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Admission Register of the Jersey National School for Infants 1865-1879 and for Girls 1879-1891. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.

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Reference D/J/12/B1/1
Date 1 September 1865 - 7 September 1891
Names Jersey National School
Abbot, Sarah
Adams, Florence
Adams, Mary
Ahier, Alice
Ahier, Louisa
Allen, Annie
Allen, John
Allisette, Elizabeth
Allisette, Sarah
Allix, Louisa
Amy, Isabella
Amy, John
Amy, Selena
Amy, Selina
Andow, Louisa
Andow, Rosina
Andrews, Violet
Anson, Adèle
Anson, Alice
Armstrong, Alice
Arnold, Minnie
Arrowsmith, Alexandra
Arrowsmith, Christopher
Arrowsmith, Georgina
Arrowsmith, Gertrude
Arthur, Elsie
Arthur, Florence
Arthur, Hilda
Arthur, Lily
Asplet, Erica
Asplet, Orica
Aubert, Ellen
Aubert, Emily
Aubin, Eliza
Aubin, Jessie
Aubin, John
Aubin, Selina
Audrain, Lilian
Baker, Ada Mary
Baker, Clara
Baker, Emma
Baker, Francis
Baker, Gertrude
Baker, Laura
Baker, Letty
Baker, Walter
Banks, Fanny
Barnes, Edith
Barnet, Jessie
Barnet, Lucy
Barnet, Minnie
Barton, Laura
Barton, Alice
Barton, Edith
Barton, Florence
Barton, Julia
Barton, Samuel J
Bartrop, Daisy
Basset, Ada
Bassett, Florence
Bateman, Elizabeth
Bates, Ada
Bates, Mary A
Battam, Florence
Beaugié, Adolphus G
Beaugie, Alice
Beaugié, Ann
Beaugie, Annie
Beaugie, Harriet
Beaugie, Henry
Beaugie, Louisa
Beaugié, Philip E
Beck, Jessie
Beck, Lily
Beck, Lottie
Beddus, Lily
Bedel, Alice
Bedel, Amanda
Bedel, Emma
Bedel, Isabella
Bedel, Jane
Bedel, Mary A
Belin, Alice
Belin, Esther
Benham, Alice
Benham, Annie
Benham, Emily
Benham, Florence Amelia
Benham, Nellie
Bennett, Bella
Bennett, Ellen
Bennett, Mary J
Bennett, Susan
Bennison, Maude
Benoit, Lily
Bertram, Ada
Bertram, Clara
Best, Mary J
Bettes, Theresa
Beuzeval, Mary Ann
Biddle, Catherine
Biddle, Katie
Biddlecombe, Alice J
Biddlecombe, Annie
Biddlecombe, Emily
Biggs, Alice J
Biggs, Elizabeth
Biggs, William E
Biles, Sophia
Bisson, Ada
Bisson, Alice
Bisson, Amelia
Bisson, Clara
Bisson, Eleanor
Bisson, Eliza
Bisson, Elizabeth
Bisson, Elizabeth Jane
Bisson, Ellen
Bisson, Emily
Bisson, Georgina
Bisson, Laura
Bisson, Lydia
Bisson, Mabel
Blackler, Edith
Blackler, Ethel
Blackler, Jessie
Blackler, Maude
Blampied, Alice
Blane, Albert
Boddie, Emma
Boielle, Adele
Boielle, Lucy
Bond, Florence
Bond, Clara
Boudain, Marie T
Boudain, Yves
Bowden, Ellen
Bradshaw, Mabel
Bragg, Augusta
Bragg, Lydia
Brasford, Rosa
Bree, Annie
Bree, Olivia
Breton, William
Brewer, Alice
Brewer, Emily
Brewer, Georgina
Brewer, John G
Brewer, Katie
Briard, Ada
Briard, Gertrude
Bridle, Georgina V
Brittain, Jane
Britton, Jane
Brodec, Hannah
Brogan, Rosie
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, Susie
Broomer, Martha
Brown, Catharine
Brown, Charlotte
Brown, Eliza
Brown, Florence
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Mary Ann
