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The Baptist Church in Jersey was formed in 1817 when the Reverend Joseph Ivimey visited and founded the first Baptist causes in Jersey. The first meetings were held in a house in Wharf Street and in 1820 the first churches came into being, they were the Albion Chapel in New Street founded by the English speaking fellowship and the French speaking chapel in Ann Street. Both chapels had to be sold to meet the private creditors of the first trustees. There was an attempt to re-start the Baptist Movement in Jersey in 1847 but it was not successful. By 1864 there were only 9 practicing Baptists in Jersey and they met in each others homes. In 1864 decision was made to build a Baptist Church in Jersey. The first minute book dating from September the 7th 1864 records that they met at the house of Mr Benest at 19 Queen Street. In December 1864 they rented the Temperence Hall for meetings and invited the Reverend Medcalfe to be their first Minister. The first Chapel purchased was the old Methodist Chapel in Grove Street obtained for the sum of £200 plus a ground rent, the first meeting was on August the 1st 1865. By 1887 the Baptist Church had outgrown Grove Street and the Chapelle Evangelique in Vauxhall Street was purchased for only £700 when the true value was estimated at over £3000. The opening of the Vauxhall Steet Chapel was held on the 25th of September 1887 and the Baptist Church has remained in the same position until the present day.


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