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Programme for production of Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II's Show Boat by the Jersey Green Room Club at the Opera House, 25 March to 8 April 1978. Directed by Robert Brookes. Includes biographies of the actors in leading roles with photographs, details of forthcoming productions at the Opera House, and advertisements for local businesses.

Reference L/F/240/A1/7/125
Date 25 March 1978 - 8 April 1978
Names Amy, Chris
Attenborough, D
Attenborough, Eileen
Audrain, Graeme
Baker, Jolyon
Benest, Hilary
Benest, Nicola
Bobin, Vince
Brasford, George
Brooker, Jane
Brookes, Robert
Broomfield, Angela
Burton, Mavis
Bushell, Jackie
Carter, Brenda
Carter, Vic
Clarke, Ken
Clarke, Violet
Cornish, Lloyd
Coxon, Anne
Crill, James
Crill, Jane
Day, Jayne
Donaldson, Brian
Ellis, Joyce
Evans, Margaret
Ferbrache, Jill
Filsell, Audrey
Filsell, Norman
Foster, Harry
Gates, Nigel
Geary, Stephen
Geddes, Brenda
George, Basil
Gibaut, Janice
Gibaut, Jill
Gibbs, M
Gill, Patricia
Hall, Alfred
Hall, Robert
Hammerstein, Oscar
Hanley, Joan
Harding, Jeff
Harper, Jane
Harper, John
Harrison, James
Heath, Angela
Hendy, Don
Hibbeard, Glynis
Holmes, Angèle
Horton, Clive
Horton, Mary
Howard, Betty
Huson, Annette
Innes, Leslie
Jennings, Ann
Journeaux, Mary
Judge, Norman
Kern, Jerome
Knapton, John
Le Cocq, Janet
Le Feuvre, Audrey
Le Noa, Mark
Luff, Doreen
Marlow, Jenny
May, Kay
May, Susan
Mee, Paul
Middleton, Raymond
Miles, David
Miles, Marion
Millar, Ian
Moyse, Robert
Noel, Teddy
Nutter, Betty
Nutter, Iain
O'Regan, Donal
Osborne, Angela
Oxley, Peggy
Pearce, Peter
Perkins, Annette
Pemberton, Derek
Pemberton, Joanne
Phillips, Vivienne
Querée, Doreen
Raffray, Ann
Robins, Cliff
Robins, Janice
Robinson, Elizabeth
Ruderham, Carol
Ruderham, Freda
Sawyer, Neil
Screen, Brian
Senior, Eileen
Shepherd, Betty
Shield, John
Stainton-James, Stuart
Swanson, Thomas Charles
Taylor, Dave
Thomas, Al
Thomson, Andrew
Thomson, Joy
Tourtel, Sally
Treacy, M
Watkins, Bill
Whittaker, Sylvia
Woodman, Hilary
Jersey Green Room Club
Jersey Opera House
Babs Tilley Limited
Chappell's Limited
Europrint (Jersey) Limited
Fine Fabrics Ltd
Huelin (Growers) Limited
Huelin (Jersey) Limited
Huelin-Renouf Shipping
Jacksons Garage Limited
Jersey Mutual Insurance Society
J F Germain and Son Limited
Langlois Limited
Le Brocq and Borny Limited
Maison Le Riche
National Westminster Bank Finance (C.I.) Limited
Noda Limited
Pallot (Brothers) Glass Limited
Park Plaza Florist Limited
Preston Travel
Stage Sets (London) Limited
Keywords Amateur dramatics | Entertainment | plays | Programmes
Places Opera House
Dimensions 1 Booklet
Language English
Level of description File


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