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Admission Register for Brighton Road Girls' School [Indexed]. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF of register for entry details

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November 3rd 1919 - February 4th 1929


Brighton Road School
Acourt, Violet
Ahier, Freda
Ahier, Greta
Alexander, May
Allain, Simonne
Allain, Christine
Amourette, Kathleen
Amy, Marjorie
Amy, Nellie
Amy, Louise
Amy, Mavis
Andrews, Winifred
Andrews, Olive
Andrews, Ivy
Andrews, Marguerite
Andrews, Blanche
Andrews, Grace
Andrews, Dorothy
Angel, Theresa
Angell, Mary
Angell, Gladys
Armstrong, Mary
Arthur, Alice
Arthur, Ruby
Arthur, Doris
Arthur, Gladys
Arthur, Dorothy
Arthur, Winifred
Ashelford, May
Ashelford, Pearl
Aubert, Amelaide
Aubert, Bertha
Aubert, Gertrude May
Aubert, Clara
Aubin, Ada
Aubin, Constance
Audoin, Rosina
Avery, Grace Patricia
Awcock, Mary
Bailache, Lucille
Baker, Mabel
Baker, Muriel
Balcam, May
Balcam, Irene
Balcam, Violet
Balston, Kathleen
Barney, Margaret
Barrett, Mavis Dorothea
Barrett, Verena
Barrett, Rita
Bassett, Ena
Baudains, Mabel
Baudains, Dora
Baudains, Eileen
Beadle, Beatrice
Beckford, Phyllis
Beckford, Maud
Beckford, Lilian
Beddows, Ethel A
Beddows, Marjorie A
Beddows, Winifred
Bellamy, Elsie
Bellot, Doris
Bellot, Ivy
Bellot, Ada
Benest, Iris
Benest, Marie
Best, Minnie
Best, Florence
Best, Lilian
Beuzeval, Mildred
Bevis, Marjorie
Bickford, Devonnia
Biddle, Vera
Bird, Joyce
Bird, Marjorie
Bird, Joyce
Bisson, Linda
Bisson, Christine
Bisson, Mary
Bisson, Dorothy
Bisson, Louise
Blampied, Lilian
Blampied, Winifred
Blampied, Annie
Blampied, Elsie
Borney, Blanche
Boschat, Edith
Boschat, Lilian
Bouchard, Claudia
Bouchard, Doris
Bouchard, Sybil
Boudier, Irene
Bourke, Kathleen
Bowden, Yvonne H
Bowden, Yvonne
Bowditch, Eileen
Boyer, Elise
Boyer, Edna
Brailey, Ena
Bree, Rosa
Brehaut, Muriel
Brehaut , Nora
Brent, Amy
Brint, Gertrude
Brown, Madge
Bryant, Joyce
Bryant, Cynthia
Bull, Madge
Bullen, Gladys
Burnham, Lucille
Burton, Mavis
Butcher, Gladys
Byerley, Ena
Byrne, Cecilia
Cabot, Phyllis
Cabot, Ruby
Cabot, Eunice
Calder, Phoebe C
Carter, Betty
Carter, Roselle
Carvence, Mercia
Carver, Doris
Carver, Marjorie
Cauvain, Lily
Cauvin, Emma
Cawley, Doris
Chalker, Doris
Chalker, Daisy
Chalker, Kathleen
Channing, Violet
Channing, Ethel
Channing, Rita
Channing, Iris
Chapman, Lilian
Churchill, Ellen
Churchill, Joyce
Clark, Maud
Clarke, Dorothy
Clarke, Frances
Clarke, Olive Isabelle
