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Admission Register for St Paul's Infants School. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF of register for entry details

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Reference D/J/38/B1/2
Date 9 April 1894 - 9 September 1901
Names St Paul's School
Ahier, Percy
Ahier, Charlotte
Ahier, Ruby
Ahier, Clarence
Albert, Lily
Albert, Ida
Albert, Ivy
Alexander, Florence
Alexandre, Charles
Alexandre, James
Alexandre, Ernest
Allan, Lizzie
Allen, Rose
Allen, Gertrude
Allen, George
Allix, Amelia
Amy, Edith
Andre, Francis
Andrews, Florence
Andrews, Ruby
Andrews, Florence
Andrews, Ruby
Andrews, William
Andrews, Florence
Andrews, Florence
Andrews, Ruby
Andrews, Charles
Andrews, Florence
Andrews, Ruby
Andrews, Vernon
Andrews, Hilda
Andrews, Jessie
Andrews, Charles
Andron, Raymond
Angell, Blanche
Angell, Theresa
Ashelford, Charles
Auberon, Eveline
Aubert, Hilda
Aubert, William
Aubert, Albert
Aubert, Albert
Audoin, Léon
Audrin, Ada
Averty, Emily
Aveson, Christopher
Baittle, Beatrice
Baker, Archibald
Baker, Stanley
Baker, Archibald
Baker, Stanley
Ball, Beatrice
Barnes, Evelyn
Barnes, Walter
Barnes, Sidney
Barnes, Frank
Bartlett, Frank
Bartlett, Charles
Bartlett, Herbert
Bassett, Sidney
Bassett, Eunice
Bassett, Mabel
Bassett, Walter
Batho, Herbert
Baudains, John
Baxter, Walter
Beaufils, Andre
Bennett, Amy
Bennett, Edward
Bennett, Thomas
Bennett, Ernest
Bennett, Elsie
Besley, Amelia
Biddle, Reginald
Binet, Olive
Binet, Florence
Birch, Alfred
Bisson, Lily
Bisson, Mabel
Bisson, Walter
Bisson, Louisa
Blampied, Elsie
Blampied, Clifford
Blanchard, Frederick
Bonnar, Ronald
Boswell, Emily
Boswell, Gladys
Bottle, George
Boucherie, Elfrida
Bougard, Louis
Bourgougnoux, Maurice
Brennan, Dolly
Bressatt, William
Bressatt, Jessie
Bretel, Clarice
Briard, Stanley
Briard, Philip
Britton, Sidney
Britton, Clarence
Burette, Josephine
Burgess, Reginald
Burrard, Lily
Cabot, Ethel
Cabot, William
Campbell, Cecil
Capewell, David
Capewell, Louis
Carpenter, Florence
Carpenter, Arthur
Carpenter, James
Carpenter, Henry
Carpenter, Alfred
Carpenter, Irene
Carpenter, Reginald
Carpenter, George
Carrel, Mildred
Carrel, Hazeldell
Carrell, Hazel
Cary, Agnes
Casimir, Maud
Casimir, Lily
Casimir, Archie
Catelinet, Walter
Catilinet, Edward
Cave, Lily
Cave, Shirley
Champion, Arthur
Channing, Mabel
Chappel, Evelyn
Cheal, Ernest
Clarke, Albert
Cleaver, Alfred
Cleaver, Arthur
Cockings, Bertie
Colbeck, Ethel
Collins, Gladys
Collins, Thurston
Coombs, Amice
Coombs, Sidney
Cooper, Clifford
Corbel, William
Cornick, Edith
Cornick, Claud
Cornick, Lily
Cornick, May
Cornick, Bertha
Cornick, Lily
Cornick, Charles
Cornish, Lily
Couchois, George
Courtel, Eugéne
Crabot, Florence
Crane, Gertrude
Crase, Gordon
Crawley, Nellie
Cross, Clara
Cummings, Joseph
Cummings, Lilian
Cummings, Elsie
Cuthbertson, Lilian
Cuthbertson, Violet
Cuthbertson, Ivy
Cuthbertson, Robert
Davison, Nellie
d'Avoine, Violet
de Carteret, Lilian
de Feu, Walter
de Gruchy, Mabel
de Gruchy, Myrtle
