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Set up in 1853 the Presbyterian Church soon took route in Jersey. Originally created for 'Scotchmen, who had been induced to visit Jersey for the sake of health or recreation', the congregation grew rapidly and by the end of the decade it was thought necessary that they should move out of the uncomfortable hall that had been used for services and find a more suitable place of worship. Land was bought in Midvale Road, St Helier and James Hine of Plymouth was commissioned as architect to build St Columba's Church of Scotland. The building was constructed and finally opened for celebration on the 3rd April 1858 at a cost of £2,200. There were three services on the first day conducted by the Reverend Thomas McCrie and the Reverend Alex J Murray. The congregation was originally attached through the Free Church of Scotland to the Synod of Edinburgh, however, at the close of the 1860s the church decided to partake in a congregational transfer and fall under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church of England under the Synod of London. After much negotiation over the details of this transfer it was finally completed on May 31st 1870 as final agreement was reached.


St Columba's Church of Scotland


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