Clarke, Maud Ethel
Clifton, Florence
Colbeck, Vera
Cole, Doris
Collett, Eileen
Colligny, Rita
Colligny, Phyllis
Collins, Sylvia
Collins, Marjorie
Compton, Jo Bernice
Coombs, Dorothy
Coombs, Lilian
Coram, Beatrice
Cordial, Edna
Cordial, Audrey
Couillard, Flo
Courtman, Florence
Coutanche, Phyllis
Coxshall, Winifred
Crees, Ethel
Crees, Norris
Cropp, Mavis
Crosby, Iris
Curwood, Vera
Curwood, Beryl
Dale, Edna
Davey, Ivy Louisa
Davey, Irene
de Gruchy, Blanche
de Gruchy, Estelle
de la Haye, Doris Margaret
De la Haye, Joyce
de La Mare, Eileen
de La Mare, Joyce
de la Mare, Muriel
de Ste Croix, Beryl
Denis, Mazel
Devitt, Ethel
Devitt, Kathleen
Dickinson, Beryl
Diment, Margaret
Diment, Nellie
Diment, Kathleen
Diment, Natalie
Diment, Renee Ruth
Diment, Renée
Dimond , Jeanie
Dingle, Bella
Dingle, Joan
Dod, Pauline
Donoghue, Emma
Donoghue, Hilda
Dowington, Florence
Dowinton, Grace
Downer, Doris
Doyle, Evelyn G
Doyle, Dorothy
Drage, Violet Sylvia
Drage, Violet
Drelaud, Phyllis Mary
Druce, Ida
du Feu, Lilian
du Feu, Grace
Du Feu, Augusta
du Feu, Olive
du Feu, Roselle
du Feu, Irene
du Feu, Pearl
Durtnall, Elsie
Edwards, Betty
Elford, Laura
Elliot, Winifred
Elliott, Marjorie
Elliott, Lilian
Elliott, Kathleen
Ellis, Ivy
Etasse, Eileen
Etasse, Joan
Evans, Marjorie
Evans, Doreen
Eve, Grace
Falle, Edith
Falle, Barbara
Ferbrache, Hilda
Ferbrache, Ena
Ferbrache, Florence
Ferbrache, Doris
Ferbrache, Laura
Ferbrache, Dora
Ferbrache, Edna
Filsell, Kathleen
Finch, Queenie
Fitch, Jessie
Fleuret, Lilian
Fleuret, Elsie
Foott, Louisa
Ford, Constance
Fosse, Doris
Fossey, Joan
Fossey, Cynthia
Fossey, Lilian
Fraser, Winnie
Frazer, Vera
Fréjus, Louise Rosa
Froom, Winifred
Fuszard, Lily
Gale, Emily
Gale, Florence
Gale, Joan
Gallichan, Winifred
Gallichan, Gwendoline
Gallichan, Florence
Gallie, Marjorie
Garnier, Elsie
Geary, Joan
Geary, Marjorie
Gibson, Olive
Gilbert, Jean
Gillam, Christine
Gillard, Florence
Gillard, Eileen
Giot, Evelyne G
Giot, Alice Maud
Glendewar, Maud
Glover, May
Godfray, Irene
Goding, Elsie
Goding, Muriel
Goldsmith, Gladys R
Gouyett, Sylvia
Gouyett, Iris Lilian
Gouyett, Margery Eva
Grant, Doris
Graut, Kathleen
Graut, Gertrude
Graut, Phyllis
Gray, Kathleen
Gray, Joan
Gray, Kathleen
Greetham, Ethel W
Groom, Doreen
Grove, Evelyn Gladys
Guppy, Florence
Guppy, Winifred
Guppy, Eileen
Guppy, Joan
Hacking, Ivy
Hacking, Gladys
Haines, Queenie
Hambard, Irene
Hamon, Gertrude
Hamon, Phyllis
Handford, Mabel
Hansford, Margaret
Hardman, Phyllis