Brown, Theresa
Brunet, Edith
Buckrell, Ethel
Buckrell, Mabel
Bulson, Maud
Burch, Nettie
Burke, M A
Burrard, Walter
Burt, Edgar
Burt, John
Butler, Blanche
Butler, Rose
Cabot, Adelina
Cabot, Jane
Cabot, Jane A
Cabot, John C
Cabot, Mary A
Cameron, Mary
Campbell, Ada
Campbell, Edith
Campbell, Margaret
Campbell, Phillis
Canivet, Mabel
Carcaud, Philippa
Carpenter, Ada
Carpenter, Charlotte
Carpenter, Florence
Carpenter, Laura
Carpenter, Maude
Carpenter, Rhoda
Carpenter, Rosa
Carre, Herbert H
Carrel, Agnes
Carrel, Agnes A
Carrel, Alice
Carrel, Clarice
Carrel, Ella
Carrel, Ellen
Carrel, Emmeline
Carrel, Eva Blanche
Carrel, Florence
Carrel, Helena
Carrel, Jane
Carrel, Laura
Carrel, Lydia
Carrel, Mary
Carrel, Walter
Carson, Alice
Carson, Annie
Carter, Edith
Carter, Laura
Carter, Maud
Carter, Maude
Caulfield, Henry
Caulfield, Mary A
Cawfield, Gertrude
Chaney, Eliza
Channing, Ethel
Channing, Florence
Chevalier, Ada Jane
Christopher, George
Christopher, Sydney
Christopher, William
Cirou, Auguste
Cirou, Marie
Clark, Annie
Clark, Clarice Ethel
Clark, Elizabeth A
Clark, Mary Maria
Clark, Merina
Clark, Richard
Clark, William
Clarke, Caroline
Clarke, Mary
Clift, Ellen
Clift, Sarah
Collings, Gertrude
Collins, Elizabeth
Colwell, Hannah
Coms, Violet
Conde, Ann J
Coney, Mary
Connor, William
Connors, Bridget
Connors, Lizzie
Cook, Annie
Cook, Rebekah
Coom, Alice
Coom, Emma
Coom, Florence
Coom, Martha
Coombs, Ada
Coombs, Alice
Cooper, Hilda
Coppin, Alice
Coppin, Ellen
Corbel, Josephine
Corigan, Charles
Corigan, Elizabeth
Cornick, Edith
Cornick, Ethel
Cornish, Esau
Cornish, Jane
Cornish, Odell
Cort, William
Cotilliard, Florence
Couppey, Violet
Coutanche, Emily
Coutanche, Mary Ann
Coutanche, Maude
Cox, Alice
Crocker, Jane
Crocker, Louisa
Croizard, Florie
Crooke, Adeline
Crooke, Edith
Crouch, Emma Maria
Cummings, Alfred
Curwood, Bessie
Dacam, Elsie
Dale, Eleanor
Dale, Emily
Daniel, Alice
Daniel, Laura
Darragh, Henrietta
Darragh, Mary
Davenet, Irene
Davey, Eleanora
Davey, Ellen
Davey, Kate
Davey, William
Davies, Jessie
Davis, Adelaide
Davis, Emma
Davis, Fanny
Davis, Georgina
Davis, Jessie
Davis, Mary
Davison, Elizabeth
Dawe, Alice
Dawe, Emily
Dawe, Florence E
Dawe, Walter
Day, Annie
Day, Sophy
de Caen, Lydia
de Caen, Olive
de Carteret, Mary
de Caux, Clara
de Gruchy, Ada
de Gruchy, Adele
de Gruchy, Clarice
De Gruchy, Eliza
de Gruchy, Emily
de Gruchy, Matilda
de Gruchy, Matilda J
de Grucy, Clarice
de La Haye, Emily
de la Haye, Emma
de la Haye, Jane
de la Haye, Mary A
De La Rue , Adolphus
de la Rue, Adelina
de la Rue, Louisa
de Mit, Florence
de Ste Croix, Alice
de Ste Croix, Annie
de Ste Croix, Daisy
de Ste Croix, Sophia
Dene, Bertha
Dene, Edith
Dene, Ernest
Dene, Lilian
Denman, Alice
Denton, Annie
Denton, Benjamin
Denton, Rosina
Deslandes, Ada
Dethan, Esther E
Devenish, Sarah
Devine, Emily
Dibdon, Maude
Dibdon, Myra
Dickson, Georgina
