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Admission Register for St Paul's Infants School. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF of register for entry details

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Reference D/J/38/B1/1
Date 3 May 1886 - 9 April 1894
Names St Paul's School
Aims, William
Alcock, Amy
Allen, James
Andrews, Alcid
Anson, Thomas
Anstead, Walter
Arthur, Douglas
Ashelford, Caroline
Ashelford, Frederick
Ashelford, Gertrude
Averty, Robert
Aveson, Harry
Aveson, Mabel
Bailey, Lilian
Baker, Mabel
Baker, William
Bakes, Florence
Bakes, Maud
Barnes, George
Bartlett, Frederick
Basford, Mary
Bateman, Eva
Baudains, Albert
Baudains, Louis
Beaucamp, Percy
Beaugie, William
Beck, Olive
Belin, Laura
Bellott, Kathleen
Bellott, Lilian
Bellott, May
Bettes, Albert
Bettes, William
Bewhay, George
Biais, Aimé
Bisson, Edith
Bisson, Eleaun
Bisson, Helier
Blackmore, Albert
Blackmore, Annie
Blackmore, Arthur
Blake, Florence
Blake, Walter
Blampied, Florence
Boivin, Ada
Boivin, Harry
Boomer, Effie
Bosney, Alfred
Bowden, James
Bowen, Mabel
Brakes, Florence
Brakes, Gordon
Breen, Ernest
Brehaut, Eva
Brehaut, John
Brett, Percy
Brewer, Alfred
Brewer, Edward
Brewer, George
Brewer, Walter
Brewer, William
Broghan, Lily
Brunet, Gertrude
Brunker, Gertrude
Burch, George
Burch, Robert
Burke, Catherine
Burke, Kate
Burke, Lewis
Burke, Louis
Burke, Mary
Buttery, Jennie
Buttery, Joseph
Caplin, Edwin
Caplin, Nellie
Carcaud, John
Carpenter, John
Castell, Gladys
Catelinet, Nellie
Catelinet, Philip
Chappell, Alfred
Chappell, Laura
Chedmail, Elisa
Clarke, Henry
Clements, Gertrude
Collings, Matilda
Collins, Chas
Comyn, Francis
Comyn, Stella
Coombs, John
Coombs, Maud
Coombs, Reginald
Coppin, Samuel
Cornick, Ethel
Couillard, Alfred
Couillard, Sidney
Courbabasse, Georgette
Coutanche, Ada
Coutanche, Anne
Coutanche, Gordon
Coutanche, Helier
Coutanche, Henry
Coutanche, Maud
Coutanche, William
Cox, Florence
Crispin, John
Cummings, Bertie
D'authreau, Christie
Davey, George
Davison, Mabel
Day, Edith
de Feu, William
de Gruchy, Arthur
de La Cour, Effie
de la Cour, Herbert
de La Haye, Ada
de La Haye, Emily
de la Haye, George
de la Mare, Edith
de la Mare, Florence
De La Mare, William
De La Motte, Elsie
de St Croix, Arthur
de St Croix, Ethel
de St Croix, James
de St Croix, Mabel
de Vere, George
de Veulle, Alfred
Debroder, Phillippa
Delacour, Walter
Denman, Mabel
Deveau, Francis
Donoghue, William
Dorey, Hilda
Downton, Gertrude
Downton, Violet
Duc, Lily
Duffield, Violet
Dumont, Peter
Dupre, Alfred
Dupre, Percy
Eaton, James
Falaize, Walter
Fare, Florence
Fare, George
Farrier, Grace
Fauvel, Louisa
Flambard, Frederick
Foot, Francis
Foote, Frank
Ford, Albina
