Channel Islands Occupation Society Tape 1- 1) Scars on the Landscape-a Michael Ginns production concerning the fortifications left by the Germans after the occupation in Jersey and the need to preserve them. Includes an introduction to the island, their tactical position and the fortifications used up until the Napoleonic Wars, takes a tour around the island putting german fortifications and defence positions in comparison to the way they like in 1984, studies the fortifications and the interest that they arouse when placed in context, looks at the dumping of weapons and destroying of fortifications at the close of the occupation, the realisation of islanders that certain items that were being destroyed were irreplaceable, the Channel Islands Occupation Society being set up and put in charge of a number of bunkers to preserve them in the proper manner and the fact that German fortifications and defences form a part of Jersey's history-26 minutes 2) The German Occupation Railways of Jersey-1941-1946-a Michael Ginns and David Bishop production concerning the railways built in Jersey during the German Occupation. Includes an introduction to the history of railways in the island and their replacement by the bus systems, the building of forts by the Organisation Todt and the need to transport large quantities of concrete around the island quickly, the construction of railways and their routes around the island, evidence of the railways today, the reopening of quarries and the need to extend the railways to reach them, the trains and wagons that were used in the island during the occupation and a picture of the last full size steam locomotive running in Jersey-26 minutes. [Master Copy-see L/D/25/J2/1]




1984 - 1984


Bishop, David
Organisation Todt
Ginns, Michael
Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey)


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