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Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with S have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

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Reference D/AG/B2/1/S
Date 1814 - 1936
Names Newgate Street Prison
Badge, Ann
Barnes, Mary
Bataille, Clemence
Bates, M J
Bates, Matilda Jane
Bauchet, Virginia
Baudains, Nancy
Baudains, Mary Ann
Best, Mary Ann
Billot, Berte Augustine
Bisson, Elizabeth
Bretel, Augustine Marie
Bretel, Child
Burns, John
Capelain, Marie
CARR, Catherine
Carver, John
Croizard, Eliza
Daniels, William Daniel
Davey, Elizabeth
Davey, Ada Elizabeth
Davis, John
Drummond, Mary E
Eagan, Ann
Edwards, George
Edwards, Henry
Elliott, Jeanne
Fesey, Ann
Gentleman, J
Georges, Ellen
Gordon, Elizabeth
Guernsey, Bill
Haddon, Ann
Hamilton, Margaret
Hamilton, Ann Jane
Hanaffen, Ann
Hanafin, Ann
Hannafin, Ann Jane
Hannafin, Margaret
Hill, George
Hoare, Louisa
Hounsel, George
Igo, Honoria
Inches, Elizabeth
Janvrin, Sarah
Jeandron, Mary Ann
Johnson, John
Jones, William
Keeping, Thomas
La Motte, Pierre
La Nièce, Priscilla
La Nièce, Prescilla
Lakeman, Julia Jane
L'Amy, W Annie
Le Gros, George
Lee, Charlotte
Liet, Emily
Lucas, Annie
Lukins, Emma
Marie, Justine
Matthews, John
Merrick, Alfred
Nicolle, Mary Ann
O'Donoghue, Agnes Amelia
Postel, Harriet
Proughton, Ann
Rafferty, Eliza
Roberts, Charles
Roberts, Patrick
Ross, J
Sabot, Victor
Sacomb, Henry
Saddler, John
Saddler, Susan
Saddler, Frederick
Saddler, Joseph
Sadgrove, Thomas L
Sadler, Jane
Sadler, Susan
Sadler, Frederick
Sadler, Charles
Sadler, Jack
Sado, Jeanne M
Sado, Francoise
Sado, Ferdinand
Sado, Constant
Sadoe, Elizabeth Marie
Sadoe, Ann
Sadoe, Anne
Sadot, Jeanne M
Sadot, Françoise
Sadou, Françoise
Sadou, Anne
Sage, Oliver
Sage, Henry
Sagorin, François
Sainey, William
Sainthillon, Rose
Salamont, Peter
Salin, Anthoine
Salin, Antoine
Salisbury, Frederick
Salker, Samuel
Salley dit la Côte, Pierre Louis Arsène
Salliot, Armand
Sallon, Victorine
Sallon, Yves
Sallon , Auguste
Sallow, Antoine
Salmon, Thomas
Salmon, Mrs
Salmon, Peter
Salmon, Jean
Salmon, Perine
Salmon, P
Salmon, Pierre
Salmon, John
Salmon, Jean Sénateur
Salmon, Jean S
Salmon, Pierre
Salmon, Edward
Salt, William
Salter, John
Salter, Mary Ann
Salthill, Thomas
Salty, Thomas
Sampson, William
Sampson, James
Sampson, Mary
Sampson, Ann
Sampson, George
Sams, Joseph
Samson, Mary
Samson, Peter
Samson, James
Samson, John
Samuel, Jacob
Samuel, Thomas Charles
Samuels, Edwin
Sandal, John
Sanders, Philip
Sanders, Clément
Sanders, James George
Sanders, Sophie
Sanders, George
Sanders, Winter
Sandey, William
Sandford, William
Sandicock, David
Sandrey, William
Sandry, William
Sandy, Eliza
Sandy, Frederick
Sandycombe, Mr 
Sangan, Maturin
Sangan, Jean
Sangan, Marie
Sangan, Louis
Sansbury, Charles
Sansbury, Ann
Saout, Louis
Saph, Edwin
Sapin, Louis
Sarah, Ann
Sargeant, William
Sargeant, Ethel Georgina
Sargent, Dinah
Sargent, William
Sarot, Philip
Sarre, James
Sarre, John
Sarre, Jane
Sarre, Henry
Sarson, Thomas
Satchell, Edward
Satchwell, William
Satter, Philip
Saulnier, Albert
Saunders, William
Saunders, John
Saunders, Philip
Saunders, Frederick
Saunders, Joseph
Saunders, David
Saunders, James George
Saunders, George
Saunders, James
Saunders, Ann
Saunders, Isabella
Saunders, Albert
Saunders, Auguste
Saunders, Winter
Saunders, Henry Philip
Saunders, George Henry
Saunders, Henry
Saunders, E Jane
Saunders, Percival Le Clair
