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Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with T have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

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Reference D/AG/B2/1/T
Date 1814 - 1936
Names Newgate Street Prison
Austin, Alice
Benson, William
Bold, Mary Ann
Bold, Ann
Burke, Alexandrine
Butcher, Jane
Butler, Jane
Chafrois, Frederick
Crebert, Jean Désiré
Davis, Albert
de Veulle, Alfred
Desvergers, Seline
Elwood, Mary
Ford, Jane
Frotin, Marie
Gallichan, Marie
Gallichan, Emily
Galodd, Marie
Geoffroy, Mary Ann
Grandin, Emblyn
Hibbs, Ellen E
Hill, Elizabeth
Jean, Désiré
Lawrence, Elizabeth
Mahoney, Mary
McNamara, Amelia
Miller, Mary Ann
Mitchell, Ann
Morin, Joseph
Morton, Frederick
Nevros, Ernest
O'Connor, Sarah
Osborne, John
Pitman, Louisa
Royer, Clémentine
Spiller, Ellen
Stokes, Henry
Tabadan, Charles
Tabbs, George
Tabbs, Charles
Tabbs, John
Tachen, Guilleaume
Tachon, Guillaume
Tachon, Noel
Tackerbury, Richard
Tackerbury, Edward
Tackney, John
Tadier, Louis
Tadle, Samuel
Tagney, Ann
Takerbury, Edward
Talaverdon, Jean
Talbot, Susan
Talbot, Ralf
Talepied, Marie
Talibart, Marie
Tall, George
Tall, John
Tall, Benjamin
Tall, William H
Tallet, Jacques
Tamblin, Richard
Tandé, Lea
Tangui, Jeanne M
Tanguy, Philip John
Tanguy, Joseph
Tanguy, Marie Josèphe
Tanguy, Marie Joseph
Tanguy, Yvonne
Tanguy, Mathurin
Tanguy, P M
Tanguy, Emile
Tank, Ernest
Tank, Charles Henry
Tanks, William Patrick
Tanner, Charles
Tanner, Louisa
Tanner, George
Tanner, Mary Ann
Tapin, Pierre
Tapsgate, George
Tarallé, Jean
Tarcel, Henry
Tarchet, Marie Josephine
Tardef, Marie Leonie
Tardif, Octave
Tardivel, François
Tardivel, Jean
Tardivel, Marie Francoise
Tardivel, Yves
Tardivel, Francois Marie
Tardivel, François
Tardivel, Pierre
Tardivel, Jean Louis
Tardivel, James
Tardiviel, Francois
Tardiville, Pierre
Target, William
Tarin, Pierre
Tarragan, Bryan
Tarran, William
Tarran, Mrs
Tarraway, James E
Tasblez, Jean
Tasse, Marie J
Taston, Joseph
Taton, Matthieu
Taton, Joseph
Tâton, Albert Joseph
Taton, A J
Tatum, Alfred
Taudemer, Jean
Taulin, Alfred
Taulin, Marie
Taunton, Horace Stanley William
Taunton, Hugh Grosvenor
Tautin, Pascal
Tautrel, Marie
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, Mary Ann
Taylor, John
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Ann
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, Mary A
Taylor, Henry
Taylor, William
Taylor, Tom
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, Rose
Taylor, James
Taylor, Paul
Taylor, Alice
Taylor, George William
Taylor, Alfred
Taylor, Albert
Taylor, Stanley Edward
Taylor, Arthur Henry
Taylor, William John
Teague, Walter
Teer, John
Telt, William
Templeman, David
Tenant, Michael
Tennant, Henry
Tennier, Jean
Terdre, John James
Terey, Jacques
Terrin, Pierre
Terrin, Louis
Terrin, Auguste
Terson, Antenor Pierre Auguste
Teruple, Charles
Tessier, Louise
Tesson, Anténor Pierre Auguste
Tett, James
Texerran, Benjamin Isadore
