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Brighton Road School Infants Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1910 - 1944


St Simon's Church of England School
Brighton Road School
Falle, Samuel
Le Guillou family
Falle, Samuel, 1854 - 1937, Dean of Jersey, 1906 - 1937
Buttfield, Mr
Harrison, Mr
Brown, Miss
Buttfield, C B
Le Cornu, Mr
Dupre, C J
Le Cornu, Philip de C
Balleine, F W
Turpin, Miss
Aubin, John
Aubin, Gladys
Cory, J
Pinel, J E
Harrison, Mr
Germains, Mr
Audrain, Ella
Le Feuvre, E
Touzel, Florence
Le Cornu, Ivy
Winfield, Mr
Powell, Mr
Buttfield, Miss
Pinel, J E
Page, Mr
Germain, Mr
Laurens, Miss
Le Quesne, Charles
Le Feuvre, Mr
Le Feuvre, Reverend
Bird, Mr
Laurens, Doris
Turpin, Miss
Le Cornu, Ivy
d'Aubert, Ivy
Laurens, Louise
Page, A F
Le Feuvre, E
Le Boutillier, Sydney
Moyns, Hilda
Pinel, Mrs
Page, A F
Moor, Edward
Valpy, Miss
Barry, Miss
Dupré, Ruby
Le Seelleur, Vera
Turpin, Miss
Page, Mr
Cavey, Rose
French, G
Cowley, L
Kay, Miss
Le Plongeon, Emma
Le Plongeon, Ernest
Daubert, Gordon
Bird, Mr
Hopkins, Lily
Chappuis, Dr
Dingle, Edward
Stephens, Jessie
Stephens, Mary
Cowley, L
Page, A F
Balleine, F E
Ollivier, Miss
Allport, Winnie
Theresa, Mother
Ollivier, Lily
Hourigan, Canon
Harding, Mother
Powell, Stanley
Edwards, Dr
Bowles, Mrs
Goding, Elsie
Balbi, Major
Pitman, L
Pitman, P
Dale, Nellie
Darling, Miss
Ceppi, M
Cowley, Miss
Le Cornu, Miss
Dale, Nellie
Bisson, Albert
Laurens, Doris
Head, Arthur
Cherrell, Mr
Darling, Miss
Amy, Louise
Pinel, Irene
Bowles, Mrs
Nicolle, Edward
La Rue, Geoffrey
Bisson, Edward
Le Lievre, Winnie
Holt, Miss
Baxter, B
Barrett, Verena
Pierce, Hazel
Chalker, Kathleen
Avery, G
Evans, Reverend
Wright, Miss
Gale, Ida
Channing, Iris
Ledo, Edna
Smith, Kathleen
Carter, Betty
Perchard, Beryl
Poingdestre, Winnie
Jennings, Professor
Jennings, Mrs
Channing, Iris
Mirehouse, Mrs
Avery, Mr
Wragge, Alderman
Bowers, Miss
Cherrill, Mr
Graut, Phyllis
Perham, Shepherdess
Moignard, Evelyn
de la Mare, Muriel
Perchard, Phyllis
Le Brocq, Dr
Cabot, J
Ereaut, H F
Drelaud, Beryl
de Ste Croix, Herbert
Lewis, Lily
Le Riche, Irene
Edwards, Betty
Gale, Miss
Simmonds, Valerie
McKinstry, Dr
Gale, Ida
Blackburn, John
Le Riche, Dorothy
Williams, Wynn
Gruchy, Mrs
Le Marquand, Miss
Berry, Mavis
Balcans, Violet
Mourant, L
Ingram, E
Noel, Kathleen
Le Marquand, E
Amy, Rosa Alfreda
Rowe, Marjorie
Vautier, Norma
Hickman, Sylvia
Ereaut, Herbert
Marett, Dr
Casimir, Miss
Williams, E Wyn
Renouf, Miss
Cowley, Miss
Poirier, Miss
Renouf, Laura D
Thompson, Mr
Avery, George E
Ceppi, Marc
du Pré, Mavis
Renouf, Madeleine
Park, Mrs
du Pré, Miss
Burman, Mrs
Woodsford, Miss
Le Blancq, Mrs
Allen, Miss
Thompson, Mr
Quenault, Edith
Hasler, E K
Parmée, Mr
Catelinat, Mrs
Lawford, Miss
Mourant, Miss
Journeaux, Mrs
Parmée, C C
Gough, Miss
Bree, Jurat
Le Feuvre, R
Dark, C J
Price, Mr
Bond, Nurse
Allen, Gloria
Le Feuvre, Enid
Bowers, Elsie Stanley
Manley, Major
Blampied, Dr


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