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School Admission Register for St Paul's Infants' which in 1913 changed name to St Helier's New Street Infants'.This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.

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Reference D/J/19/B1/1
Date 2 November 1908 - 6 October 1919
Names New Street School
Ahier, Stanley
Allen, Cyril
Allo, Marcel
Amiot, Doris
Amy, Doris
Amy, Ernest
Amy, Mabel
Andrews, Edith
Andrews, Nellie J
Anslow, Winston
Ashelford, Harold
Ashelford, Horace C
Ashelford, May
Astridge, Leonard
Astridge, Winifred
Atkins, John
Aubert, Adelade
Aubert, Hilda
Aubert, Percy
Aubrée, Armande
Auffret, Eileen R
Bagnal, Alfred
Balcam, Sidney
Balcombe, Arthur T
Baloche, George
Banks, Herbert F
Bartlett, Leslie
Bastard, Kathleen
Bastin, Gladys Maud
Bataille, Alick
Bates, Alfred G
Bates, Richard C
Batstone, Winifred
Battaille, Edna
Battrick, Beatrice
Baudains, Arthur C
Beaugeard, John
Beaugeard, Reginald
Beaugie, Frederick
Beaugie, Nora
Beaugie, Thomas
Beckford, Phyllis
Bedfert, Alexis
Bedfert, Shirley
Bedford, Clifford
Bedford, May
Benest, Clarence R
Bennett, George
Berry, Philip
Besnard, Madeleine
Besnard, Maurice
Beuzeval, Albert
Beuzeval, Frank
Beuzeval, Nellie
Beuzeval, Rose
Bevan, Cyril
Bevan, Harold
Bichard, Albert Charles
Bisson, Frederick Silvester
Bisson, Stanley
Bisson, Stanley Edward
Bisson, William
Blampied, Beatrice
Blampied, Edwin
Blampied, Thelma
Blanchard, Harriet B
Blanchard, John
Bond, Donald
Bond, Douglas
Bond, Edgar
Bond, Leicester
Bonser, Nellie
Boudan, André
Bougeard, Raymond J
Bourgeois, William
Bouser, Thomas
Breen, George C
Breen, William
Brehaut, Ernest Emile W
Brehaut, Muriel
Brewer, Clara L
Briard, Dudley
Briard, Marjorie
Brown, Maud
Buckingham, Alice
Buckingham, Edith
Buckingham, Elsie
Bull, Albert
Bull, Irene M
Burness, Florence
Burness, Florence I
Burt, Marie Florence
Burt, Mavis Lilian
Burton, Arthur J
Caine, Ellen M
Cann, Lily
Card, Ivy
Carpenter, Albert
Carpenter, Charles
Carpenter, Ethel L M
Carpenter, Gertrude
Carpenter, Maud Josephine
Catlinet, Florence N
Catlinet, Jack
Catlinet, Kathleen
Catlinet, Mabel E
Catlinet, Philip
Channing, Frederick
Channing, Maurice
Channing, Sidney F
Cheney, George
Cheney, Lilian
Choux, Florence B
Choux, Henriette A
Clarke, Doris
Clavis, Emma
Clavis, Pietro
Close, Mabel Olive
Cobden, Jane
Cole, Beatrice Ellen
Cole, Dorothy
Colivet, Blanche
Collins, Ada Maria
Collins, Emile R
Collins, Henry
Connor, Doris
Connor, Rita
Connor, William
Coombes, John P
Coombes, Violet
Coombs, Charles W
Coombs, Dorothy Lilian
Coombs, Florence
Corbel, Ivy E
Corfield, Eileen
Cornick, Arthur
Coutanche, Henry
Crees, Norris P
Dale, Frederick
d'Allain, Hilda
Dart, Marjorie
Daunt, Gabrielle L
Davey, Constance E
Davey, Dorothy
Davey, Irene Ellen
d'Avoine, Stanley
Davy, Eileen
Davy, Ethel E
de Gruchy, Florence
de la Mare, Ronald G
de la Noë, Charles
de la Perrelle, Amy
de la Perrelle, Gordon
de la Perrelle, Lucille
de la Perrelle, Philip