Thackwell, G W
Thebault, Guillaume
Thébaut, Mary Ann
Thébot, Louise
Thepaut, Jean
Thepaut, Guillaume
Thépaut, Guilleaume
Thepaut, Theophile
Thepaut, Theophile
Thépot, Théophile
Thérin, Pierre Louis
Thérin, Louis
Therin, Alfred Francois
Therin, Pierre
Therin, Pierre Marie
Therin, Hippolyte
Thérin, Sydney
Therin, Jacque Marie
Thérin, Louis
Therin, Jean Marie
Thérin, Jean
Therry, Ernest O
Thibot, Jane
Thiebot, Louis
Thiébot, Jane
Thiébot, Jean Jacques
Thiébot, Jean J
Thiébot, Jane
Thiébot, Jules
Thiebot, Emile
Thiépaut, Guilleaume
Thiépaut, Théophile
Thigue, Marie
Thiquer, Marie
Thirel, Mary
Thirell, Mary
Thoburn, Johnson
Thomas, Francis
Thomas, John
Thomas, George
Thomas, Norah
Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Stephen
Thomas, William
Thomas, Isaac J
Thomas, Isaac
Thomas, Richard
Thomas, Jean
Thomas, Thomas
Thomas, Francois
Thomas, William Henry
Thomas, Susanne
Thomas, James
Thomas, Marie
Thomas, Alexandre
Thomas, Joseph J B
Thomas, Frederick
Thomas, Françoise
Thomas, William H
Thomas, Jeanne Marie
Thomas, Jean Francois Marie
Thomas, Rosalie
Thomas, Yves
Thomas, Anne Marie
Thomas, Francois
Thomas, Elias
Thomas, Eugene
Thomas, Francis Joseph
Thomas, Harry
Thomas, H J Y
Thomas, Arsène
Thomas, Y J Pierre
Thomas, Henry J Y
Thomas, Henri J Y
Thomas, Ernest
Thomas, Sidney William
Thomas, Philip John
Thomas, Ann
Thomas, H J
Thomas, Harry T Y
Thomas, Harry
Thomas, William Jack
Thompson, Mrs
Thompson, Michael
Thompson, Margaret
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, John
Thompson, William
Thompson, Edward
Thompson, James
Thompson, John Covill
Thompson, James Charles
Thompson, Andrew
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Lawson
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, Laurence W
Thompson, Laurence William
Thompson, Arthur John
Thoms, Peter
Thoms, James
Thoraval, Jean Marie
Thoreau, N M Auguste
Thorel, Alfred Ferdinand
Thoreux, Julien
Thoreux, Ange
Thorington, Mary Ann
Thorn, James
Thorn, Thomas
Thorn, John
Thorn, Mary
Thorn, Walter
Thorne, Elizabeth
Thorne, Charles Thomas
Thorne, Charles
Thorne, Amy
Thorne, John
Thorne, John Henry
Thorne, Charlotte
Thorne, Frederick
Thorne, George Henry
Thorne, Walter
Thornhill, Henry James
Thornley, Charles F
Thornton, Mary Ann
Thornton, Mary A
Thornton, Thomas
Thorpe, John
Thoumaine, Joseph
Thoumine, Jean Louis
Throut, Jane
Thuillier, John Louis Albert
Thulie, Philomène
Thurbert, Alfred
Thurbert, Auguste Alfred Bienaimé
Thurbert, A A Bienaime
Thurfaine, Marie
Thurlow, Robert James
Thurmel, John
Thurston, Louisa
Tibet, William Charles
Tibot, William
Tibot, William Charles
Tichet, Jean
Tickle, Ruth
Tickner, John
Tideman, Louis
Tidy, William
Tidyman, William
Tidyman, Lewis
Tiel, John A
Tiélec, Marie
Tielot, Victoire
Tiernan, Fanny
Tierney, Jane
Tierney, Patrick
Tierney, Edward
Tierney, Mary Ann
Tierney, Thomas
Tierney, Andrew
Tiernot, Victoire
Tierny, Bryan
Tierny, Fanny
Tiget, Jean B
Tighe, Michael
Tilley, Daniel
Tilley, François
Tilley, Samuel Gordon
Tilley, Marie
