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Programme for production of George Clarke and Mary Howarth's Little Miss Muffet by the Jersey Green Room Club at the Opera House, 26 December 1967 to 6 January 1968. Produced by Bernard Durand. Includes a note about Donald Edge by D J D, details about forthcoming productions at the Opera House, and advertisements for local businesses.

Reference L/F/240/A1/7/93
Date December 26th 1967 - January 6th 1968
Names Anderson, Debra
Attenborough, Doreen
Audrain, Graeme
Banks, Gordon
Battam, Mrs
Bechelet, Marion
Bertram, Mrs
Blair, Susan
Bowker, Elizabeth
Brasford, George
Brown, Paul
Butcher, Geraldine
Butcher, Pat
Champion, Mrs
Chaplin, Catherine
Clarke, Angela
Clarke, George
Coleman, Tessa
Cotrel, Francis
Culver, Dennis
Daly, Bernadette
Daly, Patrick
Davison, Kim
Dodwell, David
Dupré, Richard
Durand, Bernard
Durand, Mary
Durand, Molly
Durand, Pamela
Dykes, Terry
Edge, Donald
Ellis, Margaret
Farley, John
Filsell, Audrey
Filsell, Norman
Forder, Jennifer
Geary, Stephen
George, Basil
Gillies, Helen
Gillies, Stuart
Goodyear, David
Green, Jennifer
Greene, Barry
Hall, Jim
Harverson, Gloria
Heath, Anne
Howarth, Mary
Hunt, Marilyn
Ince, Annabelle
Knill, Ricki
Le Riche, Madeleine
Le Sueur, Guy
Lovett, Brian Crisp
Luff, Doreen
Luff, Victor
Marshall, Sadie
Matthew, Leslie
Nichols, Mrs
Noel, Teddy
McGugan, Elizabeth
Michel, Flo
Michel, Harold
Michel, Mrs
Middleton, Ray
Morgan, Joan
Noel, Teddy
Perrin, Margaret
Perrin, Vernon
Querée, Doreen
Querée, Mrs
Reynolds, Margaret
Senior, Eileen
Shepherd, Alec
Shepherd, Mrs
Smale, Barbara
Smith, John Murray
Taylor, Michelle
Taylor, Sam
Touzel, Edna
Webber, Teresa
Whinnerah, Richard
Wieland, Doreen
Windsor, Peter
Le Riche School of Dancing
Jersey Green Room Club
Opera House
Cleveland Garage
Gill's of Colomberie
Guarantee Trust of Jersey Limited
Le Brun's Bakery Limited
Valentine Florist
Voisin and Company
Keywords Amateur dramatics | Entertainment | plays | Programmes
Places Opera House
Dimensions 1 Booklet
Language English
Level of description File


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