Dimond, Annie
Dimond, Bessie
Dipton, Maude
Doe, Katie
Dolbel, Lilian
Dolbel, Lily
Donnell, Alice
Donovan, Sarah Alice
Doolan, Agnes
Doré, Ethel
Dowding, Harriet
Downe, Elizabeth
Drelaud, Adelina Matilda
Drew, John
Driver, George
Driver, Julia
Druce, Alice
Druce, Alice J
Druce, Emily R
Druce, Mary Ann
du Chemin, Florence
Du Feu, Ethel
du Feu, Maud
du Val, Clara
Duheaume, Julia
Dumaresq, Eliza
Dumosch, Selina
Dunford, Ada
Dunford, Julia
Durell, Georgina
Eastley, Ada
Eastley, Edith
Eastley, Emily
Eastley, Louisa
Egland, Charlotte
Ellis, Louisa
English, Jessie
Esnouf, Ada F
Esnouf, John
Esnouf, Mary
Etiemble, Emile
Etiemble, Emilie
Etiemble, François
Etiemble, Louisa
Eve, Alice
Eve, Maud
Eveleigh, Amelia
Eveleigh, Catherine
Eveleigh, Kate
Eveleigh, William
Ewens, Alice
Fauvel, Hettie
Ferguson, Isabella
Fergusson, Alice
Fergusson, Emma
Filleul, Annie
Filleul, Ellen
Filleul, Ellen Maud
Fitch, Ellen
Fletcher, Maud
Fleury, Charlotte
Fleury, Emily
Foard, Rosa
Foote, Mary Jane
Ford, Alice
Ford, Ellen
Fosse, Florence
Fosse, Harriet
Fowler, Alice
Fowler, Nellie
Freeman, Emma
Freeman, Florence
Freeman, Herbert
Freeman, Milly
Freeman, Rosa
Freeman, Rose
Friehold, Lottie
Friehold, Louisa
Frigot, Emeline
Frogley, Hettie
Frogley, Lizzie
Fusset, Ada
Fusset, Jane
Fusset, Mary
Fuszart, Beatrice
Fuszart, Lily
Gale, Amelia
Gale, Ernest
Gallichan, Ada
Gallichan, Alice J
Gallichan, Eliza
Gallichan, Florence
Gallichan, Lydia
Gallichan, Maria
Gallichan, Maude
Gallichan, William
Gallie, Edward
Gallie, Edwin
Gallie, Eliza
Gallop, Alice
Gallop, Amelia
Gallop, Caroline
Gallop, Louisa
Galpin, Alfred
Galpin, Laura
Galpin, Rhoda
Gardiner, Annie
Gardiner, Rosina
Gardner, Maude
Gardner, William
Garlot, Bertha
Gaudin, John Arthur
Gaudion, Eliza
Gaudion, Rachel
Gautier, Edith
Gautier, Florence
Gautier, Jane
Gavey, Alice J
Gavey, Julia
Gavey, M A
Gee, Louisa
Gérard, Annie
Gerard, Annie S
Gibbs, Charles M
Gibbs, Elizabeth M
Giffard, Drucilla
Giffard, John
Giffard, Mary
Gilbert, Dora
Gilbert, George
Gilbert, Thomas
Gilley, Agnes
Gilley, Harriet
Gilley, Harriet Emily
Gilley, Harriett
Gillman, Alice
Godden, Ethel
Godden, Maude
Godfray, Alice
Godfray, Emma
Godfray, Ruth
Goodenough, William
Gordon, Bessie
Gordon, Gertrude
Gordon, Maude
Gosline, Florrie
Gosling, Ethel
Gosling, Florence E
Gosling, John
Gosney, Louisa
Gosselin, Emily
Goubec, Harriet
Goudon, Elizabeth
Gough, Adelaide
Gough, Caroline
Gough, Cicely
Gough, Edwin
Gough, Lydia
Grady, Theresa
Grant, Alice
Grant, Ethel
Grant, Florrie
Grant, Frederick
Grant, Harriet
Grant, Jane
Grant, Mary
Grant, Maud
Gray, Ada
Gray, Charlotte
Gray, Clara
Gray, Laura
Green, Margaret
Griffin, Emma
Grimes, Alice
Grimshaw, Adeline
Grimshaw, Clara
Groizard, Albert C
Groizard, Amelia
Groizard, Arthur
Groizard, Emily
Guest, Annie
Guest, Ruth
Guibert, Alexandrine
Guibert, Margaret
Gulliford, May
Gunton, Agusta
Gunton, Annie
Gunton, Lucy