Ford, Lily
Ford, Percy
Friehold, Louisa
Fry, Susan
Gallichan, Ada
Gallichan, Ethel
Gallichan, George
Gallichan, Nicholas
Gallichan, Philip
Gallichan, William
Gallie, Maud
Gaten, Evaline
Gaten, Sarah
Gayet, Alfred
Gerard, Victorine
Gibson, Maud
Gifford, Mabel
Gillard, Sidney
Glazbrook, Frederick
Glazbrook, Nellie
Godel, Francis
Goodge, Philip
Gosling, Harry
Grady, Charles
Gresley, Charles
Grimshaw, Clara
Guillaume, Reginald
Guy, Elsie
Guy, Percy
Haines, William
Hake, Amy
Hake, John
Hall, Elsie
Hall, Florence
Hall, Walter
Hallett, Lydia
Hamon, Edith
Hamon, George
Hanley, Maud
Hardy, John
Hart, Charles
Helier, Arthur
Henri, Georges
Henri, Julien
Henri, Maria
Henry, Murrell
Herbert, Arthur
Herbert, Clara
Herbert, Frederick
Hernandez, Philip
Heywood, Charles
Hibbs, Albert
Hibbs, Bertie
Hibbs, Emma
Hibbs, Frank
Higgins, Florence
Higgins, Rose
Hill, Harold
Hine, Cissy
Hine, Elsie
Hitchcock, Samuel
Hitchcock, Wilfred
Hixm, Edward
Hobbs, Augustine
Hodgeson, Mabel
Holt, William
Honeycombe, Albert
Hopkins, Frank
Hoskisson, Edward
Houssin, Peter
Houssyn, Jane
Houssyn, Mary
Houssyn, Peter
Huelin, Archibald
Huelin, Arthur
Huelin, Edith
Huelin, Gwendoline
Humber, Ernest
Hunt, Ernest
Hunt, Marion
Hunt, Reginald
Hunt, Robert
Hutchings, Hilda
Hutton, Thomas
Ingram, Clarence
Ingram, Henrietta
James, William
Janden, Adelaide
Janvrin, Elsie
Jeandron, Eliza
Jeandron, Elsie
Jesty, Nellie
Jeune, George
Jones, Arthur
Jones, Beatrice
Jones, Lily
Jones, Ruby
Jones, Sidney
Jones, William
Jouen, Albert
Jouen, Ellen
Jouen, Francis
Jouen, Frederick
Jouen, Louisa
Kaill, Arthur
Kessell, Thomas
Keyworth, Florence
Keyworth, James
Kingsley, Frederick
Kingsley, Minnie
Langlois, Frederick
Lawrence, James
Le Bas, William
Le Blanc, Nellie
Le Blancq, Walter
Le Boutillier, Francis
Le Boutillier, Frank
Le Brocq, Annie
Le Brocq, Louisa
Le Brun, Lily
Le Brun, Mary
Le Cheudé, Bertis
Le Cocq, James
Le Dain, Arthur
Le Geyt, Lily
Le Huquet, Isabel
Le Lievre, Frank
Le Lievre, Jane
Le Marchand, Joseph
Le Marchand, Walter
Le Marchand, William
Le Marchant, Joseph
Le Marquand, Adelaide
Le Marquand, Elise
Le Marquand, Lily
Le Marquand, Marie
Le Quesne, Charles
Le Quesne, Herbert
Le Riche, Henry
Le Ruez, Florence
Le Ruez, Philip
Le Sueur, Ethel
Le Vaillon, William
Ledoyen, George
Ledoyen, Maurice
Lempriere, Dorothy
Lempriere, Matilda
Leo, Sidney
Lesbirel, Lilian
Lesbirel, Sidney
Lewis, Mary
Lindsay, Edward
Lindsay, George
Lindsay, Samuel
Luce, John
Mallett, Annie
Mallett, Jane
Mallett, Lily
Mallett, Violet
Mallowby, Fanny
Mallowby, Laura
Malorey, Clara
Malzard, Florence
Manning, Frederick
Manoury, Thomas
Marett, Jane
Marett, Lilian
Marguerie, Mabel
Martin, Arthur
Martin, Robert
Martinotti, Alice