de Gruchy, Stanley
de Gruchy, Mye
De Gruchy, Alfred
de la Cour, Richard
de la Cour, Reginald
De La Haye, William
de la Lande, Arthur
de la Motte, Christine
de la Perelle, Louis
de St Croix, Edwin
de St Croix, Stella
de St Croix, Ernest
de St Croix, Gladys
de Veulle, Clarence
Degage, Eva
Delacour, Philip
Delamare, Lily
Delamare, John
Delaney, James
Denis, Edward
Denis, Maud
Denis, Percy
Deslandes, Lily
Deslandes, Reginald
Dillon, William
Donoghue, Andrew
Dorey, Philip
Dorey, Charles
Drelaud, Rose
du Feu, Walter
du Pays, Henry
Duheaume, Amy
Duncan, Elsie
Dupre, Edna
Eager, George
Egré, Clarence
Egré, Winter
Egré, Irene
Ellerington, Annie
Ellerington, Florence
Ellerington, Douglas
Elliott, Ida
Elliott, Alfred
English, Enita
Ewens, Jessie
Fausse, Reginald
Fielding, Cecilia
Fitch, Flora
Fitch, Alwyn
Fitch, Flora
Flambard, Hilda
Flambard, Elsie
Foligny, Josephine
Foster, Harold
Fowler, John
Fowler, John
Fox, Walter
Fox, Harold
Fox, Ada
Fox, Harry
Fox, Henry
Fox, Andrew
Fox, Margaret
Fox, Phoebe
Fox, George
Freeman, Alfred
Freeman, Louisa
Freeman, Frederick
Freeman, George
Gale, Walter
Gallichan, Gladys
Gallichan, Olive
Gallichan, Florence
Gallichan, Alfred
Gallichan, Frederick
Gallie, Edward
Galpin, Harry
Gardiner, Alice
Gardiner, Charles
Gaudion, John
Gaudion, Walter
Gaudion, Charles
Gayet, Eugene
Gerard, Sophie
Gerard, Amelia
Germain, Lilian
Gibaut, Alfred
Gibaut, Gladys
Gicquel, Francis
Gill, Mabel
Glematz, Auguste
Glendewar, James
Glendewar, Ethel
Glendewar, Edward
Glover, Frederick
Glover, William
Glover, Henry
Glover, Kathleen
Goff, John
Gordon, Harold
Gosling, Adolphus
Gosling, Percy
Gothard, Arthur
Graham, Florence
Graham, Samuel
Graham, Maria
Gray, Samuel
Gray, Dorothy
Gray, Rosina
Gray, Lily
Grimshaw, Winifred
Grimshaw, Emmeline
Groizard, Emmeline
Gruchy, Edith
Guillaume, Lyndale
Guiton, Myra
Gulley, George
Hadreivell, William
Hafener, Matilda
Hake, Edith
Hall, William
Hallman, Queenie
Hamon, Laurence
Hands, Walter
Hands, Ruby
Hands, Walter
Hands, Ruby
Hannaford, Florence
Harding, Bertie
Harding, Florence
Harris, Evan
Harris, Birdie
Hartopp, Byron
Hawkins, James
Hawkins, Emily
Hervé, George
Hibbs, Ruby
Hibbs, Albertine
Hibbs, Thomas
Hibbs, Henry
Hibbs, Joseph
Hibbs, William
Higgins, Kathleen
Hine, Muriel
Hingston, Edith
Hitchcock, Lily
Hitchcock, Hettie
Hobbs, Nora
Hobbs, Frederick
Hobbs, Laura
Hobbs, May
Hobbs, Alaby
Hocquard, May
Holding, Frederick
Hollman, William
Hollman, Grace
Holmes, Jane
Holmes, Violet
Hope, Reginald
Hope, Oscar
Hopkins, Ada
Hopkins, Bessie
Horel, Cecile
Horn, Olive
Hoskins, Oscar
Hotton, Clement
Hotton, Henry
Hotton, Clement
Hotton, Henry
Hotton, Albert
Hotton, Zoe
Huelin, Ruby
Hughes, Margaret
Hunt, Theodore
Hurley, Laura
Hurly, Herbert
Huston, Charles
Huston, Charlotte
Huston, Arthur
Ingleson, Jack
Irving, Eveline
Irving, Eva
Isherwood, Walter
Jandron, Laurence
Jarrett, Henry
Jarrett, Esther
Jeandron, John
Jenkins, Amelia
Jerrom, Charles
Jeune, Gertrude
Jeune, Mary
Jeune, Louisa
Jeune, Mabel
Jeune, Louise
Jeune, Mabel
Jeune, Edith
Journeaux, Maud