Gunton, Rosa
Guppey, Alice
Guppy, Hannah
Hadley, Elvina
Haines, Doris
Haines, Louisa
Halfner, Kate
Hall, Edith
Hall, Isabella
Hall, Kitty
Hall, Sarah
Hallett, Ada
Hallett, Lydia
Hallett, Sophronia
Hamilton, Mary
Hammond, Annie
Hamon, Elizabeth
Hamon, Susan
Hannings, Louisa
Hansford, Emily
Haps, Peter John E
Harben, Agnes
Harben, Florence
Harden, Alice
Harding, Emma
Harding, Louisa
Hardy, Agnes
Hardy, Florence
Hardy, Frances
Harper, Jessie
Harper, Mary Ann
Harris, Dora
Harris, Emmeline
Harris, Henrietta
Harris, Martha
Harris, Mary
Harris, Mary J
Harrowsmith, Georgina
Hart, Clara
Hartleet, Amelia J
Harvey, Emily
Harwood, Annie
Harwood, Emma
Harwood, John
Harwood, Louisa
Harwood, Minnie
Hatch, Maude
Hayes, Elizabeth
Hayney, Bridget
Hayney, Margaret
Heffernan, Emily
Hennessy, Eliza
Hennessy, Isabel
Henwood, Winifred
Herbert, Lizzie
Hibbs, Louisa
Hicks, Bertha
Hicks, Bessy
Hicks, Emma
Higgins, Charlotte
Higgins, George
Higgins, Lily
Hine, Ellen
Hitchen, Lilian
Hobbs, Augustine
Hobbs, Mary
Hocquard, Ann
Hogan, Blanche
Holden, Florence
Holden, Lilian
Holden, Mabel
Holder, Alice M
Holder, Amelia E
Holder, Isabella
Holding, Ellen B
Holding, Mabel
Holding, Sarah J
Holgate, Ada
Holmes, Alice
Holmes, John F
Holmes, Rosa
Honeycomb, Eva
Honeycomb, Samuel
Horman, Harriet
Horman, Harriett
Horman, Lydia
Horn, William
Hornam, Elvina
Horner, Annie
Horton, Mary
Houguet, Alice
Houguet, Matilda
Hubert, Alice
Hunt, Emily
Hunt, Esther
Hunt, Mary
Huquet, Matilda
Hurley, Edith
Hutton, Charlotte
Hyland, Emily
Ingram, Alan
Ingram, Dora
Ingram, Florence
Ingram, Maud
Isherwood, Ada
Isherwood, Grace
Isherwood, Rebekah
Isherwood, Richard
Isherwood, Samuel
Jackman, Josephine
Jackman, Selena
Jacquet, Caroline A
Jacquet, Cecilia
Jacquet, Mary M
Jeandron, Elsie
Jenkins, Mary Jane
Jerrom, Mabel Grace
Jessop, Eliza
Jesty, Rhoda
Jeune, Emma
Jocelyn, Alice
Johnson, Amy
Johnson, Grace
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, Maud
Johnston, Beatrice
Johnston, Louisa
Jones, Adelaide
Jones, Amelia
Jones, Avis
Jones, Bertha
Jones, Eleanor
Jones, Jessie
Jones, Lily
Jones, Lily Maud
Jones, Rosa
Jordan, Emily
Jordan, Mabel
Jordan, Olverdine
Jourdan, Bertha
Jourdan, Mabel
Jourdan, Maude
Journeaux, Elsie
Journeaux, Florence
Keeping, Alice Jane
Keeping, Rosa
Kelland, Ada
Kelland, Annie
Kelley, Margaret
Kelly, Alice
Kent, Esther
Kent, Hilda
Kerry, Ada
Keyworth, Kitty
Keyworth, Lucy
Killick, Charles
King, Clara
King, Gertrude
King, Katie
King, Sarah
Kingsley, Annie
Kingsley, Rosela
Kirk, Adolphus
Kirk, Emma
Knight, Alice
Knight, Florence
Knott, Katherine
La Motte, Alice
La Mottée, Ada
La Mottée, Lizzie
Lake, Lelia
Lake, Louisa
Lamerton, Elizabeth
L'Ami, Alice
L'Ami, Matilda
Lander, Emma
Lane, Amelia
Langford, Bella
Langford, Blanche
Langford, Isabella
Langlois, Adelina
Langlois, Annie
Langlois, Leontine
Langlois, Lottie
Laugée, Eliza
Laugée, Esther
Laugee, Louisa