Tillez, George
Tilly, Thomas
Tilly, Daniel
Tilly, Francois Marie
Tilly, Marie
Timms, John
Timms, George
Tinckam, John
Tineves, Jean M
Tinon, Thomas
Tinson, Mary Ann
Tiny, William
Tiphaigne, Léonie
Tirel, Emile
Tirel, Amédée
Tirel, B D G
Tirel, Henry
Tirel, Albert George
Tirel, Albert
Tirel, Joseph Marie
Tirel, Bertha J F
Tirrel, Mary
Tisne, Emelia
Tisson, Eugene
Tisson, George Mauger
Tisson, Charles William
Tite, James Baxter
Tite, Frederick James
Tobb, Nathan G
Tobin, Mary
Tobin, Patrick
Tobin, James Patrick
Tocque, John
Tocqué, Louis Frederick
Tocquer, Louis
Tocquet, Maria
Todereau, George
Todgham, James
Tolan, Patrick
Toll, Thomas
Toll, Robert
Tolmeri, Louis
Tolmire, Honorine
Tom, Patrick
Tomalin, Marie
Tomisson, Ellen
Tomkins, William
Tomkins, Maria
Tomkins, Thomas
Tomkins, David
Tomlinson, William
Tomlinson, Ellen
Tompkins, Frederick
Toms, Mary A
Toms, James
Toms, Elizabeth
Tonchard, Alphonse
Toner, John
Toner, Patrick
Toneri, Anthony
Toneri, L William
Toogood, George
Toogood, William Harold
Tool, Philip
Tooms, George
Toomy, Jeremiah
Tooney, Jeremiah
Tooney, G Jeremiah
Tootle, John
Torode, Margaret
Torode, James
Torode, Mrs
Torode, Mary
Torode, Nicholas
Torode, Wilfred Nicholas
Torpy, John
Torrington, M A
Torsen, Johannes
Tosdevin, Peter
Tosdevin, Elizabeth
Tosdevin, Mary Ann
Tosdevin, Mary
Tostevin, Elizabeth
Tostevin, Peter John
Tostevin, J P
Tostevin, Clarence Charles
Tostevin, Daniel John
Touchard, Alphonse
Toudic, Marie Yvonne
Toudic, Jean Francois
Toudic, Marcel
Touloge, Thomas
Toulon, Jean Pierre
Toulson, Harry
Toupin, Joseph
Tourgis, Philip
Tournement, Yves
Tournement, Yves Marie
Tournemont, Yves
Tousbery, Robert
Toussaint, Auguste J L
Tout, Elizabeth
Tout, Sarah
Tout, John
Toutel, Marie
Touttin, Marie Rose
Touzeau, Frederick
Touzel, Philip
Touzel, Thomas
Touzel, George
Touzel, George G
Touzel, John
Touzel, Charles P
Touzel, Auguste
Touzel, Philip R
Touzel, Edwin
Touzel, Eugene
Touzel, Edward
Touzel, John Thomas
Touzel, Thomas John
Touzel, Jean L
Touzer, Eugène
Toweraker, Richard
Towers, Joseph
Towner, Timothy
Townly, George
Townsend, Cecilia
Townsend, Petty
Townsend, Elizabeth
Townsent, Herbert
Townsley, Richard
Towsey, Thomas
Toy, Alfred
Tozer, Frederick
Traboulet, Yves
Tracey, Thomas
Trachy, John
Trahearn, Henry
Traill, James
Trainer, Francis
Traisel, Frederick
Traquers, Yves
Trash, John
Travers, Jacques
Travers, Marie
Travers, Morris
Travers, Joseph
Travers, Jean Désiré
Travers, Auguste
Travers, Emile
Travers, B Auguste B
Travers, Seline
Trawartha, Paul
Tray, Mary Ann
Traylen, Ernest James
Traylor, Leonard
Treadway, George
Treadwell, Henry
Treadwin, Henry
Treadwin, James
Treadwind, Henry
Treasure, William
Trébouta, Philomène
Tredon, Pierre
Tredway, George
Tredwin, William Thomas
Trees, Samuel
Treffroy, Emblyn
Treffry, Emblyn
Trefoil, Yves
Trefoil, Yves Marie
Trefol, Yves
Tregaskis, Reginald
Tregear, William
Tregion, Marie Loriess
Tregiou, Marie Louise
Trégiou, Marie Lorens
Tregonnin, Hugh
Trehain, Francis
