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Typed copy of the Diary of Jean Tipping titled Interned: Two Years and Nine Months behind the wire at Ilag V C Wurzach, Wurtemburg, Germany, September 1942 - June 1945.

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Reference L/C/279/A/1
Date 1985
Scope and Content Covers the deportation of the Tipping family from Jersey to Germany in September 1942, the train journey from St Malo to Biberach, the journey from Biberach to Wurzach and a daily account of life at Ilag V C Wurzach internment camp up to 10 April 1943, including Christmas Day 1942. Also includes an account of the two years from 10 April 1945 up to 28 April 1945 when the camp was liberated. Includes copies of a notice in the Evening Post dated 15 September 1942 issued by the Feldkommandantur 515 ordering the deportation of British subjects to Germany and a letter dated 18 September 1942 from Jean to her Auntie Alice. Also includes a list of autographs of the women and some of their husbands in at Wurzach; a list of internees at Wurzach including names, dates of birth and addresses showing the Tipping family; copies of photographs and postcards from time at Wurzach; copy of a letter dated 20 May 1945 from Charlie to Alice; copies of the Occupation identity cards of members of the Tipping family; more memories of the Occupation; and copies of the Occupation registration cards of members of the Tipping and Plain families.
Names Aberley, Mr
Abernethy, Daisy Lily Elizabeth, née Elliott
Abernethy, Stanley George
Adams, Arthur
Adams, Marie Victoria, née Rebel
Alexander, H P
Ashdown, Florence, née Myers
Ashdown, Leonard
Atyeo, Cecil Bingham
Bacon, Jessie Elizabeth
Bacon, John William
Baker, Kathleen Maud, née Catelinet
Bennett, Alfred Bowden
Bennett, Herbert Frederick
Berry Family
Berry, Albert Edward
Berry, Amy Georgina, née Journeaux
Berry, Lilian Amy Florence
Berry, May Lucienne
Berry, Robert
Berry, Sidney William
Blackwood, Lionel John
Bowden, Adelina Maud, née Rault
Bowden, George
Bowker, Eric Charles
Bowker, Honor
Bryant, Violet May, née Davey
Budge, Bertram William
Bull, Stephen Lewis
Burges, Thomas Harry
Cannon, George
Carter, George Henry
Carter, William
Casentieri, George Anthony
Chamberlain, Neville
Chegwyn, Elsie Alice, née Russell
Chegwyn, Walter Henry
Chinn, Mary Carswell
Churchill, Winston
Comber, Alan Bryan
Comber, Marion Elizabeth, née Hepplethwaite
Coutanche, Delphina, née Le Marquand
Coutanche, Richard John
Craig, Thomas
Crill, Peter Leslie
Custard, William Charles Elton
Custard, Zoe
Darlan, François
Davies, Herbert Parker
Davies, Thomas Frank
de Gaulle, Charles
Devonald, Alice Maude, née Jay
Devonald, Percy
Dickinson, Arscott Sabine Harvey
Dickinson, Eva Louise Mace, née Sankey
Dolby, Lilian, née Laurens
Dolby, Lilian Pauline
Dolby, Samuel Victor
Doughty, Gladys May, née Jehan
Doughty, Preston John
Downer, Frederick
Downer, May
Duffell, Horace Charles
Duffell, Janet Edith, née Richards
Dunn, Horace Edwin George
Elkins, Frederick Charles
Elkins, Muriel Ann, née Carré
Everest, Edith Irene, née Pasquier
Everest, William Henry
Farbon, Albert Edward
Farbon, Rosemary Bruce, née Douglas
Faulder, Robert Cecil
Feeney, Doreen
Feeney, Ellen
Feeney, James Herbert
Fenton, Arnold
Fraser, Charles
Fraser, Sarah Manson, née Henderson
French, Francis John
French, Suzanne Louise Eugenie, née Farcy
Gould, Madeleine Victoria, née Laffoley
Grafton-Tottem, Kathleen Ethel, née Davis
Grafton-Tottem, Thomas Percy
Graut, Jack
Graut, May
Greaves, Joyce Badier
Greaves, Lilian Maud, née Badier
Green, Alfred
Green, John Alfred Robert
Gregory, Arthur Frederick
Gregory, Clara Ann, née Lempriere
Griffin, Joan Veronica
Grundy, Una
Hammond, George Frederick
Harris, Jean
Hepburn, Harold
Hickman, Iris Florence, née Crosby
Hickman, John Blair Smith
Hilton, John Ashton
Hilton, Marie Genevieve, née Hind
Hitler, Adolf
Honey, Elsie Muriel, née Angel
Honey, Leslie Hubert
Howard, Leslie
Howe, William Robert
