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Programme for production of Joseph Stein's Fiddler on the Roof by the Jersey Green Room Club at the Opera House, 15-27 April 1974. Produced by David Love. Includes details about forthcoming productions at the Opera House, and advertisements for local businesses.

Reference L/F/240/A1/7/117
Date 15 April 1974 - 27 April 1974
Names Ahier, Elizabeth
Aleichem, Sholem
Alker, Carolyn
Attenborough, Eileen
Attenborough, Patrick
Audrain, Graeme
Barnett, Julie
Bell, Nicholas
Bernstein, Max A
Bock, Jerry
Brasford, George
Breen, Peter
Brown, G
Brown, Mrs
Browne, Tracy
Burton, Mavis
Clarke, Kenneth
Clarke, Violet
Conroy, Frank
Cornish, Lloyd
Cornish, Valerie
Cornwall, Chele
Crill, James
Darnell, Mandy
Davies, Tony
de la Mare, David
du Heaume, Graeme
Durand, Pamela
Egré, C
Egre, Mrs
Ellis, Joyce
Evans, Margaret
Filsell, Norman
Geary, Stephen
George, Basil
Green, Peter
Hamilton, James
Hamon, Ron
Harnick, Sheldon
Harper, Jane
Harper, John C
Horton, Mary
Inness, Les
Jones, Sheila
Journeaux, Mary
King, Andrew
Knill, Ricki
Love, David
Luff, Doreen
Luff, Vic
Luff, Vicki
MacFirbhisigh, Ian
Marett, Gloria
McCarthy, Mrs
Mitchell, Pam
Moultrie, Mary
Moyse, Bob
Murray, Ena
Murray, Peter
Noel, Teddy
Nursey, Adrian
Nursey, David
Nutter, Betty
Nutter, Glen
Nutter, Iain
O'Leary, Brian
Oxley, Charlie
Oxley, Peggy
Pemberton, Joanne
Perkins, Alison
Perl, Arnold
Picot, Alison
Picot, Madge
Poulter, Frances
Querée, Doreen
Ruderham, Carol
Ruderham, Leigh
Ruderham, Paul
Ruderham, Peter
Ruderham, Simon
Ryan, Denise
Shield, John K
Shorto, Mark
Smale, Barbara
Smith, Eileen
Stein, Joseph
Taylor, Elizabeth
Todman, Ken
White, Brian
Wieland, Doreen
Jersey Green Room Club
Jersey Opera House
Babs Tilley Limited
Bel Royal Radio
Bo-Kay Florist
Cleveland Garages Limited
Cory's Master Cleaners
Jersey Academy of Dancing
Jersey Mutual Insurance Society
Le Lievres Limited
Simon (Wigs) Limited
Slater Walker (Jersey) Limited
St George's School
St Thomas' Church
Keywords Amateur dramatics | Entertainment | plays | Programmes
Places Opera House
Dimensions 1 Booklet
Language English
Level of description File


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