de la Perrelle, Reginald
de Ste Croix, Helen
de Ste Croix, Hester
de Ste Croix, Ida
de Ste Croix, Lilian
de Ste Croix, Philip
de Ste Croix, Winifred
Denman, Flavia
Diggle, Florence M
Diggle, Samuel J
Diment, Frederick
Diment, Ivy
Diment, Ivy E
Dimond, Cyril
Dinham, Gertrude
Dorey, Jessie
Dorey, Marie
Drelaud, Edward
Drelaud, Frederick
Drew, Phoebe R
Druce, Edward C
Druce, William G
du Feu, Jack
du Pays, Francis
du Pays, Helène
du Peys, Alice
Dutton, Daisy
Dutton, Winifred
Elford, Laura
Elliot, Phyllis Gladys
Ellis, Cyril
Ellis, Edward W
Ellis, Ernest
Ellis, Frederick W
Ellis, George William
Ellis, Ivy
Essl, Bertha D M
Essl, Gustave
Evans, Ethel
Falla, John F
Fallaize, Frederick W
Faucon, Emil
Faucon, Francis
Fawdell, Ernest
Ferré, Charles
Fielding, Muriel
Filleuil, Irene
Filleuil, Olive
Flynn, Edward R
Forder, George A
Fosse, Alfred A
Fox, Henry C
Fox, Louis
Fox, Mary
Fox, William
Freeman, Christopher
Freeman, Dorothy
Freeman, Edward
Freeman, Harold
Freeman, Richard C
Freeman, William
Frigot, Harold G
Frigot, Mildred
Frigot, Walter
Frost, Amy
Frost, Gladys
Gale, Ivy
Gallichan, Clarence
Gallichan, Doris M
Gallichan, Reginald
Garde, Jack
Garde, Stephen P
Garde, William James
Garry, William
Gasby, Elizabeth
Gazby, Frederick
Gerard, Emile P
Gest, Charles
Gibault, Marjorie
Gibaut, Arthur
Gibaut, George
Gibaut, Violet
Gill, Charles
Glavis, Candida
Godden, Clifford Charles
Godden, Cyril
Godel, Clarence
Goodfellow, Florence
Goodfellow, Josephine
Goodfellow, Mabel
Gosling, Cecil H
Goud, Edgar
Greenwood, Leslie
Gregory, Frederick G
Grihault, Charles V
Grimshawe, Arthur
Gruchy, Charles
Gruchy, Ruby M
Guiliana, Frederick
Guillou, Lillan M
Guiton, Doris R
Guiton, Gladys G
Guiton, Roy H
Hacon, Cyril
Hacon, Maud
Haines, Ada
Haines, Gertrude
Haines, Joseph
Haines, Samuel
Haines, Sidney
Haines, Winifred
Hamon, George
Hamon, Philip
Hannaford, Archibald
Hanning, Ethel
Hanning, Marguerite
Harben, Cyril
Harding, Lilian B
Hardman, Iris
Harris, Cyril H
Henry, Francis
Henry, Harold J
Henry, John
Heywood, Leonard
Hibbs, Amelia
Hicks, Dorothy Maud
Hobbs, Molly
Hobbs, Reginald
Holgate, Howard
Horman, Charles
Horman, Elsie
Horman, Elsie M
Horman, Frank
Horn, Doris
Horn, Herbert W
Horn, Ivy
Horn, Thomas
Horn, Winifred S
Howlett, Edith May
Hubert, Arthur
Hubert, Walter
Huelin, Grace O
Huelin, Nellie M
Huelin, Thomas
Huelin, Walter
Humphrey, George
Hunt, Horace
Hunt, Winifred
Hutchings, Dorothy
Hutchings, Ivy
Hutchings, Joyce
Hutchings, Winifred
Ilford, Hilda
Isherwood, Ernest F
Isherwood, Marina
Jackson, James W
Jean, Archibald E
Jegou, Alfred
Jeune, Cyril
Jeune, Lily
Jeune, Phyllis
Jeune, Ruby
Jeune, Thomas
Jocelyn, Lily
Joclyn, Doris M
Jones, Claud M
Jones, George W
Jones, Harry
Jones, Ivy
Jones, Linda
Journeaux, Eva
Journeaux, Phyllis L
Judge, John
Kellaway, Doris
Kellaway, Kenneth
King, Thomas W
Knight, Florence
Laffoley, Sidney
Lakeman, Elsie
L'Amy, James
Landick, Gladys
Landick, Reginald
Langworthy, Nellie
Larkin, John Owen
Larkin, Kathleen Mary
Larkin, Veronica
