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Self portrait (on bed)

Monochrome print of an interior with Cahun sitting in corner of room on bed/couch with many cushions; several framed pictures - photographs and posters - on the walls. Cahun wears a patterned jacket and light trousers, she faces right.

Reference JHT/1995/00015/a
Date 1923 (envelope dated 1930)
Object name Photograph
Names Cahun, Claude
Category Cahun Collection | Cahun archive
Dimensions Height 106 Mm
Width 81 Mm
Max height 040 Cm
Max width 030 Cm
Inscription none visible
Creator Photographer: Cahun, Claude
b. 1894: d. 1954:
Bibliographical Notes Purchase price refers to complete collection not to individual photograph See Paris Musee Page 11 Claude Cahun 1894-1954