Journeaux, Ivy
Journeaux, Amy
Kadrewell, Adeline
Keagan, Percy
Keagan, Violet
Killmister, Harold
Killmister, Reginald
King, Gladys
Klein, Jane
Klein, Louis
Lakeman, Thomas
Lakeman, Florence
Lamerton, May
Lamerton, Arthur
Langeard, Gertrude
Langeard, Edith
Langeard, Lily
Languill, Louis
Lano, Ernestine
Laurence, Philip
Laurens, William
Laurens, Edwin
Lawrence, William
Le Bihan, Emily
Le Boutillier, John
Le Breton, Ethel
Le Breton, Bernard
Le Breton, Rita
Le Breton, Lily
Le Brocq, Lilian
Le Brocq, Lydia
Le Clair, Eugene
Le Cocq, Amelia
Le Cornu, Lizzie
Le Couillard, Francis
Le Couteur, Maud
Le Couteur, Florence
Le Couteur, Lily
Le Diffront, Caville
Le Duc, Lilian
Le Duc, Philip
Le Duc, Dorothy
Le Duc, Philip
Le Feuvre, Lilian
Le Grand, Maud
Le Gresley, Ida
Le Gros, Charles
Le Gros, Amande
Le Gros, Gladys
Le Gros, Violet
Le Lievre, Philip
Le Lievre, Stanley
Le Maistre, John
Le Maistre, Harold
Le Maistre, Clarence
Le Maistre, Florence
Le Marchand, Charles
Le Marchand, Beatrice
Le Marchand, Ellen
Le Marchand, Alfred
Le Marchand, Frederick
Le Marquand, Reginald
Le Masurier, Elsie
Le Masurier, Louisa
Le Masurier, Gladys
Le Meurre, Elise
Le Mierre, Florence
Le Mierre, Emily
Le Moine, Isabel
Le Noury, John
Le Petit, Matilda
Le Petite, Jack
Le Petite, Bertie
Le Petite, Matilda
Le Piez, Mabel
Le Piez, Florence
Le Riche, Philip
Le Riche, Florence
Le Riche, Priscilla
Le Riche, Adolphus
Le Sauvage, Alfred
Le Sauvage, Hilda
Le Sueur, Edith
Le Sueur, George
Le Sueur, Claude
Le Sueur, Florence
Le Sueur, Francis
Le Sueur, Lily
Le Sueur, Gladys
Le Sueur, Herbert
Le Sueur, Elsie
Le Sueur, Florence
Le Sueur, Philip
Le Vesconte, William
Le Vesconte, Elsie
Le Vesconte, Violet
Lempriere, Vera
Lenaghan, Harold
Lenaghan, Thomas
Lenaghan, Harold
Lesbirel, Mabel
Lesbirel, Constance
Lestang, Louisa
Lido, Joseph
Lihou, Frederick
Lilliecrap, Dorothy
Lilliecrap, John
Lloyd, Alfred
Louis, Angel
Lucas, John
Lucas, Margaret
Lucas, Mary
Lucas, Violet
Luce, Louis
Luce, Philip
Machon, Charles
Machon, Ethel
Machon, John
Mader, René
Maguire, William
Makin, Annie
Makin, Edith
Male, Arthur
Mallett, Percy
Mallett, John
Maloney, Ethel
Manley, William
Marett, Lily
Marett, Florence
Marett, Louise
Marett, Gladys
Marett, Charles
Marett, Edwin
Marquand, Alfred
Marquand, Bernard
Marquand, Clarence
Marquand, Bernard
Marsh, Violet
Marshall, Gladys
Martin, May
Mason, Lily
Matson, Florence
Matson, Reginald
Matson, Emily
Matson, Eva
May, Alfred
Mesmeur, Florence
Middleditch, Eveline
Middleditch, Amy
Miles, Emily
Miller, Maud
Moignand, Edward
Moignand, Albert
Mollett, John
Mollett, Elsie
Monet, May
Mooney, John
Morel, Francis
Morris, Arthur
Mourant, Sidney
Mourant, George
Muirhead, Lily
Murin, Edward
Murray, Charles
Musmerur, Francoise
Musmerur, Eugenie
Nealé, Cecil
Nicholas, Ruby
Nicholas, Stanley
Nicolle, Eva
Noble, George
Noel, Charles
Noel, Edward
Noel, John
Noel, William
Noel, Edward
Noel, Henry
Noel, Ann
Nolais, Louis
Nolais, Reginald
Norman, Elizabeth
Norman, Edward
Norman, Bertha
Norman, William
Norris, Jane