Laurens, Frank
Lawrence, Frank
Lawrence, Robert
Le Bourgeois, Adeline
Le Bourgeois, Florence
Le Boutillier, Ethel
Le Breton, Elsie
Le Breton, Linda M
Le Brisse, Ruby
Le Brocq, Harold
Le Brocq, John Le S
Le Brun, Albert
Le Brun, Albert
Le Calvez, Louis
Le Calvez, Maurice
Le Claire, Frank
Le Clercq, Clara
Le Clercq, Winter
Le Cocq, Beryl
Le Cocq, Doris
Le Cocq, Gertrude
Le Cocq, Gwendoline
Le Cocq, Henrietta
Le Cocq, Joyce C
Le Cocq, Lilas
Le Cocq, Marion
Le Conte, Marcelle
Le Cornier, Albert
Le Cornier, Maud
Le Cornu, Arthur
Le Cras, Athol
Le Duc, George H
Le Feuvre, Irene
Le Feuvre, Louisa
Le Gros, Doris
Le Gros, Dorothy
Le Gros, Edith
Le Gros, Mabel
Le Gros, Wilfred
Le Lievre, Clarisse
Le Lievre, Doris
Le Lievre, Edith
Le Lievre, Louis
Le Lievre, Peter
Le Maistre, Edna
Le Maistre, Gladys
Le Maistre, Iris Eva
Le Maistre, Olive
Le Maistre, Walter
Le Marchand, Clarence
Le Marinel, Annie R
Le Marinel, Doris
Le Marinel, John Alfred
Le Masurier, Harold
Le Monnier, Peter
Le Quesne, Arthur
Le Quesne, Florence
Le Quesne, Raymond
Le Rossignol, Grace E
Le Roux, Bernard
Le Seau, Doris
Le Sueur, Doris
Le Sueur, Gladys
Le Sueur, Lizzie
Le Sueur, Stanley
Le Sueur, Violet
Leat, Annie
Leat, Doreen
Lehou, Arthur
Lehou, Clifford
Lempriere, Harold Edward
Lempriere, Henry W
Lemprière, Sidney J
Lennard, Winifred
Lesbirel, Gladys M
Lihou, Edward J
Lihou, Elsie
Lihou, Reginald F
Lihou, Winifred
Livingstone, Stanley
Long, John
Lovell, Edith
Lovell, George
Lucas, Clarence C
Lucas, Iris
Luckrift, John
Maile, Edward
Maille, Ena
Makin, James
Makin, James A
Male, Cyril
Mallet, Evelyn
Marett, Beatrice
Marett, Edward G
Marett, George A
Marett, Jessie
Marett, Philip J
Marett, Walter
Marie, Albert R
Marie, Bertie
Marie, Beryl
Marie, Harold
Marie, Henry Northey
Marie, Illysa M
Marie, Marjorie
Marie, Reginald
Marinel, Amelia
Marinel, Rose
Matson, Alfred
Matson, Vera M
Matson, Winter
Matthews, Jack
Matthews, John
Mauger, Arthur
Mauger, George
Mauger, Lily
Mauger, Reginald
May, Charles
McDonald, Clarice
Mercier, Doris
Mercier, Gladys M
Mercier, Percy R
Mercier, Vernon Royston
Mildren, Violet M
Moignard, Ethel
Monamy, Clement
Monamy, Evelyn Mary
Monamy, Harold
Moors, Edna
Morcel, George
Morin, Francis
Morley, Ena
Moyse, Doris Irene
Moyse, Gwen
Moyse, Malcolm
Moyse, Marjorie
Moyse, Nellie
Moyse, Wilfred
Musso, Albert
Musso, Hèlène
Musso, Hélène P
Musso, Iris
Narinel, Jack
Narroway, Harry
Naud, Helene
Nelson, John Harding
Neville, Cyril R
New, Alban
Newson, Frederick
Nicholas, Doris
Nicholas, Irene
Nicolle, Albert
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Edith
Nicolle, Ena
Nicolle, Florence
Nicolle, Florence M
Nicolle, Grace M
Nicolle, Laura
Nicolle, Maud
Nicolle, Philip
Nicolle, Phyllis
Noel, Charles William
Noel, George E
Noel, Harold
Noel, Ivy
Noel, Thomas
Noel, William
Norrie, Jack M
Norrie, Stella
Norries, Ruby
Nursey, John
Oeillet, Joseph F
Oeillet, Louise Anne
Olivier, Maria
Olley, Florence M
Osment, Charles F
Osment, William
Osmond, Alice M
Osmont, Alfred