Matthews, Arnold
McBride, Benjamin
McBride, Francis
McCleod, Lydia
McCleod, Maud
McDermot, Rose
McDonald, Flora
McDonald, James
McFarlane, Emma
McLeod, Maud
Mead, Agnes
Mead, Agnes
Mercier, Francis
Minching, Florence
Minching, James
Minching, John
Monamy, John
Monnier, Remon
Moon, Cecilia
Moon, Cissy
Mormey, John
Motier, Leon
Motier, Louis
Mourant, John
Mourant, John
Mourant, Thomas
Moyse, Lilian
Moyse, Robert
Muirhead, Hannah
Murphy, Bertie
Murphy, Ethel
Murphy, Florence
Mutton, Elsie
Newcombe, Annie
Noel, Bertie
Noel, Harry
Noel, Herbert
Noel, Walter
Norman, Mary
Norman, William
Ollivier, Louise
Pallott, Clarence
Parker, Alfred
Parker, James
Partridge, Ethel
Partridge, Harry
Partridge, Henry
Paul, Albert
Pearson, Alfred
Pepin, Harry
Perchard, Annie
Perchard, Mary
Perkins, Annie
Perkins, Florence
Perkins, Lena
Pesant, Edith
Pesant, George
Philips, Alfred
Philips, Frank
Philips, William
Picot, Arthur
Picot, Louisa
Pigeon, Sarah
Pirouet, Edward
Ply, Arthur
Poingdestre, Emily
Poingdestre, Lily
Potter, William
Presteney, Lily
Price, William
Prout, Florence
Prout, Nellie
Pulois, Louisa
Quenault, Emily
Quenault, Florence
Quenault, George
Quenault, Henrietta
Quenault, Henry
Quenouellere, Gaston
Quenouellere, Raoul
Reed, Albert
Reed, Harriett
Renault, Clarence
Renault, William
Renouf, Arthur
Repprell, Frederick
Ribis, Florence
Riches, Daisy
Roach, William
Roberts, Herbert
Robinson, Ernest
Robinson, Laura
Robinson, Maud
Robinson, William
Rogers, Amy
Rogers, Florence
Rothwell, Harold
Rough, Emily
Rowcliffe, Robert
Rowe, Bertie
Rowe, Bertie
Rowe, Eva
Ryan, Esther
Ryan, Mabel
Sarre, Peter
Saul, Lily
Saul, Violet
Saunders, Lilian
Saunders, Louisa
Savage, Elvin
Savage, Essie
Sayburn, George
Sebire, Ernest
Selby, Ethel
Simmins, Charles
Simmons, Percy
Simon, George
Simon, Jane
Simon, Janet
Sinclair, Ethel
Single, Gertrude
Smith, Ernest
Smith, Irene
Spratt, Hilda
Spratt, Rosaline
Squibb, Arthur
Squibb, Ethel
St George, Harold
St. George, Charles
Steel, Eva
Steel, Mary
Stevens, Lily
Stevens, Muriel
Studwick, Charles
Studwick, Henry
Taylor, Laura
Taylor, Nellie
Taylor, Willie
Therddo, Charles
Therddo, William
Touzel, Alfred
Touzel, Francis
Touzel, Violet
Tramp, Florence
Tramp, Louisa
Turner, Isaac
Underhill, Clarence
Underhill, Eva
Underhill, Hilda
Valpy, Francis
Valpy, Helene
Vibert, Amy
Vibert, Peter
Vibert, Philip
Wakeham, Arthur
Wakeham, Charley
Wakeham, Louisa
Wallis, Nellie
Walters, Ernest
Walters, Joseph
Walters, Richard
Warren, Adolphus
Watkins, James
Watkins, William
Watts, Arthur
Watts, William
White, Thomas
Whittingham, Hilda
Whittingham, William
Whittle, Thomas
Williams, Alice
Williams, John
Williams, Maggie
Willmott, John
Willmott, William
Wilson, Elsie