Lauger, Rose
Laurens, Clara
Laurens, Lydia
Laventore, Frances
Laventore, Ida
Laventure, Agnes
Laventure, May
Laverty, Alice
Lavesy, Alice
Lawrence, Charlotte
Lawrence, John
Lawrence, Mary J
Le Bas, Florence
Le Bas, Florrie
Le Bas, Helen
Le Blancq, Lydia
Le Blond, Clara
Le Blond, Melina
Le Boutillier, Henrietta
Le Breton, Alice M
Le Breton, Arthur
Le Breton, Clara
Le Breton, Eliza
Le Breton, Eliza A
Le Breton, Florence
Le Breton, Isabella
Le Breton, Laura
Le Breton, Lily
Le Breton, Louisa
Le Breton, Maria
Le Breton, Thomas Edward
Le Breton, Walter
Le Breton, William
le Brocq, Emily
Le Brocq, Geneviève
Le Brun, Hilda
Le Cappelain, Lily
Le Cocq, Annie
Le Cocq, Arthur
Le Cocq, Florence
Le Cocq, Kate
Le Cocq, Lily
Le Cocq, Mabel
Le Cocq, Maria
Le Cocq, Mary A
Le Cocq, Mary J
Le Cocq, Susan
Le Cornu, Agnes
Le Cornu, Alice
Le Cornu, Emily
Le Cornu, Esther
Le Cornu, Louisa
Le Cornu, Mabel
Le Couteur, Ann
Le Couteur, Laura
Le Couteur, May
Le Cras, Alice
Le Cras, Charles
Le Cras, Florence
Le Cras, Katie
Le Cras, Louisa
Le Cras, Maud
Le Cras, Philip
Le Feuvre, Charlotte
Le Feuvre, Ellen
Le Feuvre, Esther
Le Feuvre, Frank
Le Feuvre, Henry
Le Feuvre, Hugh
Le Folley, Clara
Le Four, Hilda
Le Geyt, Mary
Le Gresley, Amelia
Le Griffon, Mary
Le Gros, Emily
Le Gros, Florence
Le Gros, Matilda
Le Gros, Susan
Le Hardy, Mabel
Le Herissier, Clara
Le Heron, Edith
Le Huquet, Louisa
Le Maistre, Eva
Le Maistre, Lilian
Le Marchand, Ada
Le Marchand, Annie
Le Marchand, Phoebe
Le Marchant, Annie
Le Marchant, Phoebe
Le Marquand, Emma
Le Marquand, Ernest
Le Marquand, Francis
Le Marquand, Lucy
Le Marquand, Maud
Le Marquand, Sarah
Le Marquand, Sarah Ann
Le Marquand, Walter
Le Marquand, Winter
Le Masurier, Alice
Le Masurier, Elsie
Le Masurier, Susan
Le Moignan, Amelia
Le Moignan, Amy
Le Motte, Eleanor
Le Motte, Jane
Le Mottée, Dinah
Le Petit, Edith
Le Quesne, Emily
Le Quesne, Lilian
Le Quesne, Mary Ann
Le Ray, William
Le Rice, Lily
Le Riche, Annie
Le Riche, Lily
Le Riche, Mabel
Le Rossignol, Bella
Le Rossignol, Mabel
Le Roux, Amy
Le Ruez, Helena
Le Ruez, Mabel
Le Ruez, Mary
Le Sauteur, Kate
Le Scelleur, Eliza
Le Scelleur, Ethel
Le Scelleur, Hannah
Le Seelleur, Emily
Le Sueur, Alma
Le Sueur, Francis B
Le Sueur, Louisa
Le Sueur, Matilda
Le Touchain, Angelina
Le Vallée, Elizabeth
Le Vallée, Thomas
Ledstone, John
Lee, M A
Lee, Margaret
Leech, Mary J
Leech, Thomas
Lefour, Ethel
Lempriere, Ada
Lempriere, Mabel
Lenaghan, Nellie
Leslie, Nellie
Lewis, Emily
Light, Fanchette
Lihou, Charlotte
Lilley, Leonora C
Lillicrap, George
Lindsay, Alice
Lite, Elizabeth
Lock, Alice
Lock, Ellen
Lock, Jessie
Lock, Maria
Louden, Lilian
Lucas, Adolphus
Lucas, Charlotte
Lucas, Edward
Luce, Emma
Lugg, Mary A
Lugg, Matthew
Lyne, Margaret
Lynes, Ada
Lynes, Florence
Lynes, Lucelia
Lyons, Bridget
Machon, Louisa
Maguire, Alice
Maguire, Emily
Mahaut, Albertina
Mahaut, Anonciada
Major, Georgina
