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Admission Register for the General Hospital - Entries for patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter C

Reference D/AN/B1/42/C
Date 1 January 1919 - 31 December 1919
Names Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Corfield, Stanley George
de Ste Croix, Moses Seth
Cousins, John Philip
Cavanagh, Mary Elizabeth
Crocker, William Francis
Cole, Margaret
Cobden, Charles Herbert
Cousins, William Henry
Smith, Elvina, née Cropp
De Gruchy, Jane, née Cole
Le Heron, Mary Amelia, née Churcher
Vibert, Ann Jane, née Collins
Cartwright, Jane
Cartwright, George
Phillips, Susan Mary, née de Carteret
Le Cornu, Philip
Le Cornu, Jane
Gallichan, Jane, née Le Clercq
Heritage, Mary Ann, née Carpenter
Coombes, Gordon Owen
Coopman, Henry
Chick, Alfred Henry
Carrel, Philip John
Cabot, Caroline
Sohier, Marie, née Chardonnel
Regnauld, Louise, née Courtel
Allen, Catherine, née Le Coz
Corbel, John
Collins, Richard
Choupard, Jean Marie
Cornish, Frederick Alfred Richard
Le Cozannet, Florence Marie
Crowley, Ellen
Carrel, Herbert Holmes
Carrel, Vernon Wilfred
Carrel, Elsie Louisa
Carrel, Dorothy Ellen
Carrel, Joseph Gordon
Carrel, Ellen Bertha
Carrel, Walter John
Le Corre, Anne Marie, née Corlay
Le Cornu, Florence
Chillingworth, Clarence
Ellis, Mary, née Colwell
Detourney, Marie, née Coupin
Renouf, Lydia Jane, née Copp
Conetta, Maria
Hacquoil, Rachel Jane, née Le Cornu
Crowley, Ellen
Le Clercq, Charles Philip
Coutanche, George Francois
Churchill, Joseph Samuel
Osmond, Eliza, née Clark
Angell, Ellen Josephine, née Coney
Charlton, Thomas Charles
Cornick, Ivy
Le Clair, Jean
Le Cornu, Florence Ada
Clark, Alfred Lilicrap
Cousins, Henry Thomas
Cotton, Frederick William
Keywords admission registers | registers | Hospitals | social services | health
Dimensions 2 jpg file
Language French
Level of description Item
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Closed until 2100


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Admission Register for the General Hospital - Entries for patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter C
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