Osmont, Florence
Ozard, Winifred
Ozouf, Leslie
Pain, Doris M
Pallot, Edith
Pallot, William
Parsons, Ernest
Partridge, Jessie
Pattimore, Leonard J
Pattimore, Percy
Pattimore, Stanley
Pellant, George
Perkins, Henry F
Perkins, Katie
Perkins, May
Perkins, William
Perrier, Albert Joseph
Perrier, William
Perry, Arthur S
Pigeon, Sidney
Pitman, Dorothy
Pitman, Kathleen Maude
Pomier, Marguerite
Pourneaux, George
Prior, George
Pryor, James W
Queen, Alfred
Queen, Flora A
Queen, Herbert
Queen, Olive Maud
Quenault, Adèle
Quenault, Edward
Quenault, Gladys Ethel
Quenault, Gordon
Quenault, Harold
Quenault, John
Querée, Clifford
Queree, Florence
Querée, Harold P
Quéree, Iris
Queree, Phyllis
Querée, Stanley
Quillou, Doris
Quinquis, Ernest
Quinquis, Eva M
Quinquis, Lilian
Quinquis, Wilfred
Quirot, Cecil R
Quirot, Clarence J
Quirot, Doris
Quirot, Phyllis
Ravily, Auguste
Ravly, Auguste
Reed, Florence
Renault, John E
Reynolds, Winifred
Richmond, Horace
Robins, Ethel
Robins, Florence Maud
Robins, Stanley
Robinson, Eleanor
Robinson, Lilian R
Russel, Beatrice
Sangan, Ydore
Scoomes, Lilian M
Seager, Adeline
Seager, Angeline
Sewell, Herbert W
Sewell, Percy
Sewell, Rose
Shiers, Edward
Showell, Sidney
Silvester, Mabel
Silvester, Philip
Silvester, Robert
Simmonds, Percy Gordon
Simmonds, Ruby
Simon, Adolphus
Simon, Irene M
Sinclair, Doris
Slater, Ethel
Smith, Edwin H
Smith, Percy Arthur James
Smithers, Leonard Charles
St George, Alfred G
St George, Emily
Starviss, Edward G
Starviss, William
Stoodley, George
Stoodley, George
Strudwick, Ellen B
Strudwick, Rita M
Sure, Henry
Surguy, Sidney J
Swanson, Harry
Swanson, Kathleen
Swanson, Thomas C
Sylvester, Honoretta
Symonds, Doris
Symonds, Lilian R
Symons, Elsie
Symons, Ivy
Symons, Reginald
Tapley, Charles
Thiner, John W
Thomas, Dorothy
Thomson, Arthur
Thornton, Beatrice
Thornton, Thomas R
Tombs, Alice
Toqué, Henrietta
Tostevin, Clarence
Tostevin, Clarence C
Tostevin, Raymond
Touzel, Clarence H
Touzel, Dorothy M
Touzel, Irene Edna
Touzel, Wilfred John
Toy, Frederick
Toy, Rose Sarah
Tradgo, Frederick
Tucker, Clarence
Tucker, Gordon
Tunstall, Frederick
Via, Jane Marie
Vibert, Phyllis
Voisin, Annie
Voisin, Annie A
Voisin, Margaret
Voisin, Ronald G
Wallis, Aubert Knight
Warren, Edward
Watkins, Mabel
Watkins, Raymond
Watkins, Ronald
Watts, Thomas B
Wavell, Ruby
Webb, Gladys
Wetherel, Henry Bertram
Whistler, Hector
Whitel, Phyllis
Whitfield, Thomas
Wilson, Dorothy
Wilson, Edward J
Wilson, Frank
Wilson, Frank
Wilson, George
Wilson, Violet M
Wilson, Winifred
Wilson, Winifred
Wilson, Winifred
Youlton, Edith
Youlton, Mabel
Keywords Schools | Education | school admissions | admission registers | pupils
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation - please consult digital copy


D/J/19/B1/1This item»

School Admission Register for St Paul's Infants' which in 1913 changed name to St Helier's New Street Infants'.This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.


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