Male, Eliza Susan
Male, Laura
Male, Maria
Malicet, Elizabeth
Malicet, Melanie
Malzard, Florence
Malzard, John
Manley, Harriet
Manning, Herbert
March, Emma
Marchant, Julia G B
Marett, Ada
Marett, Amelia
Marquis, Ann Elizabeth
Marrett, Walter
Marshall, Ada
Martell, Nellie
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, John
Martin, Lydia A
Martin, Mary A
Martin, Mary Anna
Mash, Amelia
Mash, Harriet
Mash, Sarah
Masters, Annie
Masters, Emma J
Matson, Alice
Matson, Jane
Matson, Lydia
Matthew, Maria
Matthews, Edith
Mauger, Edward
Mauger, Eliza
May, Edith
May, Maude
May, Mellinda
McAuliffe, Ellen
McCrum, Henrietta
McDonald, Emily
McDonald, Mary
McFarlane, Adelina Matilda
McFarlane, Alice
McFarlane, Gertrude
McFarlane, Irene
McKee, Margaret
McKee, Rose
McKenna, Agnes Ann
McKenna, Alice
McKenna, John
McKenna, Maud
McLeod, Richard
Mèche, Lucie
Medland, Emily
Medland, M A
Meech, Emily
Mellish, Alice
Mellish, Anna
Mellish, Emily
Mellish, Louisa
Meopham, Jane
Meopham, Selina
Mepham, Jane
Mercerie, Eugenie
Miles, John
Miller, Annie
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Lizzie
Milner, Rosa
Moignan, Alice
Moignard, Lionel
Moignard, Mary
Moingard, Mary
Mollett, Matilda
Monamy, Amelia
Monamy, Matilda
Moody, Ada
Moody, Alice
Moody, Emily
Moody, Harriet
Moody, Lily Jane
Moon, Lilian
Moon, Mary
Mooney, Ada
Mooney, Emma
Moorse, Mary J
Morris, Florence
Morris, Mary A
Moules, Alice
Mourant, Eliza
Mourant, Elizabeth
Mourant, Gertrude
Mourant, Lily
Moyse, Ada
Moyse, Florence
Mules, Amelia
Neil, Ada
Neil, Bessie
Neil, Grace
Neil, May
Neil, Priscilla
Neill, Mabel
Newcombe, Blanche
Newcombe, Florence
Newman, Charles
Newman, Henry
Newman, Lily
Newman, Lucy
Newman, William
Nicholas, Bessie
Nicholas, Bessy
Nicholas, Fanny
Nicholas, Harry
Nicholas, Ivy
Nicholls, Edith
Nicolle, Alice Maud
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Katie
Niel, Bessie
Nobilé, Albertina
Nobilé, Elizabeth
Nobilé, Walter
Nobilet, Elizabeth
Nobilet, Marie
Noel, Alice
Noel, Florence
Noel, Jessie
Noel, Louisa
Noel, Nellie
Norman, Mary J
Norris, Sydney
Norton, Bessie
Oliver, Mary
Orchard, Hope
Osborne, James
Osborne, Lydia
Osment, Amelia
Osment, Brenda
Osment, Mary J
Pallot, Abraham
Pallot, Annie
Pallot, Ethel
Pallot, Louisa
Palmer, Charlotte
Pannel, Clara
Parker, Agnes
Parker, Alice Maud
Parker, Alice Maude
Parker, Emily
Parker, Emily J
Parker, Hannah
Parkes, Ellen
Partridge, Alice
Paskins, Beatrice
Paskins, Florence
Paskins, Maude
Patch, Mildred
Patch, Sarah
Payn, Annie
Payn, Charles
Penery, Aylice
Penery, Lily
Perchard, Ada
Perchard, Alice
Perchard, Emma M
Perchard, Florence
Perchard, Florence C
Perchard, Gertrude
Perchard, Mabel
Perham, Elizabeth E
Perree, Jane L
Perree, Louisa J
Perrée, Philip
Perrent, Victorine
Perriot, Mary
Peters, Bessie
Petit, Selina
Pezet, Agnes
Pezet, William
Pezet, William J
Picot, Anna
Picot, Daisy
Picot, Lily
Picot, Lucy