Harris, Joyce
Harvey, Madge
Hassel, Muriel
Hassel, Madeline
Hassell, Doris
Hassey, Kathleen J
Hassey, Amelia
Hayes, Maisie
Hern, Maud
Herve, Beatrice
Herviou, Doris
Herviou, Irene
Hibbs, Eileen
Hibbs, Hilda
Hoar, Kathleen
Hodgeson, Dorothy
Hodgeson, Muriel
Hodgeson, Mavis
Holmes, Rita
Honeycombe, Gladys
Honeycombe, Joyce
Honeycombe, Kathleen M
Honeycombe, Iris
Honeycombe, Kathleen
Honeycombe, Innes
Hope, Gertrude
Hope, Margaret
Hopkins, Lucy
Hopkins, Lily
Howlett, Doris
Hubert, Ivy
Huelin, Annie
Humbert, Madeleine
Huson, Iris
Huson, Gwendoline
Hutchings, Ivy
Hutchings, Kathleen
Hutchings, Dorothy
Hutchings, Flo
Hutchings, Gladys
Hutchings, Joyce
Hutchings, Phyllis
Irvin, Violet
Isherwood, Doreen
Jeandron, Kathleen
Jenkins, Gwendoline
Jeune, Dorothy
Job, Doris
Jocelyn, Lilan
Jones, Ivy
Jordan, Marian
Journeaux, Marion
Kadrewell, Ethel
Kadrewell, Christine
Kadrewell, Gladys
Kadrewell, Una
Keast, Gladys
Keast, Florence
Kelliott, Doreen
Kerry, Iris
Keust, Winifred
Keyho, Doris
Keywood, Iris
Kirk, Doris
Laidlaw, Phyllis
Laignal, Lena
Lambert, Ellen
Lambert, Joyce
Lambert, Mabel
Lambert, Lily
Lambert, Ena
Lambert, Irene
Lambie, Edna
Lambie, Jessie
Lane, Phyllis
Langford, Kathleen
Laurens, Muriel
Laurens, Lilian Iris
Laurens, Doris
Laurens, Lorraine
Laurent, Cécile
Le Blond, Rosie
Le Boucher, Madeleine
Le Boucher, Yvonne
Le Bourgeois, Phyllis
Le Boutillier, May
Le Boutillier, Violet
Le Boutillier, Kathleen
Le Breton, Marguerite
Le Brocq, Margaret
Le Cocq, Lilles
Le Cocq, Maud Gladys
Le Cocq, Irene
Le Couteur, Flo
Le Couteur, Jeanie
Le Dain, Vera
Le Dain, Beryl
Le Dain, Lena
Le Feuvre, Irene
Le Fevre, Irene L M
Le Fol, Doris
Le Geyt, Cecilia
Le Geyt, Lily
Le Geyt, Rita
Le Gros, Joan
Le Gros, Eileen
Le Huquet, Irene
Le Leon, Violet
Le Lievre, Phyllis
Le Lièvre, Kathleen
Le Lievre, Winifred
Le Maistre, Winifred
Le Marchand, Isobel
Le Marchand, Elsie
Le Marchand, Nellie
Le Marquand, Dorothy
Le Marquand, Effie
Le Marquand, Mabel
Le Marquand, Elsie
Le Masurier, Florence
Le Mehaute, Elsie
Le Mehaute, Elsie
Le Monnier, Peggy
Le Plongeon, Emma
Le Plongeon, Alice
Le Prevost, Joyce
Le Quesne, Lily
Le Quesne, Noreen
Le Riche, Elsie
Le Riche, Phyllis
Le Riche, Irene
Le Riche, Ethel
Le Rossignol, Grace
Le Rossignol, Mavis
Le Rougetel, Joan
Le Roux, Jeanne P
Le Roux, Jeanne
Le Rue, Clarice
Le Sauteur, Annie
Le Sueur, Eva
Le Sueur, Mazel
Le Vaillant, Maisie Lilian
Le Vaillant, Beryl
Le Vaillant, Maisie
Leat, Violet
Leat, Adeline
Ledo, Olive
Ledo, Edna