Tréhier, Josephine
Trehiou, Marie Lawrence
Tréhiou, Marie
Trehiou, Yves Marie
Tréhiou, E M Joseph
Trehou, Josephine
Treleavan, Joseph
Trelevan, Thomas
Trenchard, Henry James
Trenchard, Frederick Edward
Trenel, Marie Yvonne
Trequer, Catherine
Trequier, Josephine
Tressard, Alfred
Trevor, Frank
Trewarthan, Joseph
Trewmy, Jane
Treyorkis, William
Trezise, James
Triaulle, J M
Tridgell, Emma
Trie, Joseph
Trigalet, Fritz
Trigell, Frederick
Trigg, Fanny
Triggear, William
Triggs, John
Trillont, Guillaume
Trillont, Guilleaume
Trim, John
Trinder, Clarence F D
Trion, E M Joseph
Triou, Eugène
Tripconey, John Pascoe
Trist, William
Troadec, Emile
Troake, John
Troalec, Julien
Trocaire, Joseph
Trochet, Peter
Troker, Joseph
Trolly, William
Trott, Thomas
Trouadec, Paul
Trouvé, Réné
Trouville, Yves
Troy, Michael
Troy, William
Trudgeon, Kenneth
Truffant, Amelia
Truffaut, Alexandrine
Trump, Manuel
Truscott, Ellen E
Truscott, Sydney William
Trush, J
Try, William
Tual, Jean Baptiste
Tub, Mary
Tubbs, Nathan
Tuberty, Cornelius
Tuck, Harry
Tuck, Ernest
Tuckaberry, Edward
Tucker, John
Tucker, Ann
Tucker, James
Tucker, Richard
Tucker, William
Tucker, Robert
Tucker, Henry
Tucker, Richard Robert
Tucker, Louisa
Tucker, Charles
Tucker, John William
Tucker, Frederick Gerald
Tucker, Charles Ernest
Tuckesbury, Mary
Tudo, Pierre
Tudo, François
Tudo, Auguste
Tudo, Emelie C M
Tudo, Emily
Tudot, Pierre
Tudot, François
Tuds, Pierre
Tuer, Thomas
Tuffield, E A
Tuffin, Ellen
Tuffin, Elizabeth
Tuffin, Job
Tuley, William
Tull, Ralph
Tunnick, Edward
Tunnick, Mary
Tupin, Eulalie
Turban, Marie N
Turban, Charles
Turbiaux, Julie Laurens
Turbor, Marie Josephine
Turgis, Mr 
Turgley, Hugh
Turgot, Paul
Turgot, Marie
Turgot, Theophile
Turmail, Marie
Turmel, Victor
Turmel, Victor M
Turnbull, James
Turnel, François
Turnel, Victor
Turner, Kay
Turner, William
Turner, James
Turner, Susan
Turner, Mary Ann
Turner, Isaac
Turner, Joseph
Turner, John
Turner, Frances
Turner, Ann
Turner, Lucy
Turner, Philip
Turner, Martha Sophia
Turner, Peter
Turner, Alfred
Turner, George
Turner, Mary
Turner, Alice
Turner, Michael
Turner, Edgar W P
Turner, Thomas
Turner, Lydia
Turner, Edgar William Joseph
Turner, Edward William Joseph
Turner, Percy
Turner, Russel Wesley
Turner, Reginald Robert
Turner, James Stephen
Turner, Stephen
Turney, Charles Luke
Turpin, Charles
Turpin, Constant
Turpin, Alfred Henry
Turpin, Philip John Francis
Turpin, Philip John
Twhoy, Michael
Twiner, Alfred Roper
Twinman, Ives
Twydale, Henry
Tyler, William
Vasselin , J M
Vetier, Louise
Vibert, Martha Sophia
Villanon, Victoire
Vitte, Marie
Walsh, Rose
Watson, H
Whiteman, Elizabeth
Wood, Charlotte
Woods, Charlotte
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Language English
Level of description Item
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


D/AG/B2/1/TThis item»

Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with T have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1


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