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Programme for production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears by the Jersey Green Room Club at the Opera House, 24 December 1974 to 11 January 1975. Produced by Guy Le Sueur. Includes photographs of the actors in leading roles and members of the production team, details about forthcoming productions at the Opera House, and advertisements for local businesses.

Reference L/F/240/A1/7/120
Date 24 December 1974 - 11 January 1975
Names Ahier, Elizabeth
Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores
Basford, Fiona
Brasford, George
Broomfield, Angela
Brookes, Bob
Buesnel, Michael
Burton, Mavis
Campbell, Sally
Clarke, Ken
Corfield, Trevor
Cornish, Jill
Coutanche, Ann
Crill, James
Daly, Patrick
Davies, Gail
Davies, Malcolm
Day, Jayne
de Garis, Marion
de la Haye, Alison
de la Mare, David
de Ste Croix, H M
Donnelly, Joan
Dowinton, Melanie
du Heaume, John
Filipponi, Lucie
Filsell, Norman
Galvin, Susan
Geary, Stephen
George, Basil
Gibaut, Jill
Green, Jenny
Hamon, Ron
Hanley, Joan
Hards, Janice
Harper, Jane
Harper, John
Heath, Alan
Hibboard, Glynis
Honeycombe, Topsy
Huson, Annette
Jeune, Sarah
Johnson, Angela
Jones, Ceri
Kilshaw, Ruth
Labey, Andrew
Le Geyt, Margaret
Le Noa, Joy
Le Noa, Mark
Le Riche, Madeline
Le Sueur, Eileen
Le Sueur, Guy
Love, David
Luff, Vic
MacDonald, Helen
Macdonald, Pat
Marett, Gloria
Marshall, Gaynor
Marshall, Sadie
Matthews, Simonne
May, Kay
May, Sue
McLaughlin, Rose
Nelson, Nancy
Noel, Daphne
Noel, Teddy
Nursey, Adrian
Nursey, David
Nursey, Sonia
Nutter, Betty
Nutter, Karen
Oxley, Charlie
Oxley, Peggy
Perkins, Alison
Phillips, Sally
Pirouet, Beryl
Raffray, Ann
Ruderham, Carol
Ruderham, Peter
Ruderham, Simon
Rundle, Claire
Senior, Eileen
Shepherd, Betty
Shorto, Mark
Syvret, Joy
Taverner, Alison
Taylor, Sam
Todman, Ken
Walledge, Mary
Wieland, Doreen
Jersey Green Room Club
Jersey Opera House
Babs Tilley Limited
Bel Royal Radio
Bo-Kay Florist
Cleveland Garages Limited
Jersey Mutual Insurance Society
Le Lievres Limited
Le Riche School of Dancing
Pallot Glass Limited
Slater Walker (Jersey) Limited
Tantivy Motors
Keywords Amateur dramatics | Christmas | Entertainment | pantomimes | plays | Programmes
Places Opera House
Dimensions 1 Booklet
Language English
Level of description File


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