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Letter from Thé [Berthé Vautier], Cranford, Beaumont to her very dear Two [Kathleen Le Sueur, née de Carteret] and Ken [Kenneth Henry Le Sueur]. Refers to accepting an invitation from Hilda van der Feen to spend three months with her and her sister in The Hague, includes comments about changes to the Southern Railway in Jersey, and provides news about friends and family including those at Vale Farm, St Peter.

Reference L/C/142/A1/D8/3
Date 28 November 1932
Scope and Content Refers to a picnic with Bee [Beatrice Lemprière] and Marjorie Moore; a letter from Granny [Elvina Carrel, née Vautier]; her friend Gouda Timans; remarks about Dr Evans' opinion about her toe; remarks about her trip to The Hague, mentioning plans to meet Mies Dufour and advice received from John [John Vautier]; refers to Edward's retirement and his plans to move to Fiji; remarks about changes to the Southern Railway, mentioning Mr Moore, Rawlinson and Willie [William Moses] Le Brun; provides news about friends and family referring to Estelle being nurse at the Duret Aubins, Lydie working at Barclays Bank, and remarks about Robin, Adèle [Adèle Le Brun, née Vautier], the Reis family and their business mentioning Will [William Toynton Reis] and Blanche [Blanche Reis, née Vautier], Clarrise, Jack and Mrs Boudier; news from Vale Farm mentioning Tixum [Amelia Jane Vautier], Don [Donald de Carteret], Eric [George Eric de Carteret]; comments about Bee and Edward [Edward Lemprière] mentioning the latter's search for employment; refers to a visit by Doris [Doris Henrietta Lemprière, née Wright] and Willie [William Henry Lemprière]; refers to going to West's with Bee, Doris [Wright], Doris Bichard, Mabel, Majorie M [Moore], Mr Lempriere, Willie and Edward, also mentioning dinner and a walk to Pont Marquet; describes how she hurt her toe; comments about the Berry family; and outlines her plans for Christmas at Adèle's at First Tower, and seeing a pantomime performed by the Green Room Club on Boxing Day.
Names Bichard, Doris
Boudier, Mrs
Carrel, Elvina, née Vautier
de Carteret, Donald
de Carteret, George Eric
Dufour, Mies
Duret Aubin family
Evans, Dr
Le Brun, Adele, née Vautier
Le Brun, William Moses
Le Sueur, Kathleen, née de Carteret
Le Sueur, Kenneth Henry
Lempriere, Beatrice
Lempriere, Doris Henrietta, née Wright
Lemprière, Edward
Lempriere, William Henry
Moore, Marjorie
Rawlinson, Mr
Reis, Blanche, née Vautier
Reis, William Toynton
Timans, Gouda
van der Feen, Hilda
Vautier, Amelia Jane
Vautier, Berthé
Vautier, John
Barclays Bank
Great Western Railway
Jersey Green Room Club
Southern Railway
West's Cinema
Keywords Boxing Day | Christmas | cinemas | Correspondence | Letters | Railways | retirements
Category L/C-Personal and estate
Places Cranford, Beaumont, First Tower, Pont Marquet, St Aubin, Vale Farm, St Peter, Bahía, Fiji
Dimensions 9 papers
Language English
Level of description File


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