Saussey, John
Saussey, Louis Jean
Sauvage, Pierre
Sauvage, Peter
Sauvage, Anna
Sauvage, Elizabeth Ann
Sauvage, Thomas
Sauvaget, George
Sauvé, Louis
Sauvé, Justine
Sauvé, Louis N G C
Sauvé, Andrew
Savage, Robert
Savage, John
Savary, Marie
Savers, John
Savidan, Yves M
Saville, Walter S
Savoureux, Jean Louis
Savourin, Jeanne
Sawyer, Samuel
Scagele, Samuel
Scalding, Mary Ann
Scales, Jane
Scales, Mary J
Scales, Mary Jane
Scalf, Ellen
Scamel, James
Scandlin, Thomas
Scandlin, James
Scandling, Jane
Scandling, James
Scandling, Joseph
Scandling, Mary A
Scandling, Mary Ann
Scanlan, Nancy
Scantling, Mary Ann
Scarborough, Charles
Scarf, Ellen
Scarrott, Charles
Scelles, Jean François Nicolas
Schaad, Albert
Schenider, John
Schmitz, Hervick
Schneider, John
Schnieder, John
Schofield, Stanley G
Scholard, Nicolas
Schultz, Charles
Scissons, Thomas
Scolfield, John
Scoones, George
Scott, Archibald
Scott, Edward
Scott, Charles
Scott, Edmond
Scott, Frederick
Scott, Robert
Scott, John
Scott, David
Scott, Ernest
Scott, Arthur
Scott, Charles Kinsgly
Scoulin, James
Screaton, Thomas
Scrivens, Edward
Scrivins, John
Scullan, James
Scully, Daniel
Scully, Patsy
Scully, William
Scully, Mary Ann
Seale, John
Searel, William
Searl, George
Searle, John
Searle, Henry
Searle, Jesse
Searle, William
Searle, Robert
Searley, John
Searly, John
Seaward, Leon Gerald
Sebert, Josephine
Sebire, John
Sebire, Jean
Sebire, Constant
Sebire, Julia Jane
Sebline, Louis
Seeley, Richard Edward
Seeney, Jane
Segnen, Louis G
Segnen, Mrs
Segouin, Pierre
Sehier, Clemence
Seigle, Alfred
Selby, William
Selby, Thomas
Selden, Ann
Selle, J M F
Sellers, Robert Low
Sellwood, Sarah
Sellwood, Child
Selous, Elias
Selvey, Henry
Semper, Charles
Sempers, Charles
Sempers, Charles Robert
Senechal, Marie
Seney, William
Seney, John
Seney, Joseph
Seney, Jane
Seney, Mary
Senior, Henry
Separe, Edward
Seppeck, William
Sequillon, Anne Marie
Sequillon, Marie
Serandour, Jean Marie
Seraphin, Auguste
Sercombe, William
Sercombe, George H
Sergeant, Jane
Sergent, George
Sergent, Dinah
Serson, Pierre
Serson, Peter
Serson, Francis
Serson, Pierre
Serson, Joseph August
Severns, Thomas
Seward, George
Seward, Jonas
Seward, John
Seward, Philemon
Sewel, George
Seybourn, Mary A
Seymour, William
Seymour, Hedley
Shales, Alfred
Shales, James
Shales, John
Shales, Charles
Shales, F E A
Shales, M J
Shales, Matilda Jane
Shales, Walter John
Shales, William Henry
Shallow, John
Shane, Elizabeth
Shanks, William
Shannon, Patrick
Shannon, Mary
Shappick, William James
Sharland, George
Sharland, Louisa
Sharland, William
Sharland, Alice
Sharland, John
Sharp, Thomas
Sharp, George
Sharp, John
Shaugnessy, Patrick
Shaves, William
Shaw, James
Shaw, Thomas
Shaw, Nelson E
Shaw, Kate
Shaw, Henry
Shaw, McNelson
Shaw, John
Shay, John
Shayles, James
Shea, Timothy
Shea, Catherine
Shea, John
Shea, Dennis
Shean, James
Shean, William
Shearin, John
Shearing, Arthur
Shearl, Cyril John
Shears, John
Shears, Cliffard Charles
Shedore, John
Shee, John
Sheehan, Thomas Joseph
Sheen, John
Sheen, Thomas
Shellady, William
Shello, John
Shelly, Catherine
Shelton, Ann
Sheneer, Henry
Shepard, Ann
Shepherd, Francis
Sheppeck, William Charles
Sheppeck, Charles
Shepperd, George
Shepton, Charles
Sheridan, George
Sheridan, John
Sheridan, Michael
Sherlock, Philip
Sherry, Daniel
Shield, Henry
Shields, Mary
Shillite, Thomas
Shiner, John
Shiner, Julia
Shiner, William
Shiner, Matilda
Shiner, Rose Eva
Shinnar, John
Shippard, James
Shippard, Joseph