Ledo, Irene
Ledo, Yvonne
Leese, Ellen
Lenny, Ethel
Lewis, Doris
Lewis, Christine
Lewis, Lily
Lewis, Lilan
Lillicrap, Ida
Lillicrap, Elsie
Lillicrap, Ruth
Lillicrap, Amelia
Lisle, Janet
Lisle, Jennie
Little, Joyce
Little, Peggy
Lobb, Edith
Lucas, Irene
Lucas, Frances
Luxon, Lorna
Luxon, Joyce
Luxon, Yvonne
Mace, Dorothy
MacFarling, Violet
Macon, Gladys
Macready, Norah
Maguire, Phyllis
Maguire, Eileen
Maguire, Edith
Mallet, Edith
Mallet, Edna
Malorey, Lilian
Manley, Eva
Manley, Evo
Marett, Kathleen
Marett, Oline
Marett, Violet Eva
Marett, Doris
Marquis, Irene
Marriage, Doris M
Marriage, Alice E
Marriage, Joan E
Marroway, Lily
Martin, Phyllis
Mathew, Ruby
Matson, Muriel May
Matson, Maud
Matson, Muriel
Matson, Phyllis
Mauger, Lilian May
Mauger, Violet
Maughan, Doris
McFadyen, Olive
McFadyen, Doris
McFarling, Adeline
McFayden, Beryl
Medder, Mavis
Michel, Mavis
Middleton, Kathleen
Miller, Lily
Mills, Peggy
Mitchel, Agnes
Mitchell, Kate
Mitchell, Phyllis
Moignard, Eveline
Moore, Florence
Morris, Iris
Mourant, Ruby
Murphy, Kathleen
Nain, Patricia
Newson, Lilian
Newson, Kathleen
Nicholson, Irene
Nicolle, Lilian
Nicolle, Florence
Nicolle, Mabel
Nicolle, Doreen
Nicolle, Doris
Nicolle, Kathleen
Nicolle, Grace
Nicolle, Iris
Nicolle, Laurie
Nicolle, Marjorie
Noel, Phyllis
Noel, Eunice
Noel, Doris
Noel, Daphne
Noel, Elsie
Noel, Olive
Noel, Ruby
Noel, Kathleen
Norman, Daisy
Nugent, Sheila Mary
Olliérou, Lucille
Olliérou, Adèle
Olliver, Hilda Phoebe
Osmand, Beatrice
Osment, Kathleen
Osment, Frances
Owen, Dorothy
Patch, Florence
Patch, Ivy
Patch, Kathleen
Pattimore, Phyllis Joyce
Paul, Hilda
Payne, Doris May
Payne, Rona Grace
Payne, Beryl Edith
Pearce, Dorothy Louise
Pearse, Roselle
Penfold, Grace
Penfold, Winifred
Penny, Gladys
Perchard, Marjorie
Perchard, Kathleen
Perchard, Edith
Perchard, Gladys
Perchard, Lorna
Perchard, Dorothy
Perchard, Beryl
Perham, Shepherdess
Perkins, Maud
Perkins, May
Perkins, Gladys
Perks, Ruth
Perrot, Alice
Perry, Ruby
Perry, Katherine
Pettiquin, Violet
Phillips, Joyce
Phillips, Yvonne
Pierce, Hazel
Pierce, Dorothy
Pinel, Muriel
Pinel, Grace
Pinel, Mabel
Pinel, Beryl
Pinel, Irene
Pitman, Dorothy
Pitman, Florence
Pitman, Dorothy F
Pitman, Lilian
Pitman, Phyllis
Pitman, Evelyn
Pitman, Doris
Pitman, Edna
Pluck, Jessie
Plumbley, Rosa
Plumbley, Irene
Podger, Joyce
Podger, Constance
Poingdestre, Maud
Poingdestre, Winnie
Potier, Joan
Price, Yvonne
Prouse, Alice
Pugh, Gladys
Pugh, Winifred
Pullen, Hilda
Querée, Evelyn