Wilson, Marion
Woods, Winifred
Wyatt, Amelia
Youik, Lydia
Youik, Thomas
Alexander, Charles
Alexandre, Andrew
Alexandre, Edwin
Alexandre, Walter
Allen, Clarence
Allen, Gertrude
Allen, Rosalie
Amiot, Peter
Ashelford, Caroline
Ashelford, Ernest
Bakes, Sidney
Barrett, Clara
Bassett, Nellie
Baudains, Albert
Baudains, Arthur
Baudains, Florence
Beaugie, Beatrice
Bennett, Florence
Bennett, John
Bennett, William
Besley, Charles
Besley, George
Bisson, Edith
Bisson, Jeremiah
Bisson, William
Blampied, Henrietta
Bloc, Joseph
Bosley, Walter
Bouteloup, Alexis
Bouteloup, Eugenie
Bouteloup, Vincent
Bowden, James
Bree, Harold
Brée, Helier
Bressat, Charles
Bressatt, Alexander
Briot, Edward
Brissett, Charles
Burch, Charles
Burgess, Florence
Burgess, Lilian
Buttery, Joseph
Cabot, Frederick
Cabot, George
Carpenter, John
Carter, Henriette
Cary, Edward
Caufield, Robert
Channing, Emily
Channing, William
Chapple, Sidney
Charles, Lilian
Cheneys, Walter
Clark, Elsie
Clark, William
Clarke, Eva
Colan, Mabel
Collas, Frederick
Collas, George
Collett, Jean
Connell, John
Coombs, Percy
Coppin, Mabel
Cottle, William
Cotton, Hilda
Couillard, Elsie
Coutanche, Edith
Cox, Phyllis
Cropp, Walter
Cuirot, Richard
Dale, Horace
Darragh, Percy
Davey, Dorothy
Davies, Harold
de La Cour, Walter
de la Motte, Reginald
de la Perrelle, Dumaresq
de la Perrelle, Emily
Delacour, Harold
Delacour, Thomas
Delacour, Walter
Dèmon, Emile
Denis, Percy
Dorey, Alice
Dorey, Clara
Dorey, Philip
East, Alaric
East, Vida
Egré, John
Egré, Percy
Ellis, Florence
Fenton, Ivy
Ferbrache, Alfred
Ferbrache, James
Ferdand, Eugenie
Ferris, Eva
Ferris, William
Fontaine, Auguste
Fontaine, Bertha
Fontaine, Ernest
Fosse, Reginald
Fountain, Ethel
Freeman, Alfred
Fry, Susan
Gallie, Maud
Galpin, Ada
Galpin, Arthur
Gifford, Gertrude
Glendower, Clarence
Glendower, Georgina
Glendower, Sidney
Godard, Joseph
Godridge, Clarence
Gooch, Charles
Gosling, William
Gosseline, Beatrice
Gosseline, Clarence
Gray, Lilian
Hall, Stanley
Hamon, Clement
Hampton, Annie
Hansford, Sidney
Henwood, Henry
Herbert, Edgar
Heys, Harold
Hibbs, Bertie
Higgins, Alice
Holmes, Gertrude
Hopkins, Ethel
Hopkins, Lily
House, Mary
Huelin, Gladys
Hunt, Henry
Hunt, Theodore
Hurley, Sarah
Hutton, Gertrude
Ingmire, Ethel
Irving, Herbert
Irving, William
Isherwood, Evangeline
Janvrin, Adelaide
Jerrom, Maud
Jerrom, Raymond
Jeune, George
Jeune, Lily
Jouan, Mabel
Journeaux, Alfred
Journeaux, Eva
Kendall, Sidney
Kendall, William
Kent, James
Kessell, Florence
Keyworth, Lily
King, Percy
Kingsley, Charles
Kingsley, Frederick
Knight, Clarence
Lane, Frederick
Laugee, Alfred
Le Bas, Alice
Le Bas, Georgina
Le Bas, Hilda
Le Boutillier, Edith
Le Boutillier, Gladys
Le Breton, Alfred