Shippeck, William
Shirlock, Richard
Shirlock, Patrick
Shoe, Thomas
Shopland, William
Short, Lewis
Short, Alfred
Short, Henry
Short, William
Short, John
Short, Francis
Short, Harry
Shortman, Frederick Cyril
Showel, Joshua
Showell, Henry
Showell, Joshua
Showell, W G
Showell, William
Showell, William George
Showell, Richard
Showell, William George James
Shutler, James
Shutley, James
Shutter, Charles
Shuttr, Charles
Sibley, Eliza
Sibley, Julia
Sibley, Cecil Warwick
Sibly, Julia
Sibron, Auguste
Siddall, George
Silby, Frederick
Silby, Benjamin
Silly, Thomas
Silsbury, Stephen
Simmonds, Robert
Simmonds, Samuel
Simmonds, William
Simmonds, Joseph
Simmonds, Walter Alfred
Simmonds, Stanley Ernest
Simmons, Ann
Simmons, William
Simmons, Charles
Simmons, Albert H
Simmons, Arthur
Simmons, Stanley
Simmons, Stanley E
Simmons, Roland
Simmons, Stanley Ernest
Simms, Reginald
Simon, Thomasse
Simon, Philip
Simon, Henry
Simon, Mary
Simon, Pierre
Simon, Nancy
Simon, Mary Ann
Simon, Thomas
Simon, Estelle
Simon, Jean François
Simon, William Philip
Simon, Francois
Simon, Alfred William
Simon, Augustine Marie
Simon, Jean François
Simon, Jean
Simon, Berte Augustine
Simonet, Pierre
Simonet, Jean
Simpson, Ann
Simpson, William J
Simpson, Charles
Simpson, W
Sims, George
Sims, John
Sims, Albert
Sinclair, Henry
Sinclair, Robert
Sinclair, George
Sinden, Mary
Sinden, Elizabeth
Sinel, George
Sinel, James
Sinel, John
Sinel, Henry John
Sinel, James E
Single, Edward
Single, Alfred
Single, Stanley
Single, Arthur
Singleton, John
Singleton, Daniel
Sinnatt, William
Sinnatt, William Samuel
Sivadier, André
Skelly, William
Skerdon, Thomas
Skewes, Sarah
Skinner, William
Skotnicke, Charles Kenster
Slade, Marcus
Slade, Emily
Slader, Robert
Slader, Charles
Slader, Stephen
Slater, William
Sliock, John
Sloggatt, Elizabeth
Slowman, Thomas
Sluggat, Thomas
Slyfield, John
Slymin, James
Smale, John
Small, William
Small, Richard
Small, George
Small, James
Small, John
Smallicombe, Hugh
Smith, John Thomas
Smith, George
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Ann
Smith, Richard
Smith, Henry
Smith, Patrick
Smith, James
Smith, William
Smith, Lydia
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Robert
Smith, Jane
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Eliza
Smith, John
Smith, Rosana
Smith, Stephen
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Amos
Smith, Charles
Smith, Mary
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, George R
Smith, Matthew
Smith, Mitchell
Smith, John W
Smith, Priscilla
Smith, Andrew Clarke
Smith, Steven
Smith, Harriet
Smith, John Bennett
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Joseph Bennett
Smith, John B
Smith, Alfred
Smith, Harriet
Smith, Peter
Smith, Samuel
Smith, J E
Smith, J W
Smith, Isaac
Smith, William F John
Smith, Harry A
Smith, Edley Harold
Smith, Louisa
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Alfred James
Smith, Edmund Darcy
Smith, Edward D'Arcy
Smith, James Howard
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Edmund Walter
Smith, Edward Thomas
Smith, Vernon
Smith, Edward Walter
Smith, Clifford Ogier
Smith, Ellen
Smoker, James
Snell, Edward
Snell, William
Snell, George
Snell, Emma
Snellgrove, George
Snelling, William
Snellings, William
Snooks, John Hutton
Snow, Thomas
Snow, John
Snowgrove, George
Soady, Henrietta Mary Ann
Socquet, Jean
Sohier, Thomas
Sohier, Jean
Sohier, Paul
Sohier, Jean Mathurin
Solin, Michael
Soliver, François
