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St Mark's national Girls School Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1883 - 1901


St Mark's National Girls School
Eastwood, Edith
Robin, Philip
Wilde, R, Reverend
Archard, Mr
Gedge, J W, Reverend
Gaudin, Adela
Luce, Reverend
Le Feuvre, Miss
Renouf, Miss
Price, Henry
White, Miss
Price, H M C, Reverend
Cowley, Louisa
Rive, A
Brasford, Rosa
Pellow, Eliza R
Le Feuvre, Lydia A
Atkinson, F A, Reverend
MacColl, Malcolm, Reverend
Gough, H E, Reverend
Clement, George
Rive, Amelia
Lempriere, Mr
de la Lande, Louisa
Cowper, Helena
Scott, Adèle
Gaudin, Adela
Elkins, Lizzie
Le Maistre, W B
de Gruchy, Jurat
Darling, Kate
Bright, Mr
Poore, Miss
Hamon, Melvina
Chaffe, Nellie
Cutland, Grace
Cowley, Myra
de Quetteville, Clement A
Hamon, Florence
Harper, Ada
Le Maistre, W B
Malet de Carteret, E C
du Orange, E
Bowles, Mrs
Bright, Mr
Taylor, Reverend
Benest, Emily
Clayton, Sir William
Balleine, J J, Reverend
Benest, Annie
Le Feuvre, P A, Reverend
Ashwell, A H, Reverend
Goldsmith, Maude
Le Vesque, Martha
Maguire, Annette
Maguire, Gertrude
Arthur, Annie
Arthur, Mabel
Le Feuvre, Ada
Stephens, Maude
Thorne, Emma
Gaudin, Lilian
Benest, Emily
Ashwell, Mrs
Hasking, Kate
Alexandre, Ella
Bellingham, Gertrude
Eager, Lillian
Le Poidevin, Clarissa
Stevens, Bessie
Crees, Laura
Johnstone, C F, Reverend
Taylor, Mr
Le Clercq, Maude
Chevalier, Ada
Lock, Louisa
Siouville, Lizzie
Richardson, Mabel
Gaudin, Lily
Pipon, P G
Copson Peake, Reverend
Le Maistre, Ella
Le Clercq, Elsie
McFarlane, Emma
Collings, Laura
de St Croix, Mabel
Cory, Florence
Toline, Lena
Groizard, Alice
Thomas, Bertha
de Veulle, Annie
Perrio, Louise
Donovan, Annie
Bethell, Lela
Jasper, F
Fontaine, Ethel
Husband, Blanche
Bliault, Ellen
de St Croix, Alice
Noel, Ada
Le Feuvre, Hilda
McFarlane, Emma
Burrows, Edward H
Churchill, C
Maçon, Eliza
de la Lande, Sarah
du Feu, Lucy
Dolbel, Annie
Hamon, Elsie
Coombs, Beatrice
Ereaut, James John
Taylor, J, Reverend
Hamon, E H
Nicolle, Jurat
Chappuis, Dr
Pullen, Kate
Balleine, J
Le Gallais, T
Gruchy, C
Bowles, Mrs
Winton, W
Pullen, C J
Langlois, Ethel
Blake, Florence
Dorland, E
Mourant, Eva
Hardy, Harriet
Dorey, Blanche
Gaudin, Bertha
Bagwell, Blanche
Luce, Mabel
Cummings, Lena
de la Haye, Rose
Langlois, E
Lemprière, Anne
de Gruchy, Mabel
Journeaux, Jane
Benest, Celia
Heywood, Hilda
Burrows, Edward H
Bagwell, Florence
Noel, Hilda
Le Breton, Ruby
Carey Brock, Reverend
Hutchings, Hilda
Pipon, Miss
Lempriere, N
Harris, Amelia
Neville, Honore
Le Boyer, Louisa
Shepperd, Ethel
Cabot, Emily
Beuchet, H
Shambrook, R
Cabot, Eunice
Chant, H
Le Marquand, A
Renouf, C M
Gill, Mr
Pennison, M
Dennis, M
Heales, V
Falle, Miss
Leech, Alick Charles
Godfray, Winifred
de la Mare, Lily
de la Haye, Mrs
Burrows, Mr
Dolbel, Grace
Le Poidevin, Hilda
Bowles, Alice
Blake, Rosa
Heywood, Alice
Otway, Lady
Gill, Mr
Touzel, Violet
Wadsworth, Ethel
Amy, Mabel
Luce, Ellen
Saterford, Elsie
Balleine, F E
Barnes, Elsie
Davey, Rita
Luce, Edouard
du Feu, Annie
Coutanche, Olivia
Leslie, Edith
Dolbel, Flo
Luce, Ellen


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