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The Planning and Environment Committee is divided into two main areas; Planning and Building Services and the Environment Division. Planning and Building Services has two main roles. Firstly, to ensure land is developed in a way that enriches the quality of the natural and built environment and enables Jersey to function effectively both economically and socially, in line with the Island Plan. Secondly, to make sure buildings are designed and constructed to safe and environmentally sound standards. To carry out these responsibilities, the department administers and enforces laws, orders, regulations and policies. Planning and building applications are made to this department, to be determined by the Minister for Planning and Environment. The Environment Division supports the States objective of ensuring a better quality of life for everyone, both now and for generations to come. This means creating a better and safer environment both in Jersey and internationally through the sustainable use of natural resources, encouraging sustainable development which supports a strong economy, and ensuring a high quality environment that can be enjoyed by all. The Environment Division is responsible for the guardianship of Jersey’s environment in its widest sense. This includes environmental policy and regulation, providing meterological services, nature conservation, countryside and marine management as well as waste regulation and environmental protection. It also has responsibility for the working countryside encompassing farming and horticultural industries as well for marine resources and fisheries. It also provides advice and information and promotes awareness and understanding of environmental issues.


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