Sollick, John
Solomon, John
Solomon, Thomas
Sooley, William
Soper, Henry
Soper, William
Sophie, Amon
Sophie, Armand
Sophie, George A
Sopper, Elizabeth
Sore, Jane
Sorel, Edmond
Sorel, Mary Jane
Sort, Edmond
Soudain, Annie
Souder, Philippe
Soudet, Jean
Soulè, William
Souley, William Hammond
South, James
Southard, Daisy
Southeon, Frank Thomas
Souvigny, Louis R
Sowden, George Henry
Spanner, Joe
Spanner, Joseph
Sparkes, George
Spears, Edward Stanley
Speers, Sydney
Speller, Henry
Spence, Thomas
Spence, Alexander
Spencer, James
Spencer, Amelia
Spencer, Edward
Spencer, Elizabeth
Spencer, Edward James
Spencer, Henry
Spencer, John Edward
Spiller, Lucy
Spiller, Frederick
Spiller, Thomas Henry
Spinner, Henry
Spiro, Albert
Spittle, Francis
Splatt, Robert
Splatt, Joseph
Splatt, Jane
Splint, Elizabeth
Sponsford, Thomas
Sponsford, Matilda
Spratt, James
Spratt, Sarah
Spratt, Samuel
Sprigg, Henry
Spring, Thomas
Spring, John
Springate, James P
Sprules, Leslie Vivian
Spurling, Geoffrey
Spurling, Geoffrey Carrington
Square, George
Square, Frank
Squibb, Robert
Squibb, George
Squibble, Daniel Cox
Squires, Samuel
Squires, George Charles
St Clair, Frank
St George, Charles
St George, Thomas
St George, Mary Maria
St George, Francis
St George, Frederick
St John, J M
St John, Elizabeth
St John, Margaret
St Ogier, Marie
Stabb, John
Stacey, Alfred
Stader, Robert
Stafford, John
Stainer, Thomas
Stainsbury, Mary
Stainsbury, Mary Elizabeth
Stamberg, Mary
Stanaway, William
Stanaway, John
Stanberry, Eliza
Stanbridge, Frederick
Staneford, James
Staneford, Jonas
Stanesley, Eli
Stanford, William
Stanlake, William
Stanley, George
Stanley, Fanny
Stansbury, May Elizabeth
Stansfield, Daniel Albert
Stansfield, David Albert
Stanton, William
Stanton, George
Stanton, Francis
Stanton, Thomas
Stanton, Cecil
Staples, Ellen
Stapleton, Mary
Stapleton, Hugh
Stapleton, Daniel
Star, Joseph
Star, Mrs
Starck, John
Starck, Elie
Starck, Eliza
Starck, Mary Ann
Starck, Philippe
Starck, Edward
Stark, Mary Ann
Stark, John
Stark, Eliza
Stark, Edward
Statt, Daniel
Statt, Edward
Statt, R Herbert
Staunton, Eliza
Staunton, William
Stead, Charles
Stead, John
Stead, Richard Orme
Steadwick, William
Steansons, Mrs
Steansons, Child
Steel, John
Steel, James
Steel, George
Steel, William
Steel, Edward James
Steele, Lieutenant
Steele, Mary
Steele, James Jackson
Steele, Thomas
Steele, Robert
Steele, Joseph
Steele, Walter
Steer, Jabez
Steiger, Virginia
Stenou, Louis Albert
Stent, Edmund
Stephens, James
Stephens, Daniel
Stephens, J
Stephens, William C
Stephens, George
Stephens, Frederick
Stephens, Henrietta
Stephens, Harriet
Stephens, Theodore
Stephens, Joseph C
Stephens, Richard
Stephens, W Annie
Stephenson, William
Sterlin, Henri
Sterlings, Auguste Baptiste
Stevens, Richard
Stevens, George
Stevens, Harry
Stevens, Mary J
Stevens, Mary Jane
Stevens, Mary Ann
Stevens, Jane
Stevens, Jacob
Stevens, Edward
Stevens, Thomas
Stevens, Edwin
Stevens, Rose
Stevens, Charles James
Stevenson, William
Stevenson, Norman Broughton
Steward, Isaac
Stewart, Ann
Stewart, John
Stewart, Ann Jane
Stewart, Margaret
Stewart, William
Stickland, Amelia
Stocker, Reginald
Stockley, Elizabeth M
Stofer, Joseph
Stokes, Betsey
Stokes, Elizabeth
Stokes, Eliza
Stokes, Eli
Stone, Ann
Stone, Edward
Stone, Thomas
Stone, John
Stone, Richard
Stone, Richard Winter
Stone, Samuel
Stone, John Thomas
Stone, Henry
Stonebridge, John
Stoneman, Francis
Stones, William
Stoodley, William
Stoodley, Arthur
Stoodley, Arthur Joseph
