Millitary papers of James Pipon, Seigneur of Noirmont, Commissary-General to HM Forces. James Pipon was born in 1770, the son of James Pipon, Seigneur of Noirmont and Elizabeth Le Gros his wife. He obtained his first post in the Commissariat in 1797 and spent a year at Guildford. He was then sent to Tenterden in Kent to write reports on the local area. In 1800 he was posted for overseas duty with General Abercromby's expidition to Egypt. He then worked in Malta organising supplies for the capture of Minorca. On his return to England in 1803 he went back to Kent and was stationed at Tunbridge, Rochester and finally Canterbury. He was then based in the Severn District at Bristol in 1804. In 1805 he married Elizabeth Dobbyn Hodges and was promoted to Deputy Commissary-General for a campaign to North Germany commanded by General George Don. In 1808 Pipon went to Portugal with Wellington's expedition. He worked in Lisbon until 1819 when he became Seigneur of Noirmont on his father's death and returned to Jersey in April 1820. This section has been arranged by each campaign the Pipon went on. To see the papers of the Seigneurs of Noirmont including those of James Pipon after his return to Jersey in 1819 please see section L/C/67/C.


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Wellesley, Arthur, 1769-1852, Duke of Wellington
Don, Sir George, Lieutenant General, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, 1806 - 1814
Peninsular War
Napoleonic Wars
Pipon, James, Commissary-General


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