Huelin, Leslie
Hutton, Joan Millicent, née Debenham
Ingram, Clifford Charles Frederick
Ingram, Ellen Ada, née Gray
Ingram, Henry Stanislaus
Ingram, Joan Thisby, née de la Haye
Jackson, Florence May, née Cabot
Joad, C E M
Jones, Robert Joseph
Joy, Grace Dorothy
Larbalestier, Mrs
Latter, Arthur
Latter, Ethel Rix, née Trott
Latter, John Michael
Leader, James Henry
Lewis, Aimee Stephanie, née Le Rouley
Lewis, Edward Hyland
Lewis, Eunice Aimee
Lewis, Irene Frances
Lewis, John
Lewis, Margaret Joan
Lillicrap, Miss
Lomax, Mr
Lynn Family
MacDonald, Margaret Mary
MacDonald, Norman
MacDonald, Norman McQueen
Macpherson, Hilda Blanche, née Gallie
Macpherson, William
Matthews, John
McAllister, Frederick William
McAllister, Marie Eugenie, née Aubert
McKeough, Agnes Muriel, née Cabot
McKeough, Charles Guy
McKeough, John Charles
McQueen, George Robert
Mead, Alfred George Maurice
Mead, Mary Elizabeth
Mead, Myra Court, née Frampton
Millard, Arthur Robert
Millard, Lilian, née Salway
Millard, Pamela
Millard, Anne Radcliffe
Noel, Mr
Oliver, Harold Gordon
Paddock, Louise Marie, née Luce
Parker, Doreen May
Parker, Peter
Patrickson, Inman
Phillipps, Cissie
Phillips, Dennis
Plain, Albert Edward
Plain, Florence Louise, née Le Galle
Plain, Malcolm
Plain, Rodger Edward
Plain, Valentine Albert
Priestley, Constance
Querée, John
Ray Family
Ray, Frank Angus
Ray, Miss
Riordan, Reginald Robert
Rommel, Ernst
Roscoe, Francis W
Ross, Barbara Alice
Ross, Katherine Birnie, née Rhind
Sales, Mrs
Secker, Frederick William
Secker, Janet Lilian
Selby, Sidney John
Shaw, George
Shaw, Mabel Marie, née Le Boutillier
Shaw, Percy
Shepherd, Michael
Singer, Dr
Simon, Mr
Simon, Mrs
Simpson, Millicent
Skinner, Ron
Smith, A W
Smith, Sydney
Sonntag, Mr
Spence, Alexander Harry
Spence, Ernistine Therese, née Ster
Steiner, Leslie Howard
Stenning, Gladys Marie, née Renard
Stenning, Cyril Hector
Styles, Arthur Christopher
Thomson, Mr
Tipping, Barbara Alice
Tipping, Florence Sarah, née Brown
Tipping, Frederick Charles
Tipping, Geoffrey Ashton
Tipping, Jean Ethel Mary
Tucker, Edward James
Tucker, Margaret, née Home
Tucker, Richard John
Vizard, Nancy Emily Violet
Waghorn, Edward
Waghorn, Laura, née Ozouf
Warner, William Henry
Webber, Elsie Alice, née Le Huquet
Wegenast, Captain
Wellesley, Gloria Hilda
Wellesley, Majorie Elsie
Wellesley, Pamela May
Wellesley, Valerie Elsie
White, Teddy
Evening Post
Field Command 515
Noel and Porter
Red Cross
Royal Air Force
South Hill Gym
St John Ambulance
St Nicholas' Church
Sumerland Factory
Keywords Camps | deportations | diaries | identity cards | Internment | internment camps | Occupation | Portraits | Rationing | registration cards | Second World War | War
Places Anne Port, Archirondel, Arnach, Aulendorf, Bad Schussenried, Bad Wurzach, Barangay, Barcelona, Bath Street, Belgium, Berlin, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Biberach, Bouley Bay, Brazil, Broad Street, Carlsruhe, 7, Coastlands, 9, Coastlands, 11, Coastlands, Cologne, Conway Street, Corbière, Dalston, Danube, Dol, Douette, Écouviez, Elizabeth Castle, Ensdorf, Essendorf, 4, Eureka Avenue, France, Geneva, Genoa, Grève d'Azette, Haidgau, Hendon, King Street, Landau, Lauffen, Laval, Le Mans, Le Petit Menage, St Peter, Leicester, Libya, Liverpool, Luisenthal, Lumes, Luxembourg, Mahon, Mannweiler, Mengen, Millard's Corner, Mont Orgueil Castle, Montmedy, Mount Bingham, Munich, Musson, Naples, Noirmont, Oberammergau, Oxenways, Le Hocq, Paris, Perth, Plymouth, Portugal, Raloo, Green Road, Rennes, Rheims, Rome, Roseville, Green Road, Rossberg, Saarbrücken, Saarlautern, Schweighausen, Sedan, France, Spain, St Aubin's Bay, St Ingbert, St Malo, St Remy, Stalingrad, Stuttgart, Summerland Factory, Süssen, Sweden, Switzerland, The Linhay, Samarès, Trier, Trieze, Tripoli, Turin, Victor Hugo Hotel, Waldsee, Ulm, Ummendorf, Vitre, Wattenweiler, Weighbridge, 1, Wellswood, Plat Douet Road, Wurzach
Language English
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