Stoper, Charles
Stopher, Charles
Stopher, J T Charles
Stopher, Harold Clarence
Storey, Edward
Stormer, Daniel
Story, John
Stott, Robert
Stoyles, George
Strang, P McKenzie
Strange, Benjamin
Strange, P McKenzie
Stranger, Charles
Stratford, Charles
Stratford, Mary E
Stratton, William Henry
Stratton, William
Strattor, William
Streams, Albert
Street, William
Street, James
Strickland, Agnes Amelia
Strike, Mary
Strikes, Mary
Stroom, Marie
Stroud, Robert
Stroud, William
Strout, William
Strudwick, Thomas Arthur
Strugnell, Charles
Stuart, Samuel
Stuart, Philip Charles
Stuart, Alexander Cameron
Stubbins, John
Stucker, George
Studley, Henry
Studley, Ann
Studley, Arthur
Studwick, Henry
Stukey, Peter
Stupple, March
Sturkey, William
Stych, William
Styles, Bridget
Styles, Thomas
Styles, George
Styles, Mary Jane
Styles, Albert John
Suckley, Alexander
Suddery, Nathanael
Suliot, Armand
Sullivan, Timothy
Sullivan, Denis
Sullivan, Ann
Sullivan, Floran
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, Cornelius
Sullivan, Mrs
Sullivan, Barry
Sullivan, Laurence
Sullivan, Dennis
Sullivan, Patrick
Sullivan, Eugene
Sullivan, Michael
Sullivan, Eugene
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Honoria
Sullivan, George
Sullivan, Edward
Sullivan, Ellen
Sullivan, Daniel
Sullivan, Catherine
Sullivan, William
Sullivan, Alfred George
Sullivan, William Daniel
Sullivan, Stanley Turner
Sullivan, Andrew
Summer, Francis
Summerhays, George
Summers, Robert
Summers, Daniel
Summers, Isaac James
Summers, George
Summers, Isaac
Summers, Martha
Summers, James
Summerville, Thomas
Sumner, Samuel
Supple, John
Supple, P
Supple, Elizabeth
Supple, Mary Ann
Supple, Mary A
Supple, Bridget
Surcouf, Alexandre
Surcouf, Albert
Surcouf, John
Surcouf, Peter Charles
Surcouf, Ernest
Surcouf, Alfred
Surcouf, Albert Alexandre
Surcouf, Alfred Francis
Surcouf, Albert A
Suret, Mary Jane
Surett, Frank
Surevy, Albert
Surguy, Sidney John
Surles, Ann
Surre, Felix
Sutcliffe, John William
Sutton, John Willian
Sutton, Robert Victor
Swafield, George
Swain, William
Swayne, James Henry William
Sweeney, Thomas
Sweeney, John
Sweeney, James
Sweeney, Mary Ann
Sweeney, Charles
Sweeney, Patrick
Sweeney, Francis
Sweeny, Edward
Sweet, Elizabeth
Sweetapple, Richard
Sweney, Eliza
Sweney, Julia
Swietoslawski, Frederick
Syborn, Charles
Syborn, George Thomas
Syborn, Edith Linda
Syborn, Elizabeth
Syborn, Ada Elizabeth
Syborn, Alfred James
Sylvester, George Richard
Symes, Henry
Symmonds, Arthur
Symmons, William
Symonds, John
Symonds, Samuel
Symons, Richard
Symons, Charles
Symons, Reginald Thomas
Symons, Bernard William
Synge, Follett
Syvertsen, Hendrik
Syvret, Elias
Syvret, Peter
Syvret, Jane
Syvret, George
Syvret, George E
Syvret, Edward
Syvret, Elizabeth
Syvret, John F
Syvret, Philip John
Syvret, Jean
Syvret, John
Syvret, George Edward
Syvret, Philip J
Syvret, L Dumaresq
Taylor, George
Thwaites, Thomas
Turner, Charles
Van Heerden, L G
Vasper, Mary
Walsh, Rose
Walsh, Henrietta
Warren, Daisy
Way, Ann
Way, Anne
Welsh, Martha
Wilson, Jane
Woodley, Elizabeth Ann
Keywords prisons | Prisoners | criminals | crimes | indexes
Places Newgate Street
Dimensions 1 pdf file
Language English
Level of description Item
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


D/AG/B2/1/SThis item»

Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with S have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1


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