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Newspaper Cuttings of the Order regarding Fishing for the area of the Naval Commander of Northern France, with special regulations for fishermen on the Island of Jersey - permitting fishing from the port of St Helier only. Correspondence re. a request for fishing to take place in various bays around the Island, includes a list of fishermen.

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September 21st 1940 - September 28th 1940


Coutanche, Lord Alexander Moncrieff, 1892 - 1973, Bailiff of Jersey, 1935-1961
Bailiff's Chambers
Shenton, L
Rive, E P
Gallichan, W
Gallichan, E
Le Clercq, P
Perchard, E
Desborough, W
Gallichan, F
Ahier, T
Isherwood, H
Mallet, F
Harrison, Arthur
Le Gresley, E
de Gruchy, E
Girard, J
Hairon, C
Wagstaffe, R
Brisset, P J
Lawrence, F
Grenell, F
Channing, P
Girard, G
Gottrell, G
Steele, C
Lenfant, D
Battrick, A
Battrick, F
Battrick, G
Spearce, W
Le Huquet, J
Perchard, C
Becquet, J
Butel, J
Le Seelleur, T
Hairon, M
Hamon, R
Mallet, F
Gallichan, A
Giot, W P
Carré, W T
de carteret, J P
Carré, E
Le Cleziou, F
Gallienne, P
Renouf, P C
Le Marsh, P
Le Marsh, F
Carre, S A
Carre, F H
Cook, B
Collinette, G


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