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Photographic slides taken during a trip to the New Forest. Includes photographic slides of: ships at the Western Docks and Ocean Cruise Terminal at Port of Southampton, including RMS Andes, SS Fairwind, SS Fairland, RMS Windsor Castle, SS Orsova, SS Chusan, MS Aurelia, Red Funnel Shearwater and SS Reina del Mar; Anne Stewart with her dog Lara at Moortop, Brockenhurst, and Kathleen Le Sueur with Lara on a lawn; views of Moortop; Kathleen with a pony and foal near Heathcote; The White Cottage, East Boldre; and Beaulieu Abbey Church.

[For more photograph of this New Forest trip, see L/C/142/C1/A/69/10-12, 14-16].


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