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Creation of a new fishing organisation for amateur and professional fishermen to fish for the benefit of the community. Order regarding Fishing in the Channel Islands, 05/07/1941. Lists of boats and crews with permits. Weekly returns of catches of fish from; Gorey, Rozel, La Rocque, St Aubin, and St Helier with amount allocated to the German Forces, 19/07/1941 - 05/12/1942.

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June 17th 1941 - December 7th 1942


Coutanche, Lord Alexander Moncrieff, 1892 - 1973, Bailiff of Jersey, 1935-1961
Bailiff's Chambers
von Nostitz, Freirherr
Schumacher, Colonel
Norman, Jurat
Perree, Mr
Kempster, R L
von Stein, O K V R
Brosch, Doctor
Brisset, Mr
Essential Commodities Department
Brisset and Sons, Fishmonger
Le Masurier, E P
von Stein, O K V R
Iris [boat]
Gottrell, G
Heartsease [boat]
Girard, D
Girard, G
Camelia [boat]
Hairon, G
Wagstaffe, R
Neoma [boat]
Courval, L
Daddy [boat]
King, T
Tregear, F
Democrat [boat]
Girard, J
Hazell [boat]
Harris, C A
Rambler [boat]
Channing, P
Paton, A
Red Wing [boat]
Le Maistre, C F
Le Maistre, N C
Water Lily [boat]
Mason, H
Paris [boat]
Aubin, T
Roselle (Boat)
Le Sueur, F A
Joubeaud, L
Yvonne II [boat]
Le Riche, F
Brisset, A
Sambur [boat]
Briard, G
Maurice-Georges [boat]
Bisson, W F
Laurens, J
May-Blossom [boat]
Grenelle, F
Thelma [boat]
de Gruchy, E
Le Gresley, F
Spindrift [boat]
Bouchard, R
Wilden, D
Le Riche, W C
Pitman, C
Traveller [boat]
Glendewar, J
Girard, D J
Mourant, J
Fiona [boat]
Saunders, J
Saunders, D
Warren, E
Pat [boat]
Le Breton, A T
Le Breton, C
Pinafore [boat]
Gallichan, T P R
Le Neveu, E
Butel, J
Try Me [boat]
Guzzwell, John
Free [boat]
Battrick, Albert
Battrick, Walter
Doreen [boat]
Battrick, George F
Gale, L A
Nimrod [boat]
de la Haye, R
Defender [boat]
Steele, Robert
Le Neveu, C
Lily [boat]
Battrick, A
Marie, H
Never Budge [boat]
D'Aubert, A J
Butel, D M
Century [boat]
Steele, C P
L'Enfant, Denis John
Gale, J E
Benjamin, W
Washout [boat]
Shenton, L J
Le Neveu, C R
Energy [boat]
Rive, E P
Eason, W G R
Alert [boat]
Queen [yacht]
Amy, Francis
A 1 [yacht]
Becquet, Joseph Clement
Blampied, Charles Thomas
Doric [yacht]
Becquet, Joe Thomas
Emily [yacht]
Le Cocq, Charles John
Renouf, Emile Gaudin
Trifle [yacht]
Blampied, Francis John
Blampied, Francis Philip
Loyal [boat]
Renouf, Thomas James
Pearl [boat]
Le Gallais, Fred
Rondel, Albert W
Renouf, Philip Charles
Le Blanchet, George
Umpire [boat]
Falle, John Robert
Falle, Ernest Robert
May [boat]
White, Walter John
Pink [boat]
Perchard, Clarence
Dorothy [boat]
Perchard, John Edward
Unity [boat]
Hairon, Maurice
Hairon, Denis John
Le Seelleur, Thomas C
Racer (ketch)
Perchard, Maclaurin Colville
Perchard, Albert S
Pelican [boat]
Le Hucquet, John
Beck, Arthur Bartlett
Schelde [boat]
du Hamel, Frank
du Hamel, Louis
Lively [boat]
Isherwood, Henry
Hamon, Frank Philip
Odilo [boat]
Pirouet, Alfred James
Pirouet, Alfred Mourant
Circassian [boat]
Gallichan, Winter Thomas
Gallichan, Gordon
Mistletoe [boat]
Desborough, Raymond William
Desborough, William
Albatross [boat]
Pirouet, Winter Alfred
Enid 11 [boat]
Le Clercq, Philip John
Gallichan, Ernest Thomas
Rover [boat]
Gallichan, Frank


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