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The Sport, Leisure and Recreation Committee was formed in 1991 and took the place of the Fort Regent Development Committee. In 1952 the Army Council determined that with the changing face of warfare, the likelihood of Jersey ever serving in a useful strategic role again was remote. It was therefore decided to dispose of all War Department property in the Island including Fort Regent. The contract for the transfer of the Fort went before the Royal Court on the 1st March 1958. A Special Committee on Former War Department Properties was set up under the Presidency of Deputy Ralph Vibert, its inaugural meeting being on the 22nd December 1959. In 1966 the Island lottery began to operate and the profits from this venture were on 11th April 1967, approved by the States to be used for the development of Fort Regent. Deputy Tomes presented his new plan for the development of the Fort at a cost of £2,650,000 to the States on 12th December 1967 this plan was unanimously approved and the Special Committee's name changed to the Fort Regent Development Committee. When the Committee was formed in 1991 it took over responsibility for Fort Regent but with additional responsibilities for sport, leisure, entertainment and recreation throughout the Island. The Department was composed of five major sections; Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sports and Secretarial. The functions of Sport, Leisure and Recreation were taken over by the creation of the Department of Education, Sport and Culture in 2003. The collection is concerned mainly with the development of Fort Regent in the 1960s and 1970s and contains many detailed plans of the changes that the Fort underwent at that time.


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