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Biography of Karl Adalbert Greier by Johanna Greier titled Book Nine: The biography of my father, Karl Adalbert Greier.

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Reference L/C/258/E/2
Date 2012
Scope and Content Chapter One includes details about the Greier family, including information about Karl's early life, childhood and family background; his early career as a ladies' hairdresser; his move to Jersey in 1930 and meeting his wife Ellen Lucy Peace with whom he had four children; life in Jersey during the 1930s, mentioning involvement with the Jersey Chess Club and attempts to obtain British nationality; life during the Occupation, including details of his employment as an interpreter at Field Command 515; his conscription into the German Army following the Battle of Stalingrad; his capture and internment as a prisoner of war in Russia, referring to his hospitalisation and attempts to make contact with his family; his return to Jersey in 1948; and life after the war, including the death of Ellen in 1955, remarriage to Patricia Cogle in 1958 and birth of children, obtaining British nationality, his hairdressing business and details of the final years of his life up to his death in 1985. Chapters Two and Three include Johanna's recollections of her childhood and life in Jersey during the Occupation, including life with her whole family up to 1943 and thereafter with her siblings and mother following Karl's conscription into the Germany Army. Includes: recollections of living on Samarés Avenue' remarks about German soldiers' recollections of events including of goods from a Spanish freight vessel washing ashore in 1944, an explosion at the Palace Hotel and the arrival of SS Vega; comments about her mother; and day-to-day life during the Occupation, including religion with details of Catholic upbringing, schooling at St Clement's School, and rationing. Also includes recollections of friends, families and other individuals in Jersey during the Occupation.
Names Barnett, Anthony John
Boot, Florence
Buckingham, Annie Maud Rachel, née Lemprière
Cabot, Clarence George
Cabot, Elsie May, née Buckingham
Channing, Douglas Bertram
Channing, Julie, née Greier
de Rue, Tony
de Rue, Gabrielle Augustine Estelle, née Tillier
Demmler, Major
Dubras, Mr
Frohman, Louis
Greier, Adalbert
Greier, Caroline
Greier, Charles Harry
Greier, Ellen Lucy, née Peace
Greier, Gustav
Greier, Howard Josef
Greier, Johanna
Greier, Johanna, née Zuber
Greier, Josef
Greier, Julie
Greier, Karl Adalbert
Greier, Priska
Hamon, Maureen Christine
Hidrio, Fred
Hidrio, Mrs
Knackfuss, Colonel
Knight, Mr
Landick, Sheena May
Lawrence, Donald Henry
Leader, Charles William
Nicholas, Annie Maud Rachel, née Lemprière
Painter, Miss
Peace, Julie
Reed, Ellen Maureen
Reed, Raymond
Schumacher, Colonel
Stranger, Grace, née Robilliard
Troy, Anne Helen
Troy, Richard
Van Humbeeck, Arthur André Laurent Joseph
Aliens Office
Charles Gents Hairdressers
Field Command 515
Jersey Chess Club
Jersey Evening Post
Leos Limited
Organisation Todt
Palace Hotel
Pomme D'Or Hotel
Ritz Hotel
SS Brittany
SS Vega
St Clement's School
St Mary and St Peter's Roman Catholic Church
Vann (beauty shop)
Keywords armed services | austrian | catholicism | children's homes | conscription | Correspondence | hairdressers | Hairdressing | families | interpreters | Letters | missing persons | Occupation | prisoner of war camps | Prisoners of war | Rationing | repatriations | Second World War | soldiers | radios
Category L/C-Personal and estate
Places Bath Street, Charing Cross, F B Cottages, Georgetown, Kensington Place, King Street, Rochford, Kensington Place, La Collette, 194, Le Marais Estate, Marina Avenue, Queen Street, 1, Samarès Avenue, 8, Samarès Avenue, 17, Samarès Avenue, 19, Samarès Avenue, 28, Samarès Avenue, Samarès Avenue, St Luke, Victoria College House, Australia, Austria, Montreux, Mürzzuschlag, Paris, St Veit an der Glan, Switzerland, Vienna
Dimensions 30 papers
Language English
Level of description File


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