Picot, Matilda
Pigeon, Sophia
Pike, Annie
Pike, Florence
Pike, Jessie A
Pike, Julia
Pirouet, Eliza Lavinia
Pitman, Alice
Pitman, Fanny
Pitman, Lily
Pitman, Mary
Pitman, Samuel
Pitois, Virginie
Pittman, Eliza
Pittman, Elvina
Pittman, Emma
Pittman, Lily
Pittman, Sarah
Playle, Clara
Playle, Julia
Playle, Lydia
Poingdestre, Alice
Poingdestre, Clara
Poingdestre, Eliza
Poingdestre, Elvina
Poingdestre, Emma
Poingdestre, Lily
Poingdestre, Louisa
Poingdestre, Lydia
Poingdestre, Olive
Poingdestre, William
Poncé, Alice
Pool, George
Pool, James
Potter, Maud
Powell, Carlotta
Pratt, Daisy
Pratt, Madge
Prescott, Emma
Preston, Clara
Prevost, Jane
Prevost, Julia
Prigg, Tabitha
Prince, Henry
Prior, Annie
Progan, Mary
Progan, Rosa
Proper, Anna
Proper, Jane
Prouten, Emily
Provo, Alice
Provo, Laura
Provo, Priscilla
Pugsley, Annie
Pugsley, Gertrude
Pugsley, Margaret
Pugsley, Susannah
Pullen, Elizabeth
Pullen, Lizzie
Pullen, Lydia
Pullen, Phillis
Pullin, Phillis
Purkis, Annie
Purkis, Edith
Purkis, Frederick J
Quenault, Henrietta
Querée, M J
Queripel, Mary A
Querot, Mary Ann
Quirot, Cecilia
Ramie, Ada Matilda
Ramie, Elsie Florence
Rattenbury, Emily
Raynel, Louisa
Raynel, Melina
Redouard, Louisa Jane
Redouard, Mary Ann Susan
Refault, Amelia
Rendall, Tryphena A
Renouard, Louisa
Renouf, Ada
Renouf, Erica Maud
Renouf, James
Rey, Frances
Reynel, Josephine
Ribert, Marian
Richards, Eliza
Richards, Ellen D
Richards, Katie
Richards, Louisa
Richards, Louisa J
Richards, William
Richardson, Elvina
Richardson, Priscilla
Riley, Clara
Rive, Ada
Rive, Annie
Rive, Maude
Roberts, Edith
Roberts, Ellen
Roberts, Jessie
Robinson, Alice
Robinson, Miriam
Rodda, Alice
Rodda, Maria
Rodda, Mary
Rodda, Richard
Roe, M A
Rogers, Henrietta
Romeril, Magdalena
Rondel, Georgina
Rondel, Mabel
Rose, Alfred
Rose, Eliza
Rose, Susan
Rose, Susannah
Ross, Agnes
Roussel, Annie
Rowe, Edith
Rowe, Francis
Rowe, Lily
Rowe, Louisa
Rowe, Lydia
Rowland, Ada
Rowland, Henrietta
Rowland, William
Rudder, Edith
Rumsey, Georgina
Rumsey, Lilian
Rumsey, Mabel
Rumsey, May
Ryan, Amy
Ryan, Joanna
Ryan, Mary Jane
Sage, Sarah
Salter, Mary A
Saunders, Caroline
Saunders, Carrie
Savage, Eva
Savage, Letitia
Scott, Margaret
Seabrook, Amy
Seabrook, Edith
Searle, Eliza
Searle, Isabella
Searle, Rosina
Selby, Alice
Shambrook, Louisa
Sharland, Walter
Showell, Annie
Simmons, Eva
Sinclair, Ada
Single, Eva
Single, Lucy
Single, Mabel
Skelley, Lilian
Sleep, Alice
Sleep, Maria
Sloman, Alice
Sloman, Lily
Smith, Annie
Smith, Florence
Smith, James T
Smith, Lily
Snell, Alice
Snelling, Susan
Soady, Frances
Sole, Fanny
Spencer, Florence
Spinner, William H
Spratt, Eva
Spratt, Lilian
Squibb, Ethel
Squibb, Sarah
St George, Mary
Stansbury, Alice M M
Stansbury, Ellen
Stansbury, Francis A
Stansbury, Susan
Starck, Alice
Starck, Clement
Starck, Emily A
Starck, Mabel
Starck, Philip
Starck, William
Statt, Jane
Statt, Matilda