Norton, Francis
Oberen, Thomas
Oberen, Eveline
Orson, Louis
Orson, Philip
Orson, Mabel
Orson, Hilda
Osmont, Lizzie
Oulam, Neta
Ozouf, André
Pallot, Sidney
Pallott, Clement
Pallott, Ernest
Pallott, Lydia
Pallott, Vera
Parker, Clarence
Pellow, Reginald
Pellow, Winifred
Pelluett, Ernest
Pelluett, Cyril
Penny, John
Penny, William
Perchard, Nadine
Perry, Emily
Pezet, Adolphus
Pezet, Ruby
Picot, Hilda
Picot, Marie
Pike, Ethel
Pike, Graham
Pike, Flora
Pike, Douglas
Pinel, Emily
Pinel, Stanley
Pitman, George
Pitman, Selina
Poingdestre, Daniel
Pollard, Mary
Pollard, Sarah
Ponchlon, Isabel
Porter, Daisy
Prigent, Yves
Prigg, Kate
Proper, Winter
Proper, Elsie
Pyke, Robert
Quant, Charles
Quant, Bertha
Quenault, John
Quenault, Violet
Raffray, Gertrude
Randall, Maurice
Relf, Violet
Rendall, Percy
Renouf, Annie
Renouf, Florence
Renouf, Emma
Richards, Gladys
Richards, Dorothy
Richards, Maud
Richards, Florence
Richards, William
Richmond, Herbert
Richmond, Wilfred
Riley, William
Riley, Louisa
Roberts, Ethel
Roberts, Edwin
Roberts, Lionel
Roberts, Edith
Robilliard, Francis
Roche, Elenore
Roche, Arthur
Rogers, Mary
Rogers, Walter
Rogers, Maud
Rogers, Arthur
Romeril, Francis
Romeril, Alice
Rossi, Joseph
Rouxel, Violet
Russell, Ethel
Ryan, Frederick
Samson, Ada
Saunders, Ernest
Seager, John
Seager, Ellen
Seager, George
Sheil, Albert
Sheriff, John
Shiers, Lena
Shiers, Violet
Simmons, Rosie
Simon, Harry
Simon, Violet
Sinclair, John
Single, Dulcie
Skelley, Elizabeth
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Harry
Smith, Linda
Spratt, Florence
Squibb, Annie
Squibb, Florence
St George, Violet
St George, Edward
Starvey, John
Statt, Eveline
Statt, Vernon
Statt, Cecil
Stear, Amé
Stear, William
Stephens, Hugh
Stephens, Richard
Stephens, Linda
Sternou, Louis
Stevens, Mary
Stevens, William
Stevens, May
Stevens, Elsie
Stone, Gertrude
Studley, William
Sulivan, Daisy
Sulivan, Mimi
Sulivan, Maud
Suret, Charles
Syvret, Harry
Teague, Hilda
Teague, Elsie
Teague, Clarence
Terry, Florence
Thatcher, Lily
Thomas, George
Thomas, George
Tilé, Frederick
Tilé, Lydia
Tirel, Alice
Tolchen, Emma
Touzel, Harold
Tregeagle, Alice
Truscott, Ethel
Truscott, William
Truscott, Edmund
Truscott, Florence
Turner, Vera
Vallais, Octave
Vallee, Octave
Vautier, Clarence
Vautier, Reginald
Verront, Elsie
Vetier, Ada
Vibert, Dora
Vibert, Edith
Voisin, Harold
Walker, Alfred
Waters, Mira
Watts, Herbert
Webb, Maud
Webb, George
Werrin, Nelson
Wilkinson, Rhoda
Williams, Louis
Williams, Oscar
Williams, Stanley
Williams, Stuart
Willmett, George
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, May
Yeatman, William
Young, Hervé
Keywords Schools | Education | pupils | admission registers | school admissions
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
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D/J/38/B1/2This item»

Admission Register for St Paul's Infants School. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF of register for entry details


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