poupinèl, Pierre
Pouplard, Antoine dit Dasgages
Pouquelaie, Caroline Esther
Pow, Robert
Powell, Jasper
Powell, Clement
Powell, James
Powell, Thomas
Powell, Ann
Powell, David
Powell, Matthew H
Powell, Philip
Powell, Joseph
Powell, John James
Power, William
Power, John
Power, Ann
Power, Bridget
Power, James
Power, Thomas
Power, Ellen
Prall, Ann
Pralle, Rosa
Pratt, James
Pratt, Violet L M
Pratt, Christopher Jesse
Pratten, Joseph
Predick, Elizabeth
Preece, Thomas
Prempain, Peter
Prentice, James Francis
Preston, William
Preston, Henry
Preston, Julia
Prett, Elizabeth
Prevel, Jean Francois
Prevel, Ann
Prevel, Ann
Prevel, Joseph
Prevelle, Anne
Prevet, Adèle
Prezowski, Adam
Price, Edward
Price, Benjamin
Price, John
Price, Francis
Price, Samuel
Price, William
Price, Albert
Price, Alfred
Price, George
Price, Daniel William
Price , Alfred
Price , Samuel
Priddle, Nathanael
Priddy, George
Prier, George
Priest, George
Priestman, George
Prieur, Adrien
Prigeante, Marie Joseph
Prigent, Marie Jeanne
Prigent, Felix
Prigent, P Marie
Prigent, Albert
Prigeon, Leon
Prigeon, Jacques
Prigmore, Edwin
Prijean, Marie R
Prijean, Jeanne M
Primer, John
Primer, Louisa
Primer, Elizabeth
Primmer, William
Primmer, Jane
Prince, William
Prior, Ann
Prior, William
Prior, Richard
Prior, Leslie
Pritchard, Adam
Pritchard, Joseph
Privert, Jeanne
Procton, Richard W
Prodon, Frederick
Prosper, Thomas
Prosser, John
Prosser, Joseph
Proughton, Matthew
Proughton, Mrs
Proughton, Francis
Prowden, George
Pryce, Charles Lucas
Pryor, Patrick
Pryor, Richard
Puckle, Francis P
Puckridge, Oswald
Pudney, William Sydney
Puel, Julien
Pugent, Louis
Pugh, Henry
Pugh, Alexander
Pugsley, Thomas
Pugsley, Susan
Pujent, Marie Joseph
Pulfer, William Alfred
Pullbrook, Edward
Pulman, Joseph
Pulpher, Philip James
Purchase, Susan Mary
Purchase, Mary Ann
Purdy, Richard
Purdy, George
Purkess, William
Purkis, Arthur Mastan
Put, Louis
Rault, Catherine
Raux, Catherine
Sampson, William
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Robert
Smith, Violet L M
Smith , Ann
Splatt, Joseph
Staniford, Annie
Stark, Marie Ann
Tanner, Louisa
Tardivel, Marie R
Taylor, Mary
Thomas, Harry
Turner, Leslie
Whale, Emily
Whale, Emile
Wherry, Mary
Keywords prisons | Prisoners | criminals | crimes | indexes
Places Newgate Street
Dimensions 1 pdf file
Language English
Level of description Item
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


D/AG/B2/1/PThis item»

Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with P have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1


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