Annual Returns from Individual Schools. Numbers and names of children, attendance, summary of inspectors reports, accounts, examination results and names of teachers. For the following schools, St Paul's National school, St Luke's Church of England school, St Ouen's Parochial school, St Mark's National school, Gouray National school, Jersey National school, St Ouen's Wesleyan school, St Peter's National school, St Saviour's National school, St James' National school, St Simon's Church of England school, Rozel Manor school, St Matthew's Mixed Elementary school




1877 - 1877


St Paul's National School
St Luke's Church of England School
St Ouen's Parochial School
St Marks National school
Gouray National School
Jersey National School
St Ouen's Wesleyan School
St Peter's National School
St Saviour's National School
St James' National School
St Simon's Church of England School
Rozel Manor School
St Matthew's Mixed Elementary School
Le Manquais, Joseph
Gray, W C
Fullam, Harold
Beer, William
Thomas, Charles
Le Marquand, Ernest
Harwood, John
Shephard, Henry
Gaudion, John Charles
Thomas, Edwin
Moignard, James
Wardley, William
Horn, William
Carrell, Charles
Langlois, Francis
McLeod, Richard
Ryan, Michael
L'ami, Paul
Remon, Alfred
Marrett, Charles
Lane, Charles
Drew, George
Le Feuvre, Edward
Davey, Albert
Thomas, John
Sullivan, Edward
Teague, William
Laverty, John
Lane, Malcolm
Manning, Herbert
Carrell, Arthur
Le Vesa, James
Biddle, William
Manley, Francis
Gallichan, Frederick
Davey, John
Hoburn, Robert
Wardley, Thomas
Beaugie, Adolphus
Gibbs, Charles
Richards, William
Gallie, Edward
Caufield, Bartholomew
Webber, Ernest
Davison, George
Beaugie, George
Stansbury, Francis
Davison, Alfred
Ellis, Henry
Gough, Daniel
Poingdestre, Charles
Moyse, Henry
Webber, George
Gallie, George
Beaugie, Philip John
Poingdestre, John
Gee, Alfred
Moignard, Philip
Rogers, Arthur
Grant, William
Fleury, Albert
Lock, Nicholas
Rowland, John
Lamotte, Philip
Lane, Clarence
Pezet, Albert
Beaugie, John
Lumley, Thomas
Furzer, William
Moody, George
Shepard, George
Gardner, George
Lane, Francis Henry
Bolton, Thomas
Gee, Francis
Knight, John
Lamerton, Walter
Holden, Henry
Harwood, Henry
Egland, Henry
Pitman, John
Lihou, Charles
Daw, Walter
Prout, Edward
Beaugie, Philip
Banks, George
Shirvall, Thomas
Ellis, Alfred
Purkis, John H
Butten, Henry


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