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St James' Girls School Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1872 - 1900


St James' School
Cudlipp, Louisa E
Gallichan, Malvina
Prigg, Maria E
Cooper, Ada E
Terry, Harriet
Danby, T W
Clegg, Catherine
Gruchy, Anna
Williams, C J, Reverend
Bull, Dr
Bull, Miss
Gray, Ellen
Leonard, Miss
Bragg, Sarah
Capel, Harriet
Le Blonde, Alice Selina
Helier, Mrs
Berrow, Kate
Duncan, Jeanie M
Helleur, Mrs
Newton, Miss
Jutting, Miss
Bray, Ellen
Ranwell, Miss
Gedge, J W, Reverend
Good, S
Trigg, M E
Bull, Martin M
Godfray, Miss
Robin, Miss
Willis family
Boeille, Mr
Saxby, Mary Anne
Rowe, Sarah
Hooper, Ada Elizabeth
Cowley, Emma
de Gruchy, W L
Clements, George
Tregear, Kate
Briard, D
Langton family
Voisin, F
Wilde, R, Reverend
Sharpe, Anne
Payne, Helen
Coombes, Eliza
Cave, Jordayne B, Reverend
McAllen, I
Stone, Susan Pearce
Nicolle, Clement
Johnson, Louisa
Pope, Miss
Le Maistre, W B
Tapper, Isaac William, Reverend
Ellis, Mr
Ellis, Mrs
Ridout, Miss
Stone, Miss
Le Geyt, Miss
Luce, Edouard, Reverend
Mourant, Edward
Briard, P
Virtue, C E
Simmons, Henrietta
Brown, J E
Huelin, Mrs
Clement, George, Reverend
Durell, H
Westbury, Mr
Coles, Amelia
Le Maistre, W B, Reverend
Browne, Edith
Touzel, Miss
Moody, Alice
Giffard, J F
Rive, Alice
Trump, Miss
Cummings, K
du Heaume, Mrs
Carrol, Sophia
Messervy, G
Le Feuvre, Miss
Shaw, M, Reverend
Dyer, Annie F E
Jefferies, Mrs
Jefferies, Miriam
Jefferies, Louisa
Benest, C J
Gough, C H, Reverend
Archaid, Mr
Coles, Martha
Auden, Lizzie
Deslandes, Miriam
Deslandes, Caroline
Le Mottee, Ada
Le Mottee, Eliza
Knight, E
de Quetteville, Clement A
Bull, Annie M
Coquet, Victoria
Habets, Marie
Pullman, H
Carrol, Laura
Carrol, Agnes
Coomb, Alice
Burt, Emma
Ashburne, Rosa
Westbury, Mr
Braithwaite, Reverend
Malet de Carteret, E C
Orange, E
Kitt, Lydia
de la Mare, Blanche
Le Sueur, Mr
Gunton, Rose
Gunton, May
de la Cloche, Mrs
Waugh, H
Clayton, Sir H
Coles, H
Miller, A
Miller, L
Traylen, A
George, I W, Reverend
de Gruchy, Alice
Hartlett, A
Macpherson, L
Bisson, Alice
Hosking, P
Andrews, Elvina
Coutanche, M
Traylen, Rose
Coles, Kate
Hoare, E
Ralph, Harriet
Peake, Copson, Reverend
Law, H
Cobden, A
Falle, Annie
de la Mare, Alice
de la Mare, Mabel
Balleine, G
Luce, Edward
Proper, Jane
Cobden, Ada
Birmingham, Maud
Fry, Florence
Trachy, Jane
Trachy, Alice
Malicet, E
Hoare, Eleanor
Brown, L
Gold, Mrs
Ralph, A
Le Cronier, Mr
Geard, Miss
Waugh, Lilian
Hennequin, Annie
Le Gros, Alice
Richards, L
Richards, E
Carroll, K
Burrows, Edward H
Luce, A
Lindow, Miss
Le Guerne, Marie
Hoare, Eleanor J
Brown, S
Stephens, A
Gwynn, Reverend
Gallie, F
Guiton, N
Lewis, L
Journeaux, E
Gallichan, M
Le Feuvre, E
Batty family
Traylen, R
Le Gros, L
Dyer, Annie
Gough, C H, Reverend
Carter, Bertha
Brown, A
Warren, M
Bull, Annie
Taylor, Reverend
Godel, Miss
Gallichan, Annie
Le Brun, Florence M
Single, G
Renouf, E
Bouchet, Mr
Hoare, V
Holt, N
Balleine family
Jeune family
Holt, Janet
Warrick, Miss
Gruchy, Mr
Le Cronier, I
Payne, Reverend
Amy, Mabel J
Hennequin, Lily
Prigg, Mrs
Burrows, Edward N
Hennequin, J M
Collington, A M
Wilson, E D
Le Feuvre, Mr
Johnston, A
Saunders, G, Reverend
Le Bas, Margaret
Hamon, Elsie
Hamon, Florence M
Perrier, Alice
Long, Mary
Huelin, S
Wadsworth, Lily
Le Mettez, Ada
Collington, Mrs
Archard, T
Rech, Jeanne


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