Statt, Selena
Stear, Ellen
Steel, Esther J
Stevens, Mary
Stevens, Maud
Stivey, Rosina
Stoneman, Maude
Stoodley, Alice J
Strictland, Maud
Stüber, Maggie
Sturawick, Florence
Sullivan, Florence
Sullivan, Florence A
Sullivan, Jeremiah
Sullivan, Louisa
Sullivan, Louisa I
Sullivan, Rose
Sullivan, William
Summerhayes, Jessie
Surman, Gertrude
Sweet, Elizabeth
Sweet, Selina
Syborn, Ada
Syborn, Florence
Syburn, Ada
Talitha, Cleal
Taylor, Ada M
Taylor, Anna
Taylor, Bertha
Taylor, Harriet J
Taylor, Ivy
Thoburn, Isabella Anne
Thomas, Edwin
Thomas, Florence
Thomas, Frederick
Thomas, Jane
Thomas, Louisa
Thorne, Eliza
Tibbot, Annie
Tibot, Annie
Tirel, Louisa
Tirel, Lucy
Tomkins, Charlotte
Tomkins, Mary
Torode, Amy Louise
Tostevin, Eva
Tourie, Lizzie
Tourmel, Honorez
Tracy, Lucy
Tramp, Florence
Tramp, Louisa
Tratt, Blanche
Tratt, Elsie
Tratt, Evelyn
Tregarnon, Mary J
Tregeagle, Alice
Trieu, Josephine
Trivett, Anna M
Truscott, Ellen
Tucker, Ada
Tucker, Alice
Tucker, Daisy
Tucker, Lilian
Turpin, Cordelia
Turpin, Winifred
Valaise, Ann
Valaise, Eliza
Valpy, Ada
Varcoe, Annie
Varcoe, Helena
Varcoe, Mary A
Varcoe, Rosa
Vaudin, Louisa
Venner, Elsie
Veron, Elvina
Veron, Sophie
Viel, Adelaide
Viel, Alice Mary
Viel, Annie
Viel, Julia
Viel, Julia A
Viel, Louisa
Vincent, Annie
Vincent, Clara
Vincent, Mary
Vincent, Penelope
Viney, Georgina
Viney, Jessie
Voisin, Florence
Voisin, Louisa
Voisin, Mary J
Voisin, Walter
Waddle, Ann
Waddle, Sarah
Wadmore, Charlotte
Wakeham, Alice
Wakeham, Emma
Wallace, Alice
Wallbridge, Alice
Wallbridge, Bessie
Wallis, Henrietta
Warbridge, John
Ward, Helena
Ward, Susan
Wardley, Emily
Wardley, Fanny
Warren, Clara
Warren, Florence
Waters, Ann
Waters, Annie
Watts, Eliza
Way, Edward
Way, Susan
Webber, Annie
Webber, Catherine
Webber, William
Werry, Matha A
Weston, Dora
Weston, Grace Maria
Whall, Agnes
Whall, Ellen
Wheeler, Eliza G
Wheeler, Emily
Wheeler, Julia
Wheeler, Minnie
Wherry, Violet
White, Eva
White, Georgina
White, Henrietta
White, Jane
White, Mary
Whittle, Alice
Whittle, Ethel
Whittle, Lydia
Wilkinson, Clara
Williams, Alice
Williams, Annie
Williams, Elizabeth J
Williams, Henry
Williams, James
Williams, Lily
Williams, Maggie
Williams, Maud
Williams, Nora
Williams, Winifred
Willmet, Emma
Willmet, John
Witt, Amelia
Witt, Amy
Woodcock, Bessie
Woodnut, Alice
Woods, Esther
Woods, Mabel
Woods, Sarah Ann
Woodsford, Lilian
Woodward, Alice L
Woodward, Elizabeth A
Wright, Frances
Young, Amy
Young, Bessie
Yvon, Marie
Keywords Schools | Education | school admissions | admission registers | pupils
Category D - States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
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Closed until 2100


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Admission Register of the Jersey National School for Infants 1865-1879 and for Girls 1879-1891. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.