Querée, Hilda
Querée, Beatrice
Quintaine, Doris
Quintaine, Eva
Quintaine, Mavis
Quintaine, Yvonne
Rabasté, Blanche
Raffray, Winifred
Rault, Beryl
Rebindaine, Joan
Reed, Doris
Reed, Connie
Reed, Ivy
Reed, Eileen
Reed, Hazel
Remphry, Gladys
Remyard, Kathleen J
Renouf, Bertha
Renouf, Winifred
Renouf, Muriel
Renouf, Grace
Renouf, Ada
Renouf, Dorothy
Renouf, Lucille Amy
Renouf, Rose
Renouf, Winnie
Renouf, Joyce
Revel, Virginia
Reynolds, Winnie
Richard, Joan
Richard, Vera
Richards, Edith
Richecoeur, Mabel
Richecoeur, Marguerite
Richecoeur, Elsie
Rickett, Freda
Rickett, Vera
Rickett, Rosa
Rickett, Edith
Roberts, Ellen
Robertson, Iris
Robertson, Phyllis
Robertson, Kathleen
Roche, Edith
Roche, Eileen
Roche, Phyllis
Roche, Christine
Romeril, Rita
Romeril, Kathleen
Rondel, Amy
Rooke, Yvonne Frances
Rousell, Sheila Frances
Roux, Winifred
Rowe, Florence
Rowe, Hilda
Ruaux, Edith
Russel, Madge
Ryan, Phyllis
Sangan, Gladys
Sangan, Rose
Schollhammer, Nellie
Scoones, Irene
Scott, Mabel
Sealey, Rhoda
Searley, May
Sears, Ruth
Shales, Ada
Shales, Adelaide
Shales, Mabel
Shirley, Betty
Sibley, Daisy May
Sibley, Irene Maud
Sibley, Eileen
Sinel, Ruby
Single, Violet
Slade, Gwendoline M
Sleep, Annie
Slous, Hilda
Smith, Edith
Smith, Ena
Smith, Constance
Smith, Beatrice
Smith, Irene
Smith, Audrey
Smith, Joan
Smith, Doris
Smith, Kathleen
Smith, Ellen
Sohier , Beatrice
Sorel, Edith
Stephens, Jessie
Stephens, Mary
Stone, Marjorie
Stone, Joyce
Sty, Kitty
Sunier, Lucy
Symons, Doris
Symons, Elsie
Symons, Edith
Tardivel, Elsie
Tardivel, Adelaide Olive
Taylor, Edith
Taylor, Marjorie
Thomas, Rita
Tisson, Constance
Trayhurn, Gladys
Tredant, Doris
Tredant, Nora
Tredant, Lilian
Tregaskis, Marjorie
Tregidgo, Ellen
Tregidgo, Yolande
True, Edith
Tucker, Bertha
Turner, Mavis
Turner, Ruby
Turner, Louise
Turner, Dorothy
Turpin, Barbara
Varailloni, Constance
Vardon, Teresa
Vardon, Queenie
Varnham, Dorothy
Vautier, Doris
Vautier, Lilian
Vautier, Gladys
Venement, Kathleen
Venement, Mavis
Venement, Rilda
Vernon, Florence
Viel, Kathleen
Villars, Martha
Voisin, Grace
Wade, Doris
Walkey, Doris
Wall, Gladys
Watkins, Doris
Watkinson, Dorothy
Wavell, Emma
Webley, Rita
Webley, Chrissie
Werrin, Jessie
Wheatley, Yvonne
White, Nellie
White, Doreen
White, Florence
White, Maud
White, Iris
White, Sylvia
Whiteman, Phyllis
Whitley, Ena
Whitley, Dorothy
Whitley, Marjorie
Wilson, Dorothy
Wiment, Ivy
Womwoll, Phyllis M
Wright, Ivy
Youinou, Mary


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