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St James' Infants school Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1905 - 1927


St James' School
Cabot, Emily Florence
de Quetteville, Daisy Mary
Legg, Alice M
Le Couteur, Lillie
Le Seelleur, Daisy May
Le Breton, Muriel Olive
Lawford, Elsie Amelia
Le Sueur, H
Balleine, F E
Le Feuvre, E, Reverend
Harrison, Mr
Terry, H C
Wray, Rosina
Smith, A Gordon, Reverend
Godfray, H S
Cheveaux, Mr
Cheveaux, Miss
Laurens, Louie
Ashpitel, F W
Humby, Maud
Godfray, H S
Hodges, Mrs
Ashpitel, Mrs
Ashpitel, Miss
Chouveaux, Mr
Chouveaux, Miss
Jellicoe, Reverend
Jellicoe, Mrs
Bull, Miss
Falle, Miss
Biddle, Miss
Chouveaux, Mrs
Legg, Miss
Hodges, I M
Harrison, H
Legg, A M
Terry, H C
Laurens, L A
Williams, R
Becquet, Ada
Bush, S
Becquet, A R
Carter, Mr
Cabot, Florence
Le Couteur, Lily
Ashpitel, Magdalen
Chappuis, Dr
Godfray, H Salmon
Harrison, H E B
Randall, Mr
Randall, C W
Gruchy, Lilian
Lawford, E
Lawford, Elsie
Milner, A B
Falle, M L
Maitland, W Whitaker
Baker, Miss
Le Seelleur, Miss
Bretel, A
Smith, William
Mayne, Robert
Bennett, Doris
Lozuet, Mabel
Renard, Alice
Le Gall, Louis
Andrews, William
Connor, Bernard
Laverty, Ernest
Trehiou, Thomas
Quenault, Holly
Clark, Ethel
Adey, Henry
Bretel, Miss
Le Masurier, A
Delanoe, Charles
Tanner, Mabel
Wilkinson, Violet
Le Masurier, A G
Balleine, H
Falle, M
Ashpitel, Mrs
Godfray, Mrs
Whitaker-Maitland, Mrs
Hamilton, Lady Louisa
Clayton, Mr
Clayton, Miss
Germain, J G
Hibbs, Clarice
Walker, Mr Gould
Wright, Ivy
Le Breton, Muriel
Page, A F
Norman, Gertrude
Bigwood, J I
Mignot, P, Reverend
Quillerou, Marcel
Edwards, L V, Reverend
Bleaut, Francis G E
Le Luyer, Stanley
Despart, Albertine
Romeril, Ruby
Gibbons, Wallace
Gibbons, Gladys
Queripel, Jack
Le Gros, Edward
Le Gros, George
Bisson, Lilian Rose
Simon, Zilla
Alluto, William Edward
Channing, Bertram
Channing, Ivy
Beer, Dorothy
Osmand, Thomas
Jones, Rita
Jones, Steven
Jones, Gladys
Hill, Harold
Hill, Lydia
Hill, Marjorie
Quenault, Hilda
Patch, Wilfred Charles Peter
Turner, Reuben
Macé, Jean
Hopkins, Cyril
Barrot, Cyril
Barrot, Ruby
Hinault, Pierre
Grant, Olive
Grant, Winifred
Grant, Harry
Mourlpied, Francis
Mourlpied, Thomas
Laffoley, Georgette
Breen, Gladys
Jeune, Thomas
Jeune, Phyllis
Gallichan, John
Mash, James
Forward, Clara
Perchard, Reginald
Gasnier, Harold
Gasnier, Ronald
Henry, Wallis
Le Riche, Doris
Le Riche, George
Girard, Albert
Noel, Freddy
Coles, Rita
Coles, George
Harding, Nelson
Bailey, Miss
Le Breton, J D
Corbel, Mr
Page, A J
Edwards, Dr
Sampson, Walter
Driscoll, Kitty
Hill, Marjorie
Coles, Beryl
Gibbons, Wallace
Gasnier, Roland
Le Lievre, Alfred
Le Sueur, E
Bree, Frances
Le Sueur, Mrs, née Lawford
Le Breton, M
Payn, Jurat
Bertram, Mr
Cherrill, Mr
Wray, Rosina
Ceppi, Marc
Boielle, Clarence
Walker, Edith
O'Connor, B, Dr
Bliault, Ralph
Bliault, Arthur
Walker, Arthur
Pinel, J E
Boielle, Edward
Poingdestre, Charles R
Kelling, Philip W
Mourant, Oliver
Nicolle, Walter
Ebdon, George H
Head, Arthur
Hourigan, Reverend, Canon
Mace, J H B, Reverend
Le Feuvre, Walter
Boielle, E C
Le Breton, M O
Griffin, Donald
Falle, Ronald
Bull, Arthur
Le Breuilly, Ethel
Ricou, Dorothy
Le Brocq, Dr
Pomroy, Albert
Parker, Phyllis
Wray, Rosina
Lillicrap, Edward
Lillicrap, Bernard
de Gruchy, Kathleen
Coxon, Hilda
Ryecroft, M, Reverend
Le Brocq, C N, Dr
Laffoley, Willis
Mackintosh, N J
Cherrill, Mr
Le Breton, M
Le Marquand, Jurat
de Gruchy, J, Reverend
Valpy, H, Reverend
Mackintosh, N I
Avery, G
Terry, Harriet C
Avery, G E
Le Feuvre, E F
Terry, Harriet C


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