Le Breton, Harold
Le Brun, Claud
Le Canu, Charles
Le Canu, Louis
Le Cocq, Alice
Le Cocq, Richard
Le Conte, Emily
Le Maistre, Nellie
Le Masurier, John
Le Quesne, Arthur
Le Riche, Mareina
Le Ruez, Ada
Le Sueur, Edith
Le Sueur, Florence
Le Sueur, George
Le Sueur, Gladys
Le Sueur, Henry
Le Sueur, Miriam
Le Sueur, Olive
Le Vaillon, Joseph
Lempriere, Dorothy
Leopold, Archibald
Leopold, Frederick
Lloyd, John
Macey, Arthur
Manning, Joseph
Marett, Annie
Marett, Elsie
Marett, William
Marsh, Augustus
Marshall, Henry
Martinotti, Alice
Martinotti, Lidio
Massue, Valentin
Matthews, Lèon
McAllen, Rose
McBride, Frank
McBride, Frederick
McDonald, Edward
McDonald, Sidney
Mercier, Oliver
Moobaker, Isabel
Motier, Emile
Mourant, Ada
Mourant, Geoffrey
Mourant, Maud
Moyse, Ada
Neville, Honor
Nicolle, Ernest
Noel, Henry
Noel, Violet
Norton, Ernest
Orson, Louis
Orson, Mary
Orson, Philip
Ozard, Elizabeth
Ozard, Frank
Ozard, John
Pallott, Eliza
Pallott, Sidney
Parker, Harold
Paul, Albert
Paul, Annabel
Paul, Edward
Pellow, Winifred
Perkins, Amy
Perkins, Elsie
Perkins, Ernest
Pesant, Wilfred
Pinel, Nellie
Potter, Frederick
Potter, Percy
Prevel, Emma
Prevel, Lily
Prèvel, Percy
Price, Joseph
Price, Lizzie
Pulley, Frederick
Queen, Mabel
Queree, Elizabeth
Randall, Gladys
Randall, Henry
Relf, Henrietta
Rèon, Maurice
Richards, Gladys
Roach, Geoffrey
Robilliard, Eugene
Robilliard, Victor
Rogers, Alfred
Rowcliffe, Victor
Rowditch, Laura
Rowe, Walter
Ruff, Harry
Ruff, William
Samson, Alfred
Samson, Ernest
Samson, Henry
Samson, Louisa
Sangot, Jean
Searchfield, Dorothy
Simmons, Reginald
Simmons, Rodney
Simon, Harold
Single, Dulcie
Skelley, Charles
Skelley, Edward
Skelley, Ellen
Smith, Florence
Smith, George
Smith, Irene
Spargo, Cyril
Squibb, Annie
St George, Hilda
St George, William
Stear, George
Stevens, John
Stevens, William
Strange, Amy
Strange, Gertrude
Syte, Rita
Tesson, John
Thatcher, Henry
Thorn, Harry
Thornton, Beatrice
Thorpy, Lizzie
Tirel, Alice
Truman, Alfred
Trump, George
Trump, Violet
Turner, Gladys
Turner, Grace
Vicars, Maud
Vickers, Anna
Vickers, Maud
Voisin, Alice
Voisin, Clarence
Walker, Arthur
Warren, Perceval
Warren, Percy
Watts, Nellie
Webb, Arthur
Webb, Henry
Wherry, Minnie
Whittle, John
Whittle, Thomas
Wilkinson, Thomas
Willmett, Archibald
Yeatmam, Edith
Keywords Schools | Education | pupils | admission registers | school admissions
Category D - States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions consult digital copy
Closed until 2100


D/J/38/B1/1This item»

Admission Register for St Paul's Infants School. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF of register for entry details


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